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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 29, 2020 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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well better than human communication does a lot to cling to the more you do so the possibility. of being restricted with the brains we go with the fine art no group growing but even today even just combining truth here in studio. with the jews. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in. dramatic development only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. the maturity turns. go in and you may never get out of.
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my teenage gang rules here. we will go. through with. the navy will. i. was. in for the. bell the way. you. all.
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come out to r.t. now in light of today's events in france a country has raised its terror threat system to the highest level 3 people were killed with at least one beheaded in a cathedral in the city of nice several other people were injured the suspect was arrested after being shot and wounded french anti terror prosecutors to have launched a probe into the incident but within the last hour president micron has been visiting the scene in nice has given his reaction he said the country was in danger and ordered the tightening of security in schools he also said to a visible army presence would be boosted nationwide. only push and i have decided to mobilize more of our soldiers in the next few hours and we will expand the mobilization within the framework of the guard duty operation from 30027000 soldiers on our soil. with more now on the events of today his shell it depends. the attack level in france has been raised in the
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last few hours to a tackle level meaning that france thinks it could be subject to other attacks following what's happened in nice where 3 people were killed inside a church inside not a silica in the heart of the city of nice present mark warner has arrived on the site to see what's happening and to offer his condolences 3 people dead including one we understand who was beheaded in an attack that has shocking reminiscent of that attack on the history teacher sent back to less than 2 weeks ago 2 others also killed in that attack we are not exactly sure of the details of what happened to them but they do understand that it was a mass stabbing that took place inside the church now the mayor of nice has been talking out about what's happened he's described this as a terror attack. in this new tragedy today we see victims of islamofascism
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which i have repeatedly denounced while the anti terrorism prosecution has taken over the investigation into what unfolded in nice and we are waiting for further developments from them to see whether they are officially considering this to be a terror attack but all suggestions would show that that is exactly what it is it has the hallmarks of islamist attacks including when the perpetrator was apprehended by the police he apparently screamed out. several times that is god is the greatest the french prime minister has been paying his own condolences this act which is barbarian as it is cowardly has plunged the entire nation into mourning the government has just raised its terror alert level throughout the country there's been reaction as well from opposition politicians who are questioning what's happened in nice some of the strongest came from the leader of the nash. a
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rally in marine le pen the dramatic acceleration of islamist acts of war against our fellow citizens in our country demands from our leaders a comprehensive response aimed at the ready cation of islam as from our soil bullshitted of course offer her condolences to the families of the victims of that brutal attack in the heart of niece on thursday morning and that's also been the thoughts and condolences for many of the people now of course this attack happened in a catholic church and the fact you can has been speaking out about this recently suggesting that they condemn this attack and also has said that terrorism and violence is never acceptable and this does come to you doesn't that charlotte is a very tense time for france yes france at the moment is on the edge of a knife with this anger spilling out in muslim majority countries this comes after president mcentee friended the right to publish and choose controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed in civics lessons such as after the beheading of 7
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patty and also to be published in french magazines and in its newspapers let's take a quick reminder now of what's unfolded in the last 2 weeks. on the one of our competitors was murdered because he taught our competitor it was the victim of an islamist terror attack. was. the. answer and this is the concern person of russian nationality and of chechen origin benefited from a refugee status and lived in the earth he was unknown to the intelligence services on the judicial level he's never been. convicted the was known for cases of
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damaging public property and gang violence while still a minor. issue . he asked muslim children to raise their hands and leave the classroom he did it my son told me he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the children to not short them he explained i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show weaker tune of the prophet of islam i don't want to shock you. i'm even more shocked that this college is be but a premeditated act well following comments by president matt calling that france would not step back from showing these controversial cartoons that has been this
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out spilling of anger in many muslim majority countries with protests in bangladesh in jordan libya and in other countries there's also been a call for a boycott of french products and we've heard the turkish president who is essentially led the charge saying that president michel needed to have his mental health check all of this con's as the director general of the national police in france has been urging for the last few days for additional vigilance in the wake of what's happening this anti french sentiment he indeed said to people that they needed to be extra vigilant particularly around places such as religious sites which of course this church in nice is. well meanwhile a series of other similar attacks both are reported today in the city of avignon and also the side the side the city of jeddah in the last few years france has faced a number of brutal terror attacks. probably
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can't talk now with karen i still she's the former minister of foreign affairs of austria and she joins us this evening and we appreciate your time. what do you make of these latest attacks in france and in your opinion what is it symptomatic of. well france has been the target of terrorists. remember over the last 35 years we had. all the text already in their mind. you know. them that has been put into place it. has been with us ever since 1900 so it's
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nothing new on. what i would say makes. the following. we all remember. them mocked. in 2006. and there was a systematic instigation against them so well i. had to prepare all that then it's. in order to express this anger and france of course it's much more interesting talking and then mob. is still. that's a power that is present military in the muslim and arab countries so. in speaking although international relations is
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a different one listening to mount chrome today he said that france is being attacked because of it. would you go along with that or is that too simplistic. you see if our foreign mom french sometimes. understands very french how to cure larry how did he find. it can happen again when you're. almost when your race. what in french we. marry rich and i read. rich separation of. politics and religion state and sure. the world doesn't know and it's a very particular. way of handling politics by and large so. this one over the debate of the greeks
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in the optima. executing. is difficult to understand when out. there in the emotionality that goes along. this very rigid separation state and. church attacked and this is something that is highly highly appreciated and. unfortunately it has become the focal point isn't it of what i want to call it a religious battle but it seems now that we have muslim countries and i talking against france and lashing at it from france is lashing out in itself in defense it's grown a lot from what was just a cartoon in a magazine let's be honest not an awful lot of people knew about or look at. exactly well you're right and this is the dangerous about it because there is this . new dimension that i would say it's even worse than we had back in 2006 older
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proposal to tension owns of the cost of the lock down the oval and national lockdown that were stopped roms and which puts everybody under pressure whether you climb now or any kind of religion just people will most probably at least they're working. in the family so we'll have that in addition to the old that comes now this new way people terrorists. really makes everything in life everybody very very close and i would say. only in the in the in the lines of what is land on the national political level president all has announced. and all hold. on to the islamists. behavior. number of happening and separate separate way of. living
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and this has to be on the stoop against the backdrop of national politics. in about 2 years from now and this topic how to deal with extremists. first and foremost topic of the french far right so in order to not be boisterous you this is the sense in that emptiness and it's has far reaching national ramifications but you've been much more. dangerous internationally with patients. what else could have done. and that's just one by the clock to weeks ago when we had that dreadful beheading of a french teacher since then he's come out and defended freedom of speech and he's come down on extremists mosques as he sees it and also muslim associations with the right thing to do in your mind or is it actually from the flames in some areas.
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well i think he has the majority of french behind him when you read the voices the social networks it definitely is like that it's a majority of french to support him. as somebody who is very grateful to call all of what i have received here so i started here many years ago i'm not that. i'm so i cherish this so. we just discussed but. i would say as. it could have been in a little bit more conciliatory way to 6000000 muslims living in france you have a certain percentage who are already going to be in the last. branch that has developed on the outlook and will that from seminar will security. but what needs right now is much more social cohesion or
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a sort of reconciliation more polarized address here i would observe that things have been going more in the polarizing biped again he's supported by the majority of the french. on that point it's an interesting point isn't it about polarized nation because when we when i hear people talk about muslims in france i always hear about the need to integrate but when people are polarizing that seems to be it looks to me that going in the opposite direction over that. is what i have always been pointing out speaking on that topic and the french context. 90 percent of those who consider themselves french muslims who looked into that at the door replied yes sir it is not necessarily by themselves because they simply want to be baby to tell you how brands they don't want to be muslims on bronze that's also been going on the. segregation i would say by the all celebrities over the last 60
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years but most of them 90 percent of them speak excellent french to speak even better french than many french i myself most of my french is my arab friends. started 5 years ago so language she never posed a problem i'm like it's a problem in germany and also people coming. so the language that almost the problem what has turned up. more and more often is close. this social cohesion to which extent that's. where you live decide on how far you and move up the ladder on the employment market and given the current mass and employment that we have to look for the crisis i think this is really an increase you probably say it's
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a recipe for disaster in this current situation and that the social circumstances what's really needed is. a more considered a retore tone on each and everybody sides difficult to speak of integration right now. anyway the citizens have to arrange pos most of the am. i'm less. of someone else because he was on active again in chechnya and. there were 2 or 3 murderous to janie who perrin's he. came from somewhere else but. the french citizenship for many not a guarantee you. have. to realize that. i was listening to some people on the radio today karen in france who was saying that he wished that she would just write themselves a little bit just given the situation now is that the right thing to do or is that
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giving a know how do you see it. marabout difficult to say again that the president then has many many people behind him when he was very harsh on killing execution off to teach. this topic dominated everything locked down it's really i my samples astonished i'll say to the volume it's had in the public debate so the french have somehow. wins that the model they have rated and which to export to is to many countries in the walls to our people is one of them. that is. that it's the best and i myself have always been fascinated by. rip happily can well you know. that mary took that and saved and make your way here you have
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a competitive society. but on the other hand you're going to write and i would say the comments that you have quoted arise in such a situation we need a little bit more all of a conciliatory conversation and to bridge the rifts in. africa meant that society. some of the conversation over the last few minutes. what is the way forward i can't say one i mean all i can say is more attacks more people on the streets more army on the streets sorry people more faithful or more anger from the muslim world. how do you solve this yeah you have to when it comes to the muslim world was genuine diplomacy and multiplied by a bike you didn't let. only on french i mean again i have deep respect for these french well used that they are not the only want existing in the world and they have been speired
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a lot of people who could also post over the last 300 years but the world has also become a little bit more problem and. we have to take that into account and i think when it comes to these international dimension we have seen over the last few weeks it needs genuine diplomacy needs retching we this is nothing like although i will say if i made this example. french ambassador. to prayer it's. a very strong attacks by president al do i. just remember the russian ambassador who was assassinated by his to use bodyguard if you know in turkey. the russian federation and so i never. relations i mean situation like this you really need. as many channels as
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soup can keep open and when it comes to the inside. bit small consolation there are 6000000 muslims estimated to rons you have. group of radicals. that simply want to be citizens. always good to talk to time i was former minister of foreign affairs thank you very. much. warmer. now of protests have been gripping the muslim world as we mentioned there over the french president's recent offensive the right to parody religion it does come as the satirical magazine charlie hebdo his character was at the center of the round adding fuel to the fire with its latest front cover it does feature here a cartoon of the turkish president who has been one of the fiercest critics of the french state stance on freedom of expression ankara branded the front cover disgusting with turkish prosecutors launching
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a criminal probe now in response to the charlie hebdo publication the turkish president slammed it as hostility towards islam he said disrespect for the prophet mohammed is spreading like a cancer especially among european leaders we asked people in paris for their take on the year the one carting. personally i find it is respectful even if you have the right to use blasphemy you have no right to mock religion. in these times of crisis and international attacks on france i find it important to reaffirm the values on which we are firmly established in france the caricature is the 1st of these. the publication of this drawing and marking a religion is dangerous because it increases hatred. it represents the fact that despite everything humor is the most important thing and there are one in this position after everything here said about france and the president of our republic gets a nice lesson from charlie hebdo. it's
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a provocation meanwhile the french ambassador to sweden recently claimed that france is now a muslim country it is remarks didn't ring true with the persians we spoke to. i don't agree with the french ambassador to swear don't because we live in a secular country there are many communities in france one of them muslim people which have a big place in france but we stay secular country. france is not a muslim country perhaps alou not it is a country of judeo christian tradition and there is nothing more to say it is really stupid. france is not a muslim country but islam is the religion which has the most believers here and we can see a lot of racism in france there are prejudices towards muslim people but only my colleague in an amiable and our guest debated the limits of freedom of expression. you can't hold a country sponsible for one of my using posts can you it's a private enterprise publishing satire in
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a western liberal nation i don't the problem is just charlie able in their characters i think it's the institutionalisation of mosques i think it's microns comments that islam is in chaos islam needs to be reformed mccrum to reform islam was move wrong to judge whether islam is in chaos or not i think when it goes up to a presidential level in france and you have someone at the level of micron backing this caricature and making a big fuss about it and criticizing the state of islam yet that's that's taken very seriously by muslims throughout the world so bright that you space this gives me. all the private newspaper can make up to and use the french tradition you can accent it can refuse if i don't said something to our turkish friend inside did this newspaper the name shirley at the during 20 years i so get 0
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against again it's just crimes against the poor and. it's not just against misname these newspaper post is not the position of the government the position of the government this freedom of press a lot of muslims who are feeling they're being directly attacked by this it's not just seen as a clumped on radical islam is and how do you confront the 2 how do you do that this has a sort of clash of civilization a value systems i wouldn't go so far as to say it is it is extremely difficult there are clearly different perspectives on the world and volumes i think sensitivity to each other is important and i would say that freedom cannot be absolute in that sense. religion is a very ginger very touchy subject and when you enter someone else's
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tabooed and you claim freedom of expression but then you have a leader of a french leader again continue to project this on the buildings you have a french leader continue to say islam is in chaos this really pushes the line there is freedom of expression and then there's plain insulting isn't there where does this fault nobody everybody tried to dump. people for the problem is not misnamed brody jenner the program east in my country and to gratian is completely broken of course the biggest difficulties we still make in this same times freedom for the press and if i can said this not by god ok but this sense for photos that. he was shot internationally just coming up to 7 o'clock in the evening here in moscow back again and take.
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it's sort of amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i think i can do that. in different eyes and make a lot of money with. millions and hundreds of me. here is the nice what. a great wall and nobody feels a lot better than me believe me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. 'd
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just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for. it we'll see what happens who knows jose who knows what we'll see on the field will be a success. while the way all of you are down with the white house. so well for now although i don't think it's the fault of the clothes. of the. top that come on a full $2.00 my. darling darling. 6 2 6
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france comes under attack a knife and goes on the rampage in a cathedral in a sleeping 3 and. 3 dead and several injured says his city is the victim of islamic fascism. but caution in this new tragedy today we see victims of islamofascism repeatedly denounced president meanwhile has visited the scene in says his country is under attack in more than doubles the deployment of soldiers across the country. and the french in saudi arabia is also targeted where a man is arrested after attacking a security guard with a knife.


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