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the experimental demonstration complex is a huge documentation has been handed over to the contractor everything is being carried out on time and even ahead of construction is going on around the clock. crying out for help hospital workers in france. needed to confront. president. virus. is a measure that can be beneficial but what happens i think it is not now the curfew's not the only problem. it is the responsibility of the. president. 6 years after the mh 17 playing
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russia steps away from. australia. wants to establish exactly what happened. to strikes. on the benches and one of the domes have been completely destroyed the 1st. from a decade conflict between armenia and. first and term life. despite a ceasefire being almost a week ago shells still fall on the. territory. just after midday in denver 11 pm in karachi 9 in the evening right here in moscow this thursday october the 15th welcome to our to international community. with europe in
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the grip of a rapid rise in cold cases health workers in france say the country has not learned any lessons from the initial wave they're protesting a lack of hospital resources still needed to effectively fight the pandemic it comes after president mccrone addressed the nation announcing new curfews in a number of cities in the hope of stopping the spread charlotte durban ski reports from paris. oh informing is a nationwide day of protests by health workers across france and they are protesting because they say they are simply exhausted exhausted by not just the 1st wave of the could 19 pandemic but then having to catch a polar appointments during the summer i now they're facing this 2nd wave and they say that it is worse than ever they also say that the government has been treating them like fools they all few years saying that there are not enough staff in the
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hospitals and they don't being paid enough so the government did bump up pay for health workers by around $90.00 euros a month from september but the health workers say that just isn't enough to compensate them for the sheer volume of work that they doing and also the danger they putting themselves in at the moment and they demanding a massive recruitment drive and a significant pay increase no own wing's the night president. the health workers aust facing a joyous situation this is what he had to say. our emergency rooms and our hospitals are in a more worrying situation than in march because we don't have a reserve of beds which is why we have to take measures that are more strict. now in a bid to try and ease the pressure on the hospitals and the fact that there are sometimes more than 20000 people a day testing positive for 19 with a few 100 people
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a day clothing into hospitals present mccord i know that they would be a cook in the worst hit areas of france that is knowing regions across the country including here in paris is going to come into force on saturday and it will be activated from 9 pm every evening until 6 am in the morning those people who are not authorized to be outside will face fines 135 years for a 1st offense but that could go up to 1005. 100 euros for repeated offenders the idea that they want to try and fight the virus to keep people in at night now i've been speaking some of the health workers here and they are not convinced that it could you is going to help them reduce the number of people who need hospital treatment because of the pandemic we also have it is a measure that can be beneficial but who see what happens i think it is not enough
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. the curfew's not the only problem we lack hospital bat's yes cobra 1000 is something dramatic but that's not the only thing that affects the hospitals it is the destruction of public services and the destruction of hospitals as well the curfews not going to solve the problem. since the start of the coronavirus crisis nothing was clearly done the number of hospital beds was not increased and it's not the folds of a lack of training nursing staff can't be magic out of the hat it is the responsibility of all ministers and president. well this comes homeless same day that the office is in the home of the current health minister and the current director of health as well as the former prime minister of france on the former health minister of france well all searched by the police this is part of an investigation that's taking place into whether they handled the crisis at the beginning of the $900.00 demick correctly or not there are allegations that they're facing that they didn't do their job it didn't protect people in france but the
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fact that they didn't give out face must in fact the advice during the 1st wave of the pandemic was only 12 facemask if you had 1000 or you suspected that you had it so they're saying that there was a problem but they are now facing charges that the. involuntary homicide and in danger in the life if any of them all found guilty of that they could face up to is in jail and face a fine of 300000 euros at the protest the nationwide. protests taking place across france today health workers once again out on the streets demanding more staff more pay in the face of the $19.00 pandemic. talks with astri earlier in the novel ones over the dawning of malaysia airlines flight m.h. 70 the tragedy which claimed almost 300 lives many of them children took place so were eastern ukraine in july 24th in
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a murder trial is currently under way involving 3 russians and a ukrainian accused of involvement and blind more details to saskia taylor earlier in the studio. it is explained in the document the last straw for russia was the government of the netherlands filing a lawsuit against russia in the european court for human rights alleging mosca had played their role in the mh 17 passenger airplane crash back in 2014 and russia denies all the allegations accusing the now the lens of being interested in only putin all the blame on russia rather than finding the truth here is the russia's foreign minister in the dutch movies considered yet another blow to russian dutch relations and the hague courts determination contrary to common sense is to continue on the wrong path of unilateral attribution of responsibility to russia for what happened in the sky above donbass such unfriendly acts by the netherlands make it senseless for us to continue to participate in the 3 way
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consultations responsibility for the breakdown of the consultations those lies are entirely with the hague will receive the netherlands reaction they say they deeply regret that russia took the decision but by the way in the same announcement of russia's foreign ministry it is explained that the only are right now out of this consultation team if they will continue hostile rating ways the netherlands services involved in the investigation 6 years has passed what do we know about the tragedy well i remember that day july 17th 20143 months off to kiev launched what it called a massive counter terror in eastern ukraine using advocation havea tillery tanks i was there on the ground since day one and i remember how quickly turning into a very bloody deadly operation the situation on the ground was boiling it was really dramatic the real war in fact was raging when these tragedy happened about
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eastern ukraine the investigation has been going on every since and to today we did not know exactly what had happened these are the key points. so and together and forces were very quick to accuse. the lens back the position. and according to the joint investigation team the plane was brought down by book surface to air. from the rebel controlled territory but interesting is that no satellite supported. version
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that russia. did not accept russia's documents and russia's materials he is russia's president vladimir putin talking about it whatever the present it doesn't say anything we have. syria we have presented it but no one wants to listen to us unless there is. we will not find the right response to the questions that still remain on. the tragedy of. the deaths of people. and we believe that. such incidents are unacceptable so you understand what we hear today from russia's foreign ministry didn't start yesterday all this. misunderstanding has been piling for months and years long time reservations about it does anyone else. questioning the investigation it was malaysia airline and malaysia is supporting.
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the whole investigation that led investigation is politicized from the. beginning we see too much politics indeed the idea was not to find how did this happen when all that but you seem to be content. to be in the rush or headed me in a new troop by the examinee and making conclusions we. accept but here we have these who have some political interests in the matter what is important now is that yes russia is out of 3 way consultations at mosco says it is open and ready to cooperate with another that services another country services anybody involved in the investigation anybody interested in finding the truth of the day we've been getting reaction to russia's the signal to quit the liability
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talks with a number of guests including 1st here political analyst chris palmer. feels that it judgment has already been made by the dutch and by the australians and that russia is guilty and nor their options should be considered and the new conclusive evidence and therefore russia is seeing that despite all the information and data. over by the russians it doesn't make any just a difference to the fact that that date has been basically made by the dutch the stroh's that russia is that way and that's the source of the frustration which is led to a russia. is very sensible to pull out it should not pull them actually the dutch need to answer the question as to why they were taking this process beyond the investigation they were running with the russians at one point and the australians there was a little triumvirate that was looking into the matter and then the dutch ran away from that investigation and decided to cook it up stairs for the european court of
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human rights why it was far too early we can see clearly that there is a onesided in investigation and of course it's necessary if you want to find out what happened to all evidence original presented doesn't matter by which side are taken into account i would like if the international community of the united nation or anyone who could be independent would really find a way or an instance which independently takes into account every evidence which is brought on the table. despite agreeing a cease fire last week armenia and azerbaijan continue to trade blows in a decades old territorial dispute that suddenly flared back into life this autumn igor said down of travel to a cathedral in the corner that nahr bears the scars of the conflict. the war in the going to care about has not just about trivial territorial gains it's
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a long lasting it with lots of bad blood between both sides and recently it has spilled into a new turf religious this 19th century only savior cathedral was a place where soldiers and volunteers alike used to come and pray before heading into battle that made it a target but it wasn't just soldiers who would come to this church the a syrian military was battering the town of shushi at that time so i learned and her family decided to hide from the bombs in the cathedrals crypt one place they thought that was safe from the shelling but they were wrong. does not at all and there were 7 of us including 2 children when the shell hit the cathedral it was deafening there was destruction everywhere masonry fell from the searing that's all they can remember 2 strikes have literally eating everything in their path the altar the benches and one of the domes have been completely destroyed no place is sacred no place is safe in this war not only was this church hit twice but the 2nd
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strike injured 3 russian journalists one of them is still in intensive care after spending several days in a coma he believes the hit on them was intentional the streets of shushi bear a striking resemblance to those in other towns of nagorno karabakh it's a place of desolation and despair those who can fight are already on the front lines those who had somewhere to run already have done but alone or doesn't have any choice but to stay another story. we have to fit in this small shelter with a kitchen and badger in the same place we are too scared to go with doors when we hear the sound of the sirens we are rushing here to hide every even in the reason we can hear the shelling people seem to be unfazed by the story state of the cathedral there's plenty of candles still burning. the hard destroyed walls of the church people pray for peace to return to this land sooner rather than later.
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than of reporting from nagorno-karabakh artsy. well as abrasions president has said an investigation is needed into how that historic church in corinth was hit he claimed if it was done by his forces it was on intentional armenia's also accuser version of shelling a hospital this week an attack by a coup denies when the hostilities 1st erupted international medical staff offered to help we heard from some of those medics right now in the complex. at the new breast edition it's no easy decision for any doctor to leave behind a content life and go to war here of course it's not hand to hand combat but the threat is there every 2nd i just followed my heart i went through the 1st war as a student observe military medicine i gained experience and admired the doctors who saved lives i think it was imprinted on my mind having
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a broad experience in emergency medicine i didn't want to sit idle i wanted to share my experience my knowledge and save any life possible goes over but the good will is going to at 1st sight these are minor injuries small scratches in fact the x. rays show was splintered bones into her nostrils all this suggests that the weaponry has changed a lot there are a few cases of gunshot wounds here basically these are injuries from explosive mines cluster rockets and so want their high energy explosives which leaf in comparable damage where my colleagues and i have been here since day one of the war and honestly we work 247 at the hospital i can't understand the enthusiasm of some to continue this war even if people don't die there are still those seriously injured an adequate response is needed here to ensure a way to end all this. monstrous all wars are appalling it is horrifying health
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damage the bodies of soldiers dog that brought in more and more young guys with horrible injuries some will die some will be disabled it is very hard from a psychological point of view it's a real shock for us even though it seems that we're used to pay. all the current conflict simmered for 3 decades the contested region is mostly inhabited by ethnic armenians but is legally part of azerbaijan he is hearing government report of again on thursday morning that the territory had come under fire. that's the saw end of a shelf telling the. according to be sharing government the telling came on her bombardment yesterday both nations violating the cease fire the fighting has forced many to flee to safety although some of the side had to take their chances on ramy . they've been countless attacks this morning they shelled us soldiers here
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luckily they survived everything we see here and watched the shooting 1st coming from the armenian side and then from site it hit these areas and then it fell on the roofs of our houses there is no fear on soldiers of fighting over there why should we be scared here we should not be scared. rising all my employment on a climbing death toll is wealthy u.k.'s opposition is saying will come from the prime minister is tightening her role in a virus to be sure it's not some other stories after the break.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only. very critical time to sit down and talk.
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20 minutes into the program hello again britain has joined the e.u. in imposing sanctions against 6 russian individuals on one entity over what they say is the nerve agent poisoning of kremlin critic alexei navalny school has repeatedly denied it out anything to do with the incident and has vowed to respond to the measures. michigan year sidesteps won't be left without a suitable response we would like to remind you that it was believed in which is openly shared in its internationalist possibilities to assist russia in investigating the incident which happened to russian citizens and use this story to deliver accusations on to meetings and threats against our country once again taking the lead role in empty russian sanctions among the e.u. and other international bodies for the european council has confirmed that it will be putting in place sanctions against russia for the alleged poisoning of alexina
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violently we pretty much knew this was coming it was approved by the 27 member states foreign ministers on monday the council putting the rubber stamp to it on thursday what the sanctions will do is they'll target 6 senior officials and warn organization they will be taking the form of travel bans. asset freezes they're the type of sanctions the e.u. committee the council can push through unilaterally following the announcement from brussels there was also an announcement from london where the united kingdom has also said that they will be imposing similar sanctions against similar entities for what they say is the use of a chemical weapon by russia now what this is perhaps more interesting for is what the russian reaction will be earlier in the week we heard from said a lover of the russian foreign minister who suggested that there could be a suspension of diplomatic ties between moscow and brussels should the sanctions be
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put in place he also said that russia would be assessing how it did business in europe last time there was no go through a pause the question is not just whether business as usual is possible but whether any business with the european union is possible at all the e.u. behaves arrogantly towards us and looks condescendingly down at russia demanding answers from us for all the crimes it imagines we have committed i think we're under no obligation to response about. the sanctions were proposed by france and germany in the document put forward berlin and paris say that they're looking to target individuals responsible for the poisoning of mr and the family also a body involved in the chemical weapons program russia must continue to explain itself over the attack on alexina valmy and the use of a banned chemical warfare agent much more than has been the case so far and we've repeatedly emphasized that such behavior cannot remain without consequences and
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therefore sanctions were decided by the e.u. unanimously and very quickly. russia denies the allegations that have been made against it moscow sent for official requests to berlin for germany to share the information the evidence that germany says it has of the poisoning of alexina violin the russian needs that information they say in order to carry out an investigation the russian foreign minister has encouraged his european partners to observe well the set and standard of international law he will also use the easy approach to the novotny case is totally unacceptable 5 e.u. countries claim they have established the truth but when we request them to provide evidence of their conclusions they say this is outrageous so let me be clear all we want is for the e.u. in germany to abide by international law there are the conventions on cooperation in criminal probe we appeal to those conventions asking germany to bide by the
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norms of international law and germany basically replies by saying you know what you have international law but we have our own rules and the rule is this if you don't believe you are guilty it was back in august that alexei in the family took ill on a flight from siberia to moscow he was brought here to berlin where he spent 2 weeks in and then joost coma receiving treatment at the shot at a hospital he was discharged last week as he continues to recover here in the german capital more and more questions are being raised about what exactly happened to him and who was behind what happened to him everybody is a little bit surprised that we saw out any of the results only prove you decide to sanction and this decision in fact is the sign of weakness off of the european politics just to how that steps on the sunshine between russia and europe and we so that in europe institution there is some
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countries there is some members of european parliament who want to have. relation you want to make damn sure and between europe and russia. a new coronavirus milestone was passed in the u.k. on whedon's say for the country clocked up its highest number of infections so far rising to 19 followers and it comes as parliament is turning increasingly to achieve the government's handling of the health crisis breaking down that for us from london kate partridge if coronavirus has taught us and the u.k.'s prime minister one thing it's that it's wise not to joke about it during an impromptu meeting of conservative m.p.'s boris johnson reportedly quit the ruin of 6 social distancing policy would mean families could escape celebrating christmas with their in-laws one of several attempted gags which apparently fell very flat but while
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some tories rage that government decisions are bankrupting the nation the opposition are worried that those policies are costing the country lives and labor leaders to care start a partial return to lock down the government's plan simply isn't working or not of course is needed. that's why i'm calling for a 2 to 3 week circuit breaker in england a circuit breaker is a short period of strict social restrictions aimed at bringing the virus under control this comes after it was revealed the government's scientific advisors urged m.p.'s to impose a fortnight long long down as far back as september the 21st instead johnson and as a 3 tier system of measures including a 10 pm pub curfew and advice to work from home with stricter curbs in the worst hit areas and he is ready to lock the country back down the whole point is to speak to seize this moment now to avoid the misery of another national lock down and i
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don't want nothing of course in combating the virus but we are going to do with the most of the regional approach the policy as indicated by those tory m.p.'s concerns is driven by the vast economic burden of the pound demick one think tanks predicted that almost 3000000 people will be unemployed by christmas after the chancellor's furlough scheme ends on october the certainly 1st while more than 2000000 people in england on the government's shielding list and considered vulnerable to coronavirus due to health issues will mostly be told to take precautions but not to stay at home to the anger of patients groups of people who for example are on it was because we're simply not so that social worker able to have some protections that is how financial protection you talked about that is in very high risk areas such as say look or so we're like that they are not going to work however there's no protection for this new financial support they may be able to get. only
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a deal is done locally so actually the choice between whether to go to work on public transport and of course needing to keep her job is very difficult one to make as the situation worsens within the country the government remains on the horns of the ultimate dial emma. how do they save lives without bankrupting the country for boris johnson and everyone this is no laughing matter partridge. is or let's put a reminder for up to the moment developments do artie's twitter page to your go to news and views source content always being out there hope to catch you again at the top of the hour good bye for the. i never played high and low poker that's when the low hand and the high hand. so we've got a situation in the global economy right now where in the currency markets various
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countries are trying to win with the worst possible hand to see how this works up. when almost seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days. and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and if we for underage prostitutes are controlled by a pimp these traffickers exploit on average $4.00 to $6.00 girls at any one time the investigators are going to try to find out if done yeah belongs to a pimp.


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