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tv   News  RT  December 5, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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idealized. look possed the deaths that happen every single day this is a history of the usa. more anger in france over plans to ban the public from filming the police the u.n. says the new security bill is incompatible with human rights however paris insists it won't be dropped although it could be written. let's go inside and talk to the 1st woman series of worlds fur and mass vaccination russia starts for mass vaccinations against covert 19 right here in the capital we speak to one of the doctors who was 1st in line. with hospitalizations in intensive care and needing
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long ventilators and i don't want to see this anymore becomes that your patients myself. understand this is not going to. be. the head of the international red cross warns that vaccines won't solve all the problems with the virus. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is arch international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us right now we will start in paris where protests are taking place again this weekend over a security bill that could stop the public from filming the police demonstrators in the french capital tore through the streets setting fire to vehicles and smashing in shops and banks the authorities responded with tear gas more than 60 percent.
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shows have been arrested in several police officers injured are just trying to get base to their face. where you can probably see behind me it's already getting pretty good here in paris was burning 6 and you can hear the tear gas that's being left all 4 were in the middle of it at the moment and. streaming the we've already seen clashes between the police and the protesters at the very start of this protest police being pelted with the room next with glass bottles with pink paint and then them responding with
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the tear gas. firefighters are trying to extinguish a number of fires that have been set these the fires of cause all along this street there are at least 3 or 4 vehicles that have been completely tool or just so you just have to move because the films from the vehicle are getting a little bit too close for comfort but this protest still going on this is one of rhinitis protests in france and against the global security law a law that's been much criticized not just by journalists and citizens and n.g.o.s but also by the european union and by the un many including a specialty move independent investigative the u.n. saying. this is incompatible with international human rights law and they've called
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for the whole law to be rewritten we know at the moment that only one part of that law is going to be rewritten that is article 24 but protesters say that that's not enough. as you can see still more tensions here in paris this fire has been let just outside the bank populaire the bank is also being smashed in at the furniture brought out the pike not so popular in paris today we heard from president michel on friday he a wide ranging interview where he took to private a lot of the issues in front at the moment he touched on this issue when he touched on police a pilot say he didn't want to cool the police file and he said that there was violence in society and they was violence within the police but he didn't want to politicize the issue and he didn't think it was an institutional problem.
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so i would just get rid of course and tear gas here just for you to have a look it's just been released by the police officers as they're trying to control the situation so the firefighters couldn't do that the job have you know many of the people who are ok still to come 24 and the global security will say the problem we think is that there has been this is to make issues in terms of violence within the police force and if succes can't say for example that film police officers will be no evil to show police brutality and not be problematic just outside the bank that was completely smashed up by some of the demonstrators you can see that a scooter or a motorcycle outside was that the bank itself was so. people went inside they took
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the furniture from inside the bank brought it out and then they set these fires up outside the bank you see completely and utterly have trashed this particular bank there have been other businesses that have been trashed like this on this street here in paris and we've also seen a number of causes as well there is been huge violence from the protesters towards the police to know that there is anger in the police generally that they feel that they reason enough protection for them they say they face this incredible threat of protest like this but generally in their job they face huge of months of threats and violence against them and they would actually like to see the laws strengthened musos so there's a real difference between what police want and what many public groups journalists and n.g.o.s a calling. our sister channel r.t. france spoke to a lawyer and the head of the national union of journalists in the country who both
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have their concerns over the security bill. i have reaction from european journalists unions from our colleagues who do not understand the state of law and order in france so i don't know what can be done to explain the dialogue is necessary you have to understand that society is brutal in general you know you'll be in countries it is manageable the risk people are trying to understand how the police work how journalists work in france the trust between journalists and the shortest has been broken the forces of more than regrettably also with citizens and that needs to be restored all the doubts and discontent that we've voiced from the very beginning of the debate in the national assembly have gone on her it at the moment the text of this bill no matter how much it is. a journalist or wherever it decides to police in order to inform the public to magically be seen as
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a threat the problem is that the law only targets one side those who report the crime and i don't see how simply writing the text of the bill can address the public impact that we are seeing right now. moscow has started to carry out massive vaccinations with the sputnik job daily infections across russia have been on the rise in september and now exceed 28000 a day. through the process and spoke to a doctor among the 1st to receive vaccination. this is one of 70 most clinics where fully equipped vaccination centers opened on such a day they will work from 8 am to 8 pm vaccinating hundreds of people daily i don't need it because i am one of thousands of volunteers who go. with phase 3 clinical trials but let's go inside and talk to the 1st woman 2 years of worlds for her and she called a mass vaccination by the way i still need to wear my mask. or it's crowded here
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what we're putting earlier said that teachers and doctors will be the 1st to receive sputnik we of course is all on a voluntary basis but not everybody can get injection a candidate should be in good health 1st of course aged between 18 and 60 and this is why 1st all newcomers should see a physician. that. this is the candidate they 1st need to be checked to see they call it. you're going. to lose. if qualified. candidate proceeds to the vaccination room because you both look
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for. the vaccine is kept in a special reason they bring the freezers together with the doses you can see it's minus $26.00 degrees celsius. after the freezer the vaccine should stay in the room temperature for 1015 minutes meaning we have some time to talk to god you know. when we decided to get vaccinated. because i'm a doctor and i'm in contact with covered positive patients i commute to work and come into potential contact with others who are sick unfortunately not everyone protect themselves that everyone's wearing masks i get sick once and i don't want to get it again how was it when you were bill thank god not to have only had a typical pneumonia not too severe thanks to my good immunity but also help people
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who are sick with hospitalizations and intensive care and needing long ventilators and i don't want to see this anymore becomes that your patients myself. who could be in phase 3 of its clinical trials still but injury or early results showed that the drug is 95 percent effective $42.00 days after the 1st shot you have a moment is approaching this is real work seen no placebo is used because this is not clinical trials with real vaccination and by the way those who took part in phase 3 of the clinical trials will be real like me like i do and god will not be allowed to be vaccinated until the trials are rolled we're. going to know how do you grade good do you feel now it's just like any other
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vaccine great congratulations thank you. so would need to be back to show it back to her now i believe that was the 1st shot and she and all others vaccinated today will have to return here to get the 2nd shot in 21 days. vaccination center. despite the risks of working with coated patients there has been no shortage of volunteers coming forward to help the international red cross and red crescent say that they have been overwhelmed by offers from around the globe. this year in response to unprecedented humanitarian need our sea has witnessed equally unprecedented humanity soon kindness with hundreds of thousands of people joining the red cross red crescent family for the 1st time all the while can turn dealing with the terrible impacts of qubit 19 on the road wives. the response or from those wanting to help has been higher cost the globe with european
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countries recording tens of thousands of sign ups we asked people what spurred them to come forward i started one sharing with the red cross in the beginning of this year after i cope with the isolation facility and the reason why i started volunteering with the red cross there is because i had actually stayed at the facility when i have come back and august and the red cross that so much for me and i really want to do something for them and give back to the red cross and the society i really recommend doing it to get to know a lot of different people from different backgrounds and being able to do something good for the society in this situation when the pandemic started i began to actively participate in their russian retros response to could be 19 i decided it was my time to start trying to bring in. the indian student difficult period. because i understand there.
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how much help and how much support to ease it needed to every person especially on their for their elderly and alone the people. aren't earlier my colleague at mccarran spoke more about this with the secretary general of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies. we have seen a many many people young volunteers elderly people in tears coming pour want to support this is primarily motivated by our principle of humanity and our principle of universality because these seeds are truly a global crisis and without global study got a deep we cannot contain this this pandemic so that's not a doubt it is the main reason part of the sorts of wanted what do you think the main difficulties baseball and has come across almost everybody hears have either their time in members of friends or colleagues also affected by the many the so
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wide there are contending with their own personal suffering and sometimes personal loss they're also somewhat debated to express that global solidarity that come part of what to do to help others but also initially there was a short it's a personal protective equipment there was also not enough information information that was needed to ensure that they can go forward and volunteer in a safe environment. but we have surely learned dorsett practices the particular p.p. materials have been now available more easily but they have few other elements you know that it's also in many part of the work that is the stigma around i don't dependent that doesn't help we have also seen betty increased. increased number of mental health issues increases in domestic violence issues so when the woman ts want to help to deal with the pandemic they are also seeing that at the same time they also have to support people on the mental health issues domestic violence
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issues stigma issues and what are your thoughts on the coverage vaccines being rolled out next week i do think they're going to feel that the tide of infections. i think they could actually are definitely going to be helpful but we need to also understand that this is not going to be a silver bullet just because the vaccine now being rolled out. that it will suddenly stop the vitus that's not going to happen unfortunately i did it is still a massive need for production and distribution to look stickle distributors and challenge would be would be massive. cultural and ability of actually especially but the part the countries you know. the countries who don't have the finance it means to approach is that actually not so i think that it could involve distribution of factories all around the world would be critical and we have some way to go to these that point. will have for you on our t.v. or need timi mysterious metal monoliths popping up on both sides of the atlantic
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which have got the fearful faithful in a frenzy and the conspiracy theorists in a span will take a closer look after the break this is our attention national. those and the big community are extremely positive about the future because big points solves a lot of problems we face because of money because of central banks even the nation state itself as a unit of governance has kind of grown as useful as. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the
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day or thinks. we dare to ask. him back this is archie international now the new york attorney general has disclosed several police body camera videos detailing the deaths of 2 black men after their encounters with law enforcement in an effort to increase transparency now please be aware that we're about to show you some of that video which is
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distressing to watch. 11 videos in total were released showing the deaths of it daniel prude and troy both men were in custody and died of asphyxiation as officers attempted to subdue autopsies later found drugs had also played a role in their deaths and what has become a familiar response protests emerged over both of the deaths and the wider issue of heavy handed policing since in the spring communities across america and abroad have seen similar scenes spurred by the black lives matter movement some of which have turned violent.
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community advocate and former new york police officer corey believes technological advances are a game changer for transparency. transparency used to keep the success you have to understand prior to this technology of. cameras all over the place at least were able to control the narrative that we would hear didn't come out and say did such and such reach for by our board to try to fight us we ended up you know use it in our weapon to kill him and it would be justified because we couldn't even question it but now it was due to transfer of technology that now when it 1st changed and even still with technology police unions and police departments around america
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still trying to convince people that the police oh right in these instances in that these 2 particular incident it is incidents yes drugs played a part but. it's not a drug. conspiracy theorists have gone to town over strange metal objects known as monoliths that have appeared in various and often remote parts of the planet hard to get taylor has been looking at whether this is the year for extra terrestrials to pay for things that. if you're an ag i'm thinking of popping down to us for a visit don't. drive very. very bright. that morning less might have met its biblical end but the monoliths mysteries continue to seize the imagination of om tech conspiracists wild white 10 feet tall 3 sided metal structures
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a pairing as quickly as they vanish into the night fast in the utah desert then poof gone well ok ok don't quite. know yet it's while down here at the moment if the bible belters don't get you the tree huggers well but then something eerily similar rocked up 9000 clung to the way in a small village in romania then poof gone now and ready to go poof before finally crossing back across the atlantic to california just to remind us a most unholy and. the 1st why did they come from is it a prank is it odd who put them out why is this happening no one knows except drag to people on twitter.
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and just like the simpsons foretold the trump presidency an ebola outbreak and faulty voting machines but of a small topic in the white house the moment but that's a conspiracy for another day was space odyssey stanley cook brick in the know we excavated out all sides the old one the lever the the bring. in space odyssey the monoliths were left by aliens to guide us from one stage of evolution to the next. but this time let me be the guy e.t. if the monolith was you and your testing the waters postpone your flight 2020 is not the year to take a risk trust me just stay away. former director of israel's mossad intelligence agency has given his thoughts on the recent assassination of iran's top nuclear scientist in an exclusive interview with our teams going
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underground he refused to confirm or deny the killing but shed some light on the possible reasons for the attack. just to remind you more. zonday a leading expert for iran's nuclear program was ambushed and fatally shot last friday iran says an explosive device was detonated along the route of his motorcade near the capital and then a remotely controlled weapon was fired no one has claimed responsibility so far but ron was quick to point in the finger at israel whose prime minister had described the scientist as a threat here's just some of the interview which you can see in full online. where the source. is absurd so. you can. show he was a legitimate target. there was
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a. right to be used. because. there is. actually. i don't want you as a. person. this 'd is yours or the message. and so was israel behind the assassination of the iranian scientist i love. what you are saying. everybody. people are saying is. 'd like the why in the.
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u.k. army veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan have lost a limb. battle to stay in britain the high court rejected appeals from 8 fiji born soldiers insisting that they were in the country illegally due to bureaucratic errors. lead capture the heartbreaking moment the decision was revealed to the children of one of the soldiers. the judge said that he wasn't concerned with any misadministration on the part of the government and i would eat galaxy and that he didn't see how the government had behaved in an illegal manner but. to a minute she's the wife of one of the soldiers to wate she brought me to stark contrast to see the moment when she breaks the news of that ruling to the daughters of some of those soldiers to hit home exactly how devastating that news has been to these young girls. so you know that we were going to be going to court to
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ask the judge if our case could be heard at the high court ok so we were all there on tuesday in at your dad's house and sadly the judge has said that our case cannot be heard in court. ok. and i'm sorry about that. we you know we've tried our best to. do ask the judge to look at your cases sympathetically and also for the men right and. that doesn't mean that it's the end. they will sort you out. but we'll just have to wait to be here. because i know it's relieved it's really hot name so terri and lilly etc out to calcutta are the 3 daughters of tate to see who's facing the potential of 850000 pound medical bill because he hasn't got legal
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status in the u.k. grayson kelly is a 20 under seats his daughter despite what is clearly a major setback the goals remain committed to their cause i hate that it takes is way and his decision is now i can't realize that what he's doing is actually affecting our niece the government maintain that they've acted properly and that they continue to work with veterans in order to understand how best to apply. the home office and ministry of defense work closely overthe are foreign and commonwealth recruits to make sure they are aware of how they and their families can attain settlements in the u.k. and the costs involved a seat i had wanted us to come and see as she broke the news to those girls to hit home the impact that this is going to have on those men's family she stated that the judge at the high court didn't take into account the impact that it would have on the families and that she said that rather than focusing on the legalities
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there's a moral imperative particularly on the government to allow those men to remain essentially u.k. and stoke on trent. there's a. more news international glad. you have. the. book. because.
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you can go google mirror. image of what. part of our number.


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