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tv   Keiser Report  RT  October 29, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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giving what they're planning to do anyway legitimacy you know there are a lot of people who disagree with charlie or don't it's all just thousands of what you would call is list is a mystic stream ists. it's very few more terrorists there's very few people who actually do deal if the charlie hebdo was so offensive was so horrible surely they could be thousands of people on the street stabbing one another it's not it's a tiny tiny minority what is it about the tiny minority that distinguishes them from all the rest of us and that's why you have to look at this individual level when one starts it almost gives legitimacy to the others so the reason that france has raised its terrorism level is because it takes on one and it's kind of like a rally around the flag now we're all going to go because it becomes rational or when you think that you will get legitimacy for it. or out of updates as always on
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earth twitter and facebook pages do share your thoughts there with us on the day's developments would be good to see what you're thinking are there i mean only a goodbye for. max kaiser this is the kaiser reporting now we dealing with a global pandemic the viral type infecting people causing chaos and mayhem but that's small change compared to the mind virus of bit coy you know if you're really smart person it makes you even smarter that's the thing about this fire of stacy max indeed kaiser report has been officially declared full of smart sophisticated people audience and presenters and bullish on humanity that's the important thing to note bullish on humanity that
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is what paul tudor jones calls the bit coin crowd and we're going to get into exactly what he said here and this is a quote from his appearance on c m b c bitcoin has an enormous contingent of really really smart sophisticated people who believe in it you've got this group crowd sourced from all over the world that is dedicated to seeing it succeed so i'd like bitcoin even more now than i did when i bought it back in march or april so that's his bit where he's saying how smart sophisticated the people involved in big question are and then we're going to get on the bullish in humanity but in a moment right well that's you guys report audience you are sophisticated smart and are loving and have pure souls together the crowd became one kind of fear of goodness that catapulted bitcoin on
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a vector that's escaping this place called planet earth and it's attracting. an intelligence and a spiritual force so powerful that not even this presidential election america is going to throw off last of course. so the bullish on him out of the bed because he's comparing the bitcoin space to the gold space and to the bond investor space to people shorting u.s. treasuries or shorting the dollar people betting against the u.s. economy by going long gold and he's basically i'm going to read you 2 quotes in tweets from him of people summarizing his appearance on c m b c in which he was even though he's a big old holder he's saying like that's a bet on dystopian future and that humanity is horrible and bitcoin is a bet that humans are are innovative and interesting and you know filled with life
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and possibility so p t j who is paul tudor jones said something incredible on c.m.t. see today quote i've never seen a store of value where you also have such great intellectual capital behind it when you short the bond market as an inflation hedge you're really betting on the fallacy of mankind rather than its ingenuity and then the same person summarize another thing that paul tudor jones said put p. t.j. says other inflation hedges are fundamentally bearish humanity whereas because one is bullish humanity that is an incredible statement that i've never seen expressed so clearly before right now ok we talked about paul tudor jones going into big corner originally we said this was the elf in the room this is one of the but most important guys in finance in decades he called the crash of 1087 famously 1000 example of betting on humanity taken a hit and so now he's saying look we're heading into an inflationary world because
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the central banks about a terrible job for decades now and the governments and the report of inflation by 567 percent for a couple of decades now and the inflation j. . he is coming out of the bottle which means the bond market is really going to end its 40 year bull market and that means that humanity is going to take a massive hit and of course you could short the bond market and then you can do a number of other things to make money on the collapse as people made money on the collapse of greece if you recall they bought the credit default swap and they made a profit on greece's demise paul tudor jones is saying something remarkable that i've never actually heard anyone say this in the realm of professional finance that this bet on bitcoin is pro humanity even though it means you are banking on inflation so he is saying is that the inflation no matter how bad it is will not trump the goodness of an inflating value of bitcoin so he's got an inflation is obviously going to cause huge misery as interest rates go up in the world goes
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bankrupt but if you own pick away the humanity boosting properties of it on a profound excellent trajectory toward sainthood is much more powerful and this is an amazing equilibrium busting game changing polter jones and him saying and michael saylor micro strategy boosting moment in history well indeed and let's try to imagine what he's actually saying here with this bullishness on humanity is as you mentioned mike he became a very wealthy guy from the 1987 stock market crash where he predicted this was going to happen he sold all he sold out and then i guess shorted as well so he could see what was coming at the same time today he's appeared reappeared back on the market being very vocal seeing again what can sustain itself and you can do one of 2 things and 1987 was the beginning of the plunge protection team and the mass
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intervention by the likes of the federal reserve bank and the u.s. treasury to make sure the billionaire class do not ever suffer a loss. and that ultimately is very bearish on humanity because you think that you know this class of people investors the capitalism our innovation and you know surviving and innovating through collapse you know the creative destruction that these things don't exist what you saying is like here is a class of people in the big quaint space who just reimagined something positive a k u e look at the money printer go back to you look at the federal reserve that bailing out everybody intervening in the price discovery mechanism which something like somebody like paul tudor jones would think is very very crucial right the price discovery and if if the fed doesn't believe well here are these people who do believe it and they've invented this perfect market great a you say that it was the beginning the plunge protection shame and it's right
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there in the genesis block of bitcoin chancellor on brink of 2nd bailout it's a direct reference to the bank of england which was mimicking the federal reserve bank and constantly bailing out the billionaire class and allowing the underlying economy to decay or free and give rise to enormous social unrest an incapacity for governments to deal with pandemics or any crisis yes so he's i think you know with the way i interpret what he's saying is that this group of people around the world who are bit coiners have have managed to go in a positive direction that you know no matter how much limitation there is on supply for example we can innovate our way to a sort of growth within that we can't just intervene and print money for free for everybody while you equate that to the renaissance i think it is around a sensible would because in their own assignments the population had been stifled by omnipresent omnipotent church and then the renaissance provided a vector out and we have the enlightenment and we had modern german d.
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as we know that term today in 2009 when the genesis block happened then because it was birth that will. interestingly it was a similar vector out of the central bank papacy that has kept humanity in the dark and back then people were ruled their daily lives were governed by religion by what the vatican said and when the institution of the vatican failed to be able to respond to the black plague which wiped out half the populace up to half the population of europe that's when their faith and that institution collapsed and then we had to then turn to the positive movement of the renaissance that man himself can respond man himself can innovate and be beautiful and do things for himself today you know obviously we live in a financial world of the papacy of the of the federal reserve bank and all the
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central banks of the world and here we have the same thing the institutions have failed to stop the rampant fraud to stop the rampant growth in the wealth and income gap and i want to mention also that you know with paul tudor jones and he's reflecting on the community just like michael saylor had done when he converted $420000000.00 of his treasury of micro strategy into big coin he commented on the community and i would say that's really where report in particular excels because we've been covering it 1st of all global media which is the kaiser report we were talking about this back in 201-120-1220 extension 13 when you could still get big coin for it as little as a dollar back then even under a dollar at some points so you know that our message because of the broadcast reach of kaiser pour into argentina colombia cuba mexico all of asia middle east like it it was like a fair dispersal and distribution of bitcoin around the world and i think that's
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also something so beautiful about it and a post globalization era it's like the. globalization run by the central banks is over globalization run by you know unfair trade agreements is over this is the new world where there is you know powerful individuals the individuals once again powerful and sovereign like cannot improve them. as a 1st and 6th out of the 1612 episodes this will ensure a. beauty that is stacy. of course you know it wouldn't be possible without maxence faces all your mean mean if i face you know people like to mean your face and your and your emotions and your passion for individual sovereignty no matter where you are on the world like well i'm wearing you know she obviously. so in the last moment here i also want to say you know this headline and
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probably will get it into it in the next episode but we have 2 minutes left and here is move over bonds effects taking over as investors new favorite playbook remember this is the you know the the people individuals versus the fed controlled . economy for certain people whereby price discovery is not allowed buying bonds at the rate of roughly $2000000000.00 per hour in the wake of the coven $1000.00 pandemic central banks have crushed volatility or reduce the efficacy as a signaling instrument while the collapse in interest rate differentials could lead to a fall in currency price swings as rate changes in the relative levels or major drivers for exchange rate moves investors say the lack of these 2 factors is making currency markets more volatile and max the important thing about this is that you know the fed is driving bond investors into the 4 x. markets which is the murkiest 0 sum game of forex trading which is 5 trillion a day this has major implications from investors to central banks because the
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former express their views on the economic outlook are major events via the bond markets so investors look at the bond markets but the bond markets are no longer so . signaling because the fed has intervened so much that there's no price signal there which the latter use the central banks use as a tool for the transmission of their monetary policy so you know with the vatican they send out the smoke signals to tell us when whether or not they've elected a new pope and here that's the equivalent of that there are no smoke signals at all coming out of the fed because there's no signal they've destroyed all signals now the bond market has been euthanized and investors are seeking eld by trying to engage in carry trade center and see arbitrage in the 4 x. market now the big difference between trying to eke out one or 2 percent in the 4 x. 4 converse of the bond market is that in the bond market you've got maturities ranging from one year to 30 years and that's the bedrock of the foundation is the bond market which has a long term maturities that's why it used to finance governments for example if the
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bond market has been euthanized and you're relying on for exits increases instability in the global markets by a factor of a 1000 times because the maturity is there is that what surety the forex market has no maturity at all it's simply a live living fragile organism driven entirely by capital flows that could either be could dry up at any 2nd which would mean the entire souffle of the global finance market with collapse in the minute we're bullish on humanity and i think you know we can look at this positive or negative that here is a story that they're doing wrong but we're saying we're spending and to a positive way of what you could just exit that system you don't need to become a 4 x. trader that's not what your pension fund should be doing and the fact that the fed hates humanity so much that they are forcing your pet your future into these 4 x. markets that's absurd well we're going to take a break but turn the time contemplate this cause the chaos or does it respond to
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the chaos think about it.
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same wrong. to shape our. worlds apart. to look for common ground. welcome back to the kaiser report our backs kaiser time now to. the newer dan collins so live in china for about 2 decades published the china money report while of there but on this show many times it has expertise he was the 1st to say right
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here on kaiser report nearly 5 years ago that the u.s. and china are already in a trade war only the us to know about it and that china was winning dan welcome back big macs good to be back it's been a while since we spoke but what is your general assessment of the ongoing trump trade war against china where this is trump winning where is he losing dan when he is losing he's winning was rich a winning night sleep recall that as a lot of companies were looking to come back there's a lot of duties on chinese companies now if you actually order were being used there is section 3 a one of the of the trade code which is basically taxing chinese companies at 2530 percent depending on the item so that's great you know it is driving a lot of jobs of vietnam to mexico also the u.s. and that was kind of what was behind the trade were originally is quite good hundreds of billions of dollars in duties and this is all really to level the playing field against china. you know china has built up the academy behind
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highlights your trade barriers they've had 40 percent duties against a mirror in companies forever they've been in china american companies there's a lot of some of them deserve to get b. and like you know people that we're sorry when i'm cisco and. put their in general they're a mercantile us economy a lot lot of the east asian economies are they build up their own countries on the back of team in the trade system and trump was trying to create even 20 field but it's a mixed bag right now. the trade deficit continues to go up because you don't continue to not change you seem to remain it's been developing for 3 decades it's going to take it it seems almost i'm curious what you think about this that you had the scope of crisis which is a global crisis and out of the crisis the sames like the ailing economy experiencing a v. shaped recovery is china and everyone else's falling apart as some are in my view
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a world war 2 you had this global conflict the only country that emerged out of world war 2 intact was the united states and then it went on to you know the american century as we call it what do you think about that it's a good point i completely agree it's what we're seeing is almost. it's very historical china's back to normal they have they haven't had a cubit death since in march they have are pretty much back to normal they're still very vigilant they have the mastery of the track and have but what china did to convene coalwood within their borders was amazing how they handle big data you know they in sleepy miller asked everyone is after all you need to show a green light for entering public spaces the amount of resources that were deployed to contain the virus. were astonishing i mean they were the model in a lot of people say well you can do that through the syrian country you don't need to be an authoritarian country to have the help that right this search tracking kogut they tracked him down in the entire neighborhoods city of dolly and they
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found 12 cases they tested everybody you know and 1000000 people so we were late our response was good in some areas terrible in other areas we still are doing mass like we need to do still are doing contract aids tracing out enough testing we boggled the response you're a pedal hard hard luck down originally but then they just came out of it like nothing happened in the right record cases today as we speak u.s. that record cases as we speak and we're still at the we could be in the foothills of an exponential growth curve of this thing so china their g.d.p. is already going to be up going up 10 percent next year over where they were last year we're going to be 3 to 34 years just to recover g.d.p. levels we were at $21.00 so we're seeing a flip of the switch it china's coming out of this like you point out like america came out of the amount of work to the only game and now i've been talking to you for many years and you know you've been alerting folks for many years that the
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china manufacturing and its australian economic forces were not to be trifled with this was a serious serious growth track and that the u.s. could really start to think of china competitive play and in a way that they would respond. and when this cover crisis set in america couldn't even manufacture masks on any at scale and distribute them in any meaningful way i think a lot of people were horrified by this because it truly did indicate that in the u.s. have been asleep at the sweats something that we've been talking about you've been writing about for many years so if this does crisis that and start with komen has been building for many years and the states here would like to refer to it as the 3 cities trap there's a seems to be a changing of the guard between the u.s. as world reserve currency now and world dominant economy changing that's the u.s. now let's get into some of the minutia hair that kind of highlights what's happening under the surface during the vice presidential debate censors in china
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cut away from mike pence during his answer on china relations and then cut back when kamel harris answer that question what does that tell you about china's thoughts about this 2020 race then well they clearly don't want trump they don't know how to deal with trump. yes i saw i saw their poor. china has been blocking things like c.n.n. literally decades to sit at home in china soon as china was discussed and seen in the screen. it's actually not a surprise really but it's live there. you know there sit your ship is you know they have their own systems for their. 23 election they're definitely behind a bitin you know they work with their business partner. you know with the whole 100 . and so i think in china you know at the end of the day though china do just deal with whoever is their continued their you know their writing progression in all areas you know in the economy to it's very armenians everything you know they used
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to be a time when americans would argue that well you know china's authoritarian and america's got freedom and we've got free speech and ultimately that's going to be the winning hand going forward and but they want to have a new york times history so they are going on a major on. ed piece that maybe we don't need for a speech in america and aren't going for censorship same's like they have capitulated and said look we're never going to win with free speech we have to now march to china's turn and try to be the best 2nd rate country we can possibly be 8 looking at another story tech taht destroyed all domestic competition and now trump wants to ban them why is the tick tock the top competitor in the ai driven viral video space where you know where else is china dominating again the tick tock story and the ai story you've been telling people for years now suddenly it's on everyone's radar what can you tell us about this let's go back and look at huawei
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right we kind of woke up this week this is nothing to do with code we will go up and look good as a chinese dominate 5 g. in the telecom space we literally don't have a company that makes 5 or 8 europe does ericsson a nuke you know but they exist only because while we let's them always not doing their own chips there we're the last vestige of technology supremacy us and was a gypsy that's going to be gone in 2 to 3 years always all over the world you know now all the data networks will go off who are we always software companies we had which could have been making telecom equipment they got it if i ain't seen mortgage backed securities in eastern europe right this is also good follow the root cause to go back to the money printing the finance capitalism we treat fixed assets as a curse we don't want we don't want you know we don't want our r. and d. spend us as a lapse rate everything that all of our u.s. technical supremacy starting with r. and d. spending bill labs looks like this back to china so you've got whoa a dummy 5 g.
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check you've got kicked out that came out of nowhere they're based out of shape. you know as regards debating them or not how is the chinese social media company he able to run circles around our companies. were all. companies are banned in china so i think you know is it to. be any tick tocks not out of the question but you know it's you know industry after industry you mentioned the maps and it's antibiotics and everything we don't make anything anymore g.d.p. speak you know we've talked about it i'm sure for years now with co-leader service sector economy's been sure you know all these people are employed we have a huge structural unemployment coming we're not making anything we have to go back to making things and looking where china's with china's dime you know we have to start taking a prank approach to how good teaching back up we're literally in a catch up now with china which. you know e-commerce there you know this year and
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e-commerce we're going to hit $400000000000.00 sounds good china good to truly so how is our economy bigger than china india brazil we have to like you know it's like an alcoholic max we have to realize we have a problem before we fix it right absolutely not dan collins you know that the 3 cities trap you know it's a transition from one superpower to the next and and many people say that empires die for more then and not from without and clearly the american empire is killing itself and a great example would be i.b.m. international business machines they bought back 130000000000 dollars of their own stock in the current market cap is around $110000000000.00 that's a way to commit corporate suicide by just buying back their own stock but never investing in r. and d. new products marketing just let yourself die a few executives can walk away with huge golden handshakes and retirements now let's talk about j.p. morgan and financial talk about financial services this seems to be an emerging
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story down yet in financial it's an incredible story they're doing the road show for their i.p.o. now this week in europe u.s. and china they're going to have the largest i.p.o. the world ever seen going to value them at 350000000000 dollars their i.q. can be bigger than saudi. amoco going to raise about $3030000000000.00 there's estimates it could go up to a half a trillion dollar bill you ation company it's going to in one shot be way bigger than j.p. morgan and i like that if you compared contrast in financial terms j.p. morgan so in financial history revenue stranger basically came out of. jack ma said you know wasn't happy with the chinese financial system you're not getting enough small loans to small business people if you don't change it we will and they actually did change it so they're doing payments they charge 0.01 percent transaction on a payment they're connecting $80000000.00 merchants 16 trillion dollars in payments that's $25.00 times bigger than paper oh well they've also revolutionized they've
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gone into credit lending and assets under management you can get a loan or i'm in financial within 3 minutes a 1000 dollars 2000 dollars unsecured loan this is creating frictional e-commerce original commerce still. there revolution 1500 in china what the banks here should have been doing all right dan collins i've got to cut it off there thanks frank has a report thanks guys all right that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser a part with me max kaiser in states here want to thank our gas tank call's the next time by all. the community cars from work better than human communication does a lot of things better than we do so the possibility not just are being restricted with the bryans we go with the fine art no group runs on even to even just
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combining truth serum and bribes to give. to me has a lot of advantages. some control from middle class to homeless overnight muslim are very hard working. people who want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some of how this trick about luck a full time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted to anyone that's homeless is treated like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be pull in the world's richest country.
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in your. terror strikes again in france as a knife man rampages through a basilica in nice leaving 3 dead and several injured the suspect was wounded by police and is in custody. while on the coast from nice and the guy caught a cathedral city of another man is shot dead by police for threatening people with a handgun present the french president says his nation will not give in to terror as he increases troop deployment on the streets. that if we're attacked once again it is for our values for our teeth for freedom this morning we decided to increase the vigilance have required from us to adapt to the terrorist threat. and then to french.


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