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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 9, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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i'm pat on the g.o.p. because i don't put my cards on the table i think i see myself as a conservative i don't usually think of the president is being a conservative where does he go where does how does he fix it and fill in the mix of the g.o.p. own head. well as a conservative that goes all the way back to working in the reagan white house i would definitely say that president trump is a conservative probably the most pro-life president and american history and ronald reagan obviously was the 1st leader of the pro-life movement in america if you look at his efforts to try to secure our borders that's something that i've been fighting for for decades lowering taxes slashing regulations that is going to be the legacy of this president not to mention putting 3 supreme court justices that are constitutionalists on the supreme court and 300 constitution with john.
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courts across the country i think he has the definition of a conservative president and he is a populist just like ronald reagan was a popular and he you ran as a populist i will give you that he ran as a populist ok but jim you know before i go to chris here but the chamber of commerce is into endorsee joe biden ok and shot no he said no but you do mention all the culture stuff ok that's not securing the border that's not your legal orders and stopping illegal immigration if they are not a cultural thing it's not the alpha and omega of being it and served here ok let me go to chris chris chris has left the g.o.p. . what how has donald trump changed the g.o.p. since you're not in it anymore go ahead chris let me go back to what that ted said about the policies for going by president reagan who i also killed before and supported sure he's done tremendous pro-life as was ronald reagan on trade wrong break in almost all posting were true republicans were adamantly pro free trade in
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favor of nafta in favor of things like the true pacific partnership in terms of protections gratian ronald reagan and george bush and george bush and john to keep supporting the past illegality for the 11000000 people. we're here again illegally . roots are now working and living in america on trucks and nativist wants to deport everyone and stop every form of immigration. see trump is a is america 1st isolationism is a radical departure from the crowd globalism of the republican party under white eisenhower and reagan and nixon and ford so yet done trump has dramatically changed the republican party which is why millions of republicans like me have left it ok well i don't see the republican party really fighting the charge for donald trump here i mean when you look at foreign policy they've turned against them almost
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every single way here and i got to go back to ted here you know dick responding to what chris said most american presidents the vast majority of american presidents have been protection as that's how america built its industry now that is a fact you know saturday up until i somehow or it was a barry protection regime ok or you know if you're a little bit of historical perspective here surely you shouldn't from what we say you know you have to jet airplanes the nature trade sort of change but you're you're right but the arc of american trade policy by republicans and democrats in fact the world's trade policy has been to lower tariffs as close as possible to free trade. and people like peter navarro have turned us completely the other direction and the republican party is there i disagree with you republicans of not of coal was trying and like people like i think they opposed they said that i don't see them going all out and supporting him that's
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a difference. they allow him to do the things he's done which is radically transform the republic and what what has what has the perfect god you can not wrong great ted and what has he done he has renegotiated now and all of the republican and most of the democrat in congress supported in his renegotiation of nafta he's not against free trade needs for free trade he just wants it to be fair trade and that's why he green negotiated be agreement and that's why most of the republican from and that top of the democrats as well supported the now after the new trade agreement and so anybody has peacefully negotiated a sick mind of the regime and he's renegotiated the china agreements he's not against trade with china us we're free trade with china fair trade with china and make sure that they're not stealing our intellectual property i don't think ronald reagan i don't think mccain i don't think romney i don't think bush would have been
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for having other countries feeling our. intellectual property and that's what the president bought or if your poor allowing other countries that's the all our intellectual property that run on that i guarantee you you're not going to get the support of the american people or the republican party to do that maybe that's why you left the party chris christie maybe there's an ample amount of evidence that most of the pundits got 2016 wrong and the reason why donald trump was unlucky because he didn't run on trade because people we see the hollowing out of america the shuttering of factories and i'm not saying china stole those jobs no it was the comptons of industry that did that ok they're the ones that made the decision that they would make their money elsewhere and then we leave the working class and drive here is what's wrong with that kind of approach here because i don't like globalism because i don't it hurts middle classes all across the western world but it makes some people i mislead rich what's wrong with pushing back against globalism as. i
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have defined go ahead currency because i reject the premise there is absolutely no data that shows that the if the trade agreements that we negotiated and reduced jobs in fact they increased the united states and yes. there are winners and losers and. some blue collar manufacturing jobs were lost but overwhelmingly in spain because automation not because of factory relocation and all the other side of the state where our entire economy is based on trade our ability to sell our boeing airplanes and our washington state apples and our wheat and microsoft software and of course trade war has cratered economy in many different ways it is just completely contrary to what republicans believe you should be trying to terrorists your company taxes and products that americans want to buy which leads other countries to put taxes on products that americans want to sell maybe maybe you can
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easier to america says it would but maybe things should be made in america where americans are paid decent wages for good work ok and that's your duty is really what did i do for you you know are able to do this very hard you are it's the whole libertarian argument ok and it doesn't work that's why the the republican party will become extinct it's the libertarians keep controlling it go ahead or or we could have lowering the terrible regulation that our strength. wrangling. productivity in the united states or we could lower taxes that have been set of i think the business that's believe the united states or we stop having these legacy expenses that the unions have put on manufacturers across the country and making them lead united states or making them believe washington state and going to south carolina you're bragging about boeing but they're having
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a huge. portion of their development going out of the state because of the huge regulatory and union burdens that are upon them that's not just in seattle that's that's across the country that's why they're leaving and president trump is lowering all of those regulatory burdens and that's why you see manufacturing jobs come back united states in numbers that we haven't seen for decades it's not because these jobs left and they're never going to come back again because of automation it's because of all of these terrible policies that republicans and democrats have passed for decades now they're starting to come back because we've lowered regulation that we've lowered taxes and we've brought those industries back to the united states that's good for america why would anybody be opposed to those things i don't i don't get it ok goodman i don't want to talk about trade the whole program ok you guys make good points here ok but chris people are not going to vote for or against donald trump because of trade on the 3rd. i'm sorry it
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was a question but my question is is it. that voters will not vote for or against donald trump on november 3rd based on trade policy would you agree or disagree with that oh absolutely and you know this day hope this pivoting to what i think we're here to talk about which is does the republican party have a future in a way that this discussion is a month too soon because the election's going to determine everything of course. if you believe the polls and i do so i've been in politics my entire life right now donald trump is behind overwhelmingly i mean there are polls yes 54 holes yes fish on joe biden with double digit leads nationwide there are only concerned going to lose the senate they're going to lose their seats in the house and if the election were today trump would suffer the biggest defeat since wrong reagan beat walter mondale when that happens the republican party's going to have a choice they can try attack back to the center and get into trump ism but i don't think they'll be able to do that because the base of the republican party has
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changed the evil who make up the party has literally changed what i see as the future of this country is the democrats becoming a broad centrist governing coalition which should win majorities at all levels and actually govern this country in the way that the f.d.r. democrats did so for so many dictates that we think this you mentioned a word that i want to explore here with is there such a thing as trump is and that was in my introduction is there such a thing. there it is it's called a party that believes in lower tax that's a party that believes in less regulation at the party that leads in the play that means it's i don't think it will break and to me is that rick you miss him that that's that's exactly right and then you look at all of the presidents who have us about everything that chris is talking about that the candidates i should say that christmas talking about and that would be john mccain that would be romney that would be bush the 2nd who ran out of bush the 1st who ran on read my lips no new
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taxes and then he raised taxes that is the party that chris is the spouse i'm a car i'm i'm a 1000 a party that actually believes in these promises and book bills these promises and it gets elected in huge majorities across the country when when we do it at the local local level we do it at the legislative level where we have we do it running for the white house those are the principles that cross across the whole spectrum of now mcgrath's conservative democrats republicans on affiliated that is a winning populist message that gets america back to work and like donald trump that makes america great again but he's down in the polls and i would i would argue then you know trump trumps affection for wall street as it is a real big problem for the republicans try gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue where does our discussion and whether there is trump to some state with our.
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it was sort of amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. and every night i make a lot of money with them but they make millions and hundreds of me. has had. a great wall and nobody feels a lot better than me and i'll build a very inexpensive like
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a great great wall. 'd just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. it we'll see what happens who knows i always say who knows what we'll see on the field it will be a success. there's a threshold at which. big tobacco realised what they were to me and that they continue to do it they continued to put more and more things into cigarettes that made them more addictive and made me want to smoke more of them in the point i'm trying to make is that social media in particular these artificially intelligent algorithms are doing the same thing.
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the small class. american citizen but he didn't want to talk to my father and find we had a fasting bag and i think. i would vote for a republican over trump i would vote for anyone with not you and has half a brain will defeat. the future yes i am my 2nd wife. she can handle it. she and i divorce because our trouble is what the president and i floated for him and she can't stand. that when the most important election. in our history. list of the months to go before the next presidential election how is the atmosphere in the us now. want to the highest priority programs how will they vote should they do next. just some of the
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questions we put to the america. welcome back to crossfire are all things are considered i'm peter strong mind you we're talking about whether there is such a thing as trump is. ok chris i want to go back to you we were talking about a way that there is trump is i'm giving the president's record which i think is really spotty it's kind of all over the place you know when we. i am against this.
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is this trainee that federal. employees have to go this critical race theory i mean i think it should be there it doesn't belong there but president trump decided to ban it because he was watching tucker carlson is that help policy is made and i'd love to talk also don't get me wrong here but it is see i've seen this i watched the program monday through friday and i see this effect where the night before the morning after the night a policy comes up which i heard tonight i'm tucker what do you think about that well i did pretty unrestrained in my criticism of donald trump he is of both with the attention span of a hamster and that is how he makes policy but the thing is don't a lot of people will tell you that there is no such thing as trump is a because done print can or to kill a good there is people like steve bad and and the whole crew over right art and steven miller and peter navarro and. all the folks right from the national
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conservative national populist websites and a very sad ideology and it is not reaganism it is the dark side of conservatism there p. crusaders pack up behind that find out what he's going to fight and encourage it is a it is a 1st lie it's a version of conservatism which according live action a list ordering over lorraine ocracy being isolated backward policy you know i'm ted i don't think you guys waiting for the dark side if i could finish it is the same thing you saw with the no nothings in our party 950 was the america 1st lindbergh isolationist in the 1920 s. with the john birch society it's based on 4 policies one an isolationist foreign policy 2nd and nativists anti immigration policy 3rd a protectionist trade policy and 4th a everyone can have their cake and eat it. irresponsible let's triple the debt
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economic policy this is not what dwight eisenhower believed or ronald reagan but it is very much are happy to believe and that is the direction the republican party is going and even though donald trump could never explain it because he is now the intellect do it can go ahead reply i'm still listening for the dark things that he's talking about really do this if there is a scar that this president ran on securing our borders and making sure that it's not we're not being overrun by drug traffickers and human traffickers and that we invite people in that we want to have come in i think every american across the country believes in that strategy and if you don't then that that calls into question. the peace talks between the foreign ministers of all media and as of a joint of just wrapped up here in moscow in the russian capital a news conference is being held right now let's listen in. call for on report
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russian president vladimir putin. and in line with the. tween russian president vladimir putin just president to leave and prime minister of russia besides have the following. as the cease fire is in now and they're going to 12. of us who are. there in purposes of jewish change. person. to sound the body of nuclear fuel. in line with the red cross. a specific parameters will be agreed. to be a news server. newsgroup we. don't know what i'm. doing will be of the order good good for you negotiations too is most of all bigger world in the world but it's
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a settlement to. the korean needs to us it's worth peacefully reported and thank you for your attention i hope you will reflect comes of the negotiations as accurate as possible thank you willow brief press conference there from questions as he said there a ceasefire now is the facially from a day tomorrow with the bodies of those killed in the conflict to be repatriated both sides armenia and azerbaijan to work constructively together to achieve some sort of longer term peace than we have seen so far just to remind you of the background to this conflict since the decade long war escalated nearly 2 weeks ago the fighting has only been intensifying there are conflicting reports on both sides about casualties and videos are released on a daily basis showing the destruction inside the disputed region and surrounding areas. the historic of the heart of no god and i've got
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a back has been badly damaged after being shelled here is the aftermath of the attack it was hit twice in the same day the armenian foreign ministry blames early forces claiming they pose a threat to the civilized world in the meantime 3 russian journalists nearby at the cathedral were injured one is said to be in a critical condition unable to be airlifted out of armenia or the other 2 have since left the country on a russian government flight and are receiving hospital treatment back in moscow. meanwhile as earlier 30 say 7 people have been injured in recent shelling by armenian forces rockets hit a restaurant in the city of bot of there and left a school severely damaged in a separate shelling incident in the got on boy region as a budget also reported the local police station was destroyed along with civilian buildings. internationally as it was john is backed by turkey which is supported back whose attempts to regain it now got an incredible who have all media along
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with russia is a member of the collective security treaty organization which is based on a nato style but for the head of the sea as the as at present the alliance needs to do nothing but call for peace but in an interview to r.t. he was asked if that would change if armenia itself was attacked by as a boy john. yeah well i'm sure that as a regime will not hit the actual territory of armenia i'm sure such development will not happen that's because as a vision initially said that it has no territorial claims to armenia it does not challenge armenia sovereignty and territorial integrity i think that it is neither in the interest of armenia nor as a regime for the conflict to grow into a regional war but if it happens then any member of the c.s.t. has the right to count on help without this there is no organization but the fiercest clashes a recently have been reported in the south of the disputed region you goes down off
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is there near the border has been speaking to some of those armenian mothers who've seen their sons head off to war they speak of both pride and conserve sentiments echoed of course on both sides of the conflict. arsenic lives a modest life as she's inviting us in her apartment it's almost like we've traveled back in time the house is 137 years old and has been home to generations of our ancestors she offers us coffee enthusiastically be good to talk about her son fighting in the back while he was conscripted when he came of age the usual service he was on the 7th of january he had been serving for 10 months or he was in hundreds from the very beginning from base to chechnya and backwards i didn't know that he was sent to the front line i found out by chance he hadn't called me for 4 days afterwards and when he called he said nothing about being on the frontline others told me about it his son is fighting on the southern front near the town of
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a drought for a 1000000 forces it's a life or death bastion of defense and for their by journeys a clue szell gateway to flood the region with own troops. as mc son is right there trying to stop the relentless onslaught of his enemy his mother waits patiently for an occasional call from him when they do come they're all too brief for his own safety all he can tell is everything's fine so he calls me i don't he calls me to say that he's fine and that's it it doesn't happen often once in 23 days at the beginning he used to call me once in 4 days now more often the war hasn't changed my routine a lot but we do communicate
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a lot with other mothers whose kids are on the front asking each other about them we all have kids serving i can ringback share my emotions in church only i feel bad . but i can sure it only when i light a candle in church i keep everything inside. sending a son into the line of fire is soul destroying for any mother but in this conflict it seems there is no greater on up yes apart than one i'm proud of having such a child no mother knowing there is currently a war in the barn a carpet will call me rest her head on a pillow during calls and conversations he always told us that he was very far from the front line we learned that he had been allocated to serve in the garden carver and i'm very proud you support them. i'm proud to the to have a son who is a soldier now serving in one of the military units in the one car a buck i know they're strong i know how he's doing he's in a fight in spirit and he inspires me to be strong here at home and ask me kobes the
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fighting will be over soon and his son will come home and return to his studies before the conflict intervened with a life he'd only just graduated from high school and had started university he wants finance to be his line of work but right now he's on the frontline of war this sentiment is not exclusive to this side of the front line as are you mothers equally as proud of their boys advancing on the enemy. both my sons completed their military service with distinction when the conflict started my oldest son was already on the front line and proud of both of them both of them volunteered my oldest is there now and the 2nd one is waiting his ready to go there any moment he's an excellent mood he's ready to carry out any order any word of our president . my son just came back from the army when the conflict began after september is events when our enemies once again attacked our country he was conscripted again to exercise 1st and then to the front line my son is there now defending his country
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who speak by phone when there is a possibility to do it he always says to me that everything is fine. amongst a week before the war began my son volunteered it was when the very 1st conflicts emerged he was immediately sent to the front line you always wanted our lands to come back to us that is why he volunteered i mean mothers are mothers too i don't want their children to die nobody understands a mother better than another mother they should call their children back now made them targets on foreign land and we just don't have reporting from the border with nagorno-karabakh see. it's meant to combat extremism but there's been nothing but an extreme reaction to the french president's new plan for arabic to be taught in schools left and right of united in their opposition to the idea shot at devinsky reports. under plans announced by
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president korn france is fighting back against separatism and a deviation away from the secular nature of the republic but the law which is yet to be fully drafted and released has been seen as an attack against islam that one speech did they kill to alleviate those concerns. the problem is islam is separatism this conscious theorize politico religious project which materializes in repeated deviations from the values of the republic which often results in the constitution of the counter society and whose manifestations of the drop out of children the development of community based sports and cultural practices which are the pretext for teaching principles which do not comply with the laws of the republic french authorities fear that children and students learning arabic in mosques being taught by religious associations could fall prey
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to indoctrination by ism midsts and in a bid to have more control the government plans to expand its availability in schools but not everyone is convinced that it's a good idea according to a new poll some 69 percent of respondents were not in favor so what do people here in paris make of the idea. yes for me it is a good idea today people from around the world have arrived to speak their language to teach arabic in our schools is a good idea because we have a lot of young people from north west africa and europe. personally and completely against this idea because here in france there are 2 men in general is asians we point to say no this is not just muslims when there are more serious matters but who i don't really have an opinion on that but it has to be controlled might be a good idea or if there are other languages it might be a good idea to learn. it's. english all these languages i think
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that's a really good idea i think people do with these want to do if they're interested it's critics have also rounded on it you know saying it is being counter productive it's ridiculous it's the best way to boost the proliferation of quranic schools or denominational schools if we want to islam ice france this is the best way to get there the language of the republic is french institutionalizing learning of the arabic language in schools is cowardice and a mistake but even if arabic classes or more widely offered no indication there would be a prolific appetite for them it's currently the most popular foreign language chosen by 11 to 15 year olds and figures show that only about 0.2 percent actually study it what's not clear yet and this is perhaps where the concerns.


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