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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 27, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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so anyway i'm not mean. when i come here. french products are stripped from stores wall portraits of president jacques wrong go up in flames and some muslim majority countries as anger grows over a crackdown on suspected islamicists following the slaying of a teacher in paris. keep the government still goes on to divide us it will create separate groups in society and it is not the solution to do you have to be camping out not to be and then to modern patronage we don't know. oh. well pre-election tensions are wrapped into violence in new york's times square we examine whether the main rivals in the race for the white house perhaps have more in common than their supporters might think. and the faces of the enemy
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a russian evolutionary biologist claims the pandemic currently paralyzing the globe can mutate into a around 20000 variants. i think it's a blessing the corona virus is approved moves slowly even though all the current events in the world where it still is very quick to produce since those are headlines for this hour for more details on your latest news stories make sure to check out our website r.t. dot com and follow us on your favorite social media platforms thanks for watching r.t. international and i hope you have a great day. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered. peter lavelle shifting
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alliances washington's unrelenting policy assault against russia and china has already altered the world order what remains to be seen is how moscow and beijing will work together to confront a hostile west also while america ever be normal again. to discuss the real news i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's the editor of politics 1st magazine and in budapest we have george samueli he is an author and a you tuber the goggle original macross of prose and effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it or i was going to london marcus says you know we've been watching over the last few years a closer relationship between moscow and beijing and as a matter of fact a couple days ago when asked about the tension military alliance which these 2
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countries do not know right now but this possibility putin said this the russian president theoretically it's quite possible to imagine with without any doubt our cooperation with china is bolstering the defense because capacity of china's army time will show how it will develop we can't exclude it we've never heard this before from the russian president what's changed go ahead. in a period of 5 decades russia and china have gone from the brink of war with each other which could revolt nuclear weapons to a situation today where both countries have formed an informal sure c.g. partnership with one another to stand american a call who mastery now given that 5 decades sees in relative terms of very short period of time the turnaround in relations between moscow and beijing is quite simply astonishing however i am of the opinion that there's a lation ship it's raised russia and china is one of our fantasy it is one of
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necessity both countries need each other to prosper you know well it's in a way. the over who to create power now i so i do not see any reason why the informal should teach it partnership between russia and china won't break down of the forseeable future but there are serious challenges to that relationship and it is these challenges are only ones that people in washington and london become familiar with in recent times so for example china is continuing to try and undermine russia's predominance in central asia and i hope to come all the more so once china launches its one belts and it is if again you have lost just very close relationship overlay shifts with india and vietnam
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which is a very serious concern for china because india and. through various potential adversaries all china and china could very easily come including a war with both of those countries then you have china's very close relationship with america which gives a lot of concern to the kremlin. and so we also have to tell. into consideration the military relationship now i'm very aware while president putin says boss i'm not so sure he really believes that there will be a military alliance because the russians are very sensitive in concerns about a supply of high tech. on a solution is military because many in the kremlin often says the interests are lusher could be there was enough military force in china one day it could strengthen the national security of the russian federation now all that said i see the relationship between russia and china continue in syria blossom in the future
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but there are very serious challenges cigarettes you know sure he really has when it didn't have to be this way this wasn't an inevitability. this relationship we can put ever whatever adjective you want to put in front of it but this is basically the makings of washington i mean and and they did they did it with eyes wide open go ahead george yes without question. what 3. since the end of the cold war has there been a massive expansion of nato something the russians would be to blame warned they didn't exist there to read. the united states with a growing brown key military agreement with russia most recently from the ins but before that from the a.b.m. treaty and now as though they're planning with a group of the open skies agreement. and now you know it could be that the new
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start treaty has also put history so that one thing well the other thing which is over real terms on russia is the level of a bit true that is directed toward russia and not wrong ordinary from the tabloid press but from the very. highest levels of the us government it will be. the people who are in the executive branch with people who are in congress. and of course you have the media stoking those so when you have. the absence of any arms agreements a possible arms race developing process the sort of hostility yes then russia does view of britain and is obviously growing towards china now china also feels very threatened because it is gradually replacing the united states as the global
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they have enormous economic and financial power and never in history has one had your money quietly ceded its the role in the world to rising and given the hostility that emanating war china from trump and especially now biden is actually saying that trump of being too soft on china so it's quite obvious that some sort of a serious home plate between the united states and china is like in the very near future so you can see why both russia and china book existential reasons are increasingly grohl towards each other who was saying was that this is a real possibility is not saying that it's going to happen tomorrow at that no real possibility so you know. that's marcus and that's exactly how i read it is that you know it's almost table and it is negotiable and it depends on external factors and i think that that was just kind of basically putting up the flag on the
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floor and seeing if anybody salutes and it is actually also a warning ok because there's there's this. ridiculous li held concept in the west that russia is just begging to join the american coalition and you know it and in its of this part of this american exceptionalism if you just listen to us and do it we say everything will be fine with the russians not that's not true in the chinese certainly don't know that's not true as a matter of right now china is on the receiving end of what russia has been on the receiving end for years go ahead mark. oh absolutely paisa you know gone are the days away in the last just sort integration with the west and i'm talking about us in the early days. since his tenure in power now that he's. long gone laughter so the day eases shrive into a chief for potential in the wells and russia understands acutely that in order for
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his search chief its full potential then he is really does have to seek surety egypt alliances around the world and that is one of the main reasons why russia has forms that they saw unofficial shifts egypt partnership with china and it's certainly the case that a military alliance between moscow and beijing ease possible unless those shall inches to the relationship which i outlined moments ago of his oath and our military alliance simply will not happen and it is it is also a case that there is hope in washington and london that the american screwed that's what we are should nixon assented and indeed actually achieved to drool china away from us as nixon drew china away from the soviet union and i referred earlier to how china has a very very heavy relationship with america that is one way if the americans
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could achieve distrust in the relationship between moscow and beijing now i don't see that happening in the 1st. bus or anything new anything is possible challenges between russia and china really have to be resolved and in regards to india russia has put itself forward so who all of the parties concerned as a mediator as a british because russia is telling china india and 3 and a half that leslie was so for all. less fuel cells for the soul the difference is that who is going to benefits it is going to be america. russia acts and as a mediator has not worked so far because china and india came so close. the question is tension is growing that's free in china and finance and the chinese know who breaks out constrain china and india or china and 3 and a half chinese soldiers who die and die behind lost weapons and those options
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are on incident safe india and so i do hope this challenge can be results you know but i think i think that given the case of ok having the difficulty of resolving these issues ok it's that these are very clear here but the other the other gambit is is to trust washington and i don't see that's possible i think that george you were i saw you nodding your head i mean the thing is is that the american politics is at a point right now we're russia is just the cultural to fight your internal enemies ok so i can't see how this is going to change very much and i think the chinese have actually learned to watching how washington is treated a must in it's a real printer because all the issues that mark has just brought up it's probably easier to deal with those issues than to deal with the administration in the united states your. question peter because. this kind of talk.
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comes from washington about how well we should now be a tilt toward russia against china just as you know nixon tilted towards china against the soviet union it's just home to our because. of the so many years of unremitting hostility toward russia and serious threat towards russia you can't just turn around and say oh well that will be bygones be bygones and now please join. join us in some kind of a global coalition against china i mean the russians on stupid it's made up of it well that essentially what's behind this is a kind of let's you and him fight you know they're going to try and push russia into a war with china and then eikenberry going to just to the set back why this is this is a really bad conflict going on here so i think there's just you know that train left
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the station a long time ago. but i do think that come from china complete with india and china conflict real are i think much less urgent right now than the conflict with the united states i mean that's the that's a serious one because here you get. the united states which is really now very concerned about this role in the world and this is this is not happen this is we're talking our butts it's like the $45.00 no one has challenged the united states the supremacy in the world i mean yes the soviet union did when he came to nuclear arms but in terms of economics finance. geopolitical influence certainly could rival the i say that china is not in a position to do that ok i don't ignore any we're going to go to a short break and that's our break we'll continue our discussion and some real stay with hearty.
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welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension down. the yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates are produced watched as a report. congo . the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of. teenage gang rules here. want to. be my neighborhood. but. maybe.
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not. but. yeah. well the leg. room. welcome back to cross top where all things are considered i'm here a little remind you we're discussing some real. we're going to go back to marcus sitting in london pat buchanan an author i often
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cite on this program it came out with another brilliant column a couple of days titled america alay and complex and he ruminates about the evolution that some people have in the political class media in the united states is that once trump's gone everything is going to go back to normal will get everyone will be quiet and even you know joe biden said on the campaign trail nothing will fundamentally change these people do. i don't know what they're talking about because the rift that is going on in american politics and culture is so deep the obese the abyss is so deep that i think that you know what happened in the trunk ministration is this reflection of those divisions that he didn't create those divisions irrespective of how you feel about from so going back to normal that's an illusion marcus what do you think. america is not for want of a better word a new whole country firstly it was born out of genocide and secondly
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and the fact so i'm going to side now might be distasteful to a lot of people any particular area liberals are quite frankly i'm not interested in what they frank america is not a nation states and that manes america has never truly had an identity america has never truly had a coach was the most soulful the largest groups groups in america are moving european for example with english german sorriest so sirish and and irish there are many other ethnic groups there if you take australia australia in america have relatively speaking similar length periods of history there is more of an australian national identity in culture and unity than there is in america
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because the vast majority of australians dissent from the british otto's in particular england but in america the you do not have that sort of harmony so that is a major problem we hear a lot of liberals in america talk about how america is a successful military it would be nice if everyone in the wells was united that is not how human beings have evolved human beings have the fountains of years if over into trying that is the way it is the way it's always will be and indeed flame a person once ostroff or totally doesn't merit or actually have a coach and i'm saying it doesn't because america is not a nation state that is why america will always be divided no matter who sits in yeah but you can make the argument too that it is a nation state of multiple tribes ok i think that that. that's a viable argument to make you but george you know to my point here i mean these
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divisions have been with us for a very long time and something one of my favorite mantras as you well know is that you know the the the neil liberal ideology that is that is practiced and forced down on on everyone it's it does argue about what culture means what american culture means but they refused to talk about class and that is the biggest division ok you know a black live matter there and you know our poor tshombe you know these are the things they do to keep us divided and i and i would be willing to say. saw it very differently and it's up to our viewers to decide how successful he has been but the you know the of the class issue is what got him elected and that's the issue that could get him reelected if he were focused on it but it is late day in the game i don't know if he's going to be able to to overcome what joe biden said you know
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nothing will fundamentally change well that's the problem when things need to fundamentally change ok because the next republican after trauma of those in 4 years or 8 years is going to be somebody that's going to be like trump but probably a far more effective in office go ahead george. yes here's the other problem with the united states you know and to be a functioning democracy in means that there is a consensus and there's a consensus about the succession of power i mean what happened in 2016 and i think it at least in terms of modern history is never happened which is one class simply refused to accept that election result well when that happens of course then 2 you've got the makings of a civil war because whichever way this election goes it's almost certainly going to be a very close one and it's very unlikely that either side will accept the election result
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. should be reelected then you the so those who have been rioting all of this year plus there's all of the media allies will be justifying the violence or the with and the black lives matter they will be in support they will be they will support the violence and they will just simply refuse to accept trumps re-election whether they blame russia for it or they'll find something else of the blame the october surprise the brave bring it all trumps by bringing up the there's a laptop they will blame that and almost certainly within days of being inaugurated nancy pelosi house will launch an impeachment yet another impeachment if it goes the other way if it goes if biden wins and particularly are we going to have these elections you where we're going to be counting and counting and counting
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for weeks on end and suddenly whoa by them as one we've got the votes then i think they'll be a real burst in the growth of the militant movement and as happened in the ninety's it's quite likely that the u.s. administration will likely try to crack down on the militant movement. if it ends in the kind of bloodshed as happened in waco 1903 then you know then the best really good to be of violence a very serious insurrection that the government may well not be able to cope with because even the government and i don't have a. look what happened up waco i mean you know but the government itself there might be ok that's when you you know marcus i don't think the topic for the program i think there is american culture but i mean probably think about it differently being an american i suppose but i mean one thing that you know for a viable nations you have to have institutions where there is a consensus that these institutions have legitimacy kind of picking up my georges
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and their these institutions you not have universal legitimacy and that is the problem right here people don't believe in the electoral outcomes anymore ok they don't believe that the in the states is going to enforce protection of their rights we've seen and it depends on what you know what your political create is i mean you can you can land on one side of the law and if you have a different radio on another side ok and it's basically liberals that take care of themselves and if you put a perfect example people in trumps orbit being indicted and things like this then with the legitimacy of the system as they saying is and doubt this election is going to show it go ahead mark. yes i concur with that paper wall finds a society to get is a dominant culture that is absolutely crucial for insured. harmonious existence with a society but i absolutely excess there are many other factors which can be cited
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to account for why american society historically is divided and as you correctly cited peter cost is a major factor behind that and that is something about the democrats and all those are politicians i'll tell you came in syria cast though of course down i suspect they know it's the case. yes that leads me on to your money i believe that if there is to be who realistic chance a realistic opportunity of creating a far greater degree of harmony it never happens to society then there has to be the emergence of another political party in america one that is truly independent one that does not have a very slow group spirit miss military industrial. complex to the big pharmaceutical companies foreign policy. is ral in saudi arabia
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they not only they could there be a real chance your life both unpaid that there is more shots of hell freezes over than over another. law twice embrace a britain is dominated by the conservative party and the labor party unless that changes in britain unless that changes in america then the situation we see in both countries will just continue indefinitely it's been continuing like the hundreds of years peter nothing fundamentally changes in either britain or america why because both those policies in america and britain are parts of the. the assassinations the british and the american suspects if. you know you know churchill unite talked about it on the gaggle about how pleased we were the d.o.j. was starting antitrust against google unfortunately an american problem in the u.k. do you can have antitrust against political parties it is i would be all for it i
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had to break up those 2 big parties because the fact of the matter is the most common political affiliation in the united states is not affiliated ok they've the majority of the population of voting age is politically homeless ok and weak and as long as they remain homeless the status quo will be maintained except for changes on the margins ok and it's all about you know it's it's a celebrity politics is what it's about nobody wants to talk about the substance because if you did most people have caught a pitchfork and they should go ahead george yes yes that's right and it's kind of interesting that when the pot is attempting to push their way into the united states they were met with more roche's opposition by the maids the but is there a personal tied them up in court because it's quite hard to get on the balance in the united states in the you have to have $50000.00 signatures or whatever and you
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begin challenging the signature and you take them to court and essentially bankrupt . this what happened with ross perot that your top of the bag you got out of it and then what you had when you gave her aroud nader is a massive media baron people still it was him you know how dare you run how dare you take both aware of the market and no regrets based on you know you well. that's right and they did not win with jill stein the great you are letting in trump you are working for the business clearly a russian well. so ringback it is extremely hard for a 3rd body when you're out of the living room. in other countries both bodies are emerging not too much typical but in the united states almost impossible to do that but but you're right if you get a situation where people are homeless and are unable to express their their desires then violence is likely all unfortunately have to leave on their very depressing
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point i want to thank my guests in budapest and in london i want to thank our viewers for watching us here r.t. see you next time remember. an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country trying to wipe out
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an american town. we do everything in our power to protect. wantonness skipping climate change causes the same threat right now alaska has seen some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world the last about 30 feet. 35 feet of growth in just about 3 months while we were measuring. the river is. closer. than it was here or i think we're part of america 1st from across.


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