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since his existence. we start with breaking news 6 years after the mh 17 tragedy russia pulls out of what it slams as point the investigation consultations with another lens on a stranger. from the south to reimpose a nighttime copy who suffered a little fact paris and 8 other cities amid the spike in new cases the country's fight against the virus is expected to last until the from up. to strikes obliterating everything in that the alter the benches in one of the domes have been completely destroyed our. correspondent reports from the back to reach an open
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border car about status here between armenia and azerbaijan continued. poems also 40 minutes area controlled territory despite 85 being agreed just a few days ago. hello and welcome to all its international just gone 2 pm here in the russian capital glad to have your company as we take a look at what's happening all around the world well let's start off with how russia says it will stop taking part in consultations over the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 the tragedy took place over eastern ukraine in july 24th teen 6 years and 8 the investigation is still ongoing well we're joined now by our correspondent in the studio where we just had russia says. no more to the
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investigation what let the foreign ministry to take the decision well as it is explained in document the last straw for russia was the government of the netherlands filing a lawsuit against russia in the european court for human rights alleging mosca had played their role in the mh 17 passenger airplane crash back in 2014 when all 298 people on board mostly nationals died russia denies all the allegations accusing the now the lens of being interested in only putting all the blame on russia rather than fighting the truth here's the russia's foreign ministry the dutch move is considered yet another blow to russian dutch relations and the hague court's determination contrary to common sense is to continue on the wrong path of unilateral attribution of responsibility to russia for what happened in the sky above donbass such unfriendly acts by the netherlands make it senseless for us to continue to participate in the 3 way consultations responsibility for the
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breakdown of the consultations those lies entirely with the hague. we'll receive the netherlands reaction they say they deeply regret that russia to decision but by the way in the same announcement of russia's foreign ministry it is explained that russia is ready to continue with the countries with another lens services involved in this. investigation sorry so they only are right now out of this consultation team but they will continue cooperating with the netherlands services involved in the investigation well just to remind us because obviously we said 6 years as poss what do we know about the tragedy well i remember that day july 17th 20143 months after kiev launched what it called a massive counter-terror in eastern ukraine using avocation havea tillery tanks i was there on the ground since day one and i remember how quickly turned into
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a very bloody deadly operation fighting with casualties from both sides including the months of feeling and so the situation on the ground was boiling it was really dramatic the real war in fact was raging when the tragedy happened to bob eastern ukraine and i mean the investigation has been going on every scenes and till today we did not know exactly what had happened to keep.
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very dramatic like it's a tragedy in fact so and to government forces were very quick to accuse a child and interesting is that in that situation the natural lens back to the position of official key of and according to the dutch led joint investigation team the plane was brought down by book surface to air missile fired from the rebel controlled territory but interesting is that no satellite a radar data supported actually version when you talk there about people accusing each other star still sounds like there's a lot of confusion is that actually anything connecting russia to the shutdown pain no for russia and yes for the netherlands they say that. belonged to russia but most do says it handed over immediately all documents proving that that's a particular book the netherlands were talking about was on the surface of the ukrainian forces and plus russia shared its radars data and they didn't
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register any missile fired from that terry to at that moment you know but the netherlands say that's because the raiders are for civilian purposes and the miss out is a military object maybe it was not even supposed to register a military. military object about the thing is that russia has been complaining repeatedly that the netherlands do not accept russians documents and russians materials he is russia's president vladimir putin talking about it whatever the presents it doesn't say we have. syria we have presented its but no one wants to listen to us and unless there is dialogue we will not find the right response to the questions that still remain. the tragedy of. the people we mourn. and we believe. such incidents are an acceptable so you understand what we hear today from. russia's foreign ministry
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didn't start yesterday all this lack of trust this misunderstanding has been part of for months and years and the question number one for russia still today remains why in the 1st place why it comes that ukraine did not close the scars and did allow passenger airplane to fly about its territory at a time when there was a massive military operation raging in the country including usage of avocation as i said so we've heard as you just said moscow has had long time reservations about it does anyone else in the international community shad this questioning investigation is on russia's side also as you know it was malaysia airlines airplane and here is the country's prime minister talking about this investigation and also calling it politicized. way we excluded from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics in it the idea was
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not to friend how did this happen when all that but you seem to be content. to be on russia had it been a neutral but the examinee and making conclusions we. accept. these who have some political interests in the middle. i think what is important now is that yes russia is out of 3 way consultations but most go says it is open and ready to cooperate with the netherlands services and other countries services anybody involved in the investigation and anybody interested in finding the truth absolutely i mean this so much confusion and so much uncertainty around what kind of think about of course the relatives of those who suffered in the tragic night and banks that was where it finished in the studio with us. but as i said a big development not tom packs i'm going to cross live now to political analyst
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chris bambery for more now so we had that russia says going to stop taking part in the consultations what to your take on why they pulled out but i think what they're saying is that it's a kangaroo court. judgment the premise of the whole thing is that russia is no governments and it's true. of stock option and therefore it's not a judgment and so really you need there is one school or say i think we should also add in the very information of what was happening in the sky. time has not been shared either by ukraine or of course the united states and its massive surveillance operation so they haven't provided data they haven't brought information which they have what was happening in europe and other questions asked their asses maria said why was this when a loach of why. a war zone you know i mean well heavy weapons were being used by the web site so there are a number of questions but jancee yours it is because russia feel it's judgment has
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already been made by the dutch and by the australians and that russia is guilty and norther option should be considered so do you talk about no other option being considered that somewhat suggests that you kind of support the view that moscow says the whole investigation was aimed at really throwing these accusations against russia it is not fair assessment. well years of a vision for instance a missile i mean you know is a soviet made missile from the. ukraine has them as well you know what's a little across the former us and u.s.s.r. so you can't just say that simply going to be a russian weapon it's not quite as simple as dots and such weapons were being used by good science during this so conflict unfortunately you know tragically as it as it turns out our thought should be with the victims of this crash so what russia if you sort of all the gods. from mars you very moment won't we seem to have had
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a bit of a technical fault we're going to try and get chris back on the line when our back here piers that is working from home about what chris bambery a political analyst in the caves of. light in france president of mine you are micro has announced strict new rules for paris and other major cities in response to cope with 19 a nighttime curfew will be enforced from this coming weekend for a minimum of 4 weeks. we have made a decision to and who's a curfew it will be in force in the paris region other french cities a new nationwide state of health of urgency has been declared in france as president mark on outline new stricter measures to try and defeat covert 19 he's announced a curfew that will take place not just here in paris but in 8 other of the worst affected cities across france that will come into force on saturday and will be from 9 pm in the evening until 6 am in the morning and it will be strictly enforced
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with the 1st time that you are caught outside without a good reason with a fine of 100 $35.00 euros but that will go up to $1500.00 euros for repeat offenders when southers measures will be in place for at least 4 weeks but the government wants to try and push that to 6 weeks taking it to december 1st and he said president michel and this would be strictly enforced i.e. if you actually live half an hour away you will need to leave the restaurant by half 8 in the evening he also talked about reducing private gathering saying that 6 was the magic number and he said if you will with friends and families at a private gathering and you couldn't be more than one meter away from each other you would still have to wear a mask well there was thick and furious reaction to those announcements by president mack on. 60 percent of new infections happen to work schools or universities between 8 and 7 pm but micron is banning people from going out to bars
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restaurants between 8 pm and 6 am welcome to absurdity there must be great disappointment among medics tonight who have heard no announcements of extra personnel material support or present back and said this was about trying to bring down the number of 1000 infections that came as the latest figures showed there were almost 23000 new cases of the virus in the 24 hours to wednesday with 104 deaths in president said that the health care system was simply overloaded with staff being exhausted and he said that the situation was more worrying now than it had been during march at the start of the 1st wave of the pandemic now these measures will also of course affect restaurants and he said that they would be help for people who worked in those sorts of businesses with 90 percent of pay basic pay being covered by the state but you can imagine that many businesses who already
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hard hit by kosik 1000 are probably worrying about what the future will hold for them now and present back and said that france would have to live with this virus until at least the summer of 2021 so not just a long winter ahead but possibly a long spring and a long summer for france as even stricter measures could be put in place if as president machen said people do not respect the rules and those numbers of covert 9000 infections are not brought down well we spoke with the health director for the red cross international who supports these tougher restrictions. the stuff for mentions of measures are welcome and we as the red cross today called out for political leaders to intervene in speedy courageous and inclusive way to ensure that these measures are put in place to protect the de health and the social
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status of all of the people of france and in many other countries even europe or many countries are being taken little bit by surprise by the iraq surge all cases and so the are many countries are reacting within 48 hours with a new measure that being put in place in what he's needed at the moment to ease. measures that can reduce the deferred trust mission but measures that can also bring people along and this is critical you know order to ensure that those measures are actually effect people. the struggle between army now and as a fight john still seems in full swing despite a cease fire that was that we've lost we will bring you all that makes a lot when we come back.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development the only way i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal. dares thinks. we fear to ask.
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welcome back now hostilities continue between on media on as a page on over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh that's despite the agreed cease fire. reports from the cathedral that was hit last week and meet some civilians caught in the crossfire the war in the go in a cab a who's not just about trivial territorial gains it's a long lost feud with lots of bad blood between both sides and recently it has spilled into a new turf religious this 19th century ollie savey a cathedral was a place was soldiers and volunteers alike used to come and pray before heading into battle that made it it's all good but it wasn't just soldiers who would come to
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this church. there's eerie military was battering the town of shushi at that time so i learned and her family decided to hide from the bombs in the cathedrals crypt one place they thought that was safe from the shelling but they were wrong god does not have to now there were 7 of us including 2 children when the shell hit the cathedral it was deafening there was destruction everywhere masonry fell from the ceiling that's all they can remember 2 strikes have literally sing everything in their path the altar the benches and one of the domes have been completely destroyed no place is sacred no place is safe in this war not only was this church hit twice but the 2nd strike injured 3 russian journalists one of them is still in intensive care after spending several days in a coma he believes the hit on them was intentional the streets of shushi bear a striking resemblance to those in other towns of nagorno karabakh it's
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a place of desolation and despair those who can fight are already on the front lines those who had somewhere to run already have done but alone or doesn't have any choice but to stay another story. we have to fit in this small shelter with a kitchen and bathroom in the same place we are too scared to go with doors when we hear the sound of the sirens we are rushing here to hide every even in the reason alone we can hear the shelling people seem to be unfazed by the story state of the cathedral there's plenty of candles still burning within the half destroyed walls of the church people pray here for peace to return to this land sooner rather than later because dan of reporting from the going to come back r.t. . azerbaijan's president at home here of has commented on the damage to the historic church in the corner he says the incident of course needs to be investigated and that if it was done by his forces it was unintentional.
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damini is also accusing us of a top selling a hospital in the disputed region on wednesday and a talkback who denies the hostilities 1st broke out medical staff from different countries rushed to the region spoke to some russian doctors who are currently in the conflict. at the new breast. it's no easy decision for any doctor to leave behind a content life and go to war here of course it's not hand to hand combat but the threat is there every 2nd i just followed my heart i went through the 1st war as a student observe military medicine i gained experience and admired the doctors who saved lives i think it was imprinted on my mind having a broad experience in emergency medicine and i didn't want to sit idle with you i wanted to share my experience my knowledge and save any life possible video goes over but the good was going to at 1st sight these are minor injuries small
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scratches in fact x. rays show us splintered bones and torn muscles all this suggests that the weaponry has changed a lot but there are very few cases of gunshot wounds here basically these are injuries from explosive mines cluster rockets and so on they are high energy explosives which leave incomparable damage us where the spirit or in my colleagues and i have been here since day one of the war and honestly we work 247 at the hospital i can't understand the enthusiasm of some to continue this war even if people don't die but there are still those seriously injured and adequate response is needed here to ensure a way to end. what just a bit of back story renewed conflict broke out over 2 weeks ago but has roots going back 3 decades with on and off bouts of fighting the contested region is mostly inhabited by ethnic amini unspot it is legally a part of azerbaijan has are a government reported again on thursday morning its territory being on the.
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that sound you just heard was a shell exploding in the azerbaijani town of tata according to the us sorry government the town bombardment on wednesday both nations deny it violate the ceasefire agreement since their option of fighting many people have fled their homes bought others have chosen to stay. there have been countless attacks this morning they showed our soldiers here luckily they survived every evening we sit here and watch the shooting 1st coming from the armenian side and then from our side it hit these areas and then it fell on the roofs of our houses there is no fear for our soldiers are fighting over there why should i be scared here we should not be scared. well let's have to europe because the e.u. has announced a new round of sanctions on russia that's meant to punish moscow for the allowed to poisoning of russian opposition figures. the russian government denies any
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involvement meanwhile the kremlin has pledged to retaliate by rolling out matches of its own party's europe correspondent peter all of our. the european council has confident that it will be putting in place sanctions against russia for the alleged poisoning of alexina violently we pretty much knew this was coming it was approved by the 27 member states foreign ministers on monday the council putting the rubber stamp to it on thursday what the sanctions will do is they'll target 6 senior officials and warn organization they will be taking the form of travel bans. asset freezes they're the type of sanctions the e.u. committee the council can push through unilaterally following the announcement from brussels there was also an announcement from london where the united kingdom has also said that they will be imposing similar sanctions against similar entities for what they say is the use of
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a chemical weapon by russia now what this is perhaps more interesting for is what the russian reaction will be earlier in the week we heard from said a lover of the russian foreign minister who suggested that there could be a suspension of diplomatic ties between moscow and brussels should the sanctions be put in place he also said that russia would be assessing how it did business in europe last time there was no growth or pulls the question is not just whether business as usual is possible but whether any business with the european union is possible at all the e.u. behaves arrogantly towards us and looks condescendingly down at russia demanding answers from us for all the crimes it imagines we have committed i think we're under no obligation to respond about. the sanctions were proposed by france and germany in the document put forward berlin and paris say that they're looking to target individuals responsible for the poisoning of mr and the family also
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a body involved in the chemical weapons program. and if a gun in the last years we have strived for a reasonable relationship with russia we must notice the specific incidents charge the bilateral relations and we need to ensure that a violation of the chemical weapons treaty which is one of the most acceptable agreements of human rights doesn't remain without consequences and on that we have a consensus at the european level. russia denies the allegations that have been made against it moscow sent for official requests to berlin for germany to share the information the evidence that germany says it has of the poisoning of alexei navalny russian needs that information they say in order to carry out an investigation the russian foreign minister has encouraged his european partners to observe well the set standard of international law he will also use c.e.
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use approach than a valley case is totally unacceptable 5 e.u. countries claim they have established the truth but when we request them to provide evidence of their conclusions that they say this is outrageous so let me be clear what we want is for the e.u. in germany to abide by international law there are the conventions on cooperation in criminal probe we appeal to those conventions asking germany to abide by the norms of international law and germany basically replies by saying you know what you have international law but we have our own rules and the rule is this if you don't believe you are guilty it was back in august that alexina found they took ill on a flight from siberia to moscow he was brought here to berlin where he spent 2 weeks in an induced coma. receiving treatment of a shot at a hospital he was discharged last week as he continues to recover here in the german capital more and more questions are being raised about what exactly happened to him and who was behind what happened to him. and finally some important news on
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kyrgyzstan's political crisis the president has tended his resignation he's attributed his stepping down to the clashes between demonstrators and riot police. i'm not holding on to power i don't want to go down in kyrgyzstan's history as a president who spilled blood and shot his own citizens that's why i've decided to resign protests broke out in the country on october 5th in response to parliamentary election results the seen this on fact the results were our knowledge of the next day off the opposition took control of top positions in the administration a new parliament has been formed as a result the andress house in total left one dead and more than a 1000 of. its well that's how things are looking at the moment what any more details on those or any other stories head on over to come and have a good. idea
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to play high and low poker that's when the low here and the high end where so we've got a situation in the global economy right now where in the currency markets various countries are trying to win with the worst possible hand to see how this works out . is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by the way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to decide. and. so join us in the depth. or inmate in the shallows. it was a very nice show from president putin and i could have said no thank you or i could have said thank you and i said i'll take it and now it's time to introduce my it's not special. don't travel thank you says very much for the. name whatever you want
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to name i mean i don't know how when i come that the news that's dishonest tell it i come to that a recorder or e. network that's totally dishonest c.n.n. is says you know 100 percent negative i can read this change fast changes so fast sometimes i'll say that's going to be a great story be a pretty good reporter not as good as you that's going to be a great story. pretty good report another as good as you. will see what happens. i always say who knows what we'll see on the field will be success. greeting. oh you. yes any addict will tell you at a certain.


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