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back boulevards a dark industry comes to life each night as dozens of young women are selling their bodies on the street. in the hollywood vice squad sergeant who knows and his men are gearing up for a major operation western you know this. limits. of the way back raven to us that want to. their mission tonight take down the prostitutes customers in a rush their pimps. hospital confirm a prostitution violation with the suspect and when violation has been obtained you see outrage will get a pre-determined signal. the police officers are going to do something that would be unthinkable in france go undercover posing as prostitutes. these agents known as
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undercovers will encourage customers to pay them and catch them in the act they will also try to be recruited by pimps. to make approximately 1517 arrests and arrests attempts at our human traffickers. western avenue is a popular spot for sex workers the 2 undercovers take their position the operation is extremely dangerous they could be assaulted by customers or threatened by pimps carrying weapons this is why searching windows has set up ingenious security measures. in the box me jaysus one of the plainclothes police officers will pretend to be homeless. hidden under
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a cardboard box so having the uniforms in the area would also have you know barry is you know you see operators that's up to them to be as creative as they can be. this individual here in the car in front of us with the hood open that's actually another cover officer. i did just in front of the 2 police officers another armed officer is ready to intervene in case things get out of hand the prostitutes are very quickly approached. they've only been out there for 30 seconds and now we have a car stopping to talk to the sergeant munoz has a live feed of their conversations through the phone. he expected. thanks it. sounds like they're trying to they go there they go she. the money the simple verbal agreement between the prostitute in the customer is all
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it takes to classify as an offense the girls in the key to the customer a little further away. so that's the plainclothes officers cover isn't uniformed officers nearby carry out the arrests. try now you're just being. detained for prostitution investigation. you know. these arrests will continue well into the night. i think it was for oral sex but we told them that because she didn't get into the car that he thinks well nothing happened well no if you can still commit a crime even without the theme of getting in the car in california prostitution customers towards. ons risk up to 6 months in prison and
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a $1000.00 fine however these johns aren't the only people charged who knows who's concerned about. her she's really just see the light a car. he wants to identify the pimps these pimps and often recruit girls directly from the street the driver of this luxury sedan approach christina one of the undercover officers. this is a possible pam and here exchanged phone numbers. where they're on the cover so what the on the cover is going to do is going to communicate with me can be something that can be done tonight or it could be darn within the next couple of days. it's going to take place or what. the result rests and contact with a potential sexual trafficker the operation has been
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a real success for surgery and the hollywood vice squad at the station christine is quick to contact the driver of the sedan. the way he was talking to her it wasn't like the usual guys that approach us and are just like a. i was oral or anything like that it was very kind of beg me he wanted more from us so not really saying ok our control over the plate they have but influencing me to keep working out on the street what we're trying to accomplish is to see if we can get a pandering by at least. california inciting an adult woman to prostitute is punishable by 6 years in prison. los angeles. the 2nd most populated city in the united states with over 4000000
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inhabitants and hotbed of prostitution and they differ. on the city's sidewalks in apartments but also in hotels around the airport thousands of women are prostituting themselves under the control of pimps who are often gang members. this issue is affecting more and more underage girls on a daily basis totally. less risky than trafficking weapons or drugs the sexual exploitation of children is a highly profitable business for organized crime and under-age prostitute could bring in between $150200000.00 a year 10000 $1.02 weeks that. we were given the rare opportunity to follow the hollywood vice squad who fight this modern slavery on
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a daily basis if i get to go to jail. they're hunting ground western avenue. they come out here illegally walk up and out west. how quickly. sergeant munoz is leading a team of around 20 officers in the field working undercover they are trying to catch prostitutes and pimps by posing as customers. there. as soon as underage victims are identified these undercover officers and the case over to the human trafficking unit 60 tech to have specialized in long term cases probably looking at 36 open cases right now aaron and his colleagues use some surprising investigation methods to catch out traffickers. we call this our wall.
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going through cell phones fake profiles online and on social media you know if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles we're going to come out with thanks to these techniques he has managed to pull one $120.00 miners out of prostitution in just a year got 4 young you've got to be freezing. tika is a survivor she was forced into prostitution throughout her entire teenage years. 12 to 18 hours probably about 12 or 15 different pants. it's an exceptional immersion by elly's elite police officers who are leading the war against sexual trafficking without mercy. they get out they are where you go to jail to. parent lives in a residential suburb around 15 miles away from los angeles. this
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former professional snowboarder has now been working in the human trafficking unit for 12 years. erin and his wife have a new member to their little family. center came early and we have a new addition to our family. our baby girl arrives when we can go. every day this father of 2 attempts to save minors who are being sexually exploited recently becoming a father has only reaffirmed his determination you know work in child sex crimes it's a very difficult position to work. you know the stuff that i'm exposed to on a daily basis the images that we see you know the interviews you hear the stories of these children of what they go through and it's heartbreaking you know obviously i would never want my daughter to ever be. you know exposed to any of this so it's
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still a motivator for me. however aaron doesn't have a lot of spare time for his family. and i like. to get it yet. terrence unit is located ellie p.d.'s headquarters in the heart of the city the 60 tech gives working in this department are very will be on average $100000.00 per year in order to fight this war against sexual trafficking they have a surprising weapon up their sleeve they use fake social media accounts as a means to catch pimps i have 2 undercover accounts. instagram that i do so this is my 1st account can i pose as either
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a 16 or 17 year old female this particular female that i use is actually a police officer here fairly pretty. and we use different type thing i will do it showing her with money resource show that she gets to travel a little bit in california the legal age for sex is 18 years old however aaron is still contacted by dozens of men you know 24681012 i probably have 25 or 30 direct messages from different bands and chapters this particular person who goes by i get paid the trust no one asked me what school you go to i told the school and then the very next one was how. to be honest with you i am 16 years old saw one said that to him and we'll see if your response. to recruit young girls via social media or dating apps the pimps 1st. try to seduce
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them some don't hesitate in sending corner graphic images but i don't. send a picture of your penis. whom rable an easily influenced girls will then fall into the pimps. for a real victims needs these rural girls are out there they have very low self-esteem so when something like this gets into the picture this little things i told them how cute they are you've got a nice body you're so smart it builds a girl's confidence at some point a rope i say you know what i think you're the guy for me when all you know all come mess with the oh. so we continue to chat. tonight aaron is going to try to treat these men who are exploiting young girls his team will be working in a joint operation with the hollywood vice squad.
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meeting. up with him and we said. just that. is enough. but i'm also the most companies you know i've done it gives the theatre . company siemens get all of those people be honest i mean nobody goes from didn't you know just to see this put to you if you are. someone. you see live in the little you kind of these people. in the kit is. always they in this in that clip that i don't look to your list. so to.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spanning dramatic developments only really going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very creative time to sit down and talk. we're going to be conducting this investigation that both tell. cornelius the riser is going to be sergeant munoz we're going to have to interview the bench of it and once we determine that they are victims of human trafficking being or pandering then we're going to attempt to locate and identify their their pimps. one of
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the vice squad officers has selected the on line profiles of the prostitutes that appear under. as of 2017 they are now considered as victims under california law to help them get out of the game these undercover officers are going to trap them by posing as potential customers this is what we're looking for right here she looks very. you can tell she's using social media that to me is kind of screams that. this has the potential to be a juvenile victim right here. in the market for it is. nothing that you would believe but the. police will be operating from this luxury hotel by x. $80000000.00 travelers who pass through this area every year and the dozens of surrounding hotels are a godsend for pimps. a lot of the girls are lies. girls that were prostitution. may know the hotel very
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well they know that most of the men that call them in this area are business men who are usually from out of town so a lot of times are undercover as well act as businessmen from out of town. 20 or so agents are now inside 2 adjoining rooms in this hotel. in. the search. for that room where they will be doing the undercover operation and then the undercover when they get a violation and then we take the female into custody they bring her back in here and you will do the interviews and. undercover cop is already texting a girl who is potentially under age to gain her trust he is telling her about his evening kind of gave her a story that it's credible that i was at a strip club and i wanted to. so now that i spoke spoke to her she says she's going to be out here in 20 minutes and hopefully we we can get her to come out and then
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how much was the amount of her rate it is said $300.00 for an hour or $450.00 for 2 hours. ok for example for you get her. reach for hotels are 2 or 3 times higher than the going rate on the street police officers have police cameras around the bedroom for the operation they can discreetly observe what is going on in the next room. so. they are doing a negotiation we can hear it and it helps us with our investigation later on down the line if we have to go to court they're evil the use of creole to show that the officer did make an agreement with the girl a police officer on watch at the hotel entrance alerts the team of the young woman's imminent arrival in all its. forms.
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ok so. so is he going to be this the way to get. their. police officers bumped into was suspicious woman in the corridor or perhaps the prostitutes madam. the police officer who is posing as the customer comes out of the bedroom pretending to take a phone call. you're. like we need man for yourself. what happened during your. first yes how are you for me. if i didn't
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know you don't. know. the young woman is taken into the adjoining room over there she's making out like this is her 1st arrest. and. she's taken $200.00 from the fake customer got it. to the police officers now want to find out if she is working under a pimp 000. 00 so like. i want to speak to this you old. friend or i if you don't breathe you're going to pass out from untruth. it's impossible to know
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whether she is working for herself or for someone else despite her young appearance she is in fact to be very youthful and appearance yeah but they verify she's 20. the police managed to arrest a 2nd prostitute later that evening but she is also of age. they got 2 girls tonight it was a good night they got to unfortunate in getting minors and then one girl was 20 and had a crow is 24. and they're not being charged if they're doing it on their own. so they will get. into the jail they'll get a fight asian and released and then they'll go off their own little way. being charged with prostitution means these 2 girls risk a $1000.00 fine and over 40 hours community service unfortunately the police
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haven't managed to arrest any underage girls tonight but their efforts to save these young girls from a life of prostitution will soon be rewarded. between tonight operations the hollywood vice squad are taking advantage of those rare moments of downtime to release some tension kids early evening and surgery munoz's day has already been pretty busy. he came in early to help out the detect this. should have a couple gay members they were actually responsible for shooting. the shootings throughout all the wood and some of the surrounding areas so we've got to make that stick so we're here at 4 in the morning for you know we're going to start right in the city they will go all night you know addressing the issues should be a finite. might be
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a long. as hollywood for you usually long nights. surgeon munoz will spend most of tonight patrolling the streets of these tollywood in search of under aged prostitutes in his undercover car he will head down western avenue. crushing koreatown with its local businesses and motels but also those more infamous hollywood streets that are ran by gang members surgeon munoz sometimes stumbles upon some rather unusual scenes during the night. every night at around 10 pm the regular ritual of scantily clad prostitutes coming out onto the street begins to come out here and just plainly walk. wester and you can see how quickly things just get more growth yeah there's there's about 56 different girls
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it within about a 4 block area. the soliciting is completely uninhibited for everyone to see so you can see them monitoring traffic waving cars blowing kisses at people obviously they're dressed the way they're dress or attire it's part of that. and suddenly the surgeon notices a sex worker who appears very young. spring everybody at. all so now she's here on the corner he's here right here because of the street we have enough on the corruptors in the area they kind of tried to get her attention to see if she decides to get into one of the cars. one of the plainclothes officers approaches her in his van after a short conversation the young woman agrees to get in.
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such an alley other than one question declined an hour at all she's trying to screen him and as we can see there why are they going to be driving away. surgeon when no starts to tail them the it calls in the surrounding area are waiting for the signal from undercover cops before intervening. oks got the mileage of a violation of. the arrests take place at a gas station. to c.c.t.v. cameras and lighting mean it is safer for both parties that they enter once again the young woman doesn't have any idea on her. so these girls often lie to us about their identity no i.d.
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and their age even though she's saying she's 20 years old she and her parents is that of a june also. these arrests of under age looking girls continue well into the night . because it. just said typical friday night and a hollywood initiated alley. more often than not these girls aren't carrying id they're taken to the station to verify their ages. in the parking lot one of the girls catches the attention of the officers she's 5 months pregnant. at the precinct surgeon munoz recognizes the young pregnant girl this is the 3rd time she's been arrested. first it was our 11th and then we got. yeah to hear her last arrest was when she
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was 17 years old she is now potentially of the but the police officers are sure to try to get her salad the last hour there to see if that was in charge of the children actually. she actually jumped out of the car ran out for ran away from the c.f.s. . but now she says she's probably in a dog fight that i let. me be she was so. desperately wants to be. the she is the. ship which i think she did all right. very. well that we said confirm it but we just need to get the right information and. when checking the files the officers realize that the young woman has lied about her date of birth she's been using her sister's id she is in fact still
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a teenager so brianna is her older sister i just found the lord. iris very hard. to take this action you know. she was 15 at a fairly certain you see her sister's information so that it turned out that she still is and so now you got a call b.s. really hopefully help her out and get her out alive but it's going to be a hard road if it's a young. kid . just say i don't know about that get a list of all the. other. one
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moment i wonder why yes why not. all of the. every year we hope to be but there we here are all some friends of the us are still so but the so beautiful thing to do something to see. which. they have about the physical alibi the cell phone and i was able to put them on them that you know but that happened. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't let this happen to you watch kaiser report. you know what i'm
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going to be out there see i don't think about a lot of romania's roman not new dorp or. i kind of but i wonder. if they now i think it's higher than our. members of the african mafias conway's them safe and quick passage to europe but once they arrive. they are in sleeves and they count speech util. will not last some of the libya mom and i couldn't you know if this unit can get it out i mean. they sold the. lady. concorde of the. persona but a kid even then all the skeleton woman lenny.
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11 people have been arrested in france following friday's brutal killing of a history teacher. police witness video an 18 year old. armenian. second ceasefire in the space of a week before the. this weekend there were accusations of. in the disputed region of the. shells rained in all the areas surrounding that. with civilian casualties reported in 2nd largest city we hear from. the.


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