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tv   News  RT  October 4, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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coming up on the program a week of hostilities between armenia and azerbaijan brings devastation tonight. with relentless shelling of the local t.v. reports from the area 2 massive explosions in the. city 250 millimeter. it is a massive rocket the fighting spills beyond the disputed region a border city and hit by artillery fire also in the stories. i'm not here to call on everybody knows he's a liar there's nothing smart about you joe what do you. know your number to the presidential debates before the u.s.
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election into name calling on interruptions the 2nd round however is now a. coronavirus. an environmental groups war. is launched into toxic chemicals. bringing your recount of the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the minute developments as well this is the weekly on r.t. hello and welcome. we start with the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan which has not entered a 2nd week the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh is being relentlessly shelled these are some of the latest pictures we have from the local council showing burning cars residential buildings have been hit across the city the number of
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casualties at this stage on clear earlier in the week hospital we know was hit in a nurse strike and several residential buildings also badly damaged. and hostilities are not spilling beyond the disputed territory with several talons in azerbaijan bombed the city of guns came under fire earlier on somebody else by john claims one person was killed 32 wounded on friday the town of tara was also attacked by coup claims thousands of shells were used in the raid since the start of the conflict azerbaijan zs 24 civilians have been killed over 100 people injured r t s murat because the of as. well we're seeing unfortunately events down a path that was feared by many but few thought that we would get here many people thought that things would deescalate this specially with such tremendous international diplomatic pressure on both sides calling them to deescalate put that
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hasn't happened we have seen now for several days out unprecedented terrifying bombardment of step on like at the biggest settlement the biggest doubt in the war zone and during that bombardment at some point authorities came out looking at forty's and said look if is it about john doesn't stop targeting us with with shells multiple rocket launchers with airstrikes we will respond in an equally powerful manner and apparently now they have responded by striking at the city of gadget they have confirmed that the city of ganja the 2nd biggest city in is it about john they have confirmed this the head of the golden. that he gave the order to strike and he also gave the order to stop these missile strikes this was a warning a message to the senate by johnnie's he said we're warning you to stop to deescalate to come to your senses and to stop before things get out of control before we reach a point from which there is no going back as it about john itself says that what
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was targeted in the city of ganja wasn't a military airfield as we've gotten it about said but populated areas civilian areas turkey has come out very strongly against this kind of bug strike on ganja they're blaming this on our movie and saying that this was essentially a war crowd which is space and defeat and thereby jonah to reduce the design getting civilian residential areas in the 2nd largest city of his or by john gun john why do guns on media violate so principles of human it's a rule including the geneva convention armenia itself has come out though and said that it wasn't the god knickerbocker meaning of that expanded the war zone the geographic area along which combat was happening but it was i said about god and turkey which targeted which targeted military and civilian targets inside armenia and itself not inside the garden it got
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a box it was easy to budge on that previously expanded the combat zone by shelling due to tour of armenia look more than that media says that it will respond in a powerful magnet to any provocation from any side so if anything is targeted in armenia it will respond i said about john also escalating you know this is every response to an escalation seems to be another escalation and said by john coming out and saying that it will now target any military installations or targets inside armenia proper if it but leaves that that military target fall. i departed populated areas inside is it about drought all in all the seas a very significant escalation because obviously armenia itself has a defense pact with russia so if armenia is attacked it will have cause to trigger its defensive pact with russia and call for help from abroad turkey letting it be
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known that if i did it by john it struck they had said so themselves before any attack by armenia and azerbaijan would be construed as an attack on turkey itself so it would be standing by it will certainly see whether with military force or with support it will assist as it a budget show indeed events are developing along a very worrying trajectory another of our correspondents who has been in the conflict zone throughout the week with his report on friday's shelling of the car back capital here's a question i love. has come under probably the heaviest shelling since we arrived here 2 massive explosions in the very center of the city usually what we could hear was we could see the smoke from the explosions which were on the outskirts in the suburbs this is the very city center and moreover this is the building of the ministry of emergencies so it has been obliterated i mean look at this everything
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is gone windows are gone the whole wall there's a hole in the whole wall and it's not just this building there's a whole complex it's a large it's a large complex and it's everywhere like this obliterated not raise to the ground but it's gone i don't see any way how it can be fixed all renovated we don't know what we don't know what exactly caused the explosion but we didn't hear any sirens and sirens so probably wasn't a drone but some really heavy artillery and with a very long range as well but we have to go they are telling us it's not safe because sometimes as the as there by journeys. are using these so-called double tap so that they not only they destroy the building but also the kill soldiers who arrived here we've arrived here with the soldiers as well so we have to go this is the crater that was made by one of the rockets and this is a piece from its head the military is telling me that this is a 250 caliber 250 millimeter caliber so it is
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a massive rocket they don't know exactly what it is they're telling me these these are not laws but that this one is also israeli made. journalists in the corner carpark are also getting caught in the crossfire or were injured in a shell strike and witnessed things getting to french reporters they were lifted to your of on for treatment and are now back in france on thursday a cameraman from an armenian t.v. channel was severely injured during shelling from the site these are pictures of his car. the conflict reignited last sunday but it has roots stretching back over 3 decades the enclave populated mainly by armenian christians broke away from majority muslim azerbaijan in 1908 but the area has not been widely recognized as a sovereign state.
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on my division if we have only one condition that armenia leaves our lands completely and immediately. if the armenian government complies with this the fighting will stop there will be no bloodshed there will be peace peace will come to a region. well i believe the armenian army can secure country and the self-defense forces of the border or successfully protecting their region from a political standpoint i believe it's very important for us that international partners know how and who started this military action. let's speak live on the
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program to eldar resume law fell george a journalist from the azerbaijan channel c b c t v welcome to you you're in the conflict zone eldar what's your thoughts as to why this violence began. good evening thanks for the support you need more than happy to inform the international community about the realities of the conflict me and my colleagues spent 5 days in the front line and waited thursday over the kalash discoloration of the conflict so here's the deal starting from 5th member 27 the military political leadership of armenia continue committing crimes against other by john sailing sibilia an object showing civilian population infrastructure oject that have nothing to do with military action and in response the comments of others but johnny army decided to launch a counter offensive operation of azerbaijan the troops along the inside of prompt
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lines to suppress the combat activity of armenian armed forces towards the civilian population and by days there was an army strife to save its own population. as a result of the consequence of operation thereby john a number of territories were liberty says we are talking about the territories that have been on their armenian local patients for almost 30 years all this time i was there by john was standing by the negotiation process waiting for when you say onder mean occupation ie mean it was people armenians living in that region. yes i know i mean like i mean totally by. arminian our horses as we see right now there are many in government support supporting it and the that's why. what i meant what i mean that for that was the horrible former government's foreman believe that the leadership of armenia and azerbaijan was trying to construct their.
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solution to the result resulting big conflict with. the peaceful peaceful resolution of the. we know that there's been extensive damage to infrastructure and civilian deaths although we don't know the exact numbers how bad is the situation from what you have seen. there are already more than 20 weeks and even more wounded among the civilian population in the frontline regions that were there by jan and what we have seen the armenian armed forces. do not see any difference is between civilians and military objects. in short summary we have seen. destroyed houses destroyed ambulances destroyed infrastructures that people from the civil felician people that have nothing to do with a military action and. me and my colleagues was absorbing that and i don't know.
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i would see that we had a chance to speak with the local residents and despite the fact that. the artillery artillery is always launching towards the land for felician the local residents refused to leave their houses refused to leave their region they believe that the result of the successful counter offensive operation and the territories of other by john will be finally occupied ok some of the images we're looking at while you're speaking they're really horrendous armenians are accusing azerbaijan of targeting civilians we knew civilians have lost their lives in this conflict is not what is happening. if you are talking about armenian site that's a complete nonsense the military command of there by john be clear that azerbaijan an army does not target civilian people as well as we really want to see with the infrastructure the targets of the other by john army are firing positions military
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facilities and me with their infrastructures in the occupied territories other by john 5 doesn't fight against civilians either by genocide thing for liberation of its own territory there are going to gather a lot of civilians losing their lives aren't there. 2. you see we have to as me and my callers have seen in the terror of the conflict yet there by john last more than 20 people in the complex if they're talking about armenian there's a lot of misinformation that there are a lot of fake news we have in the past experiences of our media saying they're using the really insulation as a shield what about the use of turkey in this conflict elder from russia as well as accuse turkey of sending militants from the middle east into the conflict zone what you know about it what's your thoughts on. this are also just fake news despite the fact that turkey has always stood by the position of azerbaijan in this conflict
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but as foreign minister of turkey mucho scholer instantly mentioned other by then didn't ask for help from turkey they mentioned that if the conflict is not resolved and other by jon stewart the turkey then turkey will not hesitate to provide assistance to azerbaijan if international organizations want to solve this problem they must demand their minions to withdraw from the local flight their 3 and then i go into court about conflict remains unresolved armenia girls more arrogant you know during one of the recent interviews the head of the other by janet state talking about the mediator mentioned that if you are a maid there that maybe it there in such a sensitive issue you need to have a neutral position if you want to act from your own national position then you have to leave the cochairmen ship over the middle. this is this is been going on are for over a week we're seeing everyday lives lost is there a way that this conflict can be resolved through negotiations at this stage. yes and there is one condition it is complete and immediate withdrawal of all armenian armed forces from the occupied territories of azerbaijan in accordance with the
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related reason lucian of the un security council that is the only way to resolve the conflict through negotiations and it's also crucial for ensuring peace in the region ok the thoughts of residue of a journalist from the us or by john chan of c.b.c. t.v. who has spent time in the conflict zone in the last week or so eldar thank you like . donald trump is in hospital for a 3rd day after contracting 19 the us president's condition has put election plans into disarray including the 2nd round debate with rival joe biden their 1st flush was a chaotic affirm marred by interruptions and insults done all quarter discussed how it went. listen respectfully to each other's opinions i'm not here to call out his lies everybody knows he's a liar will never use the word smart with me ever use that word because you know what it is nothing smart about you joe what do you. excuse the one who so you are
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number 2 he's putin's puppy i get my time back if you are interruptions i'm appealing to you sort of do that him too well frankly you've been doing more than a lot of that event but he does plenty well less than what he's just shows for a minute what do you do it all that i want in the list 25 years up because i'm going to do it because you are president things up you are a senator and the worst were as always america is ever. going. to get any word with this clown directly you know now that we're done we're done sir the american people had big hopes for this debate after all it's happening on the backdrop of a global pandemic and a serious economic crisis but based on how both biden and trump conducted themselves i would say most people probably thought they were watching some sort of circus. you should get out of your bunker and get out of the sand trap and get in your golf course and fund what needs to be done now to save lives and he wants to
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shut down this country and i want to keep it open. i had it close to the greatest economy in the history of our country we handed him a booming economy he blew it was it evil who. he is usually the crime bill 1904 where you call the super predators african-americans the super predators while during the debate the moderator was able to get in a lot of questions that the american people really want answers to how the next administration is going to handle coronavirus relief racism police brutality of the social unrest but the most important thing of all is how biden or trump actually respond to these questions and voters didn't seem to think that they did a very good job honestly. this is a very painful response i don't think either the one this is just terrible all around this is very upsetting to watch that this is the best representation for our country right now i don't think i can say that even if you were one i think it was
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a twister it was a wild ride to write it when left there was a lot going on there's a lot of interruption it was crazy. to me that i don't think either one of them respected none of the others. and the economy seems to agree with those voters as well because right after the close of this chaotic debate we saw u.s. stock futures take a plunge and while both political camps have already started making political memes as if they're their guy won the debate everyday voters are really kind of taking a sort of i'd rather laugh than cry approach.
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we asked former republican state senator john loudon international affairs expert sophia mcclellan for their thoughts on the 1st debate. there's little doubt that trump lost his composure as he was repeatedly interrupting and. seemed overly emotional and somewhat hysterical i was disappointed to see it in decide to sort out stoop to that kind of behavior he tends to be very dismissive and to bully and in fact name call it's certainly not presidential it's not the kind of behavior that you really want to see any candidate i'm not sure anybody watching had their minds changed except that i did i do see that i think biden's going to have some cleanup to do with the left flank it's inappropriate he just
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dismissed the president as a liar i hate to see the count on how many times he said the president just lies without backing up and being specific about what was dishonest but american politics can be pretty contentious and i think american people sadly are kind of used to it. surfers beachgoers and rush's far east report hundreds of dead sea creatures washed ashore is working fears of an environmental disaster will go deeper into that story after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race. spearing dramatic development only closely and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks. we dare to ask. for.
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23 minutes past the hour welcome back russia's environmental regulators are investigating a spike in sea pollution in the country's far east the problem was the tech did off the coast of come the editor in chief of the russia beyond online magazine visited the area. i'm currently at the polls and i'm just a couple of them just to reach there isn't that a logical disaster that you see between just reading the lumpers away from the sea i spent 4 hours on the collectivists the beach and i didn't see any water all feel collar and i didn't smell any pleasant water but at the same time some of my friends were closer to the area off keep my eye and they come through that they felt some unpleasant odor and it had still be left weekly i've seen some death fish
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on the floor and some dead shellfish but not in the amounts like you've probably seen on some user b.d.'s like they were a little bit scattered around the beach their real life selected that fish there but not like files that sea lion stuff like that idea see any big sea anymore i've talked to some surfers wolf locals and visitors and they confirmed they have stopped and was in the water and heard their eyes and some of them he wouldn't have liked chemical burns of their eyes and they had to consult a doctor and it started 3 weeks ago so definitely softened happened here but we don't know when it started we don't know the scale of the disaster and we don't know what has caused the local authorities confirmed that the samples that the 2 back on september 29. exceeded the norms for females 2 times and norms for
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products 4 times in the water so soft and definitely happened count chuck as governor is overseeing the probe on samples are being sent to moscow for analysis he's warned that any officials who neglected the issue will face consequences. we're currently analyzing what possible harm the incident may have caused my main aim right now is to ensure that what's happened isn't touched up i don't want to fishes to try and downs. its significance a thorough and objective analysis will be provided by the relevant organizations we will collect additional samples of water sea floor sediment and sand and of dead animals i can tell you right away that if it turns out local officials downplayed this incident or tried to hide it they will be immediately fired and if any federal officials are guilty of the same i will demand similar punitive measures. there is no sign of let up in the post-election unrest sweeping belarus crowds gathered
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in minsk throughout sunday 8 weeks after president lucas schenkel was reelected in a disputed ballots at least 40 people were arrested at one point riot police used a water cannon truck to target the demonstrators who fought back damaging their vehicle there's a heavy security presence throughout the capital on 8 subway stations have been closed the march went ahead without official permission it was almost 2 months of public calls for president lukashenko to resign and earlier this week the european union passed sanctions on 40 by the russian officials over claims of election rigging and violence against protesters responded by block twisting european officials. now it must rank as one of the worst things that can happen being sent to a maximum security jail for a crime you did not commit next we speak to 2 innocent men who spent decades behind bars in the u.s. survivors' guide to prison starts in a moment. everybody's
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reaching for that you have political parlance as a president so key and i mean it's a russia and i think the resolution of this is there's going to be a gnostic war that's going to go on for maybe months assuming i'm ready to reject it's. almost as off to mediate because the fighting is too early on that people are now battling to see what territory they can get and i think when the fighting settles down and the lines are drawn and people realize that they're not going to move forward or backwards then they're going to turn to the other players in.
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a sort of amazing country with rumor so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. every night i make a lot of money with them but they make millions and hundreds of me. here's the nice what. a great wall and nobody builds a lot better than me believe and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. 'd just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. it
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we'll see what happens who knows i always say who knows what will seattle feel will be success. welcome to your nice days were america we call yourself in the free this country is called largest prison population in the world more people in prison. for than we have colleges and universities one 3rd of all incarcerated females globally are locked up here in the united states put that in perspective imagine all of los angeles and all of new york combined arrested every year. for. the you even manage. to.
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be in the. country between the little stuff 1st and. when it's not. as an american citizen you don't have to be a murderer or a rapist or a thief to be arrested. if you call the police in an emergency and find yourself arrested just because the officer doesn't like you. my strongest memory my mom is she was very into teaching sharing. love to each other i would have put my own life on the line to try to save my mom's had i known anything like this was going to happen. it was a day just like any other day. i went over to my parent's house normally when i went over my mom would grab on the on the front porch to greet me.


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