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tv   News  RT  October 17, 2020 12:00pm-12:25pm EDT

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i mean the bigger question if you dream is for. the suspect who beheaded a teacher in france revealed to be an 18 year old chechen man who was born in moscow and had been living in france as a refugee he was shot dead by police not far from the crime scene. standing in one of the creases left by the bombardment it's about 8 meters in diameter fighting continues between armenia and azerbaijan over the new corner kind of back region despite both sides agreeing to a cease fire a week ago i mean while shells have also rained down on areas away from the disputed territory with civilian casualties reported in this area city.
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good evening 7 o'clock in moscow you're watching r.t. international french prosecutors say that the man that decapitated a schoolteacher in france was born in moscow and was off chechen origin russia says though he has no connection to the country as he moved to france 12 years ago with his family as a political refugee. came amid growing anger after the teacher had reportedly showed his class earlier this month derogatory cartoons of the prophet mohammed. this is. where you're.
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at the assess unique one of our compatriots was murdered because he taught freedom of expression the freedom to believe or not believe this. you are compadre was the victim of an islamic terror attack the national antiterrorism prosecuting him from says been putting details about what exactly happened in the days leading up to that brutal to cavitation off the 47 year old history teacher who's been named is miss samuel patty now the assailant as you mentioned that who was shot dead after decapitating teach it is an 18 year old of chechen origin and was born in moscow he had refugee status here in france and was apparently not prepared to see no need to the intelligence service now we do understand that in the al is eating up to that atrocity he went to the school and asked people to point out who sound real patty
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was so it does appear that he didn't know the victim himself beforehand we also heard from the national antiterrorism prosecutor about the tweet that was released by the attack a jest of that decapitation here but i doubt what that tweet said we were able to verify that ourselves. on saturday at the tweet said i executed one of your health plans dead to that it will mohammed that's a direct quote i phone the anti terrorism prosecutor now he also outlined the details of the individuals who've been arrested in connection with this terror attack they into the parents and grandparents of the younger brother old the 18 year old assailant and also a parent of a student 2 had apparently post debate here on facebook in the last 3 weeks calling for the teach it to be dismissed as
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a result of showing those care features of the prophet mohammed the muslim prophet to the good because for him and we end this stand that in the days leading up to this decapitation there were many threats that were being. made against at the 47 year old teacher we've been speaking to some of the parents all children who are also 'd in santa patty's cost to them of you. he asked muslim children to raise their hand and leave the classroom he did it my son told me he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the children to not chilled them he explained i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show a cartoon of the prophet of islam i don't want to shock you delegates will do and i think you see where it's an attack here normally nothing ever happens here and now a teacher has been decapitated our children on safe we don't know what to do well the reaction has been shock and horror here in france about this brutal attack
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on it teacher now the rector of the great great mosque here in paris has said that he was horrified by what's happened and he said that condemnation just isn't enough anymore that action needed to be taken and also it was called nation from the a model of the great mosque in he described this as being the final behavior and not that of a muslim whatever the thought the believe even the insult the caricature of the other nothing justifies the fact of killing the so it is the mortal capital soon to kill a person like that to cut his throat like that all because it showed caricaturists of the prophet there have been there been 2 terror attacks hay in france in the last 3 weeks and both of those attacks related to the images of the slim profit and it come as france is trying to do you the issue of separatism here the present medical outline was he wants to do the draft rudy to be presented before the end of
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2020 he said that france would fight back against any form of separatism and that end any deviation away from france's secular values wouldn't be tolerated. talked about liberating from some foreign influences we know that drove through is going to see closest scrutiny or schools associations that serve religious communities and that arabic will now be true in mainstream schools rather than in mosques that laws sent do you by the end of the year but it comes as polls have been giving us and in planning all walked many muslims feel one poll recently showed that almost sweet crude says that those who responded who are under the age of 25 said that they would put their religion above that of the republic this attack has unleashed a huge fear now particularly amongst teaches you may have to give similar classes to that of several patty when it talking about freedom of speech they wonder now if
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they too are in the firing line through doing that and this is even raised more questions about what's being done at the moment with that is actually enough to prevent this sort of radicalization that leads to such extreme brutality. charlotte vinci reporting there were people have been laying flowers where the attack unfolded these there are some pictures from there from the scene locals do say that the incident shows how democracy is under threat in from. human to human madness that's where we are today in france it's unfortunate just a lesson just a caricature people were injured in this beyond 2nd largest city of ganja residential buildings were ripped and go on boy came to live fire for armenian armed forces for example will be in the in a skip or are we let your daughter district we hear shells exploding no more than a few 100 meters from us fighting continues along the forms line and surveillance
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our call to india mido for example yesterday during a funeral procession show exploded at a girl if you are killing 5 people in one link you know the 5 shells hit also residential buildings and then when lord people here in charge are believed by their nerves never knowing when shells were start falling again move out of the region is leaky part of his a big populated mainly by ethnic armenians in an interview to russian media the leaders of both countries outlined their positions. but. there is a red line for us and this is the right to self-determination of the people of mcgovern occur and that all times there are many of us ready for such a compromise but there are bridge and refused to sign agreements because of their bridge and did not want and does not want to accept that. under no circumstances can the territorial integrity of azerbaijan be violated i
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dunno circumstance as well as a vision consent to the independence of nagorno karabakh we believe that in the future the armenian and the as a johnny community should live peacefully and co-exist on the territory of new gorno karabakh. murder torture and rape all crimes undercover agents in the u.k. would be allowed to commit under a new bill that has passed the house of commons although it still needs approval from the upper chamber and amendment which was intended to limit the list of crimes was rejected the amendments would give the intelligence services the protections they need but stop short of giving them the card blush authorization to carry out the heene is crimes in the name of the state they have happened too often in the past when the bill in question was introduced last month and seeks to permit certain criminal acts by authorities in the u.k. they include the police intelligence services armed forces and others however the
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government insists it doesn't grant a license to kill political commentator anthony webber fears without any amendments british citizens will be at risk. the happens if this extra power is given schoolies government social services so should i go to saeed's or what will the state do so far it's not sent the power to save the hospital but suit my physicians amendment so do the they were recesses of this country and are protected because this is. a very war where you. grab your state state power. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. place a nation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura made in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back now corona virus cases a surging again in the united states friday saw 70000 new infects the infections recorded the highest figure since july throughout the pandemic to new york has remained in the top 5 states when it comes to covert cases and president trump has laid the blame squarely at the feet of the governor andrew cuomo new york it has been the worst of the been our country but $40000.00 deaths new york is doing very badly please don't to be real if your job cuomo well new york's governor does claim that a lot of progress is actually being made in the situation is stabilized but just like trump many do blame local authorities for the chaos of the past few months kill a pop in a small. they call it the big apple the city of dreams the capital of capitalism but 7 months into the pandemic new york city is not doing too well and local
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government is catching the blame it's incredible how little we have learned in 7 months well they better start learning pretty fast at this point we've seen gun violence on the rise rapidly the f.b.i. and the u.s. attorney are looking to intervene my perception is is that this city in certain other pockets has become an environment which is too permissive for armed criminal offenders to walk the streets at the peril of the public in addition to that we've got the new york city police department they are bracing for massive underestimate following the presidential election this november 3rd will be one of the most highly contested presidential elections in the modern era we should anticipate and prepare for protests growing in size frequency and intensity leading up to the election and likely into the year 2021 broadway is staying shut down until summer
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of 2021 lots of lost jobs and lots of lost profits furthermore the historic roosevelt hotel has been forced to close there are no tourists to book their room now other hotels have been used to house homeless people and keep them off the streets during the pandemic a public health measure however residents of those neighborhoods are not thrilled about their new neighbors and they are suing the city the city has reacted recklessly and to radically by repeatedly uprooting these individuals based on political pressure hospitalizations for covert 19 are now starting to rise once again local officials have a lot of problems on their hands and for every problem they solve 10 more seem to pop up they look mop and r.t. new york. now israel pushed forward this week with plans for thousands of settlement homes in the west bank yeah but he has slammed the move and it does come
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less than a month off the israel bahrain and the u.a.e. agreed to normalize relations. the netanyahu government's insistence on moving forward with settlement activity to satisfy the extreme right wing reflects its rejection of this solution and even its commitment to destroy the chances of achieving it in the future when the expansion plans announced are the biggest since 2012 according to israeli ngo peace now israel claims it is storable and biblical ties to the west bank where around half a 1000000 israeli settlers live alongside nearly 3000000 palestinians earlier this year israel agreed to freeze the formal annexation of the west bank under the us middle east plan spearheaded by president trump however palestinians claim the deal actually greenlights israeli settlement activities meanwhile he when human rights observers to still have been denied access to israel and also the palestinian territories back in february israeli authorities announced that the country was
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suspending ties with the un human rights watchdog that after a report was published naming more than 100 israeli companies working illegally in west bank settlements but absence of international stars from the occupied territories a highly irregular situation will negatively impact on now billeted to carry out our mandate we continue to hope that the situation will be resolved soon and we're actively engaged with various relevant and concerned parties do that and it's right for human rights watch in israel are marcia care believes that the severing of ties between israel and the un human rights watchdog fits in with the country's long standing policy. this is clearly being done as an effort to muzzle documentation and advocacy around israel systematic repression of palestinians and i should say it's not a one off issue i was deported myself after being more than 2 and a half years based on the ground as human rights watch as israel palestine director
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based on our work on the ground as well and it's part of a long standing trend and it's part of a sustained assault on the human rights movement while the u.s. has historically always you know shielded israel from accountability and turned a blind eye to. this us administration is taking it a step further and even giving the green light for these abuses to continue sort of should come to no surprise that we see settlement activities at unprecedented levels sturrock leaks and continued efforts to entrench this discriminatory reality . and i washington and moscow remain at loggerheads over the extension of a major new control treaty the us has pushed back against russia's proposal to extend it for another year as the details as the clock ticks on the last remaining u.s. russian arms control treaty the united states and russia seem to be locked in a stalemate when most of us suggesting an unconditional 5 year extension of the
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treaty the u.s. wants quite extensive changes which has called quite simply unrealistic now speaking early on find a president putin made a strong call to save the pact. i have a suggestion to prolong the existing treaty without any conditions for at least one year in order to have the opportunity to hold talks on all the matters regulated by such treaties and not to leave all the countries in the world interested in the preservation of strategic stability without such a fundamental document as the strategic arms reduction treaty and things between the 2 have escalated quite quickly with the us even responding with threats if the conditions are not less. the united states is serious about arms control that will keep the entire world safe we hope that russia will re-evaluate its position before a costly arms race ensues now the issue is that washington wants a framework for a new trilateral treaty that covers all nuclear warheads and includes those of china in the future something which russia has objected to in the new strategic
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arms reduction treaty otherwise known as the new start treaty was signed in 2010 by u.s. president barack obama and russian president dmitry medvedev and the plan to limits each country to no more than $1550.00 deployed nuclear warheads and $700.00 deployed missiles and bombers and envisages sweeping on site inspections to verify compliance but the treaty is set to expire in february 2021 so time is really of the essence here and the lack of an agreement and of course the tone of rhetoric between the 2 sides has raised concerns within the e.u. when it is imperative that the russian within the e.u. when it is imperative that the russian federation and united states of america extend with. the new start treaty for the duration of 5 years. for the sake of all of our security the world must return to a common past wars nuclear designs now as you may remember last year saw the
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breakdown of the 987 intermediate range nuclear forces treaty so the new start is the only a nuclear arms control pact between the 2 sides that remains so needless to say the stakes are extremely high. in washington. and washington would your judgment. increase the. existence of all these weapons. point i think there were points there were more. points the new coach of war or the last 30 years or so you know there are some. interests in the united states considerable arms surveillance arms production or arms production. military industrial spending is the most. likely won't cost for that new and. so there are very strong elements
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in the united states and in the trunk. oh no we're just sitting here and you aren't very close not meeting immense immense profits. and watching r.t. just coming up to half possibly meaning hey remote sky so that's how i things in the kinks so far today we're back again as usual at the top of the. still i just know that the get a list of all of this. i want to look at what why did why do you know. how lucky. we hope to be but there
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are also friends that the us are still so but the still hoping to do something this year. which. should. be about the fact that there's a plurality going to bomb was put on one of that you know we'll look at that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. americans
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love by and all. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country a large understood the bargain you get a whole and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you. have a stake in the system. be really interesting dialing back and think about the longer deeper history housings man in the united states not just at all the question of the american dream but the bigger question if you dream is for.
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you know to go home by the what is it you don't focus the love was easy for everybody i doubt the media goes eagles of us boys oh no. not this one about old people might want. to live in new year's new month us big. time we said it could. be. someplace he most people in the most came in nobody goes from believing that it was with he was the music to the hospital you. in.
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that article. out of the.


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