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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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struggling to hold on to its ceasefire the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan sees only spilling moments of calm reports from an area. that's the latest. shelling attacks were. under the control of the armenian forces. he's shelling the city right now. the city outside the immediate conflict zone leaving 9 dead and dozens injured we hear. exclusive interview with president . bush should. look for. the
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real start that. russia's coronavirus vaccine is poised to complete the final stage of tests our correspondent is among the volunteers taking part. in the british prime minister rolls out a complex new set of rules. with partial lockdowns in the north of england but there is growing a public frustration over the government's handling of the crisis. and people. will never know when they when. they. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us and the cease fire between armenia and azerbaijan is barely holding together as the shape. the
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truce enters a 4th day on monday air raid sirens were again heard in the capital of disputed not gordon. these pictures show the aftermath of a 2 week bombardment then in the early hours of saturday. of an agreed to a pause in the fighting with russia's mediation that was to allow for an exchange of prisoners and war dead however over the weekend both sides accused each other of violations. of the south of the disputed region has seen some of the worst fighting since the conflict started on sunday despite the supposed truce the city of drouet was shelled our correspondent hugo's john of reports from there right now we're getting closer to the town of it's on the southern front and it is probably the heaviest contested region in all of nagorno-karabakh think is even before the cease fire was announced the president was there but john the family of had said that the city defenses had fallen and that well as of that moment the town was under the as there by johnny control of course there media and forces that denied all of that
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saying that they're still in control of the city so even despite the ceasefire both sides are wrestling heavily for the control of this town. so we're inside the city of drouet this part of town at least this part of town is under the control of the armenian forces of the forces of nagorno-karabakh. his shelling the city right now this is the least safest place of all of the region. because. we're being told to go to get down into bomb shelter this is where we're going to stay for now and wait out wait out the shelling. so essentially they're telling us that only one person at a time can move. ok
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that was it that was very brief that was very quick but it's simply way way too dangerous for us to stay here for long so we're getting the hell out of our drop there's no ceasefire there's no ceasefire here has already told you it's being shelled basically both sides are wrestling. for the control of this town it's a matter of all it's a matter of integrity for both look at him military jets flying above us and bombing the mountains next to the city of patrols so there's that for the ceasefire for now because down of reporting from the corner karabakh see a car about conflict stretches back more than 3 decades although the region is legally part of it is populated mainly by ethnic armenians broke away back in the 1990 s. after a lengthy war. one of ours about john's largest cities ganjo was also bombarded in the early hours of sunday baku says 9 people were killed and more than 30 injured we spoke to a journalist in azerbaijan. 1 the news about. ganja caused the fury and
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outrage is reaction among azerbaijanis has been the 2nd consecutive missile attack on the 2nd biggest city of the country with the population of half a 1000000 but this time 9 people were killed and more than 30 people were injured including the reaction among others by janice varied it from cautious to radical once the officials of the beneficial already paid a visit to see the head of the foreign affairs department of the president. called the attack act of genocide by the president of the country. said it was the brutal violation of geneva convention and war crime and he warned i mean years to give them. the answer and this is the scene in ganja reportedly showing the aftermath of that bombing attack the armenian president has claimed azerbaijan was
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the 1st to break the cease fire our men spoke exclusively to r.t. his full interview will air later on tuesday here's a preview. so are there violations on the part of army and if there are why is it happening that there are violations and as far as i understand it one violet the other one nasser's and then it goes back it goes around back to the initial place who was the 1st point number one in the case of. the bombing or shelling. journ journos of a bug john cleary information from my government from ministry of defense and for foreign minister and foreign minister i have spoken about that already that it's definitely not not there i mean it has filled it that's number one number 2 when you were speaking about breaking the cease fire it it was unfortunately immediately
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after the cease fire was announced 12 foot log step on i.q. at the capital city of of the. republic was shelled and i mean i'm speaking about civilian shellings as world 3rd we should not. forget. in this account the real fact who started this stage of war it was the us there is side clearly. the people of nagorno karabakh a republic of arts. so violations are there there are fortunate and i think all parties have to put a lot of efforts in order to stop it and of course it's very very important to have bacon and mechanism over verification who is breaking the cease fire i mean these are many ways of doing that internationally using technology but that should be put in place because until the cease fire is not established fully the humanitarian
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side of this says fire will not be. and either of sides will be able to use that as a john has denied violating the cease fire we spoke to former azerbaijani diplomat elnora. he said his country is merely claiming back its own land. i don't think that the you will find any citizen among the un member states which will not support it has to get its own territorial integrity we have to get i think that this is he a key issue here we have to understand that the other by john has been admitted to the u. n. on the specific visiting it at that of us and we don't want any other countries than it is where it shall be made much clear that we had more cleaning in it that if you know the public what media and the republic of i mean it is the perfectly aware of what we are claiming were claiming implementation of the un security council resolution very much clear so i think that there are there are messages quite sometimes cottons going wrong direction as it was on my junks fighting to
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look after him but it which is not the case as in my job is claiming back to control what can legally be longstreet and we have to make it clear and it has been clear for the last 30 years that we that we don't target any i mean in relation iranians have traditional leave on of them by jenya saw oil and we are looking for a peaceful coexistence of the 2 communities in the world in accra that was at the short position of azerbaijan over the last 'd 30 years and we have a teacher rated destroyed many times and we have done in a practical steps in that direction to show our city it's definitely we believe that i mean in a lot of my genesis and leave to get. covered 1000 infections have been setting grim records here in russia with it daily cases now over 13000 in the last to 2 days that is 2000 more than during the initial peak back in may moscow's mayor has urged residents to remain cautious there will surely be a vaccine the county's mass vaccination in
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a couple of months and the strong will be over but we need to get through trials without problems there's a constant risk of someone who's sick with covert and doesn't even suspect it being nearby. in response to the spike new measures have been introduced in the russian capital cheaper travel for students and the elderly has been stopped to encourage them to stay at home while companies are required to have at least 30 percent of office staff working from home but there's also cause for optimism russia's covert vaccine is set to complete final stage trials the sputnik job has already been registered in russia it was developed by scientists at moscow's. institute $55000.00 volunteers are taking part in the 3rd phase of testing among them artes. moscow clinic number 68 in the city center nothing special except this is where i received the rushes vaccine against call that 19 hopefully able to resist public
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enemy number one as the world health organization calls it. this navigation sign says cobbett 19 vaccine clinical trial is this way. maybe i received a placebo because this is a so-called double blind trial meaning neither the doctors know their participants know who's getting it was only 75 percent of the volunteers are getting jobs with a real shot and i hope i'm among them and i have reasons to believe i really am i'll explain why i got the 1st shot exactly 21 days ago i felt really miserable the next day headache muscle pain for the vaccine developers say every 6 volunteer or face a similar side effect by the way they faded away 48 hours or so later today i'm going to get the 2nd dose of what could be the most awaited drug in the world why to
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bolster the immune response to but if the form is off to the 1st shot before being approved for the trial i was checked and scanned and checked to get the blood test you're in tazz called 90 task of blood pressure also general level and today we do some tests and again it can be back same by the way divided the world of those criticizing the research too little evidence too fast and those praising rush for it i'm going to get vaccines right here. ok i hear. i need to relax my groove. who. after the 1st show i was. i have been wanting to buy. the happy calling me and you've made me do calls you
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know and after 2 days i'm going to continue stay in touch with medics you know and as well as all volunteers because it's a trollops role. but that's it i'm done well they had to abort you where the vaccine is made as fine a friend of russia is expected to be able to produce up to 6000000 days is monthly bring in russia close to her eve unity in the. hoxsey for. millions of u.k. citizens are bound to be placed under partial lockdown under coronavirus containment plans unveiled by the prime minister the rule of the rules applied to england and vary by region liverpool and the surrounding area will face the broadest shut down with all pubs and bars closed and a ban on mixing between households boris johnson claims the new measures are actually a simplification of the previous system. we must act to save lives boucle approach
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has inevitably produced different sets of rules in different parts of the country that are now complex to understand and to enforce just as we simplified our national rooms with the rule of 6 we will now simplify and standardise our local news by introducing a 3 tiered system of local coded alert levels in england i set it medium high and very broad those in government themselves have been caught out either not understanding the rules or even breaking them and so he's trying to introduce a small according to him simplified version which includes sokol t a system which would see anything from the current rules that are in place no longer than 6 people being allowed to gather at any one time pubs and restaurants being closed at 10 pm all the way through to those types of hospitality ventures being closed all together now as part of that's of course there have been
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complaints that these measures especially the tough ones could spell the death knell for a number of industries in the economy and so the government announcing that they will be supporting people's wages and asked not as much as they were before previously the so-called photosystem would have seen up to 80 percent of people's wages or up to 2 and a half 1000 pounds paid for by the government if people weren't able to work now that's been reduced to 67 percent or around $2100.00 pounds and so the government tried to support people but there are some who said that these measures will impact in particular the north of england and some officials including the mayor of manchester which is in the north of england and the burnham coming out and saying that enough is enough i will not anymore perhaps with the situation where they impose things on the north of england that will cause real damage to people's lives now it's not just the politicians who are unhappy either there are many amongst the public who say that in addition to the kind of pressures that it is. putting on
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people's mental health on people social stability it's also causing great damage to people's economies in particular small business owners i said really did that really wasn't good to people our way that we'll have no way that when we gave her a car if they didn't live it's the government's decisions now that will determine whether a wave of unemployment turns into a surge in poverty debts and hardship now we are seeing a number of legal challenges being posted up against the government's measures a group of nightclub and publishing is in the north west of england saying that they're going to take legal action and demand the government show scientific proof for some of the measures that they are implementing while a group of m.p.'s have said that they will be taking legal action as a result of some of the contracts that have been given out up to 3000000000 pounds worth of contracts that were awarded some say with buyers to those with ties to the
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government and so the government they're being accused of perhaps nepotism and corruption not just in how they spend their money but of course also being accused of not following the science when it comes to how they implement these rules mourners have to short break said turn this is our team international. thanks. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. next geysers financial survival guide. when customers go buy your supplies. in now well reducing lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good
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for the global economy. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. a day or thinks. we dare to ask. this is our team international now the european union has backed imposing a new round of sanctions on russian officials over the election of ali case it could include travel bans and asset freezes and involves the alleged poisoning of the opposition figure our europe correspondent peter oliver has more. the sanctions
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measures were put forward jointly by france and germany the legal necessities will need to be drawn up before they can come into full force and we're expecting them to be announced in e.u. council meeting that's a meeting of the heads of government in state of the e.u. member states on thursday and friday of this week what we can expect from the sanctions though is that they will take the form of asset freezes and travel bans it's been reported 9 members of russia's security services may be the targets of the sanctions the german foreign minister announcing them had this to say we have initiated sanctions against individuals whom we believe to be partly responsible for this violation of international law it is important that the e.u. shows unity in such a serious crime today well germany and france were the 2 member states that put forward these berlin in paris say that russia has not given adequate answers as to
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what happened to alexei novelli well from moscow's point of view that they've asked germany to provide moscow with the evidence that shows that alexei navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent 4 times but that request has fallen on deaf ears in fact the russian foreign minister not happy at all with the way that moscow is being treated in this situation or pulls him rooms of the u. we are asking the o.p.c. doubly to explain their findings were the results of this probe they tell us the request was from germany so it's a german case and you should ask germany so we ask germany and we get the same old story for requests from a prosecutor general's office have been sent in accordance with the european convention on mutual assistance in criminal matters under this convention all requests must receive an answer instead we hear excuses absurd statements the russian should investigate these crimes on its own we cannot investigate the case.
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when we have no facts so where does this leave russia's relationship with the european union well ultimately not particularly great on monday we heard from alexander schellenberg the austrian foreign minister vienna had being traditionally a very close ally of moscow within the european union however the austrian foreign minister saying that there could be no return to business as usual however we did hear from your barrell as well the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs basically the e.u. foreign minister if there ever was to be one he said that the relationship between moscow and brussels went deeper than anything that had to do with alexei navalny that russia's cooperation was needed particularly when it came to situations like the ongoing crisis in the got a card about russia as one of the co-chairs soledad means group to deal with is the fight in northern iraq and i watch. places that mcconnell has to toggle is the
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president we want to work the differing would mean group you know the to look for a ceasefire you know would look at who haitian we're not going to stop doing that to do to the top of these tensions alexina valley is still recovering here in berlin he took a lot of flight from siberia to moscow back on the 20th of august he was brought here to berlin was in they induced coma for a couple of weeks he was roused from math and discharged from hospital the last month and continues to recover but as he's getting better it would seem that there's still plenty of ramifications from whatever happened to him to come with relations to how that relationship between moscow and brussels is going to go from here on out. almost a quarter of americans now say they don't have enough money to see themselves through the next 3 weeks and it's not just in the u.s. where the pandemic has seemingly widened the gap between rich and poor as artie's
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done quarter reports. over a 1000000 people across the globe have died from coronavirus related causes says billions more continue to struggle with the pandemics economic consequences things are looking up for the world's billionaire minority for the 1st time ever their collective wealth has surpassed 10 trillion dollars billionaire wealth equates to a fortune in almost impossible to spend the most well lifetimes of absolute luxury anyone accumulating riches on this scale could easily afford to raise the pay of the employees who generate their wealth will contribute a great deal more in taxes to support vital public services and all the while jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate the super is good even richer will mean the people around the world lost their jobs does not a coincidence this is how their rotten system works might be time for governments to step in right well they already have in fact they're helping the ultra rich get even richer thanks to a loophole in the us as coronavirus relief package the wealthy ended up getting
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around $1700000.00 worth of handouts and another $133.00 large companies received $5000000000.00 more from the treasury as for the u.k. over $20000000000.00 of government stimulus has already gone straight into the pockets of corporations for the rest of humanity it's unfortunate because extreme poverty is only getting closer to home between 88000000 and 150000000 people could fall back into extreme poverty as a result of the pandemic with an additional increase of between 23000000 and 35000000 in 2021 potentially bringing the total number of new people living in extreme poverty to between $110000000.15 the world bank defines extreme poverty is living on less than $1.90 a day so as the ruling class continues to collect the billions of dollars in government charity you have to wonder how exactly society is benefiting as
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a whole from this degree of inequality it is a manifestation of capitalism it is time. how capitalism handles a pandemic you can see a disproportionate impact low income workers have been laid off fired run into unemployment much more than middle and upper income workers capitalist employers are keeping their jobs during an economic downturn but laying off millions of american workers so you automatically if you react to a pandemic that way you worsen the inequality it's the capitalist system and its operation that is in fact the cause of this growing poverty for which there is no excuse up possible or there's a for me this hour i'll be back in the let's say $34.00 and a half minutes with another full of news this is our 2 international.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person of. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. those who sell job lol but the list of all the i'll just.
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keep on going to want to make it a wonderful idea why do you know who the hell out of the. elite hope will be but there are also friends that the us are still so but the soul hoping to do something this year. which will. be valuable as i was able allaah will go in the most simple with a lot of that you know we're going to. be stamped out of all ism without capital and you can't have top at all without giving people an interest rate to incentivize them to save. and the reason you do that is that if there is
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a downturn like the coke then there's plenty of seed stock there's plenty of capital in your capital system to smooth it out. if you deface the currency and you interest rates are 0 and there's no incentive to save therefore there's no capital then you don't have dapples of money where you have a cutoff perceived by central banks the worse it gets the more they pay themselves . seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any new gold yet to shape out these days become agitated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i. this is the one business show you can't afford to miss friendship or in washington coming up. relief talks in the united states have stalled once again while global markets surge ahead of a busy earning week were to break it all down plus the o.e.c.d. says just over a proposed digital tax could cause a yearly decline in global g.d.p. we'll dig into the details and a later so much our sanctions against chinese telecom giant huawei affecting the company's ability to do business worldwide are going to bring you expert analysis we have attack show today let's dive right in. and we lead the program with the latest in the ongoing stimulus talks here in the united states after the white
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house increased its stimulus offer to over $1.00 trillion dollars on friday the package received heavy criticism from republicans and debt democrats casting doubt that economic relief would be coming to americans any time soon now the white house offering clues expanded unemployment insurance of $400.00 per week stimulus stimulus checks of 1200 dollars for adults with $1000.00 per child another $20000000000.00 bailout for airlines and another $330000000000.00 in paycheck protection loads as well as $175000000000.00 for testing tracing back scenes and health care related to the 19 pandemic and there are several other measures meant to stimulate the economy and there as well but what issues do both sides have with this plan well democrats believe the white house package doesn't go far enough on a plan and funding for coronavirus testing in tracing while republicans believe the price tag is just too large and are concerned it could expand the obama era affordable care act after the.


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