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they were going to come out you see officers going. to fight. joyce. but other parts of the disputed region. are correspondent reports from the. shelling the city right now this is the safest place. in the region. people are being killed dozens more injured after one of. the immediate conflicts. are. being targeted also ahead an r t international. they're going to get the 2nd.
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rushes coronavirus vaccine is poised to complete the final. tests. in the volunteers. on the british prime minister rules out a complex. partial lockdown in the north of england but there is growing public frustration over the government's handling of the. i don't get that people are aware. that when. i. cross the globe today welcome to. you know me your company. our top story the fragile cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan is now into a 3rd day but on monday morning raid sirens were again heard in the capital of
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nagorno-karabakh these pictures show the aftermath of a 2 week bombardment then in the early hours of saturday. agreed to a pause in the fighting with russia's mediation was to allow for an exchange of prisoners and war dead however over the weekend both sides accused each other violating the truce. well they saw or thought of the disputed region has seen some of the worst fighting since the conflict began on sunday despite this supposed truce the city of how true it was shelled our correspondent eager shutdown of reports from their. right now we're getting closer to the town of detroit it's on the southern front and it is probably the heaviest contested region in all of nagorno-karabakh i think is even before the cease fire was announced the president i was there by john the homily that said that the city defenses had fallen and that well as of that moment the town was under the as there by johnny control of course
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there meaning forces that denied all of that saying that they're still in control of the city so even despite the ceasefire both sides are wrestling heavily for the control of this town. so we're inside the city of adroit this part of town at least this part of town is under the control of the armenian forces of the forces of nagorno-karabakh artillery his shelling the city right now this is the least safest place of all of the region. because we. were being told to go to get down into bomb shelter this is where we're going to stay for now and wait it out wait out the shelling. so essentially they're telling us that only one person at a time can't move.
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ok that was it that was very brief that was very quick but it's simply way way too dangerous for us to stay here for long so we're getting the hell out of a drought there's no ceasefire there's no cease fire here has already told you it's being shelled basically both sides are wrestling hard for the control of this town it's a matter of honor it's a matter of integrity for both were good here military jets flying above us and bombing the mountains next to the city of patrols so there's that for the cease fire for now i guess down of reporting from the corner karabakh artsy or the car about conflict stretches back more than 3 decades although the region is legally part of azerbaijan it's populated mainly by ethnic armenians broke away back in the 1990 s. after a lengthy war one of azerbaijan largest cities ganja was also bombarded in the early hours of sunday but 9 people were killed more than 30 injured armenia
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being behind that raid we spoke to a journalist. the news of. ganja caused a fury and outrageous reaction among the other by johnnie's has been the 2nd consecutive missile attack on the 2nd biggest city of the country with the population of half a 1000000 but this time 9 people were killed and more than 30 people were injured including the reaction among other wedges very. cautious too radical the officials of the beneficial already paid a visit to the scene be head of the foreign affairs apartment. called the. act of genocide by the president of the country. said it was the brutal violation of geneva. invention and war crime and he warned i mean yes to
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give them. the answer. and we can show you some of the latest pictures now from ganja the aftermath of a bombing here now the armenian president has denied any involvement saying it was azerbaijan that broke the cease fire our men spoke exclusively to r.t. we will be airing the full interview on tuesday for now here's a preview. so are there violations on the part of armenia and if there are why is it happening the violations and as far as i understand it one violet the other one and then it goes back it goes around back to the initial place who was the 1st point number one in the case of. the bombing or shelling. journos of a bug john cleary information from my government from ministry of defense and for foreign minister and former minister i have spoken about that already and it's
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definitely not not i mean you know that has filled it that's number one number 2 when you were speaking about breaking the cease fire it it was unfortunately immediately after the cease fire was announced 12 foot log step on i.q. at the capital city of the. republic was shelled and i mean i'm speaking about civilian shellings as world 3rd we should not. forget. in this account the real fact who started this stage of war it was the us there is side clearly. the people of nagorno-karabakh republic of arts. so violations are there there are fortunate and i think all parties have to put a lot of efforts in order to stop it and of course it's very very important to have
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make an american is a verification of who is breaking the cease fire i mean these are many ways of doing that internationally using technology but that should be put in place because until the cease fire is not established fully the humanitarian side of these cease fire will not be. neither of sides will be able to use that. was denied violating the cease fire we heard from eleanor hall you have a former us a beijing diplomat who is currently chairman of the in a zombie gang jarvey foundation he said his country's merely claiming back its own land. i don't think that the you'll find any citizen among the un member states which will not support it has to get its own territorial integrity we have to again i think that this is he a key issue here we have to understand that the other by john has been admitted to the u n and the specific visiting it at that at times and we don't want any other contest
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on it it's we have it shall be made much clear that we had mock leaning in it and if you know the public media and the republic of i mean it is a perfectly aware don't which is what we are claiming who are claiming the implementation of the un security council resolutions very much clear so i think that they're on the right messages quite some time scott was going the wrong direction as it was on my justified and on the coffee but it which is the case isn't my job is claiming back to control what legally belongs street they we have to make it clear and it has been clear for the last 30 years that we where we don't target any other meaningful coalition i mean eons have traditional leave on azerbaijan your soil and we are looking for a peaceful coexistence of the 2 communities in the world incredible that was actual position of azerbaijan the last 30 years and we have what each region destroyed many times and we have done practical steps that direction to show our citizens definitely would believe that i mean in and out of my genesis and leave to get.
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millions of u.k. citizens are about to be placed under a parcel lockdown under covert containment plans unveiled by the prime minister the rules apply to him and then vary by region liverpool will face the toughest shutdown with all pubs and bars closed and a ban on mixing between house holds bars johnson claims the new measures are actually a simplification of the previous system. it must act to save lives boucle approach has inevitably produced different sets of rules in different parts of the country that are now complex to understand and to enforce just as we simplified on ash. rose with the rule of 6 we will now see the fire in standardized local news by introducing a 3 tiered system of local conveyed alert levels include a set to medium high and very high draw those in government themselves have been
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courts are either not understanding the rules or even breaking them and so he's trying to introduce more according to him simplified version which includes social tier system which would see anything from the current rules that are in place no more than 6 people being allowed to gather at any one time pubs and restaurants being closed at 10 pm all the way through to those types of hospitality ventures being closed all together now as part of that of course there have been complaints that these measures especially the tough ones could spell the death knell for a number of industries in the economy and so the government announcing that they will be supporting people's wages and asked not as much as they were before previously the so-called furlough system would have seen up to 80 percent of people's wages or up to 2 and a half 1000 pounds paid for by the government if people weren't able to work now that's been reduced to 67 percent or around 2100 pounds and so the government tried to support people but there are some who said that these measures will impact in
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particular the north of england and some officials including the mayor of manchester which is in the north of england and the burnham coming out and saying that enough is enough i will not anymore perhaps with the situation where they impose things on the north of england that will cause real damage to people's lives now it's not just the politicians who are unhappy either there are many amongst the public who say that in addition to the kind of pressures this is putting on people's mental health on people social stability it's also causing great damage to people's economies in particular small business owners have a disease that i wasn't able our way. yeah we'll never know whether when mick and they are if they get in their lives it's the government's decisions now that will determine whether a wave of unemployment turns into a surge in poverty and hardship now we are seeing a number of legal challenges being posted up against the government's measures
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a group of nightclub in public owners in the north west of england saying that they're going to take legal action and demand the government show scientific truth to some of the measures that they are implementing while a group of m.p.'s have said that they will be taking legal action as a result of some of the contracts that have been given out up to 3000000000 pounds worth of contracts that were awarded some say with buyers to those with ties to the government and so the government they're being accused of. nepotism and corruption not just in how they spend their money but of course also being accused of not following the science when it comes to how they implement these rules. let's go live now to the north of england town to leeds where david bowled a doctor and former briggs head party m.e.p. is standing by to speak to us good to see you thanks for taking the time today david the rules they're not simple are they so many different restrictions the pending on where you live do you think people are going to to understand them 1st
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of all well i think the government is in a very tricky position and quite frankly i don't think the government knows quite what to do i mean clearly what we've been saying is all these rules coming in and people are so confused about what they can do what they can't do and so this is the government's attempt to do a number of things one is to simplify which the prime minister make clear but secondly and more importantly i think from my perspective is trying to get that local buy in i mean i sense very much the fact the public are no longer behind the government the fact is that paper have been very good they've been well behaved they've done exactly what the government told them and yet the number of cases is going up and i think you have to look back to say what was the point of the initial lockdown. and we were told this was to time this was to allow the n.h.s. to cope if you remember our public health care system which admirably we then built all these nice and go hospitals these emergency hospitals which are ready to go and could be used at a moment's notice and so we have capacity and so i think many in the medical
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profession also aren't entirely sure why the rules are being brought in as they have and some of them really don't make much sense yet we might touch in the in just a moment but the world health organization special envoy in kuwait 19 said last week the government should stop using lockdowns didn't take the virus as a doctor yourself do you think these measures to put it in a simplified way actually saved lives. well i think you have to sort of weigh out the medical risks and the political risks and so i think the concern is that whilst they're focusing entirely on coronavirus what happens to everyone's mental health you know people are really suffering as a result the fact is we've actually had far fewer patients being seen for elective surgery people can't get treatment for their cancer diagnoses and so actually it's really important that we run our elective surgery procedures as normal so that's really really important i think also there are a number of other things to take into account the fact is i think the government is
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is really not taking the public with them and i fear that it's almost becoming a police state people have been told to inform each other if they're breaking the rules and i think one of the things is if you kick people out of the pubs at 10 o'clock where do they go will they go to other people's houses which i would think is much higher risk of spreading the virus than if they're in a socially distance responsible venue david you brought up an interesting point that all of the influence of medics and science on government policy essentially. too much relying in the sense that the government is willing to give the sway of power essentially to the scientists not take into account you know the economy security functioning of society to name but a few is there a big distinction there well i think that's a really interesting point you know the government keeps saying it's being led by the science but many don't just think they're hiding behind the science the science
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is there to advise the government but it is ultimately the government that has to make decisions and they can't keep pushing it back to the medics and you know if you asked 10 experts you'll get 10 different opinions but there were many doctors many scientists who signed something called the great barrington declaration and we are deeply concerned about what this is doing to the fabric of society and indeed to those all those other conditions that i mentioned and you know actually possibly the way out of this is to isolate those that are most of all. rable and actually if you talk to those people who were at high risk many of them have had enough many of them feel that they would rather take their you know their own decisions rather than being told what to do by the state and i think you know it's a bit like the dodgems that are foreign affairs i think ultimately you write your own risks and i think you know there is a very strong argument for her demeanor see the interesting some of the on this day but we've seen rising in autumn throughout the world but one country that has and is sweden there are daily coronavirus death rate essential easy since late august
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in the u.k. as you're well aware dozens are dying each day there seems to be an argument against sweden you know along the political we have thinking but surely no people are should be making aware of what's happening there and less people are dying and that maybe that should be looked in more closely well i think you know what are we going to keep doing are we going to keep locking down because the minute you do that of course the cases will actually fall all lies ations have risen but the death rate is nowhere near as high as it was so what you keep doing to keep knocking it down because the virus will keep coming back as soon as you start to unlock until there is a vaccine and that may be many years off and as a result of course the economy is suffering many businesses are suffering and who's going to pay for all of this the government doesn't have an endless pos of cash to pay for everyone as you mentioned the scheme is now ended a many small businesses are startling for survival so i think this is incredibly
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nuanced i think it's a very complicated argument but i think the government actually has to make some very strong decisions and it has to take the public with it there is a revolt from the within the tory party a threat of legal action from mirrors in the north of big nimby have been vocal particularly the last few weeks politically how much strife is the government. i think the government's in a lot of trouble because i think there is a perception that this is wrong. so on all that they say is london versus the north now clearly the government would say they are following the science and that as those cases rise and they are rising the fastest in the northwest in the in the northeast they need to implement those very strict measures as you describe is that your duty as an experiment for the site. if you talk to the local mayors i think the whole point is that the local mayors feel that they should have control over what they do and i would agree with them i think it is our central government to give them a framework but ultimately the local mayors need to make those decisions because
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the local people have to abide by those rules and have to have buy in and if you keep telling people what to do my concern is they won't do it that flout it and we'll see a rise in cases and actually since we introduced a lockdown i don't believe it's actually change that the disease at all and i don't think this is the right way to carry on managing this condition a pleasure to have you on the program thanks for taking the time this monday david bell a doctor and former break to party and the pain. still to come in the program diplomats there pushing for sanctions against russian officials over than a valley case not story broken down here after the break. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if there.
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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or unmaidenly shall i.
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come back to the program the european union is moving closer to imposing sanctions on russian officials over the alexei navalny case now the meeting in luxembourg on monday e.u. foreign ministers back their proposal for travel bans and asset freezes over the alleged poisoning of the opposition figure or your correspondent peter all over as more. the sanctions measures were put forward jointly by france and germany the legal necessities will need to be drawn up before they can come into full force and we're expecting them to be announced in e.u. council meeting that's a meeting of the heads of government in state of the e.u. member states on thursday and friday of this week what we can expect from the sanctions though is that they will take the form of asset freezes and travel bans it's being reported that 9 members of russia's security services may be the targets of the sanctions the german foreign minister announcing them had this to say that we have initiated sanctions against individuals whom we believe to be
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partly responsible for this violation of international law it is important that the e.u. shows unity in such a serious crime we did today well germany and france were the 2 member states that put forward these berlin in paris say that russia has not given adequate answers as to what happened to alexei novelli well from moscow's point of view that they've asked germany to provide moscow with the evidence that shows that alexei navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent 4 times but that request is for them on death is in fact the russian foreign minister not happy at all with the way that moscow is being treated in this situation there were protests got caught in rooms of the room what we are asking the o.p.c. doubly to explain their findings were the results of this probe they tell us the request was from germany so it's a german case and you should ask germany so we ask germany and we get the same old story for requests from our prosecutor general's office have been sent in
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accordance with the european convention on me to assistance in criminal matters under this convention all requests must receive an answer instead we hear excuses absurd statements the russia should investigate these crimes on its own we cannot investigate the case. when we have no facts so where does this leave russia's relationship with the european union well ultimately not looking particularly great on monday we heard from alexander schellenberg the austrian foreign minister vienna had being traditionally a very close ally of moscow within the european union however the austrian foreign minister saying that there could be no return to business as usual however we did hear from your barrell as well the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs basically the e.u. foreign minister if there ever was to be one he said that the relationship between moscow and brussels went deeper than anything that had to do with alexei navalny
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that russia's cooperation was needed particularly when it came to situations like the ongoing crisis in the got a kind of back russia is one of the co-chairs soledad means group to deal with is the fight in northern iraq and i watch. places that mcconnell has to toggle is the president we want to work the differing would mean group you know the to look for a ceasefire you know would look at who haitian we're not going to stop doing that to do to the top of these tensions alexina valley is still recovering here in berlin he took a lot of flight from siberia to moscow back on the 20th of august he was brought here to berlin was in they induced coma for a couple of weeks he was roused from math and discharged from hospital the last month and continues to recover but as he's getting better it would seem that there's still plenty of ramifications from whatever happened to him to come with
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relations to how that relationship between moscow and brussels is going to go from here on out. ok returning on the program now to the crown of our son here in russia where they dealey covert infection rate grim new record on sunday passing the 13000 mark that's 2000 more than during the. of the 1st wave back in may but there is cause for optimism russia's covert vaccine is set to complete final stage trials they sputnik the judge has already been registered in russia it was developed by scientists and law schools institute $55000.00 volunteers are taking part in the 3rd phase of testing among them r t v's maria from the national. moscow clinic number 68 in the city center nothing special except this is where i received russia's vaccine against call that 19 hopefully able to resist public enemy number one as the world health organization calls it.
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this navigation science has called with 19 vaccine clinical trial is this way. maybe i received a placebo because this is a so-called double blind trial meaning neither the doctors know their participants know who's getting it was only 75 percent of the volunteers are getting with a real shot and i hope i'm among them and i have reasons to believe i really am i'll explain why i got the 1st shot exactly 21 days ago i hope really miserable the next day hairy muscle pain for the vaccine developers say every 6 volunteer faces similar side effect by the way they faded away 48 hours or so later today i'm going to get the 2nd of what could be the most awaited drug in the world why to bolster the immune response to but if the form is off to the 1st shot before being
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approved for the trial i was checked and scanned and checked to get the blood test your entire school with 19 tears of blood pressure and today we do some testing again. vivax same by the way divided the world of those criticizing the research too little evidence too fast and those praising rush is going to get vaccine right here. ok i hear. i need to relax my groove. who. especially after the 1st short i was. i have been wanting to buy. the have been calling me and you had me do a calls you know and after 2 days i'm going to continue standing touch with medics
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you know and as well as all volunteers because it's a trial after all. that's it i'm done well the head of that will bore into where the vaccine is made has finally found a rush is expected to be able to produce up to 6000000 days is monthly bring in russia close to her eve unity finally. a reminder for up to the minute news views are to use twitter pages well worth a follow and i'll keep the stories coming in 30 hope you'll join me then to.
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now imagine it and say we're going underground ahead of what was said you will to be the 2nd u.s. presidential debate in florida as u.s. so-called mainstream media reports on a republic that appears to be on the verge of civil war hyper polarized by race class and injustice coming out of the show the hand of god.


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