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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2020 10:00am-10:30am EST

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your needs and the needs of your family. who are angry in france over plans to ban the public from filming the police the u.n. says the new security bill is incompatible with human rights however paris insists it won't be dropped although it could be. russia starts free mass vaccinations against 19 in the capital we look at who gets the job 1st but. we need to also understand that this is not going to. be. the head of the international red cross warns that vaccines won't solve all the problems with the virus. but we'll just have to wait to be here. because i know it's it's really it's really . a heart wrenching moment for
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a family whose father put his life on the line for the u.k. it's fiji born army veterans are told to leave great britain over bureaucratic mistakes r.t. has their story. good evening you're watching r.t. international it's just gone 6 o'clock here in moscow now we start this hour with live pictures from paris where protests are taking place again this weekend over a security bill that could stop the public from filming the police or to guess has been used to disperse the crowds and has been or have been clashes let's get the latest now from charlotte pinsky joins us from paris. charlotte would be looking at some things that might help you to. describe what's happening now. well you can probably see behind me it's already
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getting pretty good here in paris is burning and you can hear the tear gas that's being left off or we're in the middle of it at the moment and by our streaming the we've already seen clashes between the police and the protesters at the very start of this protest police being pelted with the ropes with glass bottles with pink paint them them responding with the tear gas so you can see the protesters here try to barricade parts 7 7 of the area they've set this fire they've been smashing shops except for and where we go all around this tear gas is now raining down it's going very difficult to see at this protest was called against the inclusive courage you know specifically or to the 212224221 is about the idea of the police having 40 cams to be able to live stream at the
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interventions that they make up to $22.00 is about the use of drone footage you know article $24.00 the most controversial the most which would criminalize if they were published images over the police if there was intent to harm that of course is being written by parliamentarians that present maccarone went on t.v. on friday to give a long ranging interview about the issues he said and admitted that they was violence within the police but he said he wouldn't politicize that and he said that there was violence in all of society have a listen to what he said during the interview. yet live your lives in a society there is violence in society there is racism in society in france today this is a franked therefore as a police reflect society some members of the police force display violent behavior that we must go off to and punish. us so that was present my. akron yesterday we also knew the police are angry about
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what he said in the interview but the fact he said that he was going to set up a platform where people could sort of sign up to say they'd seen any discrimination by the police or police were saying that they were in a stop controls the way the start was the call from their union it is a huge presence here in paris but it's not just in paris people protesting there are around 90 protests taking place across france i don't know if there is misuses but i just want to give you a sense of what's going on the car just behind me has been searching for a while we're in the middle of a live i'm sure there is that are going to be very unhappy about that but you can just get a sense of the anger here you know we passed through i'd say more than a kilometer of people it may not look like crowded right now but the streets have been packed with individuals who are clear that despite the fact the parliamentarian say that they will write article 24 people unhappy with the idea
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of the other parts of the moon as well and as you mentioned a panel of u.n. experts said earlier this week that they felt that the global security law itself needed to be comprehensively written because it was incompatible with international human rights law adding huge amounts of pressure i mean president concert in affronts is a country where there is freedom of the press it doesn't want to stop oppression doing their job but the press say that's exactly what parts of this movement to really hamper the press in being able to show images and particularly images which show police violence images that in the last week of routine to show up focus some of the issues that we saw the issues of a migrant camp it was clear that where she lists were being attacked by the police we also use all of the fact that. miss. did you say it was.
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so i thought he's stupid you just get a look at this. all across the floor here when you do smashed all over looks like outside of a supermarket and of course baseball is a fibroid just coming out to put this out but really it is a mess here on the streets of paris. ok thank you charlotte charlotte we're just looking at some of the live pictures being streamed live from link with paris we just talking that. anger on the streets of paris this weekend over that security bill that could potentially stop they say the public from filming the police so a lot of tension there a lot of violence charlotta showing a lot of vandalism to you and of course we'll keep ourselves across this story leaving for. moscow has started to
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carry out mass vaccinations but the. infections across russia have been on the rice since september and now exceed 28000 the day. i spoke with nikki. behind me is one of 70 most clinics where specialized fully equipped vaccination centers opened on saturday they will work from 8 am to 8 pm every day expecting to vaccinate hundreds of people daily earlier we heard from russia's president vladimir putin that the country had already produced 2000000 doses of the drug and ease ready for mass vaccination and to be honest russia needs it just as well as the entire world because corona virus cases grow and call that 1000 related deaths can continue to remain on a very high level well the vaccination is on a voluntary basis but not everybody can get an injection here is deputy mayor about
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who will be the 1st to get sputnik could be fatal which it could have in the it's not simple shooting hoops crease groups have priority 1st tries to vaccination workers such as doctors and teachers who deal with a large number of people who are also nursing staff administrator as cleaners and other burkas in social institutions as they're also traced these candidates also required to be in a good health condition of course aged 18 to 60 earlier mayor is sad that half of moscow residents already mune to corona virus $20000.00 of them got a sputnik the injection as clinical trials volunteers phase 3 of it still goes on but early interim results showed that the vaccine is over 95 percent effective $42.00 days after the 1st shot and it would be fair to mention that us based foreign giants pfizer and why they're not just recently also announced a similar efficacy of their of vaccines but russia is certainly the 1st to start
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mass vaccination now varia we know that you took part of the final stage of the vaccine trials can you tell us about your experience yes sure yes i am one of thousands of volunteers taking part in phase 3 of the clinical trials of the. it is what is known as double blind placebo trials when only 25 percent 75 percent of the participants get real drug and 25 percent of them get placebo and neither doctor is no participant supposed to know who is getting ward but i was too impatient and i made a blood test. first of all i have to tell you that i got the 1st shot in mid september and the 2nd 121 days later and couple of days after the 2nd charge i got a blood test that showed me that my body started producing antibodies g. and neither blood tests i made just a couple of weeks ago showed that their number is growing and of course i'm very
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happy with that there were some side effects after the 1st shot and the 2nd shot but they faded away and it's nothing compared to the benefits i now have you know protected from coronavirus of course. despite the risks of working with patients there's been no shortage of volunteers coming forward to help the international red cross and red crescent say that they have been overwhelmed by offers from around the globe this year in response to an unprecedented humanitarian need r.c. has witnessed unprecedented humanity soon kindness with hundreds of thousands of people joining the red cross red crescent family for the 1st time all the while can turn dealing with the terrible impacts of qubit 19 on the road. where the response from those wanting to help has been high across the right across the world with european countries in particular recording tens of thousands of sign ups we asked people what spurred them to come forward. i started one tearing with the red cross
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in the beginning of october this year after i cope with the isolation facility and the reason why i started well and here with the red cross there is because i actually state of the facility when i have coded in august and the red cross that so much for me and i really want to do something for them and give back to the red cross and the society i really recommend doing it to get to know a lot of different people from different backgrounds and being able to do something good for society in this situation when the pandemic started i began to actually participate in their russian retros wants to call the 19th i decided to do it was my time to start trying to bring in. the indian student difficult period. because i understand their. power how much help and how much support to is that needed to every person
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especially on their for their elderly and lonely people and my colleague here and spoke more about this with the secretary general of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies. we have seen a many many people young volunteers elderly people in tears coming poured want to support this is primarily motivated by our principle of humanity and our principle of universality because the seeds are truly a global crisis and without global study got it deep we cannot contain this pandemic so that's not a doubt it is the main reason part of the source of wanted what do you think of the main difficulties these low entail has come across almost every 2 years have i that their family members and friends or colleagues also affected by the time any the so why they are contending with their own personal suffering and sometimes personal loss they are also somewhat debated to express that global solidarity come part of
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what to do to help others but also initially there was a short it's a personal protective equipment there was also not enough information information that was needed to ensure that they can go forward and volunteer in a safe environment. but we have surely learned practices to protect her peepee materials have been now available more easily but they have to other elements you know that it's also in many part of the world that is the stigma around i don't depend in that doesn't help we have also seen betty increased. increased number of mental health issues increases in domestic violence issues so when the woman ts want to help to deal with the pandemic they're also seeing that at the same time they also have to support people on the mental health issues domestic violence issues stigma issues and what are your thoughts on the kind of vaccines being rolled out next week add to that not going to threaten the tide of
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infections. i think they could actually i'm definitely going to be helpful but we need to also understand that this is not going to be a silver bullet just because of accident and now being rolled out. stop the vitus that's not going to happen unfortunately i did it is still a massive need for production and distribution to look stickle distributors and challenge would be would be massive. ultra wide band ability of actually the partner countries or. the countries who don't have the finance it means to get approaches that are actually right now so having that it could involve distribution of factories all around the world would be critical and we have somewhere to go to these that point. conspiracy theories have gone to town recently gave a strange metal objects known as monolith that have appeared in various and often remote parts of the planet saskia taylor tries to get to the bottom of what's been
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happening. if you're an 80 and thinking of popping down to us for a visit don't. drive very. very bright. that morning less might have met its biblical end but the monoliths mysteries continued to seize the imagination of om tech conspiracists wild white 10 feet tall 3 sided metal structures a pairing as quickly as they vanish into the night fast in the utah desert then poof gone well ok ok don't quite. know yet it's a while down here at the moment if the bible belters don't get you the tree huggers well but then something eerily similar rocked up 9000 clung to the way in a small village in romania then poof gone now and ready to go poof before finally crossing back across the atlantic to california just to remind us
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a most unholy and. first why did they come from is it a prank is it odd who put them out why is this happening no one knows except drabbed of people on twitter. and just like the simpsons foretold that trump presidency and ebola outbreak in faulty voting machines but of a small topic in the white house the moment but that's a conspiracy for another day was space odyssey stanley cook brick in the know we excavated out all sides of the we're all over the lever he brings the evil. in space odyssey the monoliths were left by aliens to guide us from one stage of evolution to the next. but this time let me be
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the guy 8 see if the monolith was you when you're testing the waters postpone your flight 2020 is not the year to take a risk trust me just stay away. just to tell you that now still at this hour we speak exclusively to a former head of israel's intelligence agency on the recent assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist that story just off to the right. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back now u.k. army veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan have lost a legal battle to stay in britain the high court rejected appeals from 8 fiji born soldiers insisting that they were in the country illegally tooted bureaucratic errors or rally captured the heartbreaking moment the decision was revealed to the children of one of the soldiers. the judge said that he wasn't concerned with any misadministration on the part of the government and i would eat a galaxy and that he didn't see how the government had behaved in an illegal manner but. to a minute she's the wife of one of the soldiers to wate she brought me to stark contrast to see the moment when she breaks the news of that ruling to the daughters of some of those soldiers to hit home exactly how devastating that news has been to these young girls. so you know that we were going to be going to court to
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ask the judge if our case could be heard at the high court ok so we were all there on tuesday in at your dad's house and sadly the judge has said that our case cannot be heard in court. ok. and i'm sorry about that. we you know we've tried our best to. do ask the judge to look at chilled cases sympathetically and also for the men right and. that doesn't mean that it's the end. we will sort you out. but we'll just have to wait to be here. because i know it's relieve interleague name so terri and lilly etc out to calcutta are the 3 daughters of tate to see who's facing the potential of 850000 pound medical bill because he hasn't got legal
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status in the u.k. grayson kelly is a 20 under seats his daughter despite what is clearly a major setback the goals remain committed to their cause i hate that it takes away his decision is now i didn't realize that what he's doing is actually affecting our niece the government maintain that they've acted properly and that they continue to work with veterans in order to understand how best to apply. the home office and the ministry of defense work closely with our foreign and commonwealth recruits to make sure they are aware of how they and their families can attain settlements in the u.k. and the costs involved a suitor had wanted us to come and see as she broke the news to those girls to hit home the impact that this is going to have on those men and really she stated that the judge at the high court didn't take into account the impact that it would have on the families and that she said that rather than focusing on the legalities
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there's a moral imperative particularly on the government to allow those meant to remain essentially in stoke on trent. trump had ministrations ramping up its measures against china it has closed 5 cultural exchange programs in the west accusing them of being a propaganda tool and on top of that the secretary of state mike pompei o has also announced new visa restrictions for chinese citizens today i announce to these restrictions on united front work department officials who have engaged in malign activities to co-opt and coerce those who oppose beijing's policies we call on the p.r.c. to end its use of coercion to suppress freedom of expression well pompei allege that a beijing control group called united front was working internationally to quote bully those who raise human rights issues in china that comes after the u.s. limited these days for chinese communist party members and their families in the u.s. to just one month meanwhile the u.s.
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director of national intelligence has also branded china as america's greatest threat john rachleff claim that beijing plans to dominate the u.s. and the world technologically economically and militarily but china's foreign ministry believes he has different motives for his attack. the u.s. practices of integrated military and civilian development dates back to before world war one the u.s. groundless accusations against china are typical double standards its true purpose is to create excuses to justify high tech blockage against china and this will eventually damage the interests of china the us and the whole world because to garrote the china national association of international studies says that the from the ministrations attacks on beijing are misguided. recent it due to religion in china u.s. relations is very much caused by the poisoning by president trumbo and its followers in the us administration if you listen to what president trumpet as
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government have been saying how much do you really give credit as to what they say how much trouble there is it whatever they are up 30 i think there is not a lot of calls for a lot of misrepresentation mitt lots of distortion because they are afraid of a larger china but the rise of china is a mega trends that you cannot stop child but will be larger than the united states but a larger china doesn't make china and enemy of the united states why should we minimize exchanges of ideas all good services between china and the united states that your largest economies in the world's any minimization of this courage the americans as much as the heart the chinese president either will be a better president than president trump i hope he and his government will realize that china and the united states are not enemies against each other. the former
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director of israel's mossad intelligence agency has given his thoughts on the recent assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist an exclusive interview with r.t. he's going underground he refused to confirm hoare deny the killing but to chad some light on the possible reasons for the attack which is to remind you where senate factories are day a leading expert for iran's nuclear program was ambushed and faking shot last week around says an explosive device was detonated along the route of his motorcade near the capital and then remotely controlled weapon was fired no one has claimed responsibility so far better on was quick to point the finger at israel his prime minister had described the scientist as a threat the full interview will be aired throughout the day but here's a taste of what he said. the who are a little sore loser. very quickly each day. is absurd so. the rumors of the.
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nuclear projects so he was a legitimate target. there was a. right to use the. origins of us because. it was there in the eyes of those who were minders actions. represent. 'd us. i don't want to use words of a. person who is. this 'd is almost automatically you also. and so was israel behind the assassination of the iranian scientist i love. what you are saying. everybody seems to think there is a case. like
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. pandemic is set another record in the united states because more than 100000 people were taken to hospital with the virus on thursday alone and this rising public anger to you would have all my case of breaking the very rules that they have set. i need to do a much better job of showing folds how to follow the rules i failed. it doesn't matter whether something is technically allowed or not i need to hold
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myself to a higher standard and i will do better. and i regret the throw even though it's violated nor did i said that bad example. well i think it won't work so well here in the united states for those officials will going to have to persuade them actually to participate in mass wearing and not going to a large group gatherings persuasion over the long term will work much better i think than on the show i think actually we need to get a whole collection of people little leaders medical leaders leaders leaders business people all together saying the same thing and then all but surely
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i think our citizens will comply. the registration for the vaccine open to moscow on saturday in health and education it's hoped it will ease pressures in hospitals around russia as one particularly worrying incident in the country showed well arty's and christophe travelled to the region to find out what happened. yeah much of you feel it. on the 27th of october at 10 pm 3 ambulances came here to the office a local health department they parked like this too along the curb and the 3rd drove right dark to the entrance for 12 hours they would be driving there all the talented hospitalized a sick and every hospital refused yet. i'm standing right now in front of the health department there already 3 ambulances here as you can hear they switched on their sirens they drove up and stopped right here 123. so there were 3
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ambulances here yes 32 had i think should and they brought oxygen to the 3rd one. because when we drive the same patient around for 12 hours the oxygen tank runs out and for what i want is i will happen to exactly why are they driving in circles folks will fall i've been speaking to a paramedic he said it works like this. 108 essentially. an ordinary call and then they realize the person has community acquired pneumonia and. that person was 17 years old and the situation. was that they were going to die right that yes you want to take the patients are going to take an oxygen tank and they start calling the ambulances and dispatch but it comes from the ambulance station so they start calling the station saying these guys we have a patient 1st of all if they don't have p.p.d. themselves i took a picture loaded.


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