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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2020 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the go ahead. as the city could not be sure bernie said with black lotus batter protests we examined donald trump's claim that he's the best president for the black community in centuries. on the 1st anniversary of the death of teenager. u.k. officials say they consider him a virtual trial for the wife of a u.s. diplomat accused of running into we speak to his grieving parents. are truly reapers special special. someone to be held responsible that. will tell you to put a disturbing report finds muslims get disproportionate coverage on u.k. news in terrorism stories despite other groups being far more likely to commit attack.
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friday the 28th of august for good morning from russia morning's kevin now in here with the latest news from our g.h.q. couldn't stay with me to that for the next 30 minutes because through it. donald trump claims he's done more for black people than all his predecessors well almost all. i say very modestly that i have done more for the african-american community than any president says abraham lincoln our 1st republican president of the and i have done more in 3 years for the black community than joe biden has done in 47 years the one i'm reelected the best is yet to come it was. but as taught wrapped up the republican national convention with his boast on the black community at the same time furious
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black protests as the pouring out onto the streets that could no share of this sunday's shooting of a black man by police but riot hit city in wisconsin remains on a curfew after officers shots jacob blake 7 times in the back the several b.l.m. demonstrators killed in the ensuing unrest caleb maupin next this morning looks at how commotion has become a crucial point right now in the u.s. election yesterday was cars burning guns firing people looting images that have become all too familiar in the united states as of late anarky inaction on the streets has got politicians pointing fingers at each other republicans are even staking their reelection efforts on a tough law and order stance saying that democratic governors have let the situation get out of hand chaos results when failed to fish rules in cities like portland minneapolis chicago and new york made conscious decision
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not to support law enforcement to buy once and bloodshed we are seeing in these and other cities isn't happening by chance it's a direct result of refusing to allow law enforcement to protect our communities leftist try to turn that meant of elephants they want to cancel them but i'm here to tell you these heroes. can't be cancelled from seattle and portland to washington and new york democrat run cities across this country are being overrun by violent mobs those statements from the south dakota governor did not make it past leftist media which called for a reality check we will interject when we feel like there's something that's important and deliberate and very wrong that should be corrected just so that we feel responsible about our broadcast other news outlets got much the same for suggesting local authorities are responsible for the violence how shocked are we
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that 17 year olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would. this goes beyond racism tucker carlson is advocating and defending murder how shocked are we that tucker carlson is praising a murderer as some kind of vigilante hero democrats are taking those blame claims and throwing them right back in the face of conservatives saying that they're the ones that ferment it they hate to begin with the question for us this concern is when are we going to make republicans do their jobs or do we continued sit idly by and watch the sede burn to the ground. our nation is hurting we need leadership that will heal our wounds not continue to pour salt on them peaceful protest against police violence should not be met with more violence and yet that's exactly what the president called for after the death of george floyd and here at home as george full oid briana taylor and
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a never ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered stating the simple fact that a black life matters is still met with derision from the nation's highest office as media and politicians blame each other some us citizens are taking up arms on their own in juneau shit wisconsin a teenager said to worship the police went to a protest and opened fire on the crown 2 people were killed the local police then shined in on their own saying that the victims were to blame because they were on the streets in violation of curfew laws but this is not a police action this is not the action i believe of those who set out to do protests it isn't all it is the persons who are involved after the legal time involved in illegal activity that brought violence to this community this teenager is not the only one right wing militia groups and black self-defense organizations have sprung up across the country while politicians point the finger the situation
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on the streets is only getting worse across the country people are bracing for turbulent times ahead but i think there's a political gain going on on the side and both sides you've got the democratic side trying to to blame the president for during racial unrest and i don't know flowing through that and you've got you've got the republican side saying that especially the pin pointed the finger at democratic leaders and democratic city is that the leadership there is not take me appropriate action. no law and order and so there needs to be a middle someplace we do need law and order we need to provide security and to see people or family security for our businesses especially small but i feel so bad for small but they were sold here by the coronavirus and those little wondering being impacted a lot on this violence in the city unfortunately the real situation but both
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parties are using it as a political weapon. a year to the day since 19 year old harry dunn was killed the u.k. attorney general says the american woman accused of running him over then fleeing abroad could face a virtual trial he died when his motorbike was hit by a car reportedly being driven on the wrong side of the road allegedly behind the wheel was an sokoto as the wife of a u.s. diplomat after being charged with causing death by dangerous driving she fled the u.k. could claim a diplomatic immunity at the time than family sort of private prosecution against britain's foreign secretary after it was revealed that you care fishel let coolest leave the country should address dusty spoke to the victim's parents who say they're not giving up the hardest thing for me is having no control over when you're going to cry to camilla big guy quote after i don't i don't show my lotions ese but since it's got. the most smallest thing
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and i'll just start crying or can't stop myself from doing this marriage feel. the frustration i feel because our current i can't control it it only feels like just safer to carry say. it's a 1000000. lebanese if it can. feel like it. harry's family are fighting to bring security aspect to the u.k. to face justice 6 months after his death she was charged with death by dangerous driving but britain's extradition request was rejected by the u.s. it's been a tough tough battle for this family we've had to not just climb mountains but move mountains because having now closed the loophole the legal loophole that allowed her to escape she was the last person to escape it is absolutely clear now that the
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united states government does not have either a legal or moral dog to stand on the authorities and the system completely let her respond they down this family lost their son and they were treated like dirt on the bottom of their shoe that legal loophole allowed secure lists to claim diplomatic community as the wife of a u.s. staff member but after discussions between the u.s. and u.k. family at the base cannot be prosecuted going forward thankfully with the harries an amendment in the treaty a few weeks back absolutely every a shows us that the family that know what the family would have to fight the way we have nobody else now can commit the crime such as well and skilless has done and what frey is a proud thing to know that i was not is part of that the new ruling history books thankfully that cherry's some of ours legacy now but despite that
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deborah of hope it doesn't help a charlatan tim get justice for harvey himself you know the promise i made him when we lost in that night just the desire in the pit of your stomach to complete that promise. take you tell you a poorly you look at me to get in just this twenty's lay in the. new life left him . literally every bone in his body parts. every organ damage to the point we couldn't even do organ donation and someone has to be held responsible for that nobody in this world should be able to take a life i will call way a year on from harry's death the family are still unable to come to terms with their loss. results. are truly. special special blood. lust for
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life enjoyed life enjoyed meeting people he was larger than life they say he was he was he were he could have been more proud of her or so slow and or before last at primary school and over 10. and this is neutralised that you can tell. he was beat it was all the way inside and out and. paperwork. still not quite there it would. and on the wall. and you know that. and it ain't can't. you know most media mention muslims in terrorism stories far more than other groups
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who commit the most terror attacks a reporter found the words muslim and islam are used 9 times more in pieces on terrorism extremism than white supremacist or near that see it seems despite the latter committing more of the crimes the muslim council of britain did note however that the dispersions has improved a bit since the christ church in el paso attacks where muslims were the victims we discussed the report with one of its authors. what we've done is not make assumptions we have got very detailed analysis and statistics that we're prone from monitoring the media on a daily basis and looking at how they report on it and we've compared very similar attacks committed by so-called muslim perpetrators and those by the far right and white supremacists and found that there's been a huge inconsistency and difference in the way those attacks are are covered there's far more of a. willingness on the part of the media to use the term terra terrorist of
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terrorism exclusively for muslims and it's very rare that they use it for far right we see a rise of hate crimes you know even after christ's church when muslims were the victims there the rates of hate crimes increased in britain and even in the coverage of christchurch we showed in that the media tried to find an angle which brought it back to trying to blame the muslims so you know these attacks not as a result of muslim terrorist attacks all you know rotheram so-called muslim grouping gangs. far right terror attacks on the rise with muslims often the victims as in the cross church mosque shooting in new zealand also the el paso shooting in texas also targeting ethnic minorities in hanover germany 11 killed in that attack on she should bars at the same time in the west the number of attacks by muslims is falling let's talk about that next extremist couriered almost 3 times more terror
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attacks in the west than islamist groups however more than 60 percent of terrorism incidents are not attributed to any group at all one of the report authors again told us the consequences of the disproportionate labeling them of muslims as terrorists. organizations should have clear definitions of what terrorism is make them transparent and then be consistent in their use of it the repercussions of this are not only in terms of hate crimes that increase against muslims but it's the impact this has on social media so when a mainstream organization makes this point it's amplified you know and spread to millions and millions of people because the far right uses this kind of coverage to amplify their troops and their anti muslim rhetoric and so it's very dangerous. thousands of tourists of firms are stranded abroad in a covert pandemic or certainly as flights cancelled or mass but story an expert to
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japanese on the moon is stock of a tiny island in the atlantic so they have the most amazing time with their life. we did expect some media attention as a japanese couple stranded in cape verde but never did we dream of becoming cape verde a limb pick ambassadors. we're invited by cape verde is a limpid committee to watch the tokyo games and they offered us 3 or even 4 tickets because we might have a baby or twins by then. mother . virgie airport is still closed and even if it reopens this month i want to fulfil my task of shooting pictures for the olympic committee before we leave because i'm
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not sure i ever be so lucky to be given such a job my main focus now is to make a promotional tourism video for cape verde if my work is recognized officially i would love to visit other islands of cape verde and create even more videos yet some of the worst places to be such a good idea but in the morning moscow time this is r.t. international covered up if you can stay with me at nato unity takes another blow as turkey and greece up the ante over disputed same borders with other major members joining in for military drills to be messy so after the break. join me every 1st day on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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there is no such thing as money and there is not flesh and. deflation and the only thing there is to think about our interest and interest rate apart devalue the money is the poor girlishly golden but you can keep interest rates near 0 so that if you are a white guy like me on wall street your cost of borrowing is 0 if you're a black guy living in the ghetto your cost of borrowing is 2000 percent it's called interest rate apartheid and it's practiced right here in america and all over the world ghetto of high interest rates if you don't mind borrowing money to 0 percent you live in the ghetto and that's.
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a very good morning 18 minutes past the hour exactly now who sent for the break amid the vicious exchanges on defense spending nato now as another dangerous internal conflict on its hands as members greece and turkey raise the stakes of the disputed seaboard as members awaiting into the frak are as well as peter all of the reports for us. warships crossing the mediterranean with cannon volleys hurt though it's only drills the scenery is breathtaking. these exercises come at a time and location of tension within the alliance a deep splits between athens and over who has the rights to underwater oil and gas
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deposits the same a division in nato with greece on one side backed by france italy and cyprus and turkey on the other side looking to the us to support leaving germany somewhere in the middle attempting to mediate the current situation in the eastern mediterranean is equivalent to playing with fire every little spark could lead to catastrophe for the message from the new members of the alliance seems to be that this is not only a greek issue with the french president throwing his weight behind our plans. we've discussed the issue of the eastern mediterranean at length we have an obvious desire and solidarity with greece and cyprus but we also have the desire to ensure the region stability on all fronts the designed to respect international rights and to promote deescalation to 'd these response to this is come in the form 'd of muscle flexing over just what belongs to whom but it is good turkey will take water
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as it's right in the mediterranean in the ija and in the black sea just as we have no wise over anyone's territory sovereignty and interests we will never compromise with what belongs to us we are determined to do whatever is necessary in political economic and military times. in washington the president seems quite happy with how uncross has set out its stall to mean prisoner to one was very good they started out as another in a long line of disputes between ankara and athens but if the oil and gas question isn't put to bed it could well end up having it impacts upon nato as an effective alliance peter all of a. little less use a firm told us the conflict between taking greece is symptomatic of an even wider struggle i wouldn't say it's a conflict between europe and turkey i would say it's a division inside the european union because there are countries that support
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turkey there are countries that are balanced between greece and turkey bird sampled germany spain italy portugal these are all countries are either balance or on turkey side greece is mean backers spreads france is one of the countries that is trying to lead the european union trying to take the power away from germany which has been the defacto leader of the european union over the last decade so inside the european union there's a power struggle and that power struggle inside the european union is being reflected in full display right now with what's going on in the eastern mediterranean turkey and greece are butting heads and trying to defend and protect their interests on one another. to choose the u.s. state of indiana is suing the sheriff's department over drills designed to replicate school shootings they claim children and stuff has been left traumatized after the. at the time of the shooting plaintive spose no threat of danger to
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offices and we're not on the rest interfering with buoys deity's officers made no efforts to mitigate them out to fool c. use which was significant resulting in errors of bruising bleeding welts and broken skin new noun to forces necessary to properly conduct an active shooter training from normal law enforcement participants so let's look a bit closer at those drills involved they can include actual weapons although it has to be said there are black shoes of course they can also involve aggressive acting and special make up stuff and students complain it's proving just too close to the real thing that shaken after it and the situation at one school is a real case in point 2 teachers there said enough too much they had to quit after it and what was even diagnosed with p.t.s.d. post-traumatic stress disorder following complaints police said they have now stopped using pellet guns the drills are supposed to prepare staff and students for any potential attack after numerous shootings.
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but anti terror expert legal analyst jennifer de master questions the timing to the teachers complaint. since march april may of this year we're looking at a concerted effort by many people throughout the united states to demonize our local law enforcement to demonize police officers that's not to say that all police officers individually are perfect by any means and nobody in any profession is perfect but our local law enforcement definitely helps force the rule of law and
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helps to protect and serve our societies and communities so with this demonization concerted demonization defunding of police departments that's why this particular timing of this lawsuit seems a little bit questionable given that for the past year many local law enforcement and police departments have been engaging in these kinds of drills. to tell you french police have. a group of. us to cover themselves up this is story that exposed some strong feelings too. on 20. 2 police officers asked topless women on the beach of san martin there to put on the swimsuit tops it followed a complaint from a family of holiday makers who said they were embarrassed as there were children around. the city hall. would like to
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specify that there is no municipal order banning this practice on his beaches so. women were criticised for what they were wearing on the beach without freedom is a precious asset and it is normal for the administration to admit its mistakes.
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well there is a spot at breakfast time so if you want to see any more of the stories where across today so many have a check out of more of various social media team that would love your take a look here r t h q moscow cover now and the rest the team wants you to that moment something often our big thanks for watching and have a great day. all .
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throughout its history just harvests with the self-proclaimed islamic state terrorist group of recruited up to 30000 foreigners from all over the world to fight for the. sounds of russian citizens left their country to join the terrorists often bringing wives and children with them. when he's not going to lead isn't lost on you you see me as and you could not. mourn you to the. hundreds of children and widows were held captive all disappeared. i was in my. teens.
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back in russia those children's families wait them search for. if you're going to simply leave in the interest just getting up and each musician has is tuning his or her. instrument so you hear this now year all these sounds are noise made it but it's it's a constant a it's disorganized and then the the band the orchestra plays and you get up music so with the brain doesn't work the maker to mules you this is organized or orchestrated these one collapses. has changed american lives and pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain and believe that their prescription is working for them and the remedy to be sent to the price that
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they pay was to dependency an addiction to opiates the long term use there really isn't scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggested that the long term effects my not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term. that's the.
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