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tv   News  RT  October 10, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a fragile ceasefire takes effect between azerbaijan and armenia in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region but both sides accuse each other of violating the truce. explosions and the air raid siren shattered hopes of peace in karabakh correspondences in the heart of the conflict zone reporting of the devastation and how locals view the standoff. sites i can see it has been razed to the ground but it has been battered by so many bombs of so many calibers sizes and types. also had the 2nd u.s. presidential debate is cancelled off the donald trump refuses to take part remotely and while the president holds his 1st public event since contracting covert 19
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democrats say his condition makes him unfit for office. plus new coronavirus restrictions protests in many regions because they feel it could be called force a resurgence into arrives in transmission. very good to have you companies just midnight here in moscow now sunday the 11th of october wanted to collaborate with a world news and reaction that we're tracking for you this hour 1st ceasefire between armenia and azerbaijan is an effect in the disputed caucuses territory of. although both sides were swift to accuse each other of breaking the pact our correspondent don of his in nagorno-karabakh and describes a series of explosions in the region's capital and the regular sound of air raid sirens the ceasefire was a stablished after 10 hours of talks in moscow mediated by the russian foreign
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minister. a ceasefire is announced from 12 pm on 10th of october for humanitarian purposes to exchange prisoners of war and other detained persons on the bodies of the killed in line with the red cross principles the specific parameters of the ceasefire will be agreed later on. the conflicts been simmering for more than 3 decades has an armenian population but is internationally considered a part of azerbaijan armenia wanted to be recognized as an independent state by johnston battling for control over the territory of the latest flare up started 2 weeks ago with relentless shell fire leaving a trail of destruction according to reports from both sides dozens of civilians have died since then it goes down of reports from the area. the city of step on the kurds is a sorry sight i can see it has been razed to the ground but it has been battered by so many bombs of so many calibers sizes and types this street got the full wrath of
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a cluster munition all the hallmarks i hear burn down because shattered glass and if you look closely at the walls and windows here along this whole street they have pierced with tiny tiny holes this is the deadly power of a cluster bomb and other aspects of using one is that when a rocket shoots dozens of little bombs of little grenades many of them don't explode so we were being told not to go down that street because that's where locals gathered those grenades that didn't explode and there detonating them on purpose they're doing so because each unexploded grenade like this poses a grave threat to especially to children because they look harmlessly look innocent so a kid picks up such a such a bomb starts playing with it and it explodes in their hands now it's been just hours into this tentative cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan but everyone who i've been talking to nobody really believes it will hold they certainly do hope
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it will but they aren't counting on it. since midday no truth has been observed the war continues there is absolutely no change you can know this sounds frightens me after silence there is usually a bombardment i do not know what will happen whether they will try. again the conflicts been spilling beyond the disputed territory into azerbaijan the day before the tentative cease fire people in nearby villages took refuge in a school building which has been transformed into a temporary shelter several dozen families are living in classrooms while waiting to return to their homes but despite the severe danger as many as about johnnie's believe the country should continue the fighting. with god's help everything will be fine because i believe in our victory we will achieve victory either in a peaceful or military way we believe in our supreme commander in chief. we
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need to go further we should press on with the war and take back our territories. we don't want a cease fire they must leave our lands they must leave and let our people leave there in normal conditions that's only want we have nothing to do with them they should stay away from us and we heard from the director of britain's crisis research institute who thinks the 2 sides will be unable to make real progress without broad public support. shaky partly because you're all about mineral city on both sides not just the treatment so dysfunctional that some it's public opinion and for instance we must be afraid that was a risk that already in book of the some dissenting voices saying why are we stopping the war when we as a result we winning so there's a danger that governments who made the improvement could be pressed what would have been into new that will particularly only as interest not the other problem is that the agreement is essentially a very short one it says that it's to enable the new to be recovered and also
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christians to be exchanged and those felt the top story she found a way of mechanism for bringing about a longer term she is far already in peace i think russia is a key player because it enjoys a considerable degree of trust and a lot of contact with those of our german omonia and its next door. and so it has its own interests in a peaceful solution to the problems perhaps other players further away. interests that they don't have any risks the state stands to lose if there's a conflict and it's actually on. the whole trump held his 1st public event since falling sick with coronavirus the address supporters from the white house balcony us president said he was feeling great and repeated his promise that a vaccine will soon be available the crowd of well wishes gathered on the south lawn chanting best support has been just over a week since trump was hospitalized with covert 90 and his doctors said that it's now safe for the president to attend public events although there are doubts
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whether the president still has the virus. when it i have been retested and i die haven't even found out numbers or anything yet but i've been retested and i know i'm at either the bottom of the scale or free the 2nd u.s. presidential debate was supposed to be happening this coming thursday but it's been officially canceled after the trump and biden campaign teams fail to agree on a new format the democrats. so the debate commission for that not to suggest that the match up could be conducted remotely but donald trump ruled that out meanwhile the democrats have to the spotlight held trump physical and mental health saying it could provide grounds to remove the president and it's the house speaker leading the charge is kind of moping explains. nancy pelosi is known to be one of donald trump's biggest and most loyal fans she's on record telling us just how much she loves him. well she's so concerned now about donald trump's health that she's introducing
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legislation if a president suffers a crippling there's a cold or a mental problem and his on end of the man match on able to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his powers the 25th amendment of the u.s. constitution and abel's the president to be kicked out of office if he's rendered to be mentally or physically incapable in order for that to happen the vice president and most of the cabinet needs to meet and declare the president to be unfit to lead the democrats are now looking to set up a mechanism where as congress would have more of a say when it comes to the president's health nancy pelosi maintains this is not about this is not about president trump he will face the judgment of the voters but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents the president's allies say that this is yet another
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attempt by the democrats to push trump out of office. i wouldn't put a post speaker pelosi to stage a coup she's already weaponized impeachment was to keep her from weaponized in the 25th amendment who can forget last year's failed impeachment proceedings i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of the impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law now nancy pelosi failed to remove donald trump in 2918 but apparently she has another plan up her sleeve she was sitting on it until just the right moment some of mention the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame duck session that the jew in this the house could move to impeach we're not ruling anything out of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in
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our quest for nancy pelosi makes no bones about the fact that she's been trying to remove donald trump from office all along she's been looking for any potential opening all i hear from the press is that i'm moving so swiftly like a blur going by this is then a couple of years 2 and a half cynthia and michelle and education and my wife he says or whatever headline he wants to carry around here impeached ever so with the election in less than a month we've got democrats possibly using constitutional maneuvers to try and remove trump from office just in case he wins at the polls that does not sound like a position of confidence but then again with so much fear about contested results this november nothing in american politics seems normal these days what she proposes is a new legislation to set up a permanent 17 urson commission to try to evaluate whether or not. will this is something that they are made. of representatives before the election but it
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certainly is not going to pass in the senate and go away. is president trouble going to say this was saved tried everything else take it a try to remove this seems to say something to it you put it at a news site ok i tried it last week and this to me is isn't dormice waste of time and resources and energy so most of the stuff is being carried out at a time when the speaker refuse to engage in real negotiations about stimulus which is critically important to all of our. demonstrations descended into chaos in the south african town of santa cole after thousands of predominantly white farmers surrounded the local courthouse the crowd wanted 2 suspects handed over to the news case was about to be heard but 2 black men stand accused of murdering a white farmer the crowd tried to force their way into the building while police held them back to clashes store a police van overturned and set on fire and stun grenades thrown i promise or accusing the government of inaction on farm murders in south africa. i think people
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are moving together and trying to make a statement to government to show that we will not take this anymore i think we've reached the point of no return and if government doesn't come to the party you know we won't take this anymore you feel alone you feel isolated you feel that you might be going next door to feel that it's nobody it's not just about the pharmacist we all is shifted by this it creates a scenario we violence becomes the norm of the day. well it all came to a head following the killing of 21 year old farm manager brendan horner last friday the 2 men on trial for his death are alleged cattle thieves they're also suspected of torturing and then stabbing the victim to death and it's the latest in a string of similar attacks. the south african justice minister has condemned the storming of the courthouse stress that while protesters may feel strongly about the
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crime that was committed they shouldn't take the law into their own hands the land ownership has been a contentious issue in south africa for decades official data shows that 72 percent of private farmland is owned by white people who make up is 9 percent of the population member of a farmer's activist group told us the government's been turning a blind eye to the violence against the white minority. the problem is the pharmacist beneath north for so long that nothing is done with our complaints nobody cares about us president denies that for murders exists that it's a problem it's not just a murder it's a god that's been tortured people being raped we've got. a weekly stop states the quran says and it's a huge problem for us and it does not get investigate that properly we've got a huge problem on that we don't have the police close to us we. are living i'll just diesel system a stokely to slow in dealing with the problems people that's all cases going back to steam years doesn't get resolved those people get out and buy oil quickly and
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that at the same crimes over and over again for most want the measures to go out we can't be ignored any longer put pressure on our government that the our plot can be all over the world footbridge in our government to look after all of its citizens. this is our head as governments worldwide bring back tough containment measures after covert spikes it's got people riled up and the world health organization worried as ulti reports after this. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if there.
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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true or false is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. get more of a headline news now in a number of countries are bringing in new restrictions after a surge in code cases including britain france sweden italy and the united states
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and israel they have now gone back to a nationwide lockdown all the parts of europe new measures are being imposed on bars gyms and restaurants strict limits are in place on large gatherings and companies are being told to send as many of their employees to work from home as they can. the people across europe are pushing back against the new measures rallies have been held in several cities throughout saturday compulsory mosque wearing become the key source of anger in recent weeks and certain cases leading to mass brawls warning of the next video does contain violence. given all the. fish kill off. i think. you could have been i got me with so much focus on coded some crucial services have been sidelined according to the world health organization almost all countries have cut back on mental health care a regional director for the w.h.o. explained why that's such
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a concern people as they grow. as they become fatigued or tired or weary they also under the measures that have been implemented by many member states by many countries have become isolated they become alienates and they feel lonely in many situations so in that situation they're more likely to feel a very high cost of the measures that they're being asked to perform so i'm not saying that family members for example not going to social gatherings do not have the usual behavior becomes a very high cost for them and so then less likely to actually go and wear a mask to practice safe. physical distance and we're very concerned about that see here the double european region because we feel it could be contribution of course soon a resurgence into a rise in transmission of 19 and man's best friend is joining the ranks against the
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global pandemic and russia trained as a working with a special cross breed dog which is learning to sniff out covert cases leaving the virus with no way to hide. well. there are all procedures pretty simple there are 2 samples of non-infected and infected volunteers and the dogs are learning to identify called the infections by smell. they have an outstanding sense of smell it's not only very keen that they also possess an ability to switch from small concentrations to be plants and vice versa
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which is very difficult for many other dogs besides they are small size which is convenient because they can squeeze through all easily the heaven inherent search ability of. the u.s. government serving one of the country's top universities for alleged racial discrimination the justice department claims that yale is limiting the number of white and asian students in violation of federal law. for the last few decades yale's oversized standardless intentional use of race has subjected domestic non transfer applicants to yale college to discrimination the ground of race yale's race discrimination includes imposing undue and unlawful penalties on racially disfavored applicants
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including in particular most asian and white applicants and a long running probe the justice department looks at applicants with similar grade schools have found that a white or asian candidate is up to 10. times less likely that a black candidate to be accepted into the ivy league university or yale's actions are allegedly a violation of the civil rights act of 1964 similar allegations have been made at a late u.s. colleges for years since the introduction of affirmative action rules there aimed at supporting disadvantaged groups but have often raised concerns over reverse discrimination yale's been defending its admissions policies against the new law suit. i want to be clear does not discriminate against applicants of any race or ethnicity admissions practices are completely fair and lawful yields admissions policies will not change as a result of the filing of this baseless lawsuit or the case against yale comes less than a month before the u.s. election drawing some contrasting views from our guests on the political backdrop
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and also the long standing concerns over affirmative action. people who are brought this suit including trump's department of justice is indeed trying to set a precedents a baseless precedent that i might add because this same justice department has no problems with the fact that harvard yale up to 33 percent of their acceptance is come from so-called legacy students whose parents and grandparents went to that school as a matter of fact we've had presidents including george w. bush who didn't have the greatest grades who was still accepted into yale university as a c. student even john f. kennedy who didn't have great grades it is said was accepted to harvard university because his grandfather attended the school and what i would. recommend for the troubled ministration to look at is that in fact the people who have benefited the most from affirmative action programs are in fact white women followed closely behind by asian people. trump may actually be helping people who he would be looking to to continue his presidency coming up in the upcoming election idea that
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academia has been discriminating against white and asian students has been an open secret since i was in college which is longer ago than i care to admit don't get me wrong i believe that if that systemic discrimination is happening it is wrong but the answer to the problem is not further discrimination and frankly i think it is insulting to black students and to a spandex suit and to imply that they need to be given a leg up because of their race that they're not for some reason able to gain admittance just through the merit of their marks we are so used to the culture of political correctness we've almost become numb to the fact that this is just blatant racial discrimination i mean under the current system it would be totally possible for for example barack obama's daughters even though they have grown up with a huge amount of privilege to gain preference in admission policy over either a white or an asian student who grew up in food stamps just because of their race and if people are still defending
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a system like that then i don't know what to tell them at this point. crowds of again rallied in russia's far east calling for the release of a local governor who was jailed 3 months ago. but i think there. was a heavy security presence and $25.00 people were detained so gay for girl was replaced as governor after being taken into custody into law on suspicion of ordering 3 murders his supporters say the case is politically motivated. north korea's held lavish celebrations to mark the ruling party's 75th anniversary after a 2 hour ceremony and parade in pyongyang a new intercontinental ballistic missile was unveiled weapons shrouded in mystery with foreign analyst speculating over its possible that the nazi to carry nuclear warheads. massive wildfires are sweeping through syria fueled by high winds and searing heat fire crews have been pushed to the limits of the military stepped in to help the efforts hundreds of acts as
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a forest and farmland have been destroyed. ok that's it from the newsroom for now thanks for watching i'm calling pray for me and the rest of the news team here in moscow having a great weekend see you in around 36 minutes. is sort of amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i get. every night i make
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a lot of money with. millions and hundreds of me. here is that nice. a great wall that nobody builds last better than me believe and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. 'd and just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for . the we'll see what happened so who knows who knows what we'll see and the still will be success.
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now imaginary times they were going underground 11 years of the day that armenia and turkey signed these oric protocols intended to normalize relations between the 2 they have yet to be ratified by either side something felt today as fighting rages between armenia and azerbaijan in a corner karabakh coming up in the show how will war in your asia escalate after our exclusive interview with the azerbaijani ambassador of u.k. here the other side of the goal of karabakh from a member of armenia's parliamentary committee on the protection of human rights in public affairs and reinvestigate a number of former soviet communist country asking that kyrgyzstan ambassador to britain what's behind what seen as yet another julep revolution in central asia all the more coming up in today's going underground but 1st ukrainian president brought to me as an end ski side a new partnership agreement with the u.k. this week after u.k. foreign secretary dominic rab announced a 5000000000 pound aid package for those in ukraine affected by conflict in coronavirus the u.k. is defacto supportive as a by john meanwhile has left some questioning with the u.k.
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involvement in this week's violence in. nagorno-karabakh will stretch further than just cause for a ceasefire half the region's population has been displaced by the fighting on wednesday's show we spoke to azerbaijan's ambassador to the u.k. who claimed armenia is the sole aggressor in the conflict that has reportedly cost hundreds of lives you can catch up with that interview on our you tube channel but to hear from the other side joined from armenia's camp of yerevan by a member of parliament and its committee on the protection of human rights and public affairs maria kara petty and thank you so much area for coming on sir as i said we had the ambassador and he said it's your country that are solely to blame is that true and what are the numbers a your hearing of the numbers killed or injured as i'm watching all the interviews that the president and. he had even in the states that war that he has they are never in a car in. the i mean stare i see every single one of his interviews
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as a concession. how he attacked never in accra and as an attempt to justify why he should attack they themselves are saying that our niña is there blaming our year for being interested in cementing this that is quite right expressed their frustration with this as well so they themselves explain why any new has no interest in attacking 1st and trying to make the argument from their perspective showing that even from the point of view that they're trying to present to the world all they're doing is trying to justify why they have waged this new phase of war against everton you say they started it are you saying armenian soldiers or members of the armenian community none of them fired the 1st shot you say that i mean years not shelled gunja the town that we saw pictures of where they
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were which shows destruction when i am saying is that the 27th of september when these new phase of the war started. stephanie guest which is in that hardship never in a car it's not on the line of contact came to under massive shelling bombs precipitate us the time to get or already more than 10 days and obviously the defense army of nowhere in a car up needs to keep the defense entering text civilian population of. n. to response in symmetry to today's attack moreover you know there have been numerous reports and leaders of countries have come forward justifying that azerbaijan has completely changed the nature of my engagement foreign terrorist interest with the help of troops and ohio and this fight is no no matter that old you know when
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a car buckle big that we used to know he is the defense army and never in a crowd are fighting against international terrorism you know that of course britain supported the rebels e in syria to overthrow assad in syria might be that as it may the azerbaijani about to said why would they need syrian rebels who might not even be able to speak the same language they have enough troops to defend azerbaijan without using troops they were helping britain overthrow president assad in syria of course it's a big question why has your by john has sold out it's already to turkey allowing its to bring its own agenda at whatever retesting to drink anything neighborhoods in the media east to export that sort of dynamics to our beaches of course as are.


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