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tv   News  RT  October 10, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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in the headlines this morning possible peace in the making right now a cease fire in the disputed i'm going to care about region has just come into force i mean there's a by chance struck a deal after more than 10 hours of talks here in moscow. a cease fire is announced from 12 pm on the 10th of that to go for humanitarian purposes. elsewhere pre-election chaos the 2nd u.s. presidential debate is canceled after donald trump refused to participate online claiming he was cured of coded $98.00 but democrats claim his health makes him unfit generally for office. straight should also the new restrictions because a covert 19 spark mass protests in many countries and global health officials say could lead to further spread of the disease. we're very concerned about the.
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region because it could be. soon a resurgence and to arrive in transmission. good morning from russia this weekend 11 am here now it's saturday october the 10th my name is kevin though in this is coming to you live from world news center moscow so as mentioned it's 11 am here in moscow and it's midday an hour ahead in a region that seems so much trouble again lately and by all accounts is on the verge of peace a cease fire has just come into force in the going to. 12 noon local time i mean john reached an agreement as the foreign ministers of both nations marathon talks here in moscow on friday with russia serving as the mediator.
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a ceasefire is announced from 12 pm on the 10th of october for humanitarian purposes to exchange the prisoners of war and now the detained persons and the borders of the killed in line with red cross principles the specific parameters of the ceasefire will be agreed later it took 10 hours for the 2 sides to come to terms the discussions wrapped up in the early hours of saturday the talks were held in a fully closed format neither armenia nor azerbaijan gave a statement to the media afterwards russian president vladimir putin called for an end to the hostilities which of course a huge damage and civilian casualties it goes down of our correspondent there's an armenian border town now and he's got the latest day. it's the 1st low in the fighting since the beginning of this latest escalation and to say that everyone here is hopeful and relieved that it would last would be an understatement every single refugee who we had a chance to talk to this morning every single citizen of this small border town in
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armenia everyone have been saying that well hopefully this will be over that the fighting is over for good. that there's this whole but these talks they haven't been easy in fact the as you've said they've lasted for more than 10 hours and the foreign minister of there by john at least once left the site of the talks to go to the embassy apparently for consultations with the higher ups probably with the president himself just this is this is the level of decisions the decision making that was going on in moscow this night so really really tough negotiations the 2 sides will have to find a lot more common ground than they have right now because they both are adamant this issue is very very sensitive for both for instance this is this is how the armenian prime minister nicol passion and talked about the prospects of the truce before it was announced. we are committed to peace through settlement of the curb of conflict and are ready to resume the peace process in accordance with the recent
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statements of the presidents and foreign ministers of the co-chairs of the always see me as group we've already had some reaction from the armenian authorities after the after the negotiations after the decision to implement to impose a truce in the guard a cab back essentially they were expressed hope that it would last and also they thanked the thanked the thanked russia they thanked more school for making this possible in fact they thanked lattimer putin personally saying that he himself that he that he made a great effort to make this cease fire happen and now when it comes to the azerbaijani side they also they're very adamant they want and they say that they want their lands back but they are also saying that they are ready to do it peacefully here is how the president of us air by john i live describe the situation again prior to the talks about the kind of bar is azerbaijan everyone
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should know this including those in charge of armenia today i tell them again that if they commit fraud again after the moscow talks they will regret it we will take back our lands peacefully or through war unequivocally we want to organize it peacefully let's do it peacefully we are giving armenia one last chance one last chance so it seems as they are by john is also committing to a peaceful resolution at least judging that they agreed to put their sign on the document that circular russian the russian foreign minister announced it tonight and now we will be traveling to nagorno-karabakh shortly to bring you all the latest from the scene. and to terror expert and legal analyst jennifer to master believes russia's role has been crucial to resolving this conflict. russia's role in this particular conflict is incredibly important and notably because russia has a good relationship with both countries yes russia has a military alliance with armenia but russia has entered into agreements engagements
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of both advisor on and our media so lives are by john sears a closer relationship with turkey russia has been able to broker deals between both countries in and of course russia is. definitely the most powerful country most influential country in the region and so that's why it's important that russia is involved in this that moscow's lead in these peace talks and especially the involvement of the minsk group france united states and russia agreed to be involved in these talks in moscow i think it's good it puts that pressure on it puts a pressure on at least both sides. since the decades old conflict escalated nearly 2 weeks ago the fighting only but intensifying there are conflicting reports on both sides about casualties and videos have been released on a daily basis showing the destruction inside the disputed region and its surrounding areas meantime 1st reactions coming in austria saying this morning it welcomes the cease fire and hopes it leads to a peace with more on the agreement a senior correspondent. reporting from istanbul. there were calls to both
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sides of me and as yet about jobs from for all manner of leaders from all continents begging them almost to cvs to stop the pull back from the brink of before things got even more out of habit of frogs for example calling both sides taking an active role in all of this also accusing supports of is a president by john and egging them on quote is an unacceptable and belligerent matter turkey was one of the few sides that actually took took a side one of the few countries that took a side in this conflict as saying that it was going to supporters there but just to the end. so too much was nicholas and the men's group until now has not shown any real to resolve this problem the solution to the issue which is turned into going green so to speak because of armenia's uncompromising unspoiled attitude for nearly
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30 years is for the occupation to what we saw during this latest escalation was truly truly tremendous a huge number of civilians killed even more injured enormous losses and manpower and equipment cluster bombs raining on the city of step on again on civilian areas this is confirmed by amnesty international and the message from the international community was the this conflict now is in the intensity that it came about was simply an acceptable.
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so there was also grassroots protests. in various countries from hollywood and los angeles all the way to past pro armenian protesters coming out crying what they saw as inaction by europe by the united states then we also saw protests by is it about john. crowds and rallies demonstrations in germany for example nevertheless there is optimism now that these has been stopped that it is being brought to an end before this conflict could escalate even further good reports from our community throughout the day but next the 2nd u.s. presidential debate that was shadow for this thursday is now officially off after
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the 2 candidates teams couldn't agree on a new format the democratic side and the debate commission 2 suggested the matchup should be conducted online but trump who says he's now cuter covert 19 refused that option and it tried to reshape julie event instead more generally terms health is the latest sticking point for democrats in congress who think it may be grounds to remove the president kalam open reports. nancy pelosi is known to be one of donald trump's biggest and most loyal fans she's on record telling us just how much she loves him and god bless her. well she's so concerned now about donald trump's health that she's introducing legislation if a president suffers a crippling there's a culture mental problem and his on end of the man match on able to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his powers the 25th amendment of the
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us constitution and abel's the president to be kicked out of office if he's rendered to be mentally or physically incapable in order for that to happen the vice president and most of the cabinet needs to meet and declare the president to be unfit to lead the democrats are now looking to set up a mechanism where as congress would have a more of a say when it comes to the president's health nancy pelosi maintains this is not about truth this is not about president trump he will face the judgment of the voters but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents the president's allies say that this is yet another attempt by the democrats to push trump out of office. i wouldn't put it past speak to stage a coup says already weaponized impeachment what's to keep it from weaponize ing the 25th amendment who can forget last year's failed impeachment proceedings i'm
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announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law now nancy pelosi failed to remove donald trump in 2918 but apparently she has another plan up her sleeve she was sitting on it until just the right moment some of mention the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session that the jew in this the house could move to impeach we're not ruling anything out of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quest for nancy pelosi makes no bones about the fact that she's been trying to remove donald trump from office all along she's been looking for any potential opening all i hear from the press is that i'm moving so swiftly that like a blur going by this is then a couple of years 2 and
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a half cynthia and michelle investigation no matter what he says or whatever headline he wants to carry around here impeached ever so with the election in less than a month we've got democrats possibly using constitutional maneuvers to try and remove trump from office just in case he wins at the polls that does not sound like a position of confidence but then again with so much fear about contested results this november nothing in american politics seems normal these days what she proposes is a new legislation to set up a permanent 17 urson commission to try to evaluate whether or not. will this is something that they are made. of representatives before the election but it certainly is not going to pass in the senate and. ways president truckin so just. tried everything else to try to remove this seems to something that you put it's a news site. this to me is the dormice waste of resources and
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energy so this is being carried out to speak to refuse to engage in real negotiations about stimulus which is critically important to all of our. coronavirus pandemic just won't let up as covert cases surge again a number of countries are bringing in new restrictions the u.k. france italy the us are among those who've already introduced tougher measures israel has now gone back to a nationwide law when in some european countries new measures are being imposed in bars gyms and restaurants destructions on large meetings indoors or again in place or completely banned companies are being told to send many of their employees to work from home and there's been a lot of anger with the code 19 measures around the globe as we've witnessed with many lashing out in violent protests that mask wearing it's necessary but annoying is when a particularly touchy point when some people refuse others are driven to blows over
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it a warning some violent images coming out. of there are. a few things. that. you can be. well so much focus on covert now the world health organizations voicing alarm at the effect on medical access a survey showing 93 percent of countries worldwide have disrupted or halted essential mental health services it's the 1st data showing the dreadful impact of covert 1000 globally on mental health care the w.h.o. stresses the urgency of increased funding and we discussed it with the regional director rob. people as they grow. as they become fatigued or tired or weary they also under the measures that have been implemented
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by many member states by many countries have become isolated so they become alienates and they feel lonely in many situations so in that situation more likely to feel a very high cost of the measures that they're being asked to perform so i'm not saying that family members for example were not going to social gatherings do not have the usual behavior becomes a very high cost for them and so then less likely to actually go and wear a mask to practice safe. physical distance and we're very concerned about that see here at the european region because we feel it could be contributions of course soon a resurgence and to a rise in transmission of 19. to the weekend with me kevin 0 in thanks for watching coming up as if the psychological strain of the pandemic is not enough
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we've been talking about the world health for the will bank now saying over 100000000 are on the brink of the stream poverty because of economic kid down turn over they'll get some are still raking in the cash it's not even a world where across it more after the break. or. is your media a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true. is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or inmate in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. again also a quarter of americans say they have less than 3 weeks money reserves left meaning many could run out before november's presidential election a survey found president troubles announced tuesday they'll be no coronavirus stimulus talks with democrats until after the vote it's not only in the u.s.
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of course that when the pandemics widening the gap between rich and poor as donal quarter reports now. over a 1000000 people across the globe have died from coronavirus related causes says billions more continue to struggle with the pandemics economic consequences things are looking up for the world's billionaire minority for the 1st time ever their collective wealth has surpassed 10 trillion dollars billionaire wealth equates to a fortune and almost impossible to spend the most while lifetimes of absolute luxury anyone accumulating riches on this scale could easily afford to raise the pay of the employees who generate their wealth will contribute a great deal more in taxes to support vital public services and all the while jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate the super rich good have been richer while miss the people around the world lost their jobs does not a coincidence this is how the system works might be time for governments to step in right well they already have in fact they're helping the ultra rich get even richer
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thanks to a loophole in the us this coronavirus relief package the wealthy ended up getting around $1700000.00 worth of handouts and another $133.00 large companies received $5000000000.00 more from the treasury as for the u.k. over $12000000000.00 of government stimulus has gone straight into the pockets of corporations for the rest of humanity it's unfortunate because extreme poverty is only getting closer to home between 88000000 and 150000000 people could fall back into extreme poverty as a result of the pandemic with an additional increase of between 23000000 and 35000000 in 2021 potentially bringing the total number of new people living in extreme poverty to between $110000000.15 the world bank defines extreme poverty is living on less than $1.90 a day so as the ruling class continues to collect the billions of dollars in government charity you have to wonder how exactly society is benefiting as
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a whole from this degree of inequality it is a manifestation of capitalism. capitalism handles of pandemic you can see a disproportionate impact low income workers have been laid off fired run into unemployment much more than middle and upper income workers capitalist employers are keeping their jobs during the economic downturn but laying off millions of american workers so you automatically if you react to a pandemic that way you worsen the inequality it's the capitalist system and its operation there is in fact the cause of this growing obdurately for which there is no excuse possible and in the u.k. people there getting dissolution to trust in the government has fallen to its lowest in decades in britain according to a major poll the findings in the british social attitudes are the only 15 percent
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of 3000 surveyed said they had faith in westminster now as a result represent the mood in 2019 but nonetheless according to people on the streets of london not much has changed sense or trust in the government seems to be going down rapidly. i would say for the past 10 years maybe if you got it they were going to go shy. but i've lost a lot of respect to many put poison it seems to me like someone stood in the cabin of the dart board with adi's on it and it just kind of throwing them out and it's just like last minute so you know nobody gets onto her everything so it just seems they're doing things have her not so very focused changing their minds quite often . a little commentator darwish told us how the coronavirus pandemics only worse than that negative feeling to. people like a more decisive government and this government was elected but it appeared to be more decisive over issues like briggs it becomes
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a grown up buyers come to court with and they don't seem to be giving massive age and that this imply their corner of me is in bad shape but we can see the government now is pretty today is taking some steps to try to amend that i suspect that up with. actually except lloyd that they'll do that but there's a problem that next week in the house of commons a promise of course and is on wednesdays so these questions were about how he actually could handle dealing with the epidemic of the crop of 19 but i think it might actually explode the lives of makes. us a slump more sanctions on iran and further isolating the country from the world's financial systems washington claims the move is to stop sponsoring terror activities and developing nuclear weapons for its part denies those allegations it
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has along the way and says the restrictions will only in fact hurt the iranian people themselves. that made covert $900.00 pandemic us regime wants to blow up our remaining channels to pay for food and medicine iranians will survive this latest of cruelty but conspiring to starve a population is a crime against humanity culprits and enablers who block our money will face justice and iran knows that i live been put on notice of you around with us if you do something bad we are going to do things to you that have never been done before . not entirely presidential language there from donald trump the new sanctions freeze the u.s. assets of 18 iranian banks which hits almost all of the country's financial institutions but also places secondary sanctions on firms that do business with those banks further although washington claims the restrictions don't apply when it comes to basic necessities critics say foreign banks will be scared off from getting involved in any humanitarian aid while european countries of reacted
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against previous u.s. sanctions in september the foreign ministers of france the u.k. and germany known as the e 3 agreed to resist u.s. demands to restore all un sanctions on iran washington had tried that snapback of sanctions on iran you can unilaterally but since the trumpet ministrations walked out of the nuclear deal it can actually do that world affairs journalist thomas fassbender believes the sanctions of not just about targeting iran but sending out a wider message to the world even if there is some mechanism in place that would still allow medical humanitarian aid get into iraq. any foreign for company any for in bank that is dealing with iran that is involved in such supplies they will have to 'd rely they will have to wait for him for licenses for cruel that's. from a practical point of view that can be no question that this will impede aid and
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support getting into the country it isn't political move by the u.s. the u.s. or gambling on using their economic my. over the global financial infrastructure to pacify any potential opponents from russia china iran. even germany as are u.s. sanctions now and we'll see what this will lead to. so if you're showing just that main story today a cease fire has been introduced in the going to come about in the last question is will it hold it so main story today will bring you all the latest out of the. social media about that and the rest of the stories and i know in signing off and have a great week. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an
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arms race. spearing dramatic development the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. but the eldest of all the old. one. why did. i. believe you will be but there are some friends that the us are still stuck at the still beautiful thing to do something.
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which will. be valuable for something like this at the alamo i'll go in with someone of that you know will go to that. i.
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i understand that a firm on doesn't help to lead the world in getting off rogerson toy and moving toward global energy as fast as possible the planet will be unlivable for organisms like us i used to say let's shut down vermont yankee in 2012 meet the promise that we may ensure that energy louisiana cleans up the mast and let's have a governor who's going to move us to removal energy and move to a sane energy future let's vote for change on november 2nd thank you so much. i think your show. do solemnly.


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