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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  November 4, 2020 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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by. be good tomorrow's. very big. enemies who think that he's a catastrophe. when you have a candidate like going to throw you can compare it to any other candidate for president like going to. any other prison than over the united states and therefore so we have no facing of the situation in which. there is an atmosphere of the cries you see in there but i see a good we have to work. from raju it's until now there are no roads i don't see that this these must be excluded but may be. more peaceful than you think until you want to see if i'm not mistaken you based in florida at the moment now florida of the sea is a swing state took it quite convincingly this time with strong support especially from the cuban community and now a high in florida
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a generally seen as kind of the 2 states that people really look out for they define who the next president trump one both we surprised that we're in this situation seeing the pattern that was set in the night. you know i wasn't surprised by the florida victory at all there are several factors one the democratic party plays racial politics and they overplayed it on this they went so all in for black lives matter and so hard left that the they handed the hispanic community to their new home in the republican party we just were looking out for your business we were you know regulations reasonable and we don't like to radical nations that many of these hispanics fled from like venezuela and cuba so they recognize the patterns. in the democrat party of what
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they left back home and so the democrats hand him so so florida's had a big shift it's also had a shift of people clearly clearing out of new york they're fed up with the overbearing government new yorkers are coming to florida and they're voting republican florida now has the lowest. gap between democrat and republican registration in history it's down to point 8 percent which is about 0 so i'm not surprised i don't think you could even count florida as a swing state anymore i'm going to say it's a red state and it's going to stay that way well that's one that not surprised that everything else was quite surprising about the ukraine not that thank you so much thank you for taking the time to speak to us i know it's a busy period i was getting and lot of people it's gonna stunt on will have a huge and full member of the missouri state senate. well that's also for the hour we'll be here at the top we will of course be bringing you all the very things that counsel that day to stop them not you from the u.s. he's check back in the.
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greetings and sal you take actions from electric cars that park and drive themselves to the ability to buy damn near anything your imagination desires from the comfort of your own home in just a click or 2 we must truly truly be living in a brand new gilded age of prosperity. yeah not so
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much not at all apart from all of our gadgets of convenience and entertainment at our fingertips the meat hook reality is that according to the u.s. labor department u.s. jobless claims of risen over 800000 since august we've had more than 75000000 claims for unemployment insurance since the start of the pandemic all the way back in march in fact the number of u.s. citizens living in poverty has jumped from 9 percent back in june to over 11 percent in september and that number is still rising showing no signs of future decline. but things things aren't all bad for some u.s. citizens you see while main street crumbles from disease oppression and degradation wall street and our billionaire class well my friends they have been thriving you see while millions upon millions of us have lost their jobs and health insurance all across this country u.s. billionaire and saw their combined net worth surged by more than $930000000000.00
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bringing it the collective wealth of just 644 people to a staggering $3.00 trillion $1.03 trillion dollars in just $644.00 people. a that's according to a new an analysis recently released by americans for tax fairness and the institute for public studies who have been tracking wealth inequality in america since the start of the coburg 19 pandemic yes according to their numbers these greedy few saw their wealth rise by more than 33 percent during this crisis and pain and just to give you some perspective that $940000000000.00 gain is roughly 3 times bigger than the paltry 300000000000 the corporate job themselves mitch mcconnell put into his now abandoned september pandemic relief bill my friends this massive wealth stock is not the american dream at work it's far from it it's an american mare. and this
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is why we will always be watching the hawks. what's going on on a city street you want to see. the missiles which see the crisis you always state see. graves see this least systemic deception is late show which we saw with jill. all right well we're going to watch in the dark side. and i'm obese across a range of there's a massive amount of wealth to be bestowed upon the $644.00 people especially seeing all that wealth raised up while the rest of us have been suffering for the last 9 months 8 months oh absolutely and i think i've told you this before it seems like whenever there is pestilence whenever there is extreme poverty or degradation across america there are always an elite group of people that tend to make more and
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more money off of other people's disadvantage and that's what we're seeing the likes of just based on with and others oh yeah let's look at the likes of these others or you would just jeff bezos mark zuckerberg. ben gilbert chairman a quick look at what they've made i mean jeff bezos grew from 113000000000 in march 18th 203000000000 by october increase 80 percent zuckerberg 54700000000 in march 18th to $101000000000.00 by october 30th 85 percent increase in law must $24600000000.00 march 18th now close to $100000000000.00 and ben gilbert chairman of quicken loans saw his wealth rocket by 656 percent 49000000000 at the start of the year from $6000000000.00 at the start of the year to $49000000000.00 now at the end of the year that's massive wealth heading their way now i get it for a jet basis for instance because the majority of us are still using amazon especially when you know all of this the words were raided and everything at the start of kobe 1000 a lot of people are turning to online shopping i get it for face. we're talking
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about mark zuckerberg because of the ad buys that campaigns are using and as well as you know different political groups right now in a campaign election cycle i don't get it. and i didn't know it. i look at it like this and i'll actually go the opposite i don't get it for any of them and here's why i wondered i understand logically but i will say this we always talk about a minimum wage and my father actually brought this up in our group that we need to have a maximum wage because when you have people making this much money that gives them more power and control over so many different aspects of this country that it's ungodly what do you need that much money for at the end of the day no i agree with you there and what we know about amazon is that the majority of their workers are full time workers these are contractors so you know when coburn 1000 hit it meant that a lot of people were either laid off or they already didn't have health insurance and we also know that they weren't given the proper p.p.a. to protect them while they were working in these warehouses so there's a lot going on at the back story there as well i mean look like there's just
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brought a brand new 165000000 dollar homes here that goes along with $80000000.00 worth of new york apartments meanwhile nearly $62000000.00 people lost work between march 21st and september 19th $98000.00 businesses small businesses closed that is not how a country or economy could possibly survive when you have that much money flowing to the top and so little going to the rest of us. if there wasn't enough going on in the lead up to the 2020 alexion here in the u.s. . a stunning revelation is sending shock waves across the country lawyers say president trump's border policy has left over $500.00 migrant children without their parents that's right somewhere in the shuffle of cool detention policies and family separations hundreds of kids are now left without their parents at all and the u.s. government doesn't seem to know where those parents are and aren't providing much information on exactly how they banished according to court filings obtained by
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n.b.c. news lawyers appointed to represent minors say that $545.00 parents can't be found the attorneys believe that 2 thirds of the parents were deported to central america before they could be reunited with their young ones joining us now to shed light on this is immigration attorney alan or jr welcome alan. thank you for having me well and i know that you have talked about this a lot in social media in other circles as well let's start with the basics how can the u.s. government lose 545 parents and what happens now to these orphan kids. so i think a little bit of this branding of the parent is losing the conversation because we should be talking about how many kids and so that 545 kids as well as the parent the last shift the conversation if they had 545 kids that are here that are now orphaned or that have been abandoned in the united states because of us and the way it happened is by design because we're able to keep up with anything that we want to but with people with luggage with people with the military we can keep up with
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anything we were people going to the moon so really this is by design that they didn't care enough to sort of track the parents to these kids and so the problem of this is it started in 2017 so these kids have been separated for 2 years or more and basically or more and the concept is that many of these kids have more separated from their parents and they have with their parents and that's the biggest problem that we're sort of facing here that was the us all that is clearly against international law and now we're trying to write that policy. drugs border policies we been scrutinizing him for a long time especially on the show and in other places do you think at all that there's a new revelation is going to affect him at the polls and you know will this play a role in the election and what can be done to rectify the damage you talk about kids been away from their parents for more than 2 years now longer than they were with their parents can this ever be rectified and fixed. so the rectification of it probably i don't really know how you think that that issue when you take away the someone is a toddler and someone is a kid at that age frame they are forever damaged in the only way we can sort of
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right now is that it sort of gives them some sort of green card and the parents just sort of say we need to move forward in the best way we can with regard to the policy suburban women are really impacted by kids and this is really been a good talking point for people but i think at this point all the christians all the pro-life people everyone says they're out there about the kids and kids in school and in coven need to now rise up and ask their congressperson is running for office what about the 545 kids i think would have been really bad but 545 that's a really horrible and that's out of the 2000 that they had already separated in the very beginning and the real issue of this is why were they separated the 1st point today you see d.h. as coming back and saying are you saying well the parents don't want them back well back into the cart and those are very complex conversations that we can have with each individual case by case depending on where the fairness if you can in fact on that because 283 of them they don't even know what the parents are but you can't really have a conversation thing the parents don't want them back because they should have
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never been separated in the 1st place much less can you claim that as our 1st lady did that these kids are better off now than they were of their parents because they have and they have to pay that's really not a conversation i want to have with anyone it's irrational it's also one has been proven false because we know a lot of those kids were found sleeping on floors and didn't have anything to clean their bodies much less their teeth but alan i have another question for you we know about the family separations and this you know bombshell story but amid these i miss him from. and there's also the devastating news that trump is ratcheting up calls to continue those immigrant raids across cities in america just a few days out of election day what are your thoughts there and why do you think the president is targeting sanctuary cities right now some of which are also in battleground states. so it's a circus and it's really not about enforcement because you've been in charge for 30 years you have not deported as many people as the former president lee clearly said you had a strong immigration policy and he did it and today you went after 13000 individuals
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that came there was that they had a job when they didn't have a job and therefore they weren't taking away jobs for american workers but you use our resources during kogut to go up to 13 students who falsely claim that they were working right i think there should be adjusting our expectation for that but at this point in time do i think those 13 students or national security harm are more important than cobra or really don't think that shows a lack of direction and control and what we all know right now is that really isn't when people in the whole thing you're doing this big around the butt deportation when in fact you have a judge after a judge saying you see these private prison that we're paying for and i think right now with the deficit being absorbed is it americans need to start asking why are we paying so much for prison. that's a great question as to why we're paying so much for prisons and why is american tax dollars being used to pay for what i've called them this before and you've agreed with you are sentient concentration camps for these poor people that have come across our border that then we've now thrown in jail you know separated them from their kids now essentially lost 500 some odd broken up families and then lost where
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to send these children i want to ask just one final question before we go. what is what possibly is their excuse at this point when confronted with these numbers do they have any any way excuse whatsoever to how you lose someone's family. you know and they're running away from it there is no excuse because it's by design and i think at the end when they sort of meet themselves an international court of reports reconciliation of our own congress that they're going to happen come up with an answer because now there are there's a twitter there's a policy inside that were sort of shown from n.b.c. that they did it on purpose yes session behind the developments even miller so people need to be held accountable for this because it was underdog at people would be raging in the streets it isn't happening in another country remember when without being on the continent of africa people were outraged when the operator girls went missing and the problem of all this that you haven't any of them you don't know any of their names you don't know when you know a case of a government this many people and they don't have any boy how many girls and what their ages are because their narrative i couldn't agree with you more this is
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absolute people should be outraged by this we should be heartbroken by this and we should be demanding accountability for this because again these are children as you so eloquently pointed out thank you for your hard work and getting the truth about this out there and all the work that you're doing now and always a pleasure having you on sir. thank you for having me. all right as we go to break remember that you can also start watching marks on the man's with a brand new portable t.v.'s which is available on all platforms coming up more than 4000 people have died in u.s. jails before their day in court a former u.s. trial attorney out of the reserve joins us to discuss that shocking number of states who are watching the whole.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the world is driven by a dreamer i shaped by one person with those words. saying . we dare to ask.
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who will justice reform calls have largely landed on the prison system post conviction we're talking mandatory minimum sentencing 3 strikes laws agree just sentencing mandates that place people of color in prison for much longer terms than their white counterparts but not getting as much attention or the calls for reforms in the pretrial stage this stage comes before an accused person ever faces a trial or jury or a judge thousands of americans sit in jails across this country for months sometimes years without being found guilty of anything i know the story will too will because my old mother languished in jail never having a day in court her crime she couldn't for bail and had a mental illness. and she was alone while essentially serving time without a conviction folks often end up facing severe human rights violations up to and including death in fact a recent special report released just last week revealed 4900 $98.00 people died in
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u.s. jails many under brutal circumstances in one case harvey a mentally ill man was charged with trespassing after he was found standing in the morning rain and left wing at the sky. the man who called 911 alerted the arriving officer that hill needed a mental evaluation but he never got them instead he will wish to charge with trespassing jailed and incurred a $500.00 fine but things only got worse from there the next day hill flew into a rage at the madison county detention center in canton mississippi 3 guards tackled him pepper sprayed him kicked him in the hit after he was handcuffed who was slammed against a concrete wall the officers then lured him away from camera shot and continued to beat the handcuffed man in a subsequent investigation the guards said hill was so combative and showed superman force that they were required to spawn a respond aggressively hill was then sent into solitary confinement where guard
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pinned him to the floor beat him then removed his handcuffs. the poor man died just 46 minutes later agree just disgusting imagining but hill's case it isn't unique he is one of 7571 inmate deaths reuters documented in u.s. jails from 20182008 to 2019 joining us now is the riser the director for the justice and civil liberties institute welcome arthur. thank you for having me appreciate it. the deaths in the jails continue to mount across the country and being mindful that these people have never been convicted of anything why do you think stories like harvey hill's aren't worth even more widespread attention the criminal justice reform standard bearers tend to focus on they tend not to focus on jails at all outside of baylor for they're not really looking at cases like this. i think very sadly the answer is kind of within itself the reason these individuals
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are 'd in jail most of the time is because they're too poor to get out and that right there exactly what you described but your mom that's heartbreaking i'm sorry to hear that is exactly why these individuals. die in jail because they have the smallest voice and when you have a small voice you really fall to the very bottom the list and i think a really important that just again or stand here is that number $7571.00 from 2000 each 1900 that's only looking at $500.00 jails that's only 16 percent of the jails across the united states we don't we there's $3100.00 jails so that number is probably much higher. i think what truly breaks my heart about this story is the fact that these are people who are still technically not guilty if you know we still go by that old adage of innocent till proven guilty i know that's kind of a rarity these days but you know that's what really makes this sad and reports are showing as you mentioned that the fatality data in jails has become more and more
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secretive too on top of not getting all of it especially of the troubled ministration traditionally aggregated statistics were published every 2 years we haven't seen that since 2016 a justice department spokesman said there are no plans to issue future reports of inmate deaths how does this hamper advocacy for these people and what problems does this lack of reporting cause. data is everything it's impossible to create a new paltz these systems it's impossible to understand what is happening without truly understanding the actual number. because without it you're just you're just talking about stories and you know harvey his story is tragic but it's just a vanity go outside of this report and the most important thing to kind of understand about this is that b.d.s. has said that we're not going to go forward this is not one of those situations where you have the government saying we're giving it we're gathering it the bureau
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of justice it isn't saying no we're not going to turn it over so how do you ever really advocate for a new set of polls he's done when you don't understand what is happening i mean we know more about deaths of civilians in iraq and we know about deaths of our own civilians within our jails and that is outrageous. and are there couldn't i couldn't put it better we know that these deaths many of them are preventable 1st off with better protocols against abuse health assessments corrective action from the work that you do have you written or supported any model legislation or policy framework so around this issue and what are your thoughts on things that we can change. well 1st yes i just wrote a paper with tracy mears of yale law school that basically argues that nobody should be incarcerated in jail without severe due process just because they can't afford bail and even this idea that old we're going to keep people in jail because there are risks to the community most that kind of
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bold to be part of my my my my my language because who defines what is what is a public safety risk you know listen i'm a center right guy i care about public safety in a really is a bedrock to me but this isn't actually make us safer let me talk about a few statistics we know that 2 or 3 days in jail for low risk individuals so these are individuals who do not pose a risk or 40 percent more likely to commit new crimes than the individuals were held for 24 hours or less and that numbers only magnify the longer you hold these individuals low risk individuals or helper $31.00 days or. longer are 71 percent more likely to re-offend and now when you talk about high risk individuals dollars no correlation between time in jail in the likelihood new crimes what that tells us is that we are actually making ourselves less safe by holding individuals in jail longer than we need to and why is that well of course it's actually self-explanatory when you were in jail you lose your job i mean listen if you guys
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didn't come to work for a date you probably wouldn't lose your job i would lose my job i mean hell i haven't been to work going to europe because it go good. and still you literally we do but if you work at wal-mart you'll get tilting privileges you were good wal-mart you're gone for a day or conversion you're caught for a day or got your job is gone and you lose your home and you need your family uni's all your stability and the last thing i'll point out that you made a very valid point about is jail is the absolute worst place for individuals who are having mental health issues i mean britain is better for god at least person you have reentry program you have actual medical care but individuals who are going through mental health arts as a worst place you can put them is jail and most exhibit deals are out there for misdemeanors it is crazy what we're doing we're making ourselves and say these are citizens of the united states of america who are not. yet of our constitution and
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it's very sad. what's happening in the last thing i'll say is the remedy for most these individuals are still remedy well i mean one can't afford to get out of jail if she can afford to get a lawyer to advocate for her to get out of jail that's crazy under one of the. minute sporting event which are what would protect you know if you were going to standards the standard to the 40 of them is fair what's fair mean for eat them in a cruel unusual it says serious medical care but there is no standard of what serious medicare is and put a 6 minute 1st for speed. process no one defines what it what a speedy process is all the cards are stacked against these individuals and if someone like me who is on the right who believes in limited government we should be the one standing up against this this is our job let's was one thing that's going to cut as my eye are going to catch is why you're with what you're saying as if that it boggles my mind the we don't see this kind of reform taking place
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especially from the conservative side of the political spectrum because they are for smaller government and this is the very definition of government overreach but i want to ask you why is our system now so built to favor the prosecution and the government as opposed to the innocent individual in the civilian. because we've baked it in we baked it into the system we're doing it for years i mean we the politicians have been pounding their their fists on podiums and yelling about the danger of the boogeyman that's coming to get us and that gets them elected and because it's gotten elected they've kept doing it and i'll tell you you cannot point to one thing in the united states where fear has driven policy and we ended up in a better place every single work here has driven policy and we ended up in a better place every single time we've ended up in a worse place and that is exactly what's going on with jail now there is some light on the horizon there are some reforms happening there are many jurisdictions around this country in red areas that have actually made
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a difference i mean new orleans actually has decrease its jail population chicago has releases jail population so there are some good things happening but we're still talking about by 1000 people who have died in jail and the vast majority are people who have committed misdemeanors who have mental health issues who have drug issues we should be protecting these people but by our constitution exactly says that we should be protecting these people as you so eloquently pointed out earlier that's the 5000 that we know of at this point arthur reserve the director criminal justice and civil liberties on our street thank you so much for coming on the edge . our audience today always a pleasure i really appreciate it thank you yes sir thank you. marijuana that's just breaks my heart when i see that because it is it's innocent till proven guilty and our system tells us everything other than that by their actions not their money what you say you're innocent if you have lots of money and then you're innocent i guess is all that works all right everybody that is our show for you today remember in this world we are definitely not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i
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love you i rolled into up on the beach across keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. imax kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more exposed that. totally destabilized the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed
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kaiser. it's a nail biting post election day in the u.s. team biden claims victory is in that site while donald trump says the democrats are frauds. but the bottle now is close several key states but the vote count could potentially drag on for days or even longer especially with child threatening to take matters the supreme court. so we'll be going to the u.s. supreme court we want to all voting just. so you're prepared for any efforts republicans make in any court and the states to advance the absurd theory that the president spells last.


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