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tv   News  RT  December 2, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EST

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q. in the headlines russia's president vladimir putin gives an order for nationwide vaccination against coded 19 with the sputnik v. job starting next week. also this hour france grapples with a crisis of public trust in the police force and anger over brutality cases as the ruling party is forced to withdraw a bill from allies in the filming of officers. plus he ran val's to avenge the murder of its top nuclear scientists and pin the blame on israel we discuss possible motives and consequences with our guests i think it was and order to provoke iran into response could then be used as a pretext for
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a strike on iran and its condemnation is going to go anywhere it must go to the to the iranian regime that celebrated this issue is not nuclear weapons it is a provocation. and in one of the most shocking lockdown violations in the pandemic a top european parliament member for an anti l.g.b. tea party quits after trying to flee a police raid on what's being described as a male sex orgy. a very warm welcome to the program on this wednesday at 6 pm here in the russian capital let's get started with a live news update the russian president vladimir putin has ordered the government to start a nationwide vaccination against kobe in 19 next week for all the details or join in the studio by artie's down the hawk and so widespread vaccination is about to start in russia that's what we know now. using that sputnik the vaccine how's it
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going to happen. all this mass vaccination of pain was always going to go ahead really it was a question of when rather than if and it's coming sooner in the end than anticipated in a video conference with the deputy prime minister. vladimir putin ordered the rollout of that vaccine program as early as next week and the 1st in line for the vaccine will be those who are most vulnerable and those who work with the most vulnerable so medical health care professionals and teachers will be the 4th in line followed closely by the rest of the population this is what he had to say. one of the last ones we have already produced from these 2000000 doses of the 1st registered vaccine against coronavirus speed v this will allow us to start widespread vaccination specifically among 2 risk groups doctors and teachers i would like to ask you to start vaccination at the end of next week. now as the
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president said through windows is ready right now with more to come in the coming weeks and months and the deputy prime minister was also very careful to say that this vaccination will be voluntary to allay the fears of those people who thought this would be forced upon absolutely everybody will be voluntary and it would of course be free for those people that do wish to get vaccinated against over 19 now in the run up to this announcement there has been plenty of criticism surrounding a suspect nicky could you tell us more about that well initially support when it came out it was criticised for the speed of the rollout critics said that the safety its efficacy had not yet been proved the time a lot of the time lot of its roll out there has been largely similar to its international competitors the moderna vaccine the plies of action which of course has been approved by the u.k. regulator over the last 24 hours and is set for a lot in the coming days sputnik the vaccine is currently undergoing presentation as we speak in the united nations. it was published of course back in september in
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the lancet in a prestigious medical journal and peer reviewed with a claim difficulty of 5 percent after $42.00 days $42.00 days after the 1st those in that corresponds laws and with the results of the other major candidates as well so as we said it has had it had its critics as have the other vaccine candidates as well nevertheless it is peer reviewed it is closely scrutinized closely monitored and it has been approved by the russian roulette regulator now for the must roll out of the whole world is waiting for a vaccine to be approved in officially rolled out like this which countries have so far applied to the russian made vaccine while as various vaccine candidates have emerged it's become clear that no one would be enough simply to supply the whole world no country no company simply has the capacity to vaccinate hundreds of millions billions of people around the world and indeed not every country will be able to afford some of the candidates for vaccines that have come from the major
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pharmaceutical international joints if we're speaking about sputnik v in particular just last week the russian president was in talks with benjamin netanyahu abused by your prime minister about supplying doses for is a role for israel to manufacture sputniks. the cost of the vaccine will be more than of course some of its competitors namely the astra zeneca vaccine which will be around i believe $8.00 per vaccine but a lot less than the pfizer and modena equivalents and this is why there's been a lot of interest in the russian sputnik vaccine mexico it was to import 32000000 doses with the 1st delivery planned by december by this month already 100000000 doses are going to india with another agreement signed for the country to produce as many as 300000000 doses on on its soil other countries as well from better routes and one as well to the u.a.e. as one of sign up for as part of clinical trials for. all this those as well and of
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course russia has applied for pre-qualification of sputnik the. show as was so it's clear there is a lot of international interest in this treatment of course aren't his general harkins thank you for breaking down that story for us. that announcement from russia came on the same day that britain gave the green light to another coronavirus vaccine the health minister announced that the drug developed by pfizer and biotech will be rolled out next week hope is on its way the immaturity his form all through is the fires of biotech vaccine for coated 19 the n.h.s. stands ready to start vaccinating early next week the u.k. is the 1st country in the world to have a clinically approved vaccine for supply. the 1st 800000 doses of that vaccine are already on their way to the u.k. residents and staff at care homes for the elderly are being given 1st priority followed by people over the age of 80 and health care workers we asked people in london whether they'd be willing to take the job. dana i think that it's exciting
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because i think that i know a lot of people have put their lives on hold and businesses have been put on hold because there is a vaccine personally i would not want to take it because i think things are happening too quickly my wife's a doctor and. she read the paper by the. budget i just don't believe and i think there's so much going on there's so much that we don't know about and there hasn't been enough to has it been enough charles has been enough time to even find out if these vaccines are safe i don't think that they will be safe for people and i think this i think a high agenda behind obviously sort of follow the news as it goes along everything like that i would be sort of very low on the list i would imagine. but i would absolutely get it. biologists and jones says that one of the key obstacles facing the pfizer by anti drug will be the need to store it at all truck cold temperatures that sponsor about historic moments in the sense that this will be that those are an n.t. based vaccine that is released generally they've been tested people or hundreds or
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mental basis but they've never been released on that scale or so not only does it make drastic mogadishu which is the most important thing right now but it does also mark a watershed moment but this type of vaccine will certainly be a logistical challenge because the back scene requires ultra cold storage the floor and start shooting used i don't think let's talk about the robots i think in certainly in developed countries so i think the provision of minus 18 raises is not such a big deal but it certainly could be something that will effect the rollout more generally in other areas that work well which don't stop access to storage. police brutality is in the spotlight in france after the ruling party was forced to withdraw a bill severely restricting the filming of law enforcement officers the government has promised a total rewrite of the legislation which it had earlier claimed was vital to
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protect the force critics say drastic changes needed to restore public trust charlotte devinsky reports. it's the burning issue in france right now how to improve protection for the police while also safeguarding the public from police brutality. amid a wave of anger at the plans to criminalize the publication of images of the police if there was intent to harm the government has backed down the ruling party and sent the much profiled article $24.00 would be entirely rewritten hours later the
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interior minister outlined his plans for reform sickie a mike what is my deep conviction and what the government thinks is that we absolutely have to keep the protection of police forces during their police actions so i repeat they are not protected enough addictions with more training more leaders and more police and the generalized use of police body cameras these would he said tackle the root cause of the problem meanwhile the french police chief admitted that there are some issues but he defended the owner of his offices the police the police are not violent and are not racist saying this i'm not in denial and i am not waffling i tell you what i see and what i hear every day i see the police officers or flexion of the good side of our society but for many woods or not enough accusations of police violence of tarnish the name of the force
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these were brought into sharp focus over the past week as. shocking examples emerged. tried to call my lawyer to try to calm people that didn't even a neighborhood my screams and he wanted to call the police but it was the police. then as protests turned over the weekend did emerge that one journalist was caught in the fray he injured by a police baton as he attempted to cover the demonstrations. an award winning photographer was clearly identifiable as
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a journalist was shocked by the injuries suffered by a colleague how the condemned the unprovoked violence the injuries were sustained as he exercised his legal rights as a photojournalist documenting protests on the streets of paris and to now questions have been raised about the police role in the death of an 80 year old in musée back during the yellow vests rallies. zainab was hit by tear gas canister in 20000 while in her apartment originally an expert report submitted as part of the investigation concluded that the officer that fired the grenade had done so properly and she'd been hit accidentally that's now being questioned following an independent investigation it claims the officer launched the corner to an angle and too close to her building and it was there for an
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illegal shot a lawyer for the victim's family is so. that it was a deliberate act we believe that the police officer fired tear gas grenade because he thought that mrs ray the one who was on the phone using its loudspeaker was filming the police violence that took place outside her house rewriting also called 24 is unlikely to be the end of the story the recalls the entire global security bill to be scrapped passions are high not just over press freedom and the ability of citizens to film police officers but also the deep rooted problem of police violence issues that simply cannot be whitewashed so what do you can ski r.t. paris. iran's parliament has passed a bill to raise the stakes on nuclear development unless western countries sanctions it's urging the government to suspend nuclear inspections and boost
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uranium enrichment above the levels agreed with international powers but the country's president hassan rouhani criticized the bill calling it bad for diplomacy a final decision on the issue rests with iran's supreme national security council the bill comes amid uproar in the country over the killing of iran's top nuclear scientists for which tehran is blaming israel. the israeli government is the primary suspect in this assassination and now serious evidence has been provided the situation is that from now on we will follow the same path and we will seek to create legal responsibility for it iran as has been said and it is our firm policy will respond to both the perpetrators and the commanders it will be proportionate independent and god willing with maximum pain for those who have done it. israel's government is still refusing to comment on the issue earlier we discussed the escalation and where it could lead with our guests. is inevitable because the
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israeli regime has carried out an act of war it has carried out carried out an act of terrorism and there's no other way to look at this so the iranians will have to punish the regime so that it does not have been sent to carry out such an atrocity again a school that doesn't have a soccer team doesn't hire a soccer coach and a regime that isn't seeking to carry out nuclear attacks doesn't hire nuclear weapons specialists and really you know if condemnation is going to go anywhere it must go to the to the the iranian regime the celebrated this man that carried him around in government motorcade gave him a state funeral and i think it was done in order to provoke iran into a response that could then be used as a pretext for a strike on iran trying to this was designed to get the iranians to to take some
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response with it which would then justify an attack on iran and what appeared to be the closing days of the trump administration issue is not nuclear weapons it is a provocation the israeli regime is looking for a provocation to bring about war in this region because for them it is the it's not the interest of the united states or europe or the region it is their own interest in the carnegie endowment is to for peace reckons that iran has sunk over $100000000000.00 into its nuclear capabilities and indeed for nuclear weapons now at the same time the arab gulf states institute reports that by the end of 2019 poverty in iran was at 33 percent you know when they say $100000000000.00 were spent and they just say words that don't have much meaning when they say he is saying i think they say it keep talking about how can there be burned standing on our nuclear weapon we're solving these be people. these people and you know they
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cannot tolerate other people speaking so they have to interrupt if you iraq which has that technological capability if they wanted to produce a nuclear weapon they would have done so years ago the only regime that has nuclear weapons in this region with the support and help of the united states is the apartheid regime and palestine and i wait for the palestinians i wait for the palestinians the hatreds. i wait for the palestinians who are taught hatred in schools by iranian by iranian sponsored an apartheid regime weeps for the. people for the palestinian people who are subjugated by such. an evil regime and an apartheid regime that believes in hierarchy you show it you should for the palestinians or subjugating gaza and who are treated as such as subhumans it's despicable year you're no different than apartheid south africa you know the saying
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your supremacy the reality is iran isn't looking to join the nuclear club it's looking to join the nuclear genocide club and until the west continues the pressure to prevent the regime developing that kind of weaponry the middle east will continue to be unstable until we see more normalization more isolation of the lab iran and indeed a better future for the rest of the people as well and i think we also need to keep in mind that if there even if there was not a state actor behind this that this could not have happened without somebody being involved with some will call cooperating actors and then you ask the question why would they on their own accord go after a nuclear scientist residence some other target within the iranian government so i think if there was outside actors a state actor behind us where there was the israelis or somebody else we need to consider how profoundly dangerous this is do we really want to strike him not being diplomacy by assassination. one of india's biggest strikes in
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history has seen 250000000 people come out against a new farming law that they warn will devastate their livelihoods and the capital new delhi demonstrators clashed with police who fired tear gas and water cannon and used to tons to force protesters back. september's last crop of minimum prices for crops and allowed corporations to negotiate prices directly with farmers private companies can now also stockpile staple crops which could previously only be done by the government the prime
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minister insists the new rules will benefit farmers allowing them to attract investment and choose from a larger number of buyers and he's accused opponents of spreading lies. we're seeing the same old misinformation going against these historic agree culture reform which is coming from the same people who have constantly misled the farmers for decades we're working with pure intentions and without any purpose of betraying anyone. a new delhi based journalist and political commentator says the moves have been badly planned. through these 3 laws. the government has brought in a split couple 100. is going to replace the men with more bob through cooperated to dean's derby greater role. in. everything to do with chasing in the sea to reproduce
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and then that only means you are even forcing the bar for the private good is. going to be far more fall through in less time should read of the far more dangerous. to one of the most surprising breaches of covert restrictions now a top european parliament member has quit after brussels police caught him trying to avoid capture at what's being described as a sex orgy officers raided what's being called a gay party which has surprised many as it was part of an anti l g b t coalition it was attended by some 20 people including european diplomats who had been chief whip of the european peoples party was caught carrying drugs as he fled through a window and shimmied down a drain pipe and police broken a passer by reported to the police that he had seen a man fleeing the law in the gutter he was able to identify the man the man hands
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were bloody it is possible that she may have been injured while philine their chordates were found in his backpack and his resignation letter sire admitted his behavior was irresponsible he apologized for breaching lockdown rules but claimed the drugs in his backpack had been planted former m.v.p. david coburn says the whole instance it's a terrible example. it's not setting a good example to the people in a time of the american show me going to have a good laugh about it you know the hypocrisy of it all but it is serious and as much as that people do what we set an example like that it all has a goal if they're out there politicians are having a tremendous party while the rest of us i am are having to isolate them to look at my hair how to lie and use me i never had hail as long as i was a student i was you know bob i'm in mt so you know i try to be in the rules and set an example as it goes a little bit away by you know i think it's better people obey the rules overseas
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but it's not to to do the opposite to what you're you're selling to the public. with last the month to go to christmas eve states are responding to mass anti-lock down our age by easing restrictions that leaders fear the festive gatherings could spark a fresh wave of covert outbreaks or your correspondent get over a story. european leaders are facing a balancing act between keeping covert restrictions in place to stop the spread of the virus and allowing families to be together over the festive period there's also the need to try in the piece some of those that have been out on the streets of european cities angry and fed up with the current restrictions.
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the problem is ease restrictions for christmas and new year you may well get a spike in the virus in january here in germany chancellor angela merkel has reluctantly agreed to ease restrictions on the number of people that are allowed to gather together that's been raised to 10 not including children in that number between the 23rd of december and the 1st of january but she has said that there is a personal responsibility on people to try and keep covert safe people in winter our worst equipped against the virus and then in the sound that because we spend much more time inside close spaces the situation the const more difficult we just have to get through this winter months and we hope people get vaccinated and the czech republic they've got a bit further than germany and they'll be opening some shops that have being closed albeit with extra corona measures in place when it comes to religious services
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there's also a split across year up in italy and in ireland there will be socially distanced masses taking place while in germany and iceland they going for they will auction we recorded shoot services that we broadcast online and have also created virtual confirmation classes most to move try to. do something outside the church on christmas eve such as a quote a performance or a short service the e.u. might get a glimpse of tension what could be coming down the pike by looking at cross the atlantic to the united states last week's thanksgiving celebration saw people travel across the country and get together with families who are looking to see if that produces an uptick in the number of corona infections but while restrictions that have been in place across europe of seeing numbers either drop off or level out here the question is is it justified to ease these restrictions for
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a few days of christmas cheer a this brutal despite its continues unabated as not to be disparate it is absolutely directly related to the contagion is provided by closed source or gone dick's people together in exeter more than leading to temptation lifting distinctions appears to be more late getting. to close to leaving all of the night equates and gathering exeter it is dangerous he says police the measured east absolutely not helping. us interests we have no lease we have experiences i don't see any and you do clear that deer they look down east's prove it to be an effective way all their containing to spread of this virus meanwhile new york's governor has been ridiculed for comparing code to the grinch on social media and
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a better candidate for the children's character who stole christmas as andrew cuomo himself. please hold it is the group was pretty good at that work. we have a few thank you we have few who feel we believe we won't is the grinch the grinch that helped spread to call them engineers in homes and profited all their dads by writing a book about leadership and the meddling from down to feel kind of analogy from columbia if you're trying to encourage people to be careful about anything during the holidays because of the good guys in the country the folks in who then you could celebrate and regardless of how the grinch tried to ruin christmas but i'm not in any when i saw you for living
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a warning code is going to steal christmas because we're going to put on christmas like they did thanksgiving cutely thankyou thanks thanks. don't think think think think think. think think there. that's a roundup of the day's top news for now as always thanks for tuning in.
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hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle at this point no one knows when the code crisis will abate however it is undeniable that this health crisis has negatively impacted the economy what does it mean to return to normal is that even possible now and will the divide separating the rich from the poor continue to update. to discuss the economy and more i'm joined by my guest peter bergen great american he is an economist at the american institute for economic research in miami we have made rezko he is in senos chief investment strategist and we also have eric townsend he is host of the macro voices podcast original macross up rules in effect
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that means you can jump in anytime you want and i was appreciated ok let's go 1st to peter you know in looking at the very the. the broadest picture of what's going on in the economy right now i think we all have to be very honest with ourselves that the election cycle influenced people how they look at the economy how bad it is or how good it is and it's all been kind of changed and now as we move out of that cycle. give me your kind of most sober view of what's going. and in the economy because you know we hear about a w. recovery recovery are you and the new and this time is the k one which you would assume that it's. the recovery is good for some people and also at the same time negative for others where we have going in different trajectory so what's your cold sober view of what's going on the economy right now.


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