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and left over after the chain reaction is started ok sort of sorts of interrupt but you say this is not a nuclear bomb but would the effects be the same as a nuclear bomb if obviously it does reach meltdown and there is an explosion. the chemicals that are going to be released are similar actually the chemicals released from other the radioactive chemicals released from a nuclear bomb disappear quicker then the radiation that is released in a nuclear power plant all we're looking at an apocalypse this is true and noble on steroids do you think it's definitely going to happen or do you think crisis could be of. no i don't think crisis can be averted. containment building of the baby space the nuclear reactor could keep that power
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plant shutdown longer than expected 1st energy says it will restart the plants clean told a cracked displaced those who live in the shadow of dyspepsia see any problem can be alarming i don't give it a whole line of thought that once in awhile when you hear something wrong like that the concern should. be nuclear regulatory commission is monitoring the situation. indian point nuclear energy center in a condition no one wants to see with black smoke pouring out of these photos were posted on social media as responders on site ones plus these firefighters nearby like went in to find a transformer turning. new york governor andrew cuomo came to see the response up close for himself this was a relatively minor situation but we're told your brother nuclear power really minor situations. radioactive
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tritium is leaking from 3 quarters of all u.s. commercial nuclear power sites and a cancer causing material often seeps into groundwater from corroded buried hyping that's what the associated press concluded after a yearlong investigation. southern california edison says it will be closing the troubled 703 nuclear. good. to san diego county has been offline for months because of a mechanical bill. that led to trace amounts of radiation being leaked the bad just the latest in a number of environmental problems of salmon over and over. vernon
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is the host. for mine a key. part of me in. the town of learning is a very close knit town. the people really care about one another. and we're more than just neighbors it's a great community. when people think of the state of vermont they think of dairy farms. in fields they think of maple trees
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maple syrup. they think of rivers in pristine lakes. and we got a nuclear power plant right on the southern border. for my yankee welcome to romano . if people think that there is a radioactive problem at this plant and ramana are vermont brand is done. to drink our milk who's going to want to who's going to want to use our syrup who's going to want to come here and drive past that. and. not. have a. job. no. no
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no. i'm saying we know. there is no source of energy in this world that doesn't have risk associated with it in nuclear it is very very so i feel it's a very safe technology our job is to protect public health and safety and never have an accident that jeopardizes public health or safety so that's with us every day people like me come in here in the $650.00 men and women that work here that is our focus the safe operation of this plant.
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i live right across the street from vermont yankee and they've always been a good neighbor i had children that go to the school which is also right across the street from my yankee. you don't move to vernon and live in vernon if you're worried about the point both our girls live in town or 6 grandchildren live in town in fact my my youngest daughter lives down the road here well as the crow flies it's less than a half mile from the point. where we don't worry about the point of being here. i live 70 miles from the vermont yankee nuclear power and. what that means in terms
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of any sort of incident or accident that might happen. is that if it was a serious incident most likely i would no longer be able to live in my home the whole area would be contaminated if you. would lose my home my community where i've been for the last 30 years of my life and i would have to relocate to some other place will be a complete disaster. people shouldn't have to live with that sort of risk. that's not acceptable. i have a passion for justice. and there's always a lot of organizing to be done our area and that's the way i have lived my life i'm francis crowe. and i live in northampton
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massachusetts i 93 years out and i've been involved in trying to say no to this fighting of the adam and all of the consequences of it since night in 45 when i heard about. the raid. i am a member of the shut it down authentic group a group of women that came together to shut down. with our batteries and action. is that hot yes. we mate once a month we have a pot like here my house and wave figure out what we're going to do and then we do it. as for my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no prayer power plant and if there is that accident
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at all by this area of knowing good and and maybe all of new language and uninhabitable for generations. you started to run in 1972 it only had a license to run until 2012 in 2009 they applied to the nuclear regulatory commission to get another 20 years on their license so they could run it said 2032 the state of vermont asked me to oversee for a minute and see if it was reliable enough to run for true 20 more years so i was chairman of the oversight panel that's looked into vermont yankee in 2009 we found 80 problems but if they cleaned up the problems we all signed a report saying for a minute he could run for another 20 years. there
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a year later we found out that they were lying to us entergy on a number of occasions including under oath before our public service board. denied the existence of. underground piping carrying radioactive material. was a pandemic no certainly no borders and is blocking 2 nationalities. has emerged with turkey we took a look at sea world peace to be. chief. judge of. common every crisis leave the sentence. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this
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crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. it's probably classed as american citizen native plants that's. why we have a nasty guy and i think. i would vote for the republicans who are trying i would vote for anyone who is not you and has half a brain knew defeat the truth. is if you get. the wife. she can handle it. she and i divorce because
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our trouble is elected president and i voted for her and she crashed and feel. that when the most important election. in our history is listed and months to go before the next presidential election how is the atmosphere in the us now. what are the highest priority programs only they vote should they do next cut just some of the questions we flip to the american. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't hold. any old beliefs yet to shape out just because that's ok and in the game and because of the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. most trusted news source c.-span channel 3. more trouble for a vermont yankee a concrete trench at the plant is unexpectedly filling up with radioactive water radioactive water discovered in a concrete ditch at the nuclear plant contains high levels of tritium the tritium found at the plant is 100 times the level deemed acceptable by the nuclear regulatory commission the tritium concentrations are in sky high nuclear expert arnie gundersen says this is get another indication the aging play it should close
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this is either a leak in a pipe or a leak in the tank that pipe connects underground pipes that vermont yankee originally claimed did not exist until after the 1st leak was discovered gunderson was on the public oversight panel when he made false statements. parent company says it was miscommunication nothing more the radioactive warder contained tritium lots of trivium but it also contained other isotopes he contained strontium 90 which is a bone seeker and causes leukemia because cesium $137.00 which is the muscle seeker causes heart disease they contain cobalt 60 which is a very high energy gamma source then a whole bunch of other isotopes minimal all of those started to work their way into the soil and has definitely entered the connecticut river through the human all these radioactive isotopes can cause cancer.
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why is the tritium leak of concern to us ground water down there is being threatened and potentially the river water is being threatened . something needs to be done right now. i believe that plan is unsafe we have buried corroded pipes that are way beyond their design life. this problem is not only are mine yankee this problem is country wide maybe worldwide. we were told crystal clear that there were no buried underground pipes that contain radioactivity how many other plants. do not have undergone ip do you know there are none. i asked for an obscure report i got it and i read and i said oh my god there's a bird in underground pipe you knew when you read that that there was underground piping yes you ben misstatements have been given yes that's right i was stonewall
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what has happened at her mind yankee is a breach of trust that cannot be tolerated in order to move forward on whether or not the plan will continue to operate questions need to be answered changes need to be made and the trust of vermonters must be restored we were now being lied to and lied to under oath on record and in vermont and in vermont and especially in the statehouse. your word is all you've got to live by we have a lot of to do and we have to rebuild public confidence and trust we're operating a nuclear power plant and people expect that you know it is an industrial facility you are going to have incidents that's just a fact of life. we drilled approximately 23 wells in this area so that we can triangulate and pinpoint the source of the leak by
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obviously the highest concentration of truly aged water in this particular well we just did not do a good job of presenting information complete and accurate information to the vermont public service board and that's unacceptable dandruff certainly on an unacceptable to the public and that shock public trust and confidence and we absolutely understand it and then have a tritium leak to groundwater. adds to a lack of confidence we've said numerous times we apologize for that were embarrassed about that that shouldn't have happened.
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oh yea i'm. gonna walk 0. 000. 000 martyrs who are used to all the different seasons you put out some extra clothes it's winter obviously that raise certain challenges but it's not a problem it happen to be january so that's when the walking.
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i walking because it feels like a powerful * way to stand up mass said that it's time to shut the plant down. we're really excited to be here we're looking forward to meeting with our legislators in a little while and i really appreciate the opportunity to have democracy ally in action our be walking through the state. i am speaking on behalf of workers who today completed a 126 mile 11 day walk. and now i'd like to present you with a petition to the members of the ramada legislature please retire vermont yankee on schedule no later than march of 2012 and a copy to you thank you peter. thank you to the marchers thanks to all of you in this room for coming to the people's house the
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greatest democracy in america and letting us hear your voices on this important issue i have concluded that it is in the best interests of vermonter it's not sure a new license step for my yankee and that's how i will vote. there was an intense level of organizing behalf of the citizen activists. we held public forums. your senators match. our key that we made phone calls would you be able to call them and talk to them about this we wrote norma some of the letters to the editor and we gauged people from all across the state and all across the political spectrum to call for our legislature to vote
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no on continued operation of vermont yankee beyond march of 2012. when the spurs and i just want to. but the debate. is in vermont's best interest to operate vermont yankee beyond its scheduled closing date of 2012. if you don't think that leaking tritium and cobalt into the ground water and the connecticut river and the environment of the state of vermont that every single for mano
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cherishes and holds dear then i don't know what else you can have as an indicator that reliability is a problem with a nuclear power has a place in a future of energy in america. we can debate that 2 accounts come what we should not be debating is whether we can extend the life of our e.g. nuclear power plants beyond their design life this is crazy stuff and i felt very strongly that it was the wrong thing to do for math clicked us secretary please call the roll to start sooner than start yes from the start i was just under fire. from the lifeboats no. there's a series of us are both the ears for the nice $26.00. i the senate voted 26 to 4 in favor of closing for my 80 it's really
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a testament to all of the work that citizens did over the course of several years over the course of decades our voice as the people as as as the people of vermont is what matters. well you know we were disappointed with the vote but. not surprised again with the incidents that were happening at the plant it was understandable. the nuclear powers a hell of a way to boil water. what really happens inside a nuclear reactor is of uranium out pops and in the process it gives off an
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enormous amount of heat does it boil water make some steam turn to turbine and generator and electricity comes out but what's left behind after you've you have use that electricity by these pieces and these pieces stay radioactive for a quarter of a 1000000 years. that is toxic poisonous to humans for 250000 years i keep saying that number 250000 years it's ridiculous it's mind boggling i'd be the 1st to acknowledge that is the achilles heel of the nuclear industry nuclear waste. there is no
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answer to this they keep telling us oh no technology will take care technology technology is not taking care of it and if you cannot take care of the waste and you cannot manage the ways then the only responsible thing is to stop producing the ways. and then you bring him here. registering young voters to dimensions like i know smaller scale so instead of having a huge nuclear power plant they'll be for really trying to get young people excited about clean energy and power in different places so to me much more local. there is
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surplus campaign is a student led arena station based out of middlebury college we got together right after the senate voted to close relying because we were wondering what's coming next what are we going to replace for a minute keep it in the field and the best way to achieve our goal is to elect a governor who has a really strong plan. with election day looming it's important to ask alcohol drugs change the g.o.p. if it all is there such a thing just trumpets the politico in establishing the weeds understand why the budget in the 1st one is just populism on the right but you.
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still have a lot but the get a list of all the. people i want to make i wonder why it was you know. how to keep. hopeful but there are some friends so that the last are still so but the so you're hoping to do something this year. yeah it sure. was a visible young black boy and i was a boy with him one of that you know we're going to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the leader of up to the reality of it is that we're not financially equality and the lack of affordable housing for a living minimum wage give many people new choice you know there's been a problem with the city knows turn limits and told to stay away almost. concerted effort is no answer because yes that requires resources the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible clerks.
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armenia and azerbaijan come together for talks in moscow following right here putin's call to end hostilities i when i got back. to the meeting comes the shelling destroys a historical figure in the disputed region civilian losses are growing with journalists also in the line of fire we hear from mothers whose sons are fighting on the front lines. because we all have kids serving i can ringback share my washington church only i feel bad i haven't slept properly since september 27th as a soldier's mother and as a citizen of is there a john as i myself am on the front line. of the french president's plan to clamp down on radical islam.


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