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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 31, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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where you know my dear brother wanted the gin julius did moan go minute because. we're of course now we've got it 100 military units round we're russia and china to get to have 3030 we've got 4800 military units in the whole world including the united states are they more important legacy is one in which we have to take very seriously the relation between the poverty and all that militarism at home and abroad the unbelievable a materialist i'm a spiritual decay in the empire that we're talking about and then of course the white supremacy not just the black beat but indigenous people brown people arabs muslims jews per iranians and so forth so that just and loudest as angela i am why it had to have trashed his coalition i could see bowling for biden in a swing state but i could never get divorced an architect of the largest mass incarceration system in the modern world that will target poor people just because
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it black and brown poor people or was or bragged about being part of the architecture of the invasion optic gratian are iraqis over after me and precious iraqis feel on that it us and made an occupation not mumbling we're not just from anybody for the most part in the republican party this isn't except bernie sanders and rocha do except barbara leak but for the most part not a moment were so i love. and i may have fact if the f.b.i. had a choice between a neil liberal disaster or the o. s. task 'd i would go to the older will disaster that will bite me it is a neo liberal disaster he's milk toast he's mediocre he has a new liberal centrist and he tied to wall street he's tied to pentagon he's tied to militarism and he was very much responsible for is jewish and all races prison system that was still coming to terms with in the killing fields on the killing
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fields of america get killed and barrio so that. where we're at on president moment run we really aren't we really want to pit. lowest in the history of the species to species itself go under given the ecological catastrophe or nuclear catastrophe we were distilling levels of wealth inequality that are out of control that rediff running much then the levels of corrupt shun me i think for example oh the great door just gets worse last built from undergrad all the sick man i'm a spiteful man i'm almost done pleasure out got liver disease america is a sick impact it's a spiteful impact it's a most unpleasant and dark we've got the number one of what human being on the inside we've got some movement on the inside we've got a magnificent courageous and visionary citizen on the inside but we are losing we
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are losing we're resisting but we're still losing the greed the hatred wall street pentagon is they are in control of the empire and they are taking it off and the sad thing is that rest of the world has to deal with some of the ugly consequences and effects but i'm not i'm not despair i'm not paralyzed but spare but i'm very honest and candid about the dark of course your president donald trump would be the 1st to say that iraq was a mistake he would have said only the other day that one of the united states greatest mistakes was to be in the middle east he may not share your a ideas or the hedges of many about climate change but he's the one who's saying intervention has been wrong that foreign policy has been wrong and he even argues that mass incarceration is a is a biden policy is an obama policy. well knowing president trump has a similar to it is even more intensely vicious treatment the press is palestinians
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he is not just include when it's in yahoo needs and yahoo being the reactionary ceria leaders in awful big to the core and has no feeling whatsoever for precious ousting is he a truck or like white on rice like wet on war he also facilitate the kind of the business treatment of our precious brothers sisters in yemen mediated through saudi arabia mediated through the elites unaccountably beat unaccountable. prince a monarch and princes and so forth so that when he talks about is he got a critique of the united states in the middle east he's lying again yeah the state has blood on it and in saudi arabia and yemen has blood all it's an intel a beat in gaza and the west bank i don't know what he's talking about he took a bow with the united states should never have intervened no this is always already is offering those armies could not exist in israel and saudi arabia without
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u.s. support without imperial support and when we invite we invite his really ambassador we have ideas or any ambassador london on the program but it netanyahu would certainly refute any jaja violence except in self defense and britain which played $550.00 fellows than it behaviors in a one month period spare me we were born at night but not last night but this is exactly what the cowardly when on principle powell clear what gates to say be a truck be in it and yell be it moti be it was a narrow in brazil be at the hungry or see the gangster is asia not the world moving toward me oh fascist rule and that's where our duty must be and of course truckers are also of that way he new york fashion well you mention saudi arabia britain together with the united states applies weapons that are used on yemen britain says it has a robust. selling policy and it's not responsible for war crimes of
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any kind in yemen. sounds like another russian position that would period least don't want to take responsibility for the damage from well for their own savitri it's fascinating how the barry authorizes the devastation claim innocence that innocence itself was already a crime before we get to the concrete crimes oh barbarity too often as a result of imperial activity be it britain france be it united states be russia be it china all empires and the look of the grand inquisitor dusty esky using that miracle and mystery and authority into magic rationalization mystification in order to justify tyrannical acts despotic acts anti-democratic acts that subordinate those last known call every day people and i'm a radical democrat or medical risk our always start with the plight and predicament
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of the wretched of the earth the old who are priceless and precious but those who are viewed as disposable poor and working people all around the world of matter what color no matter what national identity we've got to be internationals cross the border with blessed be with my roma brothers this is yesterday and not dealt with by those as of yesterday off not going do it only go to fall out but we have to have international solidarity in the name of will morality 6 and spirituality that we will not just empathise to be a solidarity with those who were against predatory capitalism we are against almost all be a trad phobia in the form of white supremacy any form of promise supremacy in the form of patriarchy if i eat ideology 9 or what down the nation it loses sight of the precious humanity each and every one of us and that's just not an aspect
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idealism that a way of being in the world that's as a verb or even more than a virtue being an action being part of people's movements in order to push back the forces of evil without form those forces to. yeah just to have skim characters tend to have something epiphany but the people that got trump elected apparently working class people who'd lost out because of globalization how do you see all of those different identities of politics l g b g q rights race how do they work with clus because surely to some people the reason trump could win is precisely because of the working class traditionally that base from which progressive politics is a much nobody you're right now of course those is good politics have to be called into question that's it so i can say insight into his literary genius that we're talking about but at the same time you're right that it was working class folks who
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were misled by truck because the working class was so devastated under the neo liberal rule of obama that did he deliver full austria he delivered. it not a liberal working people working people were looking for alternatives are left green party you know it was part of and supported our left in america is to we can treat so when we look for an alternative the choice is between on the one hand the other but we get a ruling class and they are fastening it really all the truck acted as if he was populist but it's very clear he tied big money he tied it big military it will scapegoat the most vulnerable in terms of mexicans muslims red indians black folk and gays live in a trance and he is able to connect with enough of the white working class 65 percent white men voted for drop 52 percent white women who have a truck so you've got a race show art here you've got
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a racial trajectory just going on now we have magnificent white by those who are part of the black last minute we have been in the white. part of serious struggle against white supremacy but it got a lot of cousins and that causes easily misled by the straw man. and this is of course the challenge that plato saw in the republic he said show me a democracy 'd and i'll show you citizens who were shot through with on ruling passion and you bit with his ignorance that will result in the rise of a strongman to rise a tyrant the death played on the republic going all the way back to. 360 some b. c. he had it in sight even though he was a great critical democracy in a democracy because he killed each he had insights how do we get to the working class how do we get for so that they're not misled full consciousness so they're not channeling their existence in a way that reproduces their own no question reproduces their own domination we see
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this all around the world fascism very good will still lead to the same thing it looked at the same thing frankel did the same thing these are lukewarm to fascism at present but similar kind of checks well in terms of trying to ensure the misleading. because they are meeting orders are deeply suffering but they rather scapegoat the most vulnerable the terms oh the degraded. black. and arabs and muslims and immigrants and mexicans rather than confront the most powerful president ls i'll just stop you there more from cornell west off to this right. by the pandemic no certainly no borders i'm just delighted to another tease.
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the summer we don't really we don't like world peace to be. coming every crisis like. we can't do better we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in our own way but we also know that this crisis is not go on for ever the challenges created with the response has been much so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that clearing it together. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only
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personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. throughout its history just with the self-proclaimed islamic state terrorist group have recruited up to 30000 foreigners from all over the world to fight for them. if you will in more populous. sounds of russian citizens left their country to join the terrorists often bringing wives and children with them. and above ideas imposed on you you see that as and you could no. more new the. hundreds of children and widows were held captive all disappeared.
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back in russia those children's families wait them search for. joining me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to the world of politics or business i'm sure. i'll see you there. welcome back i'm still with professor cornell west if we move up a class is there's something wrong with the elites in your society i know you. talk about half scoff it's gerald before they read the great gatsby is a great tale of you make it in this world you're going to do well what is wrong
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with education in a country that has produced so many critiques that i guess echo what you've just been say yeah i'm glad you brought us scott fitzgerald up because he understood of course he went to princeton and i'm interested right now understood the spiritual teaching in the more kuti of the ruling class not all but most he understood the substitute prosperity for magnanimity they had hardly any sense of more excellence a spiritual greatness is reduced down to things in possession then come out and it reminds me of the greatest figure 8 for it was eugene o'neill and the iceman cometh the great is an american empire ever written for the state in what did he say what does it profit a nation that gained the whole world and lose it so. which is obsessed with. re power well status and spectacle with no moral or spiritual substance
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that is a moment for the american good it that's the home for the decline and fall of the american empire that's what eugene o'neill was talking about and eat and ask up is general very close to it on the same register in terms of seeing through the emptiness and but he was so much that what american life in this obsession with the general pleasures and military power and status and the inability to at the deepest level this is shakespearean this is. the suffer from the inability to cultivate the capacity to love. the love less ness. no matter how much money you have no matter what your status is if you can't learn how to receive love 2 given that those years in the battles era most of the bond hail as those who suffer from the incapacity. and death of marketing understood i come from an equal
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black candidate for 400 years in the united states but dishing out so much love john coltrane's return to martha's beat love it martin luther king love who are just to be one to love and to me the love we have got reach oh yeah we all got to be frank he loves life the whole list with us hopefully available your on your website i didn't even get out of here i know you know the people that have listened to coltrane the people that have read these works many of them are in the d.n.c. we know from wiki leaks how they tried to destroy bernie sanders campaign in 2016 and they didn't feel they didn't feel what they were doing was anything to do with fascism they thought it was to do with stopping fascism so they say i don't understand this is right around this time because they try to sound as being the candidate what do you how do you characterize the d.n.c. has as of a system in your politics what i mean it is in more trouble now is abandoned
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because their ears in fact tremendous critiques of the status and democratic party it looked as if after the november primary that bernie sanders and all of us together need in turn or others that we were going to win we were really beginning to move in a way that we were headed toward the white house then the. it illogical unity facilitated by rock obama with me we have rather all of them came together dropped out within a few days the black neo liberal leadership it is edge of money in black leadership we do money and our chicks came together and lo and behold we were pushed out we were defeated but let me say this that this step was meant knows very much like republican party establishment was undercut by a truck that young people on the street the black clad madam who they understand
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not just the limitations of the neo liberal leadership no matter what color but they know that it cannot deliver look at what a pandemic right now it cannot deliver safety it cannot live protection cannot deliver education cannot deliver goods and services why because the in hard in shambles when you have so much greek and corruption and indifference for the suffering with no public life no public health care no public robust public interactions and we can't even hardly have a public conversation what happens to a demography asleep i hear it as you know and maybe you call them apologists for empire they will point to the black faces the people of color in high places they will talk about l g b t q people in high places they were there even some indigenous peoples in high places in american politics the american civic life how dangerous is it that these
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people are installed there as a beacon to show that your view of america your view of the united states is fundamentally flawed because your country is a tale of progress. well the good in of those is good wonderful crystal palace it went back they keep it won't do it back since edifice. salient is wonderful shy is glass menagerie well what happens when it becomes more colorful with races same class are same imperial policies same levels of poverty same levels of decrepit education same levels of unemployment and underemployment same levels up an inability to gang assets to decent housing but it's because you got black now brown now women at the top at the glass menagerie in the crystal palace all really now behave themselves into reproducing the same kind of deck it is the same kind of decay but now of course we. race relations same way looking looking better.
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you don't measure the plight of black people all women are brown people by how their elite are doing you know the play in terms of what the prisons look like what the neighborhoods look like what their employment actually is what levels of health care they have but that's precisely the attempt of america to shift serious talk about the plight of poor folk to the. mobility of the net has to be radically called into question that is happening on the streets right now in the us in. but but in the streets i mean what is different about these uprisings since what's in los angeles in $165.00 and before and after now we're seeing images of tear gas or federal troops in there no national guard it has to be sent. to your link of how black lives matter is the
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movement can in any way respond to what's going on if there are well if certain numbers of people are being shot dead in the streets or killed by security forces of the united states that alone frightened to go and demonstrate. well i mean with the public lynching of brother floyd jr you certainly are going to have waves of resistance the beautiful thing is that you have the whole colas coming together and making the connection between not just police power and police murder but between police power least murder wall street power wall street crimes and pentagon power and pentagon crimes once you make those connections and connect to the mom who can't make them up the mix may develop a could make the family look a moment rabbi abraham joshua ash ash able to make. the greatest intellectual alone with no chomsky and been making for most of his intellectual life will once every day people begin to make those connections then we're on to something those
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can actually be make more now than they were before and yet every wave of resistance every wave of critique has its own distinctive staff and there is a certain kind of cycling is true the sixty's we had you know more people die it wasn't very much more black folk out we will more people die less people dying here but now there's a city and settle and some president that's a good son after george ford was killed there were demonstrations all around the world in fact in love around the world there were there were demonstrations again multi-racial into intersectional but london fall is washington on on foreign policy specially on apparently your biggest enemy china but for the white house says what gives what gives the d.n.c. and they aren't see the confidence that china as you said surrounded by bases of the united states won't retaliate militarily to what it sees as provocations by
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nato in washington. yeah i mean it's hard to say to me it's hard to say you can imagine what the golden rule international relations looks like. 2 russia had troops in mexico and china that you know it would last about 30 seconds when you have american troops around who are russians yet to be very honest you know empowered their empires and their concern about their people are concerned about it territory after all just stuck to the domination when you can imagine what a one standard looks like in the same would be true with china when you when you eat when you begin to be provocative. then they're going to have different kind of responses i don't know what response will be as the as the acts of provocation intensify it's hard to say but i mean right now we've got these 3 empires in a we're china russia usa all 3 zones
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form the decay domination all forms of dog and we have to be connected to radically democratic small d forces doto and power dissenting voices that are empowering working people that aren't exemplary movements and by example what i mean is leaders of integrity who are willing to tell the truth and will more than likely have to give their lives because those who are committed to the struggle for the wretched of the earth are on the road to crucifixion that's the way the world is but their blood our blood fertilizes the next wave of resistance and critique that's what we learn from the black move. well i suppose there's one difference between beijing most here in washington and that's the beijing in what moscow claim to comprehend the dangers of climate change whereas washington doesn't believe it would isabella
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what is the power of k. street while being on the things you've been talking about and on perhaps the most texas tensional crisis we have. fossil fuel effective climate change. or i mean k. street in general generates legalized 2 bribery a normal last corruption within the halls of congress so the brick house that is supposed to be done house of the people caters much more to the donor than the benefactors than it does the suffering people themselves that's precisely why so many american citizens look at the system and the state and see it cannot reform itself because the money is all well me has been colonized by the lobbyists who are already late to financial elites just so that it makes it very difficult for those of us in the streets to feel as if we can actually have the kind of
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impact that we like but we do it because it's right because it's more and because it's just and so when it comes to ecological catastrophe 'd in which the whole species the planet itself and you still have the greek short term thinking the up session with profit you can begin to see just how bouckaert predatory capitalism is for the species and in regard to our very preservation. reza one a west thank you that's it for one of your favorite shows of the last season will be back for you see is going to become the 5th right to the show you don't miss me interview and join me on the god my following of twitter facebook instagram and sound they say. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday
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shouldn't let it be an arms race is on often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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said she stressed to us take this or that the british and the bill of bullshit that it was to. stop the show was to you she didn't taste the taste fishies have a cia bush quote all shall. go to which she never happened and i know what you. and i must do to carmona man or to shit. or to go to the shelters or my it's a bonus for should be. good to mr hazlewood supporter i'm still with him to the spirit of christmas and to be for you both to do just that that it's a studio actually of course in the personal growth of the vocal for sure it's just the same spirit. expressed she. joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the
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world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is a disaster for the migrants aren't leaving because they're left alone oh tonight my producer assess enough president sell me a telly an island of lampedusa protest over the arrival of hundreds of migrants with the local mera saying the region can no longer cope. europe has done nothing for lampedusa on the problem of migrants no one listens and there is a deafening silence from the europeans and it's hardly an institution's. also ahead on the program china all veils new export restrictions that could prevent this elliptic.


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