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tv   News  RT  October 1, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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they love you they are. in the house because. you know. that. this is not left of the ground that this backyard it's really. the conflicts between armenia and azerbaijan takes a brutal toll on communities in the disputed region of the horn a car bomb 2 reports from the area. still these there are now into their 5th day with the 2 nations rejecting calls for a cease fire we hear from civilians on both sides of the divide who say they do not want war. as an armenian i do not want to talk about who is right or wrong but i would like this issue to be resolved through negotiations i don't like what is happening the people i know are not going to the front line we don't want blood to
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be sure. and the kremlin alleges that unexplainable only works for the cia after the opposition figure accuses a plot of never in a poisoning and this 1st interview since coming out of a coma. what you are to international bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. i mean and azerbaijan how both rejected calls for a cease fire and ruled out peace talks as hostilities over a disputed border territory enter their 5th day now these are the latest images released by azerbaijan showing the destruction of armenian military vehicles in the region both sides have released a string of videos to back up their claims of tactical victories meanwhile local reporters are being caught in the crossfire a cameraman from an armenian t.v. channel was severely injured during. shelling these are pictures of his car 2
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french journalists were also injured while covering the conflict and are being treated in hospital. reports now on the impact on local communities nagorno-karabakh is sandwiched between the territorial ambitions of armenia and azerbaijan but as commanders in chief are deploying platoon after platoon to the frontline it's often civilians who end up in the crossfire on both sides or in a small town in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region the front line is about 5 to 7 kilometers that way and is there but johnny shell flew from over there and made this crater and well there was a bus staying right here has already been cleared the debris and it was bustling with people as a result because of the strike this strike killed 2 people and 5 more were wounded all of them civilians this is no military complex it's just a building just a house we're live in in fact i'm being told that these these areas are being
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shelled relentlessly even though the closest military position is about 3 to 4 kilometers away that way but what you're hearing right now is them firing in fact we could hear just minutes ago a u.s. v and sometimes even see it as it was making circles above us it was not in armenia and it was in azerbaijan one so this is one of the places where it is as hoarse as it gets in the going to care about their own many places that have it worse than the town of martinique within the 60 minutes that we were filming there we had artillery infantry drones all of them had their deadly say. it would be a new movie the. air raid sirens and the buzz of drones have become the terrifying sound. to this war in the gorn
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a carabao and this from playing town his enduring booms all calibers this is what's left of the round that fell in this backyard it's really and well i'm being told it's about one $160.00 millimeters in caliber which makes it a truly formidable project and you can see the amount of damage that it did here for instance here used to be the gates well they are now completely gone both sides are ready to fight to the bishop around both sides of the fervid support of their populations sharing an underlying belief that it's them fighting for the right cause and not the enemy with all the horrors that have already haunted this land this war shows that the your grievances have only deepened because dawn of reporting from the green a care about. they're going to care about is one of several border disputes remaining from the collapse of the soviet union broke away from azerbaijan and 1988
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and declared itself independent however the enclave mostly populated by armenians is not widely recognized as an independent state turkey has expressed staunch support for azerbaijan in the conflict barker insists that its port is limited to diplomacy although he ever and alleges that the turkish air force is getting involved as well with more on the escalation here is our senior correspondent juan garcia reporting from istanbul. well there's been absolutely no lol in the fighting continued overnight raged i would say every few hours we're also seeing casualty numbers both military and civilian so far and it seems to be getting worse and worse and the escalation seems to be escalating itself and this is all despite tremendous diplomatic pressure for both sides to take a pause to take a break to anything you know give talks the charts despite everything the
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international community is doing the violence seems to be getting worse. we have only one condition that armenia leaves our lands completely and immediately this is file it is the armenian government complies with this the fighting will stop there will be no bloodshed there will be peace peace will come to our region. i believe the armenian army can secure a country and the self-defense forces of the golden corral bark are successfully protecting their region from a political standpoint i believe it's very important for us that international partners know how and who started this military action. all of the all of this rhetoric though it isn't stark contrast to what ordinary people think here in istanbul in turkey in out of me in year in catabolic in baquba people know off to so many years of escalations of flare ups that peace doesn't come through war
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medical needs more poverty as an armenian i do not want to talk about who is right or wrong but i would like those issues to be resolved through negotiations not force. and i don't like what is happening many people i know are now going to the front line we don't want blood to be sure we want everything to end peacefully but i am afraid there is no chance to talk about peace at the moment we must reclaim our lands. well i fought in the 1st war and in 2016 nowadays people go to the front line to win the shelling will come down then we will be needed there we used to it this is our homeland we have nowhere to go the losses both sides are suffering though we can't verify everything it's impossible for now tremendous so the perhaps the sheer magnitude of what is happening will force both sides to take a pause and to reconsider the approach that they're both taking but for now that
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seems a dim concept because the the president of carabao has warned his citizens that people have got about to prepare for a prolonged war that about johnnie's side has as we mentioned earlier obviously set its path and that path is to reclaim got about by force russia the u.s. and france have jointly called for a ceasefire and the government car bomb the 3 powers to the o.s.c. minsk group a body overseeing peace efforts in the region and they called for an urgent restart of negotiations between armenia and azerbaijan through the minsk format both russia and france have taken a neutral position in the conflict and have voiced alarm over the apparent role of foreign fighters in the area present micron's said he's received information that militants have been brought in from syria and russia's foreign ministry on wednesday and on states similar finding or condemning any foreign involvement.
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according to the information we have received militants from illegal armed groups have been transferred to the nagorno-karabakh conflict zone from syria in libya to take part in the still ities we call on the leaders of the countries involved to take active measures to prevent the deployment of foreign terrorists messing reese in the conflict and to ensure their immediate withdrawal from the region my colleague you know neal spoke earlier to a political analyst focusing on the region who says the situation is more complex than a 1st seems. there are many organizations not to believe i don't think it is real be bodies' media or dorky me they are all frustrated by gen or even dimly but it is mainly i suppose the initiative belongs to a certain financial and slumming financial firms related to the muslim presence in and out of the meaning of the. we've seen over the last number of days statements of support from and credit for us about how far do you think turkey is willing to go to help its ally well you should understand the situation be thrown
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the chair of the gun the shaken out too many forces inside turkey would include b. of a gun party now wanting to replace him and he's fighting for the place so the military fortune would be on a sort of bridge on the side at the gun to get the glory of. conquer over there are many and like to fuck him a lot that you would cause a big greek conqueror so that is if military force sure i know and i sort of buy journeys but if that means we have begun to lose nothing because of its beauty but it's not about genocide we have noted relations. russian opposition figure alexei navalny has given his 1st interview since coming out of a comma to a german outlet and he talks about surviving his now which are deal points the finger and bottom are put an artist put all of our reports from berlin. alexina
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valmy used this interview to the german news magazine beagle to thank the german people and in particular angle america for the help peter received german chancellor visited mist in the valley secretly while he was in the shot at a hospital here in berlin in the interview mist in the valley pulls no punches about who he thinks is behind his alleged poisoning he points that finger of blame firmly at russia and directly at president vladimir putin the kremlin has responded to this kremlin spokes person dmitri peskov saying the claims made against me if britain against russia were unacceptable and also accused foreign intelligence services of working with mr novell me i claim that putin is behind the crime and i have no alternative versions of what happened i don't say that to flatter myself but on the basis of fact the most important fact is novacek the order to use a manufacture it can only have come from 2 men the head of the f.s.b.
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or of the foreign intelligence service the s.v.r. government and western intelligence services are working with him in particular the cia we believe his accusations against the russian president are groundless and unacceptable his interview reveals that he thinks he's as important as the leader of a state but the real rivals at that level are quite different people germany says tests that were carried out show traces of novacek were found now the same type of tests that were carried out on alexina family in the city of almost skin russia where he 1st received medical treatment while they showed no sign of any such poisoning alexina valise team sent acquired a bottle from a hotel room that he'd been staying in in the siberian city of tomsk this bottle was then sent with other things he had to germany where tests were carried out on it and that is where the novacek was found now there's a lot of questions about how that bottle got from
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a hotel room to. here in in germany and how those tests were carried out all of those remain unanswered it's important course because the whole idea that he was report that he was poisoned with an overcharge nerve agent hangs on the results of those tests now the russian prosecutors have sent 3 requests to berlin for the sharing of information relating to those tests and others that were carried out all mist in the valley so far all of that has fallen on deaf ears where but you sort of use that we turn to the o p c w which unfortunately was playing for time and then told us we need to go back to berlin can you believe that when we were 1st appealing to believe in it directed our communications to the o.p.c. w this is a vicious circle it is illogical absent and everyone understand it or go back to the interviewing alexei in the violently says the russian made attempts to keep him in the country once he was in hospital in siberia i think they were determined not to let me out of the country which is why they publicly stated that i was not fit
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for transport they waited for me to die in my eyes the chief medical cost bittle is worse than the intelligence officers who kill people for them killing is at least their job or previously russian foreign minister sergei lavrov it said that the very facts alexei navalny was alive right now was down to the quick thinking in the professionalism of the pilot that made the emergency landing the power medics that arrived on the scene at the airport and the medical professionals that gave him treatment in hospital in the siberian city no one is supposed to children so the impeccable work for pilots doctors and paramedics is presented as a lucky coincidence they don't even admit that we acted in a proper way our western partners look at us with the arrogance because we dare to doubt their correctness and professionalism that's why they doubt the profession is move our doctors and investigators alexina valley was discharged from hospital. in
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berlin last week he had spent 2 weeks in an induced coma and is currently undergoing physio therapy following that he has said that he wants to return to russia as soon as it's possible. german journalist and author thomas fassbender told us not all these claims appear to be based on a series of assumptions if you look at these argument it is interesting it's not an ex use asian by any proof it's an x is asian by conclusion his arguments goes the way that there are only 3 people who can approve of the use of the knowledge of nerve agent which joined the hands of the 3 secret services in russia and they would not do anything without the approval of mr godin interestingly also in the same interview you mentions the possibility that not 3 people but 30 may have access he calls it much worse even with with some reason probably but this is
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that all he has is this one conclusion there is no further proof. the european union is taking legal action against the u.k. over its plan to override the brags that divorce treaty is comes after the house of commons passed an internal market bill which directly contradicts the withdrawal agreement approved last year and i can cross live to east alley in london for all the details that tell us more about this announcement coming from the european commission president. well this is perhaps aren't surprising coming from a long delay in because the u.k. governments have introduced this internal market bill is still in the draft stages awaiting to be approved and to pass into law a sensually what it would do is by admission of the huge government itself is go against the withdrawal agreement that was agreed by the 2 sides at the beginning of this year and do much of the hard work done by negotiators on both sides and as
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a result of what's being described as a violation of international law not least by some within the u.k. government itself the e.u. commission have now put the u.k. on notice that they could be facing legal action as a result of this latest measure. as you know when we had invited our british friends to remove the problematic parts are van draft internal market beyond the deadline lapsed yesterday the in the problematic provisions have not been removed all and therefore this morning the commission has decided to send a letter hummer notice to the u.k. government this is the 1st step in an infringement procedure. well this bill challenges some of the most important part of the withdrawal egremont in particular to do the northern ireland protocol of course the border between the north and the republic of ireland is hugely important to the stability
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and peace of the island of ireland and yet there are those on the european side who say that this could threaten the good friday agreement this could violate the integrity of the single market this bill that is but also there are some again even within the british government the northern ireland secretary themselves admitting that by doing this the u.k. government are violating international law. this guy's great international law in a very specific and limited way we're taking the power to supply the you law concept of daraa to create the strategy and behavior of the british government was one of brinkmanship was one of threatening to crash you know if if you don't if we don't just turn agreement we might go kamikaze on you that sort of thing trust has been eroded. tension has been created doubt have been created and that's not conducive to solid accorsi actions. now we are less than
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$100.00 days away from the end of the so-called transition period and both sides and should be really at this point trying to negotiate a deal to avoid a no deal outcome that many economists say would be disastrous for both sides not least the u.k. and yet here we are with one side threatening the other with legal action and that mission is at least on the british like a lot violation of international rules this is surely not how negotiators hope things to be going at this very late stage artie's ethan allen thank you for bringing us that report. u.s. secretary of state has just concluded a visit to the vatican where he was hoping to meet with pope francis he declined that request saying the pontiff does not meet with politicians during election campaigns like a pale had urged the vatican to join washington and announcing a violations of religious freedom in china 2 years ago the holy sea reached an
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agreement with the chinese communist party hoping to help china's catholics yet the china's communist party is to be use of the faithful has only gotten worse the vatican and dangerous its moral authority should renew the deal. pump air was a furring there to a deal between the vatican and china which ended a long running dispute over the appointment of bishops under the terms the catholic church agreed to recognize several bishops who were seen as loyal to beijing it was seen as a 1st step in a response in relations between the church and beijing which were suffered back in 1951 and response to criticism from the u.s. the vatican has defended its 218 deal with china saying a direction has been marked up as we're continuing and i'm going to go live to victor gao director of the china national association of international studies pope francis refused to meet with pomp aoe washington view this as a snob. well i think his holiness the pope is making the right decision
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because model is so good just state also wrong seeing and try to interfere in the internal affairs of the holy see but also all the timing is very suspicious a very sensitive right now now i see it will not be take a well by washington on pale himself but this is the holy. correctly introduced and i have seen that it will wake up washington that it should not go too far to interfere in every scene including in the holy sea i personally believe that normalization of relations between china and the holy sea is absent will plead the rising to do and this will help encourage religious freedom in china especially for those catholics in my country but as i mentioned the u.s. wants the vatican to break off that deal with china why is that important to washington. well i think washington is now suffering from
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a seizure of hysteria extremism and hopelessness whatever your call it and all it wants to do whatever they can to practice the atoning a hobby syndrome to watch the kneecaps of china it wants to see china as an enemy and it wants the rally the whole world behind it but it will not succeed because china's now a very significant force full girl both girls every year china accounts for about one 3rd to about 40 percent of the additional g.d.p. growth of the whole world so trying to isolate china try to break away from china is actually practicing political and economic suicide no other country really wants is for all of this blind suicidal deed to show or if i called it's of washington. pump arrow accuse china of abuse of the faithful referring to christians in china
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is there any truth to that what do you think he was trying to refer to. i seen pompei oil is a lie and he is saying listen to achieve its own goal and i seen the whole world is seeing this and this is really troubling to see the secretary of state of the united states not doing diplomacy but actually becoming a war monger and the rumor monger in the world very much in the same cloth step with his president and we can see that washington is really a grueling is moral leadership ethics and troops for this are no longer something very highly regarded in washington and this really does not reflect well on the global leadership while the states and this should serve as a wake up call to many other countries which are following the developments in washington including whatever pompeo is saying and doing he should be called the
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most failed diplomat in the world is really not doing his job as a top diplomat of the united states do you think this dispute could do long term damage to relations between the u.s. and the vatican and the u.s. and china for that matter or is this just par for the course. well i have no nothing to say on the relations between washington and the holy sea between china and the united states i personally optimistically mix a longer term relations between china and the united states because neither of the chinese people know all the american people want to rock at each other as enemies there are dangerous also as in washington which want to whip up this hysteria against china but china is a friendly nation china wants to do business with the united states and china has no ill intention against the united states i think the united states cannot come to
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terms with the prospects and the very imminent reality that china will outgrow the size of the united states but this is the megatrends the united states cannot stop this megatrend which is happening are now unfolding just in front of our eyes i hope once we pass that critical milestone decision makers in washington there will gradually calm down and accept the reality of a larger and more impactful china and try to live with it that's the right scene for the united states to do they take out director of the china national association of international studies thank you for finding the time to join us on the program thank you for having me. and that's all for this hour news wise but if you're looking for more head on over tar website r.t. dot com for countless articles and all of our heroes thanks for tuning in this hour .
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first presidential debate exhibited lots of like not much one can argue neither candidate last night there was a perfect reflection of the nation's politics put the campaign coming to an end to the debates have any meaningful impact is there such a thing as an undecided voter. always be polite never engage with a negative a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney. to survive and tear a goodish. definitely don't want to. jump on cups. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich.
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or if you're poor. you've got 2 eyes 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more in your sand if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself. the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still has the lead up to the reality of we're not financial inequality and the lack of affordable housing living minimum wage give many people no choice. that's been a problem with the city knows turn. requires. the most vulnerable were abandoned on the streets to become the invisible
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comes. oh hi i'm max keiser this is the kaiser report well let's talk about tea and crumpets and scones and london bridge and the crowd. stacy well max we are going to get into some details about the queen and compare her and the whole royal system to wall street of 1st i want to say you know anybody could essentially now live with a view say of london bridge or tower bridge or you know right along the thames or
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see the buckingham palace or live in buckingham palace because there's virtual reality now last episode we spoke to bryan rama only about that this episode we're going to continue some of that conversation but one thing i want to say is we spent this past weekend in virtual reality at the magical crypto conference and it was quite amazing life for me because i spent quite a long time in there as my avatar what i realized is that i could roll out of bed and speak in front of a huge audience and it was no problem on my hair was perfect i felt you know present a ball and then i realized that i think with this whole virtual reality what you'll see is that humans will we go feral essentially you don't need to brush your teeth your breath smells fine and virtual reality your hair looks great you know your clothes look fantastic you don't need to buy anything new you can stay in the same pajamas year after year but the structures the save civilization itself like the actual real estate that holds together most of our western economies and all of the
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derivatives based on those commercial backed securities mortgage backed securities all that stuff all of that will crumble because you don't need you just need one little area like this and to live in virtual reality oh right so you're talking about 2 things there. a crumbling of our reality our infrastructure and. castles that were important in our in the history of western civilization like we have a buckingham palace and also the collapse of the ego as it were the conscious mind because we have a super conscious mind now called virtual reality so things that we used to be in the sub conscious mind are not going to be in our conscious mind which will be the new subconscious mind like will have this subconscious life that we used to call reality but us now unseen by anyone outside the bar immediate location which is never viewed outside of our me.


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