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all the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. please find the disputed new corner karabakh region comes into force armenia and azerbaijan struck a deal after more than 10 hours of talks in moscow. to see spies announced from 12 pm on the times of the 2 group of humanitarian purposes. the 2nd us presidential debate if council dr donald trump refuses to participate with mostly aiming he's cured of ovid 19 democrats though say his health makes him unfit for office. plus new coronavirus restriction spawn protests in many countries prompting a warning from global health officials. we're very concerned about the sea here of the temperature of your region because we feel it could be called. a resurgence and
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soon arrives in transmission. over 19. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with many care. a breakthrough and hopes for a lasting peace a cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan has taken effect in a go no karabakh the 2 south caucasus nations reached an agreement after marathon talks on friday here in moscow russia served as a mediator it took 10 hours for the 2 sides to come to terms with a go she ations were held behind closed doors and neither side spoke to the media afterwards it was russia's foreign minister who read out the statement. pre-christian you're a ceasefire is announced from 12 pm on the 10th of october for humanitarian purposes to exchange the prisoners of war and other detained persons on the borders
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of the killed in line with red cross principles the specific parameters of the ceasefire will be agreed later the truce includes an exchange of prisoners and war dead although the final details have yet to be finalized this still paves the way for further talks which will be mediated by the o.s.c. minsk group which includes russia france and the u.s. but despite the apparent breakthrough they were being claims from both i mean or another by john of truce violations with more on this and the international reaction his mind gets here from istanbul. we've had reports from armenia about azerbaijan forces attempting to carry out offensive operations in the south of calabar we've also heard from the years about johnny side which is accuse the armenians. artillery strikes so there are mixed reports coming from both sides but i must say i have never seen
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a ceasefire take hold at the appointed me this appointed hour nevertheless we have positive messages from from the armenian and the as their budget inside regarding this ceasefire the latest has been from as a budget president a live who has said that the time for military escalation the military part of this conflict needs latest escalation is now over now is the time for negotiations armenia also saying that it is hopeful that these negotiations will it at last lead to a breakthrough we have also heard from one of the key players in this crisis though not a belligerent itself turkey which had been which ease on the side of is it about job very firmly had been accused of egging is it about john all by frogs saying that it's turkey's war like rhetoric was only pushing is it about john to to seek a military solution to this crisis as a by john gave
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a media its last chance to withdraw from the territories occupied the ceasefire is an important 1st step but will not replace a permanent solution as turkey has always said it will support any decision that as much on makes we continue to stand by as furthermore there has been reaction pouring in from around the world we've heard from georgia for example iran have come out of neighboring states saying that they're there they're happy that this is happening now is the time to read this latest. austria has come out and said that they approve this latest cease fire. and also hope that it leads to a war lasting more permanent solution to this crisis and all this pressure that was levied on both sides didn't come just from governments from heads of states there were protests protests as far away as hollywood and los angeles all the way to paris with pro armenian protesters taking to the streets demanding more action in
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response to what they what they saw as i said about johnny aggression the reason now a breakthrough which you know just a few days ago was unthinkable both progress is certainly being market and there ease a lot of optimism that now there is a way forward diplomatic they care about the conflict has been simmering for more than 3 decades and the latest flare ups started almost 2 weeks ago they were being conflicting reports of casualties on both sides on friday an armenian man living in the area described as life under daily bombardment i'm a lot more not a government. every day 1520 times a day we can't leave our basements all shops are closed there's nothing to eat. the whole world should intervene russia and france america they must stop with their bridge on the whole city's been bombed our whole republic been destroyed both of my sons are on the frontline now one of them came yesterday and left he went back to
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the front line my neighbor was brought back wounded today a young man 22 years old the hospitals full of wounded people i don't know where my elder son is i haven't heard from him for 10 days everyone ran away to hear of one . the conflict has been spilling beyond the disputed territory into azerbaijan people in nearby villages have taken refuge in a school building which has been transformed into a temporary shelter as the by john has accused pro armenian forces of hitting civilians several dozen families are living in classrooms while waiting to return to their homes. on the 20th of september the bombed us a shell fold near our house so we left him came here there was shooting near our village we were scared she really less afraid. we have children so we were forced to come here do we go back and forth we go to see our house even
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if they destroy it we will go back to the ceasefire is seen as a starting point in broader peace talks between the buying media we heard from anti terror expert and legal analyst jennifer demands and she stressed the crucial contribution of russia in the mediating process. russia's role in this particular conflict is incredibly important and notably because russia has a good relationship with both countries yes russia has a military alliance with armenia but russia has entered into agreements and engages with both advise on in our media so lives are by john sears a closer relationship with turkey russia has been able to broker deals between both countries in and of course russia is. definitely the most powerful country most influential country in the region and so that's why it's important that russia is involved in this that moscow's lead in these peace talks and especially the involvement of the minsk group of france united states and russia agreed to be
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involved in these talks in moscow i think is good it puts that pressure on. at least both sides. the 2nd u.s. presidential debate was supposed to happen this coming thursday but it's been officially canceled after the trump and biden campaign teams fell to agree on a new format as they democratic side of the debate commission for just that the match should be conducted remotely but donald trump who says he is now cured of covert 19 ruled out that option and tried to reschedule and he's lined up several public events even though the results of his latest test are unclear i have been retested and i haven't even numbers or anything yet but i've been reached and i know i'm at either the bottom of the scale or free from doctors that have reportedly spoken out in favor of in person debate the new york post is claiming that $175.00 physicians have written to the debate commission saying the event
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would be safe as long as precautions are taken meanwhile democrats of turned the spotlight on trump's health saying it could provide grounds to remove the president kaleb open explained. nancy pelosi is known to be one of donald trump's biggest and most loyal fans trees on record telling us just how much she loves him and god bless her. ilk well she's so concerned now about donald trump's health that she's introducing legislation if a president suffers a crippling there's a cold or mental problem and his on end of the man match on able to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his powers the 25th amendment of the u.s. constitution and abel's the president to be kicked out of office if he's rendered to be mentally or physically incapable in order for that to happen the vice president and most of the cabinet needs to meet and declare the president to be
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unfit to lead the democrats are now looking to set up a mechanism where as congress would have more of a say when it comes to the president's health nancy pelosi maintains this is not about threat this is not about president trump he will face the judgment of the voters but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents the president's allies say that this is yet another attempt by the democrats to push trump out of office. i wouldn't put a post speaker pelosi to stage a coup she's already weaponized impeachment was to keep her from weaponized in the 25th amendment who can forget last year's failed impeachment proceedings i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one
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is above the law now nancy pelosi failed to remove donald trump in 2918 but apparently she has another plan up her sleeve she was sitting on it until just the right moment some of mention the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session that the jew in this the house could move to impeach we're not ruling anything out of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quest for nancy pelosi makes no bones about the fact that she's been trying to remove donald trump from office all along she's been looking for any potential opening all i hear from the press is that i'm moving so swiftly that such a blur going by this is then a couple of years 2 and a half in fear and michelle and education and my wife he says or whatever headline he wants to carry around here impeached ever so with the election in less than a month we've got democrats possibly using constitutional maneuvers to try and
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remove trump from office just in case he wins at the polls that does not sound like a position of confidence but then again with so much fear about contested results this november nothing in american politics seems normal these days what she proposes is a new legislation to set up a permanent 17 urson commission to try to evaluate whether or not residents will this is something that they are made. of representatives before the election but it certainly is not going to pass in the senate and go away. yes president truckin so just so it's a loss they've tried everything else take it a try to this seems to say something to it you put it in the news cycle friday last week and this to me isn't dormice waste of resources and energy so most of the stuff is being carried out at a time when the state or refuses to engage in real negotiations about stimulus
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which is critically important to all americans. demonstration has descended into chaos in a south african town of sun i call after thousands of predominantly white farmers to round up the local courthouse demonstrators wanted to some fact handed over to the police case was to be heard in a court the 2 black men stand accused of brutally murdering a white farmer the crowd tried to force their way into the courthouse as police tried to hold them back the clashes through a police van overturned and set on fire and a few stun grenades thrown the protesters accuse the government of a not action on fall murders in south africa. i think people are moving together and trying to make a statement to government to show that we will not take this anymore i think we've reached the point of no return and if government doesn't come to the party you know we won't take this anymore you feel alone you feel isolated you feel that you might
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be the next door do you feel that nobody gave this not just about the pharmacist we all use shifted by this it creates a scenario we violence becomes the norm of the day. you know came through ahead following the grisly murder of 21 year old farm manager brendan koerner last friday to council thieves have been detained in connection with the case and suspected of torturing and then stabbing the man to death this is the latest in a string of similar attacks although the south africa is a minister of justice just told us murder was no excuse for attacking the courthouse he described the scenes as a narcotic violence and said there was no place for such behavior in a democracy just a clerk from the pharma activist group this cynical safety association says the government's been turning a blind eye to the violence the problem is the pharmacist beneath north for so long that nothing is done with our complaints nobody cares about us el presidente denies that for murders exist that it's a problem it's not just a murder it's
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a god that's been tortured people being raped we've got are more nearly say weekly stops they still couldn't see us and it's a huge problem for us and it doesn't get investigated properly we've got a huge problem on the rural areas we don't have the police close to us we are vulnerable from where we are living. systems stokely to slow in dealing with the problems people that's got all cases going back to stream years doesn't get resolved those people get out and bio quickly and they perpetrate the same crimes over and over again for most want the measures to go out we can't be ignored any longer put pressure on our government that the our blood can be all over the world footbridge in our government to look after all of its citizens so to come this hour tough new containment measures are being rolled out in many countries after a spike in covert cases we look at the public response after the break.
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the lockdown has shifted. relationship with their bosses and their companies and how do you count costs. down to the granularity of toilet paper and the only where paper costs are incorporated in the monthly or weekly basis in the prison business. seemed wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back you know a number of countries are bringing in new restrictions after a surge in code cases they include the u.k. france sweden is silly and the u.s. israel has now gone back to a nationwide lockdown one in parts of europe need measures are being imposed on bars gyms and restaurants strict limits are in place on large gatherings and companies are being told to send many of their employees to work from home was being a lot of anger over the containment measures with many lashing out in violent protests most squaring has been a particularly sore point when some people refuse the others are driven to close
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a warning some violent images coming up. the search. for. you thank you that is your. job. and with so much focus on covert the world health organizations voicing alarm at the different detrimental effect it's having on other essential health services and medical access a survey shows 93 percent of countries worldwide have disrupted or hold to mental health services is the 1st data showing the dreadful impact of covert 19 globally on mental health care and stresses the urgency of increased funding we discussed it with a regional director of the w.h.o. rob butler. people as they grow. as they become fatigued
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or tired or weary they also under the measures that have been implemented by many member states by many countries have become isolated they become alienates and they feel lonely in many situations so in that situation they're more likely to feel a very high cost of the measures that they're being asked to perform some not saying that family members for example not going to social gatherings do not have the usual behavior becomes a very high cost for them and so then less likely to actually go and where i'm asked to practice safe. physical distance and we're very concerned about that see here the w.h.r. european region because they feel it could be contributions of course soon a resurgence into a rise in transmission of 19 and man's best friend is joining
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a ranks against the global pandemic and russia china is it working with a special cross breed dog which is learning to finish out cases leaving the virus in a way to hide. don't know seaters pretty simple there are 2 samples of non-infected and infected volunteers and the dogs are learning to identify called the infections by smell. they have an outstanding sense of smell that's not only very keen but they also possess in the ability to switch from small concentrations to be clowns and vice versa which is very difficult for many other dogs besides they are
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a small size which is convenient because they can squeeze through will easily to heaven inherent search for billy to. the u.s. government is suing one of the country's top universities for alleged racial discrimination the justice department claims that yale is limiting the number of white and asian applicants in violation of federal civil with civil rights law. for the last few decades yale's oversized standardless intentional use of race has subjected domestic nontransferable against a yale college to discrimination the ground of race yale's race discrimination includes imposing undue and unlawful penalties on racially disfavored applicants
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including in particular most asian and white applicants in a long running probe the justice department looked at applicants with similar grade schools and they found that a white or asian candidate is up to 10 times less likely than a black candidate to be accepted into the ivy league university yells actions are allegedly a violation of the civil rights act of 1964 well similar allegations have been made it lead to us colleges 3 years since the introduction of affirmative action law as they were aimed at supporting disadvantaged groups but of often raise concerns over reverse discrimination in response to the new lawsuit yale defended its admissions policies. i want to be clear you will does not discriminate against applicants of any race or ethnicity admissions practices are completely fair nor yields admissions policies will not change as a result of the filing of this baseless lawsuit this is the going on for for many
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years now my but i feel like it has now gone to public eye but i do think that the push for you know likewise that our movement itself like that is going to make schools more likely to have affirmative action laws that scrutiny against other races i think that asian americans and white people should have a fair chance at missions and that testing scores and volunteer hours should be the same for all applicants actually the idea that academia has been discriminating against white and asian students has been an open secret since i was in college which is longer ago than i care to admit don't get me wrong i believe that if that systemic discrimination is happening it is wrong but the answer to the problem is not further discrimination exactly i think it is insulting to black students into a spandex suit and to imply that they need to be given a leg up because of their race that they're not for some reason able to gain
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admittance just through the merit of their marks we are so used to the culture of political correctness we've almost become numb to the fact that this is just blatant racial discrimination i mean under the current system it would be totally possible for for example barack obama's daughters even though they have grown up with a huge amount of privilege to gain preference in admission policy over either a white or an asian student who grew up in food stamps just because of their race and if people are still defending a system like that then i don't know what to tell them at this point. the u.s. a slap to get more sanctions on iran further isolating the country from the wild financial systems washington claims that maybe to stop iran sponsoring terror activities and developing nuclear weapons but so wrong say as the restrictions would only hurt ordinary citizens. the maid covert 19 pandemic us regime was to blow up our remaining channels to pay for food and medicine iranians will survive
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this latest of cruelties but conspiring to starve a population is a crime against humanity culprits and enablers who block our money will face justice and iran knows that i live been put on notice of you with us if you do something bad we are going to do things to you that have never been done before. not very presidential language from donald trump there the new sanctions freeze the u.s. are threats of 18 a rainy and banks which hit still most all of the country's financial institutions it also places that secondary sanctions on firms that do business with both banks and other washington claims they wish to actions don't apply when it comes to basic necessities critics say foreign banks will be scared off from getting involved in humanitarian aid european countries have reacted against previous u.s. sanctions and september the foreign ministers of france the u.k. and germany known as the e 3 agreed to resist u.s. demands to restore all un sanctions on iran what of as
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a journalist thomas fassbender believes the sanctions sanctions are not just about targeting a ron but sending out a wider message to the world. even if there is some mechanism in place that would still allow medical or humanitarian aid get into iraq. any foreign company any friend bank that is dealing with the iran that is involved in that in such supplies they will have to apply they will have to wait for a full licenses for cruel that's. from a practical point of view that can be no question that this will impede aid and support getting into the country it is a political move by the us the us are gambling on using their economic might their power over the global financial infrastructure to all pacify any potential opponents from russia china iran in a sort. even germany as are u.s.
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sanctions now and we'll see what as well e to. thanks for joining us aaron on thier international those are the headlines but we're back in 30 minutes with all the latest all 3 of them. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by shaped by the person.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. the imaginary times they were going underground 11 years of the day that armenia and turkey signed the zurich protocols intended to normalize relations between the 2 they have yet to be ratified by either side something felt today as fighting rages between armenia and azerbaijan the nagorno-karabakh coming up in the show how will war in your asia escalate after our exclusive interview with the azerbaijani
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ambassadors of u.k. the. the other side of the corner karabakh from a member of armenia is a parliamentary committee on the protection of human rights and public affairs and reinvestigate a number of former soviet communist country asking that kyrgyzstan ambassador to britain what's behind what seen as yet another julep revolution in central asia all the more coming up in today's going underground but 1st ukrainian president vowed to me as a lenski side a new partnership agreement with the u.k. this week after u.k. foreign secretary donna grab announced a 5000000 pound aid package for those in ukraine affected by conflict in corona virus the u.k.'s defacto support of as a by john meanwhile has left some questioning whether you can involve men in this week's violence in nagorno-karabakh will stretch further than just cause for a cease fire half the region's population has been displaced by the fighting on wednesday's show we spoke to azerbaijan's ambassador to the u.k. who claimed armenia is the sole aggressor in the conflict that has reportedly cost hundreds of lives you can catch up with that interview on our you tube channel but
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to hear from the other side joined from armenia's capital of yerevan by a member of parliament and its committee on the protection of human rights and public affairs maria corrupt etienne thank you so much area for coming on sir as i said we had the ambassador and he said it's your country that are solely to blame is that true and what are the numbers a your hearing of the numbers killed or injured as i'm watching all the interviews that the president and president and he had even in the states that war that he has waged are never in a car in. the armenian stare i see every single one and he's interviews as a concession. how he attacked never in a crowd and as an attempt to justify why he shouldn't they themselves are saying that is they're blaming iranians for being interested in cementing this.


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