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chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't. mean you get to shape out just to become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the pharmaceutical companies solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain patients believe that their opiate prescription is working for them. to. price with the. dependency and addiction to opiates to long to use that really isn't scientifically just another study actually suggests that. the long term
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effects might not just be the absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss friendship or in washington coming up the race for a covert 19 vaccine continues to heat up as some major american pharma giants are headed into promising late stage trials plus boeing is back in the spotlight as it looks to rebranded following at 737 max saga but will the make over help it take to the skies and the later news outlets are taking the fight to apple over fees in the app store look at the long term impact of the decision mean moving forward with a packed show today so let's dive right in. and we leave the program with the
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latest in the race for a co-op at 19 vaccine american drug maker pfizer and german biotech firm bio intact said the vaccine they are developing is on course to face regulatory approval as early as october advanced trials of their latest vaccine known as b. to have shown the drug was well tolerated among participants across the age spectrum resulting in a moderate fever in fewer than 20 percent of participants the company said in a stay. that although they added they will continue to analyze data from the trials last month the 2 companies made a $2000000000.00 deal to supply $100000000.00 doses of the vaccine to the united states meanwhile johnson and johnson is planning a late stage trials of its experimental vaccine in september the latest trial would include up to $60000.00 volunteers and would be conducted nearly $180.00 sites across the united states and in other countries according to u.s. government the u.s. government's database of clinical trials earlier this month johnson and johnson
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also made an agreement with the united states government to provide 100000000 doses of a possible vaccine in a deal valued at over $1000000000.00 with that said let's go ahead and take a look at the trends and spread of the virus globally with our t. correspondent side to average or so where are we right reverend right now more than 22000000 people have been diagnosed with kobe in 1000 around the world now some 15700000 people have recovered and more than 800000 that you heard right we are now reaching over 800000 deaths and as of friday afternoon in the u.s. has been over 5700000 come from k. says and almost 180000 deaths right here in the u.s. but taking a closer look at the daily case numbers in the u.s. now the u.s. reported more than $49000.00 new cases on thursday right over here now that's a 11 percent drop compared to the last 7 days so it's an improvement but not much
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because if you look it just keeps going up lower and it's this trend what we need it for it to go is to flatten out but it keeps going up and down so that's not good now that's in the u.s. there are still well below their peak a spring levels and they're averaging about a 1000 deaths per day and that's more than double than the average in july because if you take a look here we were averaging about $500.00 deaths per day now we're averaging about a 1000 that's still much better than where we were march april. round 2 were around $2500.00 deaths so it's been lower and now and new the c.d.c. forecasts said there's going to be anywhere between 194-002-2040 extension 00 deaths by september 12th so on that estimate the lower lower estimate would be about $772.00 deaths per day and on the more aggressive figure that would be about $1200.00 deaths per day so whereas most european countries their death rates are
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low ing lowering here in the u.s. it's just keeps increasing brant now as far as you just mentioned there are some parts of europe are seeing a 2nd wave of cases what do restrictions if any are european countries doing to deal with the outbreaks so let's take a look at how some of the european countries are doing right now and how they're dealing with their 2nd wave of the virus so france for example they have over 30000 deaths now they have just banned large gatherings in some regions and they also imposed a mandatory face max in hundreds of amenity palet he's across france in spain where there is over 228000 deaths now they've just seen a spike in new cases in catalonia so a new stay at home water has just been placed on about 4000000 residents brand and that's a huge blow for tourism for spain as some european countries like the u.k. have issued travel warnings for the affected areas now in germany the deaths have been lower but now they're testing all travel travelers arriving from the highest
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countries at their airports now italy on the other hand they have had the 2nd highest death in europe and now they're seeing infections rise once again so now anyone coming back to italy from places like aeration agree small to spain now they're facing a mandatory cold 100 test ing in belgium in the city brussels that now face masks have become mandatory. after they saw a small spike in new cases in the netherlands now they've also had a have a lower death rate they're warning against all residents again traveling to places like sweden croatia romania bulgaria and malta and what they're also doing is that they're considering doing mandatory testing on anyone visiting brothels which are very popular in the the lens since most of those customers come from other places in europe now in portugal they've had fewer cases and deaths than and many other
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european nations and now they have also decided to keep their night clubs close lastly greece where deaths have also been one of the lowest in europe they're requiring all travelers coming in to fill forms that they can be tracked in case of an outbreak so brand as long as cases are rising in europe as we're seeing there governments assume that a 2nd wave is on its way and for some it has already arrived brant or 2 correspondents are taboo thank you for that insightful report. and after a close call a canyon california appeals court extended a law that will allow lift and hoover to operate as usual at one point lift and lift and stock prices decline 8.5 percent and 3.2 percent respectively as their future in the state was in jeopardy last week a judge ruled to pause an injunction that would have required to bring lift to classify their drivers as employees now before the injunction both companies threaten to stop operations in the state altogether the state of california filed
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a lawsuit against clipper nuber back in may alleging they were violating a new state law the new law requires companies to treat workers as employees rather than independent contractors this would allow for employees to receive benefits such as sick days live spokeswoman julie wood said the situation while we won't have to suspend operations tonight we do need to continue fighting for independence plus benefits for drivers and lifted now have until tuesday august 25th to agree to a new timeline and procedure to submit statements they will comply with the new law otherwise they will have to suspend operations in the state of california. and boeing has the 1st order of 2020 for its troubled 737 max jetliner the plane maker released a statement on wednesday announcing poland's largest charter carrier enter area had ordered 2 of the jets with the option to buy 2 more now this is the 1st purchased since november of 2019 when boeing secured 30 orders at the dubai airshow beyond
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the purchase of the controversial plane there was another point that raised some questions boeing didn't identify the planes at 737 maxes instead they were identified as 737 dash ace boeing is still awaiting government approval for the plane to return to service after the max was grounded in march of 2900 following 2 crashes that took the lives of 346 passengers so let's dig into some details here with n.t.s.b. official jamie fanchon jamie thank you so much for being here today. now jamie i. to start 1st with this purchase of the macs this being the 1st purchase of the year for the macs that is airlines have canceled more than $400.00 orders for the max as it still hasn't been cleared to return to service what is the takeaway for men are actually making these purchases well we can see that there's starting to be some come come come for that the airlines are feeling to as far as the market itself as the far as the travel in aviation industry itself we're also seeing that there's
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there may be some confidence that is being built up by some of the at least international carriers in the boeing aircraft itself and the boeing $737.00 max so it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out but it is the 1st in my opinion of a glimpse of positive movement towards the aviation industry and also for boeing now i think one of the headlines that everybody was seeing when they saw this purchase was the situation with the name what do you make of removing max from the title and do we actually know that boeing is doing that or was it just happen to be on this press release and what this raised concern for consumers who maybe don't realize they're on a 737 max when they book a flight right right exactly and this is one of the issues that i've brought up several times here on. television shows in the conversations that i've had with people in the industry which is that the there's a lot of concern and one of the biggest problems that boeing has right now is their public relations aspect of their of their of the 737 max the removal of the macs
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name has been something that's been tossed around for quite some time not only by a possibility for those outside the industry in also inside the industry but also inside boeing as a possible renaming and rebranding of the products i think that one point the president mentioned that they're going to have to read to brand the playing so i think that we're going to see how we're going to see some real changes as far as attitudes towards the 7 max as they rebranded us but i think there's going to be a lot of concern and these to be some due diligence and. and the president is by the american public to make sure that they know exactly what they're flying on and that the f.a.a. has done all of their due diligence to make sure that these planes are now safe in flyable and that's a good point because i want to end on this where are we when it comes to regulatory approval for getting the max back in service where we're in the seventy's where the 45 day period of the $737.00 max review so the public comment period we're
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still in the middle of that but it's. over we're about i would say about 2 weeks into it was that $45.00 day period is over it's going to be a minimum of the middle of october to late october before the $737.00 max is approved to be up in the air in the u.s. now that's just in the u.s. these other. international carriers and or international regulatory organizations like transport canada they're doing their test next week so it's going to be very interesting to see how these other regulatory agencies and other foreign governments and countries how they approve the f.a.a. and some of the 7 max and being. airworthy again within their countries and by the carriers former n.t.s.b. official jamie finch thank you so much for that expert analysis thank you.
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markets are mixed this week as the world strains of relations between the united states and china and the state of global the global economic recovery let's start in russia where the mo x. ended just in the red for the week the index saw some gains on friday after the i.r.s. announce 2nd quarter results record fee income from the money market and depository and settlement services as well as the equities market all helped keep the index close let's move to asian markets where u.s. china trade relations are weighing on investor sentiment now the shanghai composite just squeaked out a green arrow after a volatile week investors are eyeing u.s. china relations the index rose point 5 percent on friday on strong corporate earnings and chinese stimulus support in hong kong and hung sang well it's just slightly down for the week investors are tracking the u.s. china phase one trade deal e-commerce alibaba also be quarterly revenue and profit estimates pushing things into the green in japan the nikkei well it's in the red for the week the china the country's exports in july fell by 90.2 percent compared
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to one year ago japanese department stores have been hurt without tourist some stores depend on tours for as much as 30 percent of their sales in india the sensex well it's up for the week the index gained 1.5 percent the nifty bank outperformed estimates and 59 points higher bank and i see i see i bank they contributed largely to those gains while energy stocks they also pushed the index up. the a.s.x. was up for the week following a few turbulent trading days the index saw gains on tech stocks surged in the us but did see some losses a before close although not enough to erase the gains for the week and the all share in south africa is in the red for the week this after the federal reserve released their minutes expecting kobe 1000 may weigh heavily on the economy for some. time now the mining sector also fell to its lowest level since early august and that mining sector has really been pushing those markets up moving over to europe to america and the americas as where things are really mixed as well in
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london the footsie it's in the red for the week on economic data coming out of the u.s. the index took a big hit on friday after u.k. borrowing record levels debts hit 2 trillion euros for the 1st time ever now the french and german dax well they followed similar trends both down for the week on fed uncertainty over the u.s. recovery and u.s. china relations the euro purchasing manager and managers index also weighed on the indices slashing hope for a shaped recovery let's move across the atlantic to brazil. but it is just above flat for the week as investors are optimistic following the country's decision to overturn president dire boston are as a veto on public sector pay brazil's rail fell on thursday again on the fed warning of a delayed economic recovery let's move north to mexico the b.m.v. it's in the red this week after plunging on thursday following gloomy fed minutes here in the u.s. the dow it's in the red while the nasdaq and s. and p.
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well they're both up for the week now on thursday the nasdaq closed at a record high rally in the tech sector really helped push markets up after the worse than expected unemployment claims jumped back to more than 1000000 new claims for the week and finally finishing things off in toronto the ts x. it is down for the week rotavirus vaccine news helped push the index up on thursday as johnson and johnson announced it will it will still be starting its phase 3 trial on $60000.00 participants that we mentioned earlier in the show the index fell on friday on week prices over a low recovery of fuel demand due to the virus in the coming weeks we're going to continue to monitor the state of the u.s. economy and the next move between the u.s. and china and that. it's your global market walk. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return all more news outlets are taking up their fight against apple over fees from the app store after
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a video game giant push the i phone maker for the same reason just on the other side we take a look at the battle and what precedent it could set moving forward and as we go to break here are the numbers at the close.
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an entire village in alaska. if another country threaten the wife of an american. we do everything in our power to protect. wanted a skinny thing climate change this is the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. the river is 3. closer. than. 4 and they were part of the 1st for. across.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the dairy thinks. we are here to ask. and welcome back there is a war going on right now between apple and content publishers in the app store apple's app store fees have been rising and now major news publishers along with
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some of the most popular games online well they're pushing back in fact 40 publisher epic has sued apple for acting as a monopoly after a move the popular game epic later filed an injunction to stop apple from pulling its developer tools. in what epic called they were talents or a measure so we got a lot to discuss here so joining us now to discuss his coat and investigative journalist ben swan and entrepreneur and videogame analyst used to enjoin and who is also the author of one up creativity competition and the global business of video games thank you both for being here but i want to start with you this battle between fortnight and apple is over the app store fees correct. yeah it absolutely has by the way i was going to say the u.s. has the maybe the greatest book title so that's a pretty pretty tough thing to fall there but yeah it's pretty incredible when you look at what's happening with the gaming right now and really it's not just epic but it's news publishers as you said it's a whole host of app developers
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a constant creators who are using essentially 2 stories the app store and then the google play store on android devices essentially what epic has done is they attempted to essentially allow users to make purchases inside of a fortnight instead of doing it through the app store as a way of saving money because there's this huge fee of about 30 percent that apple charges every time one of those charges is made through the app store and so epic was trying to do a work around and apple said no not going to do it and so essentially you know fortnights been taken off of. the apple apple store apps or that's the name of it keep getting confused there is the absolute they were taken off there but what's happened is they've also filed an injunction trying to stop essentially apple from removing everything that they've created in terms of developer tools also from the app store so it's a huge mess but what's been interesting about this brand is to watch others as you said like new sites of publishers who are now jumping on this bandwagon as well
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saying hey we're also tired of paying these incredibly high fees it's no use in terms of taking on apple they're actually few gaming companies that would either have the guts or the sheer power to do so and you know epic is a $17500000000.00 company are they the ones who had to be there to do this. yes i think in many ways what this moment requires is a sort of you know thinking company and used to be ironically apple but i have to stay foolish to hungry and seek now has been taken over by a company and he's been valued at so much money and just raise an incredible round again and so they have the coffers to have the cash and so to take someone that has no strings attached the thing to know that's particularly pertinent here is that they only make about $40000000.00 a month off of mobile everything else from that for income and everything you know comes from other platforms like p.c. and council so they're not exposing themselves as much as say an activision which draws about a 3rd of its annual revenue from the absolute worst both google and apple so for
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those reasons i think it is a unique position and is that why we haven't seen somebody like zenga who makes. billions of dollars also on app stores but really 90 percent of their business is in mobile apps so they have it one of the take on this battle because you know they have too much at stake at stake here. yes that's absolutely if you call it as you say it's mostly reliant on mobile but if you recall they were also very reliant in the early days on facebook and facebook changed the currency in the last while there was 100 percent of their revenue that decimated a lot of casual game companies at the time zynga took a hit there as well so i think they still have some institutional knowledge where they remember that that's you know that vulnerability that they have as an organization you don't want to mess up the admissions you with apple if you're that you know but lie and i'm a low income at the same time of course you know the fees are in the words of a lot of developers little small medium and large size exorbitant and you could see that innovation and creativity with floor if there was
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a little bit more flowing back to the actual community creating the content. i want to hit on this new is engle love it because these news content creators are also now they're standing up to apple as well what are they doing exactly here. well they're joining in and essentially applying their way to a lawsuit that's moving forward so there's a firm out of seattle that's actually taking on the google system to enjoy it and also apple essentially saying that these are monopolies that have been formed and that these monopolies because they control virtually all of what happens in terms of news content in terms of app content on mobile devices that they are acting as monopolies and therefore these are anti-trust or anti-competitive practices that they're participating in so what we're seeing now is a whole bunch of publishers and creators and developers who were kind of joining in on this to say wait a minute let's let's move forward in a legal action to see if we can break the hold that essentially google and apple have on this and by the way microsoft is one of the companies that's also leaning
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into this as well and i don't think they join the lawsuit yet but they're leaning into it saying yeah that apple and google or centrally abusing their role in the marketplace and again have a monopoly here so it's going to be very interesting to see that whether or not this kind of avalanche may have been started by one company in the form of epic gain standing up and saying enough is enough you're taking too much from us now used if those of us who follow the gaming industry know epic is not exactly an innocent player here because they have such they try to do the same thing with their own storefront as fortnight became an incredibly popular game so they try to do this on the p.c. stuff right now obviously there's not a monopoly there the same way because what you're looking at is you have steam you have epic you have the soft you have many other microsoft has their own game store so is there a little bit of hypocrisy here coming from epic. that's a good question so i believe the reason i think these are the realities of every day platform economics that we're now living in the games industry product base
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business used to be very much about value chain optimization in a way that nintendo and sony do that so well no it isn't but from economics it's all about attracting 3rd party content creators which apple has the goods epic has done of course by buying psi onyx in a few other assets we create a unique experience on its platform and store and then as of course you know getting the word out to consumers so these are very different mechanics and underlying economics is that i don't think so if i had to characterize sweeney i would say that he is consistent in his concern for sustainable ecosystem the man has purchased 50000 acres of you know a conservation area in north carolina so his concern seems to be dedicated to really. cultivate innovation at the same time you know these are all platforms kind of pulling it's a tug of war in some degree and so the final thought for me in there is that you know the microsoft of the world those are the kind of companies and ways to this conversation is lawsuit however they had to charge fees and 30 percent fees at that
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on a little bit of a weird sort of all that awfully that's that's one and it would be interesting to see what happened the way of epix real engine which is at the base of so many games and how that might play into this as well but let's call it spence wanted author of what up used to vent droid and thank you both for your time and insight. and finally ikea taiwan has taken a new approach to promoting the company's catalogue on the company's facebook page they have replaced some models and items with characters and furnishings from the nintendo game animal crossing in the post the original pages of the catalog are shown next to those with the adorable animal crossing substitutes at this time it doesn't really appear that nintendo was involved in the post promoting i t a taiwan but it doesn't appear that they've had to take it down either the latest game in the series was released at the start of stay at home orders due to the pandemic and became somewhat of a cultural phenomenon selling tens of millions of copies and that's it for this time you can catch a boom bust on demand on the brand new portable t.v.
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apple built on smartphones and tablets through google play an apple app store by searching for double t.v. portable t.v. can also be downloaded on newer model samsung smart t.v.'s as well as roku devices or simply check out a portable t.v. . we'll see you next time. welcome back concert report summer solutions. as well as daisy harbor and today we're going to be talking about the pending selves of money style sovereignty self cost of the and soft reliance joining us very quickly will be cheapest she's done a cost of.
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because. of this connection to moment laugh and ask for the last 70 and seeing and on monday for the match promotion commission. branches just shoot on disk in the. green zone leachate mom. no new car so sit on the open the mustang new mama is just that are new and no.
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one else chose seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me all that is yet to shape out these days comes to educate and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. alexei navalny arrives on the berlin hospital after being early if good from russia to receive emergency treatment the kremlin opponents both being in a coma since falling critically ill there are.


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