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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 11, 2020 8:30am-9:01am EST

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sudden just doesn't feel right you know you know what you know what. oh it would appear the texas attorney general paxton forgot to double check his electoral math as supreme court legal reporter lyle denniston points out on key point it says it is challenging for states combined $72.00 electoral votes but those 4 only have 62 electoral votes pennsylvania 20 georgia and michigan 62 in wisconsin 10. but you know really a bit of point are we are we really all that surprised what with the you know all the 4 seasons landscaping porno shop press conferences and drunken karen witness testimonies. but sadly that hasn't stopped 17 other trump supporting state attorney generals from joining this ludicrous rule being brought before the supreme court but thankfully it wasn't just trump's legal dancing that made headlines this week as federal regulators and a coalition of nearly 45 state attorney generals filed
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a pair of lawsuits against facebook on wednesday arguing that the social media giant has become an illegal monopoly. not shocking we kind of knew that for a while so with the elections potentially hanging in the balance along with facebook's stranglehold over all of social media well i think it's a good time to store watching the homes. what's going on in a city streets. that are so let's see the prices you always stay see a. great city displays systemic dissent says so which. so brings up the old. welcome of wonder watching dogs. to write and i'm of the cross so amazed to look at this all these lawsuits fly on the left and right we got facebook going after you know we got people going after baseball for monopoly we got techs. this attorney general's and
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battles drum you know trying to get the supreme court the throw out the election lots of legal fun this week oh absolutely i think the one non surprising one here is baseball because historically at this point we've seen regulators go after facebook now for close to 7 years and facebook has only grown there and the extent of their of their monopoly power the buying of what's app the buying of instagram the buying basically everything that they see is having some sort of major communication channel specifically those that have garnered a lot of attention abroad as well so i think that you know for facebook they have and we've seen zuckerberg sit before congress and make statements that are particularly interesting in the same over and over again and he denies that this is actually happening he denies that they have undue influence when we know that it's just back and correct new york attorney general james declared facebook used its powers to suppress competition so it could take advantage of users and make billions by converting personal beta into a cash cow i mean this feels like
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a perfect storm going to go to space work right now because you have the netflix documentary about it which. for those that weren't following social media really shocked the world like only make money off of us i never knew that but now you see all these a.g.'s coming back out and charging that the company legally meant to be powered by deploying a buyer bearing strategy and that's what they're going to hopefully sensually you know facebook out of the millions and i'm so proud of leticia james on so many levels you know not only going after trump we're seeing her now go for what she knows when it comes to this monopoly power of facebook as well i think that you raise an interesting point in particular about what they're doing with the data they're sourcing because facebook has such millions upon millions of people's personal information not only you know in america but also in countries across the globe and they're able to tell your preferences your friends the things that you view the things that you like versus don't like and on. top of that they're selling
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this information we know this because they're 3rd party groups that are buying it from facebook but also from other entities facebook being the largest at this point because they control the largest market share of all of social media and it's interesting because part of this what these 45 states and they're seeking to go green space because also to get them to roll back their acquisition of whatsapp an instagram which i mean that goes back a while and they paid a 1000000000 for instance for. instagram back in was a 2012 and then you know from 19000000000 for what's up in 2014 i mean it feels a little after the fact because remember congress and all that had to approve those say you know or not congress but they had to approve the government to approve those sales back then and now suddenly to you know years later it will maybe we were wrong to do that but i remember people like elizabeth warren who were actually on the trail in 2012 as well who spoke out against that we didn't have this huge of a colorado as we do now when it turns to voices but i think part of that is because the general public didn't fully recognize the power of the social media giants want
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to go back to the trump thing to cause is just hilarious on all fronts they couldn't even get the model or total votes they were looking to overturn right but what's interesting is he's even had his own appointed judges now throw out his cases judge in pennsylvania versus pennsylvania trumper president versus fundraiser judge stephanos by a boss a conservative judge appointed by trump and 2017 threw out one of his many cases saying calling an election unfair does not make it so charges require specific allegations then proof we have neither here and now they're taking it to the supreme court which is just this week throughout one of trump's cases the funniest part about this is that the fix was in before the election even happened president trump went on and on and talked about how the supreme court how is the nomination picks they were going to help him had he said this election not going to favor he was going to use them to change it and we know that he's appointed several judges several federal judges as well and he assumed that those people were going to be the people to break this for him and at the end of the day. everything is going
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against the grain here in upholding the fact that donald trump lost this election it's interesting so you know what's the big question is why did all these attorney generals under 17 state attorney generals jump onto this and according according the new york times reporting that some fear if they don't make it clear they are on the president's side they could open themselves up to a primary challenge or end up or end any hope for a turning higher office in the future so the answer to that question why did 17 state attorney general's job on this cowardice and fear i think is probably what answers bresson do you really want that in your attorney general cowardice and fear . it's a mounting concern throughout the united states and now with the number of missing indigenous women in the state of montana rising r.t. correspondent natasha this week takes a look at the issue to see why the numbers are trending upward. 16 year old celina shelley fade not afraid is just one of many indigenous women who went missing in the state of montana this year a 16 year old was last seen at
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a rest stop near billings according to the montana department of justice on new year's day the days till you know went missing there were 46 other missing indigenous people in the state but as you can see in this facebook page the issue has been plaguing natives for years and the vice documentary about missing native americans volunteer search or carry lance said in all the previous cases that i've been involved with it's always been a recovery it's never been a happy ending and according to the department of justice one in 3 native american women will be raped in their lifetime according to the vice documentary approximately half of the cases involve the murder of a dentist women in montana have been misclassified for causes like suicide overdose and exposure while all reported causes of these missing woman very something many of these cases have in common is a confusing jurisdiction depending on where the body is found it could fall on more than one agency so whether it's state federal or tribal. authorities some families
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claim these intersecting agencies contribute to more questions than answers for the missing also bringing about more delays and of americans in montana make up 6.7 percent of the state's population reportedly accounts for 26 percent of people who make up the missing persons reports as time passes the state legislature and congress have taken notice on the town legislature passed hanna's act which helps local law enforcement when working with a missing person's case after congress passed the savannah acts the president signed the act into law last october that helped to establish better law enforcement practices when dealing with these cases while i just lay show has passed the lives of many natives continues to be unaccounted for reporting for watching the hocks natasha suite r t. a fascinating and tragic report and i want to point out that this isn't something just contained to montana we're seeing reports of an epidemic across the country even in the caliber of these you know missing or murdered indigenous women
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and girls and it's really frightening it's frightening and it's problematic because the the level of investigation the level of attentiveness that is paid when somebody goes missing is not given to indigenous women the resources aren't there where the resources are there they're just not segmented to this group and it's something that they've been experiencing for years now this isn't a new issue at all and from the report we just heard you know a lot of these are misclassified or missed class by purposely it seems in some cases where they're calling it anything but what it actually is i one let's be real 'd too when it comes to coverage of cases like this when it comes to media attention of cases like this we get far more media attention to the blonde white girl in her twenty's who disappears which is also tragic gives another less tragic about anywhere any woman disappearing you know but the media's attention to things kind of only goes in one direction so then you don't have any light whatsoever put on a situation like we're seeing in montana and other states across the. country for indigenous
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women that's absolutely correct and i think that this this also talks and speaks to another dark underbelly of america where indigenous people have never received the respect or the attention they deserve anyway we know that the resources when it comes to education when it comes to just buddha was a shame when it comes to housing that these things are provided as readily to indigenous people and now we're seeing these these crimes. and it's sadly i want to see an indian side but i'm not quite sure that we will because again the process to actually finding these criminals and bringing them to bear is not something that it seems like we're willing to follow through on but one thing that we are willing to follow through on is continuing coverage of this story in future upcoming watching the example so that we will dig deeper into this story with some people who have dealt with it firsthand all right everybody as we go to break remember that you can also start watching the hawks on demand for the brand new portable t.v. which is available on all platforms coming up we delve into one of the most controversial cases of this justice a wrongful imprisonment the side of
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a 21st century a civil rights lawyer in the chemo levy armstrong joins us to discuss the tragic case of stay tuned watch and the whole. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. scenario there in the dead girl is gone another researcher is. with her there are black. bastards weapon of mass communication is spreading in global n.f.l. ended that way to marinate agenda that will end up on t.v.
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this is an image well devices more than 12000000000 contaminated conjured fuel we don't need to affect your mind. or any length. against alternative vision. if you start to question all that your weight excelled. idealistic and lemonade is a rare opportunity in a free to media narrative a undercover integrated estate outside. you will get exposed to a particular complaint decontaminate your life plus alcohol use and break everything to. track down where narrow. you can defend yourself i enjoyed of the
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ones from the weapons of mass communications. thanks for the r.t. early because the enemy of england do.
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say his name my on. he's never been a trending hashtag and he didn't die at the hands of the police but 2 decades of his freedom did for many outside of minneapolis burrell story is new organizers and civil rights advocates on the ground just as well it's been a long time coming a legal panel of experts released a report tuesday recommending the immediate release of my own parole who was convicted in the killing of a young girl hit by a stray bullet in 2002. the panel's findings weren't exactly new revelations the associated press and a.p.m. reports earlier this year included a lot of the jaw dropping information that should've ultimately led to. a litany of wrongs led to the railroading of a young black man things like unreliable testimony from a sole eyewitness heavy reliance on jail informants who all had a lot to gain and since reductions in exchange for their testimonies and the
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failure to retrieve surveillance video from the corner store that would have prevented the row from spending any time in prison. but when it comes to crimes of picking them on a black face it seems investigative protocol goes out of the window when police investigators and prosecutors want to fast track someone they will find a way to make them guilty regardless of the lack of evidence that's what happened to be. the 8 member panel reviewing his case didn't even get all the evidence it requested but they recommended the case be hated over to the state's new conviction review unit making note of the substantial missing items that could yield new evidence of innocence or due process issues be mindful that burrell was a teen when convicted he had no prior criminal record his sentence has been viewed as extremely harsh in this criminal justice reform area with a lot of weight placed on sentencing overreach for juveniles case is one to watch some of the alarming issues surrounding the conviction or no hard evidence was presented no gun no d.n.a.
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no fingerprints codefendant said he wasn't even at the see and video show the lead homicide detective offering a man in police custody $500.00 burrell's name and here to tell us more civil rights attorneys became a levy optional welcome to. one that came up based on the lack of hard evidence what we know are failures of eyewitness testimony and the fact that as a teen with 0 priors not only became a prime suspect but it served over 2 decades can you explain what happened and why this case is just now receiving a national spotlight. what part of why this happened minneapolis in the 1990 s. was given the moniker a murder murder happened because there was either better game by once that was happening and so that led to a crackdown on the part over police and prosecutors are typically young black men and unfortunately even though my amber road was
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a teen at the time and 11 year olds i wish it edwards was he was treated like a grown me by the criminal justice. in stably the lead prosecutor of unit in county durham. was dinner and he called the shark the reason that is the case has now gained national international attention is because any close shark used this case to campaign for office to be reelected as the county attorney to run for the u.s. senate and ultimately it's a run for president of the united states and so activists in the twin cities students out of the early with my family in demanding that any call bush are either address. bogus case that happens in my wound or step down from running for president of the united states and we disrupt in many events including the why and the night before she decided to withdraw from the presidential race i want to ask you as was highlighted as you mention and talk
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about quote which are you know what if you're looking at her role we know about as you laid out what role she played in holding up burrell's conviction and how she's going to war that as a badge of she was running for various offices you know has as shoes shown any acknowledgment for justice for this young man since as has she would want to see this wrong right righted in any possible way. whatever. initially she was pretty silent about this case as she was running for president but as the case again more and. moment some more people around the country including other elected officials started to ask him closer about caves as well as national media so she was ultimately forced to address the issue after she stepped down from her run for president and she met with google but i was present along
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with the most recent president of minneapolis to leslie redmond and my hand rose family and we have an opportunity to talk to amy koch our about our concerns about her mishandling my amber rose case and where we wanted her to take a public stance on the issue so she wrote a letter to the current has been county attorney mike freeman basically saying that she was open to the case being investigated as a matter of justice she laughed finally reached out to mike freeman and talked to him about the need for reevaluation of the case we have not heard her since in but actually spoken thus far activism actually builds work for those that would serve and it came way you have then toil in the soil on this for a very long time at this point along with several civil rights leaders the legal panel didn't receive all of the evidence sherry documents that they had requested
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but they are still calling for burrell's immediate release based on the facts they do have what message does this send and what do you think is the likelihood that he'll be released. or whatever and shout out to my arrows family because they have actually been on the front lines carrying the torch and they allowed us as activists to come alongside a bit. on my street and beyond my and them self with the growth of earth for his own freedom i think the decision by this legal you know serious assume minnesota criminal justice is that we are. far cry from being a just system we need a conviction integrity unit which recently there was funding for the act it's a place we need to reopen all of these cases that involve the minneapolis police department and you have defendants that are saying that they are innocent of the
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crimes for which they have been convicted so my hope is that this causes a cascade of changes within our criminal justice system in hennepin county and the state of minnesota it's long overdue yeah i want to ask you about those changes because look you know minneapolis became the center of the spotlight after the george ford murder of the summer and i know that you were right there on the ground and from fighting i'm working hard to get the city of minneapolis to change its ways to get the city to be d. from the police and change and go to a different style of policing in the city what is there and when you look at what happened to broke through that falls into this pattern where is the city of minneapolis on this what has come from the protests that we saw this summer are they following through with the promises we saw all of them make when we saw that photo op where they all stood up on the stage the suburbs that all were going to change are we policing the city are we seeing that change. well or that i think the low this summer i'm not a little. they made
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a declaration that they were going to dismantle the minneapolis police department even though they give a legal authority to do so and so what we have seen since that time is it's our who are between the minneapolis mayor and she and the members of city council there was recently a budget hearing in which it was agreed upon that $8000000.00 will be cut from the police department budget so some people are cheering those cuts because the police are heavily funded and a lot of those resources could go towards social services and mental health and other needs and. and we've last seen over a 100 officers who have taken medical leave. from the minneapolis police department and some good she is saying that they are short staffed as a result you've seen a slowdown of 911 and we've had unfortunately one. struggle with
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waves of. shootings since george floyd was killed and so here been a host of issues that are still not resolved but we're still on the front lines demanding change and many just. and hoping their elected officials will do the right thing or will get out of those became more the good people like you on the front lines i do see a change cope with coming to the city of minneapolis state of minnesota and the rest of this country thank you again so much for coming on and for the good work that you're doing up there are keep up the fight. i do know. all right everyone before we go c'mon admit it when you 1st saw the images of that notorious giant murder hornets and found out they were hit in u.s. shores in 2020 seriously you can you can you could admit it yourself you proved yourself a little bit scary scary hornets' well it's ok because you don't have to be embarrassed about that because you're in good company in fact who just might be what saves the
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honeybee from these groups new research of discover that asian honey bees when faced with the threat of these giant hornets of the best but genus have been smearing animal feces around the entrance to their hives is apparently giant murder hornets are just as turned off by a front door step filled with who is the rest of us are in fact one study in vietnam found the beehives anointed with feces were never even successfully overrun by the giant hornets. yes i'm sure who would have thunk the little. a little feces on the doorstep was enough to lord off the murder hornets ingenuity growth engine we know we work there's a smart a smart species. blows my mind i'm still trying to figure out how that 1st be a little honey bee was like this works i'm just saying that they go through what they figured out this was the new it shows that innovation is what you have to do when faced with a threat from a supposedly dangerous threat like that maybe we could do that for climate change
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we could not be that we go into something like that anyway that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are definitely not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i am a rope and and i'm on the keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night everybody. in january there may be a new american president but what won't change is washington stance towards iran is military conflict inevitable what is the value of diplomacy if one side fails phone or agreements what are iran's.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by frank person.
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thinks. we dare to ask the. little simple sparrows menchu and give you those lists nissho to show you just what that also has been. but soak up garbage short in the months to roll call of duty in that you will quote them in the us will too quickly. when you last for the benefit that it's all profit and you must another why you have to call it all but over all at the least most of them the state do it and you must let those ledgerwood to. the most of the mill is still potus and you will tell him what sheldon what all the money. is like god that only those with the will get that honest i
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suppose does need some of what they did that will get no more than the board it's. tough as. some to demonstrate is right now the propaganda machine. show is russia. going good. i'm sure. the lawyer.
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told. you to win. elections . the legislature.
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british drug giant astra zeneca agrees to cooperate with the makers of russia sputnik the job to study the effectiveness of combining their respective coronavirus sex scenes. also this hour the international criminal court drops a probe into alleged war crimes by u.k. forces in iraq despite having quote a reasonable basis to believe that the atrocities actually took place in. the by russia gates hello china gates with u.s. intel chiefs bringing in beijing the greatest threat to washington today and the sign of spy scandal unfolds. and as the u.s. struggles with the pandemic and its economic consequences the nation's billionaires have.


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