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tv   News  RT  October 29, 2020 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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church terror in. the. country. with. a security guard.
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around the clock across the world this is from the team and myself you know neal a little welcome to the program. we begin with the story dominating our coverage today a knife attack in which 3 people were killed on thursday morning was perpetrated by an islamist terrorist according to french president. it happened inside. well this is the moment captured by a local when police fired shots while entering the basilica after the assailant had struck earlier in the morning the suspect was arrested after being shot and wounded by officers antti terror prosecutors have launched an investigation.
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well after visiting the scene of the tragedy president mccrone said his country was under attack and ordered a more than doubling of army deployment nationwide and for. not look big 8 if once again our country has been hit by an islamist terrorist attack once again this morning 3 of our compatriots fell in the biz silicate a nice very clearly france is under attack i've decided that our soldiers will be
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more mobilized in the coming hours and we will up the mobilization within the framework of operations center know from 30027000 soldiers on the ground we will be in a position to protect all places of worship in particular of course churches we will also protect our schools for the coming school year. whether in light of today's events in france that country has raised its terror threat system to the highest level with more on the killings under a farmer spoke to r.t. charlotte dubin ski in part this. the attack level in france has been raised in the last few hours to attack a level meaning france thinks it could be subject to other attacks following what's happened in nice where 3 people were killed inside a church inside not. in the heart of the city of nice present mark warner has arrived on the site to see what's happening and to offer his condolences 3 people
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dead including one we understand who was beheaded in an attack has shocking reminiscent of that attack on the history teacher several petty less than 2 weeks ago 2 others also killed in that attack we are not exactly sure of the details of what happened to them but they do understand that it was a mass stabbing that took place inside the church now the mayor of nice has been talking out about what's happened he's described this as a terror attack. in this new tragedy today we see victims of his fascism which i repeatedly denounced while the antiterrorism prosecution has taken over the investigation into what unfolded in nice and we are waiting for further developments from them to see whether they are officially considering this to be a terror attack but all suggestions would show that that is exactly what it is it
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has the hallmarks of islamist attacks including when the perpetrator was apprehended by the police he apparently screamed out. several times that is god is the greatest the french prime minister has been paying his own condolences this act which is barbarian as it is cowardly has plunged the entire nation into mourning the government has just raised its terror alert level throughout the country there's been reaction as well from opposition politicians who are questioning what's happened in nice some of the strongest came from the leader of the national . a rally in marine le pen the dramatic acceleration of islamist acts a war against our fellow citizens in our country demands from our leaders a comprehensive response aimed at the red occasion of business from our soil bushie did of course offer her condolences to the families of the victims of that brutal attack in the heart of nice on thursday morning and that's also been the thoughts and condolences for many of the people now of course this attack happened in
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a catholic church and the vatican has been speaking out about this recently suggesting that they condemn this attack and also has said that terrorism and violence is never acceptable and this does come to you doesn't it charlotte it's a very tense time for france yes france at the moment is on the edge of a knife with this anger spilling out in muslim majority countries this comes after president mcentee friended the right to publish and choose controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed in civics lessons such as after the beheading of 7 patty and also to be published in french magazines and in its newspapers let's take a quick reminder now of what's unfolded in the last 2 weeks. one of our competitors was murdered because he taught our competitor it was the
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victim of an islamist terror attack. and this is the concern person of russian nationality and of chechen origin benefited from a refugee status and lived in fear he was not known to the intelligence services on a judicial level he's never be. convicted but was known for cases of damaging public property and gang violence while still a minor. fuel he asked muslim children to raise their hands and leave the classroom she did it my son told me he didn't do it to discriminate or to hurt he did it to preserve the
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children to not shield them he explains i'd prefer if you left because i'm going to show a cartoon of the prophet of islam i don't want to shock you. i'm even more shocked that this college is one i opened when i was the town mayor working there was nice and it was located in a neighborhood without any problems or violence by i don't think that this act of terror is a crazy man steve but a premeditated act. well following comments by president matt calling that france would not step back from showing these controversial cartoons there has been this out spilling of anger in many muslim majority countries with protests in bangladesh and libya and in other countries there's also been a call for a boycott of french products and we've heard the turkish president who is
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essentially led the charge saying that president michel needed to have his mental health check all of this comes as the director general of the national police in france has been urging for the last few days for additional vigilance in the wake of what's happening this anti french sentiment he indeed said to people that they needed to be extra vigilant particularly around places such as religious sites which of course this church in nice is. or charlotte do benson charlotte's on her way to southern france we'll be hearing live from her in the next number of hours we've also been getting reaction from authorities in the city of nice including consular felipe for a door on the 1st deputy mayor anthony boric the love her 1st speaking to our sister channel or to france said his country was at war. to get the aggressor decapitated a woman those 3 people killed the victims of islamist barbarism because the
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attackers dead it is yet to be established cried out of whack by several times of course we will have to be relentless in the face of this barbarism we can't leave this battle for our children we have to wage it now using our means of warfare we have to be decisive stick to the law and use new tactics keeping in mind the count events in our country in nice we use all the tools at our disposal to counter terrorism at the same time we're mindful of the fact that the instruments we use that a municipal level are not adequate to help the government in this battle we need additional a lawful means to eradicate islam over fascism. well enough it's time to act and i would like to tell mr matt corner mr dogman our stay of paris there's no need to come to us vice had already come to us when $86.00 people died on the promenade day on glen or lard had already visit the dust to no need to come better stay in paris and do something just do something how do the residents of nice react to this
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the same as me they're theorists with super tired of this it's the 2nd time an islamist terrorist attacks a church in france for the 3rd time in our country people have been beheaded once again when will they stop falling for donna let's hear now some of our guest reactions to the french president's recent clumped on islamist extremism including if your former austrian foreign minister current knesset. present then has many many people behind him when he was very are still killing. off the teacher but he. is this topic dominated everything in this current situation and the dissociated circumstances what's really needed is. a more conciliatory tory only on each and everybody sides $6000000.00 muslims living in have it's up with them to
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who are ready to kill it in the last. branch that has developed on the outlook and will that from seminar school security is. what france needs right now is much more. sort of reconciliation and more polarized when it comes to the muslim world as. genuine diplomacy and not 5 but like even less. only on french i mean again i have deep respect for these french that they are not the only want existing in the world and they have been speired a lot of people who could also pose over the last 300 years but the world has also become a little bit more of what. we have. to take that into account and i think when it comes to these international dimension that we have seen over the last few weeks it needs demo in diplomacy it needs retching mccrone has to fight
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but mostly sort of a rhetorical leverage that has angered parts of the muslim world it's gone international there have been boycotts against france or it's been a heightened state of alert for french assets overseas served in riots steven petrow needs to do a better job of balancing his prick principles with public safety and fostering a sense of inclusion what we're going to see is less convergence even more sort of a pain to receive shut. where are the french government is going to move further to the right and more islamists and those sympathetic to it are going to become the anti france and that sense we may actually see the french public also move to the right to kin titian's for this attack are not only still present but are going to be exacerbated and so i 1st see more islamist attacks in france probably in the near future if the past month is any indication more coverage of our breaking news
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today coming your way after the break life from moscow this is arch international. communications were printed and human there are communication 30 does a lot of things better than we do so the possibilities are not just there being restricted with brines we've gone with a fine art known group growing son but even today even just combining to hear him and rhymes together. i mean to me he has a lot of the advantages. when else should seem wrong. why don't we just don't call. me old yet to say pout just didn't come as
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a whole and in detroit because the trail. when somebody find themselves worlds apart. just of the common ground. hello again well as well as the killings in niece the french consulate in the saudi city of jeddah also came under attack today a guard was left with stand wounds after being targeted by a man armed with a knife the attacker was arrested on the card was not seriously injured parties called on saudi authorities to ensure the safety of french people in the country earlier my colleagues discuss what lies behind the recent wave of attacks this is
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been the pattern for the last several years of attacks and terror all of a front and they've been seeing 2015 the attack sharlee abdul headquarters a dozen people killed then the same year the attacks in paris more than 100 people killed 400 injured the next year the truck attack in a nice 80 people killed 20172018 more stabbing shootings ravening then 2000. the tackler police stations other shootings and stabbings this is this is a horrific. horrific pattern leading up to this year and of course 2 weeks 3 attacks and many of these attacks can be traced back to these characters shyly abdu and this is perhaps the reason the french patience is is running out and there is
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there is this sense in the president's reaction to the the murder of the fridge teacher 2 weeks ago that you know the french government is toughening up its position but samuel was murdered for the very reason that he embodied the values of the french republic he was cute. because islamists want to destroy our future and with silent heroes like simultaneity they will not prevail samuel was a victim of lies a conspiracy theory of the hatred of others of what we are on friday he became the face of the republic and our desire to break down terrorist networks islamic to live local community and free citizens he was talking there about the beheading of the french teacher a couple of weeks ago i wanted to french government to you in particular in response to that was a very strong reaction they went after muslim civil society shutting down some thief d n jews and charities including the collective against the slobber phobia in france
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which is considered somewhat mainstream nevertheless they have now gone after them more than 200 people are either awaiting deportation from france or have been arrested by authorities on suspicion of being radicalized in you know the interior minister has come out and called some of these in jews enemies of france enemies of france and these are french and use these are french organizations french charities what they hope to achieve with this. is unclear at the moment but what we do know it has provoked a strong reaction from muslim countries well there's been a double reaction this is the 1st reaction has been condolences condolences with regards to the murder of the teacher can do an instance with regards to what has happened today even even turkey coming out and saying that you know this is completely unacceptable there is no justification for behaving people the other reaction has been not to what is happening in france but to what french authorities
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are saying and in the muslim world this is from north africa all the way to southeast asia the malaysia the reaction has been very different because they're seeing they're hearing what the french are saying motors not as called the nation of terrorism as. islamophobia needs mental health treatment what else can be said to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and who behaves in this way to millions of people living in his country who are members of a different faith muslims are the primary victims of the cult of hatred empowered by colonial regimes and exported by their own clients insulting 1100000000 muslims and their sanctities for the apparent crimes of such extremists is not unique stick abuse of freedom of speech it only fuels extremism the recent statements that the leadership level is the dence of this a creation of the holy qur'an a reflection of this increasing islamophobia that is spreading in european
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countries we must explain to the western world the value systems differ for different social and religious and ethnic groups in the world we also have more slim's ordinary muslims all over the world people who have one of nothing to do with terrorism we want nothing to do with these head examined who condemn condemn violence they're still coming out into the streets there waving banners across the muslim world even even here there was a small demonstration in moscow today. before before this incident what people want to know is where does free speech end and where does religious tolerance begin because by by the descriptions of these characters the point of them was was to insult they are insulting their crude they're insulting and the point was to get a reaction this is what many muslims many analysts say that surely do which usually doesn't sell very many copies i believe that in the past was around 60000 but they
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feel they capitalize on huge amounts of anger and huge amount of attention that they get after after every publication after every major incident there in the limelight and this is what ordinary people are saying that you know there's been a history of this now they keep doing it and doing it. and it isn't it isn't for. the defense of freedom of speech as an act of freedom of speech which is obviously very different to the position of many logan as agents journalists the french authorities that say religion is religion and it is it is subject to free speech you can say whatever you want about religion nevertheless there has been this this pattern of violence around charlie. rock as the of in conversation with drew farmer we have been hearing also a range of opinion and reaction to all of today's events. tensions are mounting every day between the slimy word and france in france we have the french government
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saying that we have the freedom of speech we have the freedom to do any supplier about anyone we want and on the other side we have the slimy words which says ok you can have the freedom of speech but you do you shouldn't be insulting our prophet so this 2 points of you are opposing each other and this 2 communities don't understand each other if we want to stop the radical islam here in france we should prove and we should show them that france is a neutral country that what we call here. no religion has the right to interfere with with the government or the state of affairs in france this radical muslim don't understand that and the french government regarding its freedom of speech says that the we have the right to do anything you want to model anyone we want and this is our right this is our freedom of speech but in general we should
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understand and the viewers should understand that in france we have almost a total freedom of speech which suffers few exceptions and few restrictions but these restrictions never apply to 2 muslim that's i mean that's what the muslim of the french muslim they feel that the freedom of speech is. suffers no received and when you are attacked the muslim people and the muslim religion but not the other religion that's what they think when the charity issues were published and then there were and there was actually. the call to this to 20 scene the main jesuit review in france how delicious not only the jacket use one of the 100 euro just but many shall you do caricature those that were much. against the catholic church who treat nuns you could imagine it and they ran. on that website precisely to make the point even though this was it is so they were doing the christian thing in. showing
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her that she would also respecting the idea that the city does not existed. yes some of the reaction we've been getting throughout the day we are also of course closely following developments as regards who it was who carried on the trust of these and nice french media are reporting the alleged attacker as a 21 year old chin is he in migrant whoever no official confirmation and bought as being given its claimed he only arrived in france a few weeks ago and had traveled there from the italian island of lampedusa a refugee hotspot but again that has not been verified by french authorities meanwhile and yet another incident today in france in the popular tourist city of an armed man was shot dead by police just 2 hours after the nice massacre what you're seeing on screen are images of the 1st incident he'd been brandishing a weapon to people while shouting god is greatest in our back in the last number of years the nation has faced a number of brutal terror attacks. on
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t. terror expert dr louis harrington believes the sharlee abdo car could sure has been spoken about how being well used as an excuse by islamist to curry out atrocities and they would have attempted in any case. when we need to see what goes on with
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the stream of speech it annoys a lot of people and the people that sharing our test at the track they're not doing it because of charlie hebdo they're not doing it because of of what's going on there they use 8 serves as a useful way of giving what they're planning to do anyway legitimacy you know there are a lot of people who disagree with charlie or don't it's all just thousands of what you would call is list is a mystic stream ists. it's very few more terrorists there's very few people who actually do the deal if the charlie hebdo was so offensive was so horrible surely they could be thousands of people on the street stabbing one another it's not it's a tiny tiny minority what is it about the tiny minority that distinguishes them from all the rest of us and that's why you have to look at this individual level when one starts it almost gives legitimacy to the others so the reason that france
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has raised its terrorism level is because it takes one and it's kind of like a rally around the flag now we're all going to go because it becomes rational or when you think you will get legitimacy for it. our website will continue to bring you the latest developments in what has been a bloody thursday in the french city of nice to check out our t.v. dot com for the land back with all the up there to live in our again in 30 goodbye for now. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race often spearing dramatic development only personally. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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go in and you may never get out some sort of the most of. my teenage gang rules here. are one of. the mind of those who were. but. maybe will. come out. minus seeing her. in for the. bell in the lead in the food.
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the monkey. max kaiser this is the kaiser reporting no we dealing with a global pandemic in the viral type infecting people causing chaos and mayhem but that's small change compared to the mind virus of bit coy you know if you're a really smart person it makes true even smarter that's the thing about this fire
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of say sick max indeed kaiser report has been officially declared full of smart sophisticated people audience and presenters and bullish on humanity that's the important thing to note bullish on humanity that is what paul tudor jones calls the bit coin crowd and we're going to get into exactly what he said here and this is a quote from his appearance on c m b c bitcoin has an enormous contingent of really really smart sophisticated people who believe in it you've got this group crowd sourced from all over the world that is dedicated to seeing it succeed so i'd like bitcoin even more now than i did when i bought it back in march or april so that's his bit where he's saying how smart sophisticated the people involved and big question are and then we're going to get on the bullish in humanity but in a moment right well that's you guys report audion.


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