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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 10, 2020 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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more in your asia escalate after our exclusive interview with the azerbaijani ambassador of u.k. here the other side of the corner karabakh from a member of armenia's parliamentary committee on the protection of human rights and public affairs and reinvestigate a number of former soviet communist country asking that kyrgyzstan ambassador to britain what's behind what seen as yet another julep revolution in central asia all the more coming up in today's going underground but 1st ukrainian president brought to me as an end the new partnership agreement with the u.k. this week after u.k. foreign secretary dominic grab announced a 5000000000 pound aid package for those in ukraine affected by conflict in coronavirus the u.k. is defacto supportive as a by john meanwhile has left some questioning whether the u.k. involvement in this week's violence in nagorno-karabakh will stretch further than just cause for a cease fire half the region's population has been displaced by the fighting on wednesday's show we spoke to azerbaijan's ambassador to the u.k. who claimed armenia is the sole aggressor in the conflict that has reportedly cost hundreds of lives you can catch up with that interview on our you tube channel but
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to hear from the other side joined from armenia's capital yerevan by a member of parliament and its committee on the protection of human rights and public affairs maria current that you and thank you so much every for coming on so as i said we had the ambassador and he said it's your country that are solely to blame is that true and what are the numbers as a your hearing of the numbers killed or injured as i'm watching all the interviews that the president. and he had in the states that war that he has are never in a car in. the air i see every single one and he interviews as a concession. how he attacked never in accra and as an attempt to justify why he should attack they themselves are saying that our niña is there blaming our year for being interested in cementing because that is quite right expressed their
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frustration with that as well so they themselves explain why any new has no interest in attacking 1st and trying to make the argument from their perspective showing that even 'd from the point of view that they're trying to present to the world all they're doing is trying to justify why they have waged this new phase of war against everton you say they started it are you saying armenian soldiers or members of the armenian community none of them fired the 1st shot you say that i mean years not shelled gunja the town that we saw pictures of where they were which shows destruction what i am saying is that on the 27th of september when these new phase of the war started. then i get which is enough hardship never in a car it's not on the line of contact came to under massive shelling bombs precipitate us the kind i get for already more than 10 days and obviously the
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defense army of no where in a car are nice to keep the defense and protect the civilian population of mccormick and response in symmetry to today's attack moreover you know there have been numerous reports and leaders of countries have come forward justifying that azerbaijan has completely changed the nature of these copy my engagement foreign terrorist interest with the help of tripoli and ohio and this fight is no no matter that old you know we're in a car buckle because that we used to know these is the defense army and never in a crowd are fighting against international terrorism. you know that of course britain supported the rebels ehe in syria to overthrow assad in syria but be that as it may the azerbaijani about to said why would they need syrian rebels who might
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not even be able to speak the same language they have enough troops to defend azerbaijan without using troops that were helping britain overthrow president assad in syria of course it's a big question why has your by jeremy has sold out it's already to turkey and now it's too brainy to own agenda at what kerry testing to drink anything neighborhoods demeter east to export that stories of dynamics to our beach are of course answered by john has to answer that question what was its interest why did it mess up. with its own population equal absolutely for a terrorist fighters knowing that peace can have long term consequences for their own internal dynamics well they say they and there may be foreign contractors guarding energy infrastructure but then or taking al qaeda and i says they are out of syria to fight against your country i want to clear something up as
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a mage earns a president's office tweeted armenia has fired at the backward to billy's e j and pipeline and correspondent obviously we can't independently verify a lot of things that are going on specially what the attack you referred to a moment ago our correspondent question how israeli cluster munitions used by azerbaijan normally could have been used by armenia what do you make of this pipeline incident 300 cluster bomb that as a johns presidents is accusing your country of using that sonali in an intent to draw either country's attention to the fact that the energy resources that are being exported from azerbaijan are under threat from armenia we are smarter than that you know not to try to get the energy infrastructures knowing. the consequence is that this will happen besides the fact that it's. a crime. something that maybe leads to a humanitarian crisis and that your previous point you're absolutely right the rest
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scenarios are giving interviews saying that they have been lied to as to what why they have come to that's or by just saying they thought they're coming to protect a certain infrastructure or poles and were thrown into the into the fighting and this is again something that azerbaijan should respond to like it's time that it has imported these foreign fighters to all of the journalists that are reporting from the ground and he has closed down also show media and the coverage of the conflict from its territory but these foreign fighters themselves are speaking up about the violence that hit they have been caged in azerbaijan say they're not allowing journalists to monitor events because it's for their own safety britain is the biggest foreign investor in azerbaijan what would you say to britain and other nato members. as regards their fellow partner turkey being involved in this
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conflict well of course it should be of concern of all of the international community as a whole all nato countries because we see it also of the military means of turkey being used in. the military exercises that happened in august of this war at least very organic continuation because treaty didn't remove its personality needs military equipment from the territory of ice or it stayed there and is being used all the personnel the. the 10 commandments and also the arms are being used against peaceful population of never in a car and week since day one of this new stage of war we have a call to the international community and shit that this is no longer only about her in a car. or in the end i mean you know people this is about the larger region and if we allow the south caucuses to be current theater international terrorists it's not going to stop there it's going to expand around to beat but you know the guinea i
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see from your side perhaps a defensive retaliation against turkish troops stationed in as i'm a john you don't see the britain we duty bound perhaps under article 5 of the nato treaty to respond by protecting turkey against armenia protecting turkey against armenia. 19000000 population a nato member needs protection from a 3000000 neighboring nation i think that already is a response to your question never necrotic sense are elite true to its name will defend its syrian population but it is not an aggressor and what the world needs to do is to contain the violence that has been i'm against these people rather than worry about the heart safety is iran supporting you they've had to evacuate civilians from their border with kenya and azerbaijan well
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of course iran is following the situation in our region very carefully and our colleagues. if you or any in government have come forward with statements saying that it is unacceptable that any other. attacks should also affect their territory and their borders and they should be more adamant about these i think at this point in time there is no longer a question about who started as i said at the beginning of this interview every single statement i actually have is a testimony a confession of why he's war is quote unquote just you know it all you fired the 1st shot and you surely can understand that. i mean according to the u.n. security council resolutions 822-853-8748 date for you've been watching the president interviews the president as a by john's interviews they were all endorsed by russia and china the goal of
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karabakh is in as a major. i'm telling you crystal clear us in 10 or 27 we woke up to a shock if the line of contact and the hard hit number in a car being attacked by a survivor there is no doubt about this further resolutions that are often scientists by military entity computer ship professor by jet they come from 1903 when the 1st network a car bomb war was over and they had no mention of the republic of ireland yet. as regards to launching attacks on azerbaijan all they are doing is calling for the republic of crimea to use into the next with the armenians of karbala to stabilize the situation there and following these resolutions after 993 the nowhere near karbala leadership the army and the entire ship and yes or by telling leadership
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and signed a cease fire agreement and launched the oystein least group could cherish the peace process so everything that has happened before that was a situation a response to the 1st never in a car of war and a negotiation process drew a line to get in with the ceasefire to address the underlying causes of the conflict and come up with a solution do you agree with your prime minister they call passion and then that this is a fight to the death and what does that actually mean i survived an entity can't tolerate a democracy in their neighborhood you know make the ballot revolution in iran you know we put our country on the path of a true democracy and peace shows big contests to be very easy so they have what wage this war also into 2 trips to try to anything. that the new point democracy affirming and yes it is vital for our existence otherwise your team wouldn't have
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dared to come to the south caucasus again. a 100 years nature given the context of the our long general strike at helping the $90000.00 it would keep its hands out of the south caucasus knowing that there is genocide in all hast to be addressed so why has it come to the south caucasus again well president lee have declared turkey must be part of any future talks i'm just finally and briefly going to ask you and we write the direction bastard london on the show is people around the world probably know about. from kim kardashian who has been tweeting in support of armenia what about reports that she has close ties to jared. what are you hearing from the united states administration about what side the u.s. is going to take in this battle when it's exactly because of the genocide of 950 and i mean yes are spread all over the entire globe and of course there are many
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prominent armenians citizens of marion you know homeland and they feel solidarity with their people and their historic home and i can't comment on either party to represent alex and their connections are they u.s. administration all i can do is welcome the efforts of these people you them i mean you are not an armenian around the world that come up with their solidarity and express their support or for a peaceful resolution vereker about you and thank you thank you after the break who's in charge in kyrgyzstan after an old election apparent mass protests and an assault on the country's parliament we ask kyrgyzstan's current ambassador to the united kingdom want to political forces his president is alleging a behind the chaos dollars or more coming i would not do i'm going underground.
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he. was a very nice or 1st term president. then i could have said no thank you or i could have said thank you and i said i'll take it and now it's time to introduce tonight's bessel mr donald trump thank you says a dream much was in the. name whatever you want to name i mean i don't know how when i come there the news that's dishonest tell what i can about a recorder or network that's totally dishonest c.n.n. is says 100 percent negative i can reverse the change fast changes so
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sometimes i say that's going to be a great story be a pretty good report and others good as you. will see what happens. i always say you know. we'll see i'm a failure will be successful and. join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back in part one we spoke to a member i mean his parliament about the violence in a going to karabakh that some see as the opening of another front in the new cold war just weeks after u.n. secretary general are joining the gerrards stress that the world faces a 1945 moment but i mean you know the way john aren't the only former soviet union countries currently facing up evil in kyrgyzstan this week a parliamentary election has been in the old the parliament building has been stalled in violent protests and the prime minister has resigned all in the wake of
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accusations of vote rigging and vote buying the pres. wouldn't sauron biogen because of has accused political forces of trying to any state power so what political force is he referring to that's because ambassador london in your battle of who joins me now ambassador thanks so much for going in there in the studio some people may know them carry us down as one of the most beautiful countries in central asia now they're seeing pictures of violence on the streets of the capital bishkek what are the political forces behind the revolution this week. well you know we've had some up here also over the last years and this is the continuation of the story of the curtis peoples the freedom loving people of when we celebrate the corridor while we use the character of our people who once again said that they will not accept that as alts of that they get the elections that will result in the
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in some sort of. privatization of the state what we had in on sunday it is a parliamentary elections was that tempt of a coup de tat you know is using taking advantage of the power to our people especially during the heart of the year not torrijos persons they decided that they could bribe there was a vote buying massive massive unseeing level of massive vote buying and that is solved a could have purchased the whole state the whole parliament for the next you know decade or 2 and so as they thought but it was the whole political class and supported by the people who are always up and said they will not allow it and then the situation developed really quickly because. you know everyone felt the same and you may be surprised at me as an ambassador there i haven't thought i was going to say the support of the bill in the french ambassador to britain when we show
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pictures of those oh yeah all of the u.s. ambassador to london does not speak up for blackmail now this is popularly supported this isn't and it is not against the current government or the president or who are running this elections it was a ganz those forces with right to steal the elections from their people and we are going to be and it is you need to see it and the stent in the context of the hall recent history of kyrgyzstan we had the you know our 1st of all this of just 1005 and then iran's. just 1010 so this is the launch of a continuation of the continued he says that it the nation building process of our people so why is the international media saying. jump our of was sprung out of jail has become the new prime minister of turkey with tick borne of resigned who had only a few to vote as anyone the late as it as it happens usually doing this type of.
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stories but i had to take to treat that of course to call on the international media to stop assigning all official status to all reports of this type of news that my mating from my capital because we have the sitting in the current parliament you know we have the continuing fox functioning parliament we have the continue they said that in the hotel in the sense other than yours that's the way they usually go to the bar as well you wouldn't report on the new hotel meeting over a fraction of a number of members of parliament as anything official you know you need the decorum he needs a quorum he needs a procedure it's the due process that's why. we have we are not than findings that new. prime minister read that we're that transitional government yes they're all government has a design they are continuing to act as
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a capacity but we are looking and it probably can take days or it can take weeks but this is how democracy looks like this is where the process of the political process where where there are various sites there's a very active civil society there is this use in the streets who are demanding are absolutely new faces there as this you know various political parties and we. sure are you that we will find. a compromise as a way of out of it and we will in sure. that there is peace and order there and then when we have this conditions we will have the new parliamentary elections because the sensitivity here is that it could be a color revolution we've seen what's happening in the we saw haven't enjoyed her all that time ago have people very conscious this could be a color revolutions are nato is backing one side or the other i mean do you trust
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a sudden jump or all of it was he was indeed convicted of violent hostage taking his sentence meant that he wouldn't be released from prison till 2027 and then in the media it's like he's become prime minister you know run out of years ago we talked about the that we need to take or all of this news is a grain of salt to put it mildly no there are this legitimate forces that are very much stablished land you know what's their current you know because the former there are statesman and we have the active civil society and we have the support of the whole international community is that we've seen statements from all our friends who's we the people there is in all her prime minister who is a lot of elected yes is not on the on the in for you until you should you need to do we need to just because there is no. new prime minister yet but it's definitely
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not a color evolution you know where and when you know as i suppose the western wall meant or something is there i'd stand and trying to change the foreign affairs the politics of our country and all we are where we are in central asia and we have a very good relations with all our important factor in our neighbors in our we are we neighbor china in all ways i was the digic partner we are allies in the. collective security to your we are members of the eurasian economic union this is nothing of your silly. relations with syria with belarus with venezuela suddenly changing tack and suddenly the they were the european union is and is not then why give us your your and this is probably going to be you know my job to say this is that has nothing to do its foreign politics. international involvement this is currently internal affairs of our country and we will emerge from it we will emerge
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and remain on the same course we've been russia's have bases safe russia because this is a safe we are counting on the russian government to act as their stability is in force they 'd will have to acknowledge they are all in all it's very important we as a as a most important trading partner and politically we have a huge diaspora in russia so as a position we'll be very important then i make no mistake this is this has nothing to do with any international politics this is purely a domestic quarrel which is going to be results on because the us used. to fight in afghanistan although donald trump is says he's reducing the numbers are still good relations with the united states as well well you know or the united states and the you know european union the organization for security cooperation in europe
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actually i can point you to the fact that the u.s. embassy was the 1st to congratulate the people of kurdistan and the government is that's why anyone became suspicious successful elections so that's why this one again and as it was there said that this has nothing to do with any x. or no forces this is purely. a matter of politics and i would like to point you to the fact that we are one country that has been simplified our elections as free and fair as the previous. several cycles we have state of the art electronic system biometric data so the usual falsification of when ballots starting or you know this multiple voting or just outright fall sufficient of the protocols they do not work they do not work and that's why the all new way to somehow influence the outcome of elections is their vote buying and unfortunately
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we cannot do much about it but we never expected that one force called be using you know several dozen millions of dollars and just purchase outright vote of the people that's the problematic technically. international observers did not find anything wrong with the elections itself to the foreign secretary tony grab here because there were rumors that the united kingdom not only once a trade deal with kyrgyzstan it also wants to somehow have influence in central asia by using care against the. no i have not spoken with the states a group of it but we are in touch with the foreign office and is our colleagues in her majesty's government but i do not think that the united kingdom will be having this idea that they can act as a mediator because the border patrol a lot of sick on the security council. having this important.
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place in the national community but. once again what like to repeat that this is purely internal affairs and we would like respectfully request all sides to have passion is us and wait out for the people of pakistan will solve this issues i mean maybe the new conspiracy theorists but on paper you know you took a loan 120900000 from the i.m.f. in mud and then here we see unrest there's new connection between kyrgyzstan's reliance on money from the washington consensus that you got in march and all these events there's nothing on there's not in the people on the streets there is nothing of that sort there's nothing to do it is that you know we have some external debt but again 'd find it ridiculous to believe that somehow going to stand as a caucus people is not able to be paisa you know we have it under control our
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economy is also experiencing as any economy around the world to be experiencing huge on this and that that pressure this has some in director all the economic situation as a set the the people who are older workers as i call him the virus the there. and then exaggeration it has to be said kyrgyzstan is not like an emerging economy that just does whatever the big multinational mining companies do you don't think that it is the exercising of sovereignty that is creating suspicion. in major countries that they have to have to exert an influence over this key country in central asia the world as it is today you know all those things happening around the world in particularly in a few key countries they have enough arms that on their plate not to worry about what's going on in my country and this was completely unexpected just
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a international community and we do not see we do not see any international involvement in the events unfolding in kyrgyzstan so what to the next will be the election we will somehow make it fair this time yes really we'll see and we will be passion be real seek the national compromise we will put every by the around the table and all the radio of course negotiations are taking place we are talking to each other everyone is interested in peace and order and no one is will be taking some or all upside that you knew at that all decisions we will be seeking national compromise we will install the new interim government which will be led by a charismatic political leader who enjoys the support of the people of going to stand and will be credible on the international stage and then it will it will probably take time a few months between stall peace and order in sure that there are conditions for
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democratic elections sometime this winter and mr thank you thank you for having me that's it for the show will be back on monday to hear from one of president trump's congregation pastor dental scored who claims your job is the most pro black president ever to occupy the white house until then join the only revenue gibbins you have sound cloud twitter and facebook. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in a. very dramatic development that only really exists i don't see it.
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will be successful very. time to sit down. in the headlines this morning possible peace in the making our media and i suppose sharp agree a ceasefire of the disputed nagorno-karabakh region after more than 10 hours of talks here in moscow. is announced. for humanitarian purposes. chaos the 2nd us presidential debate is cancelled after donald trump refuses to participate online claiming he's cured of. democrats his health makes him unfit for office. frustration boils over new restrictions because a. mass protests in many countries and global health officials say could lead to further.


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