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g.d.p. of planet earth is less than $100.00 trillion so almost 20 percent of global g.d.p. for planet earth is down negative yielding debt and that is like sending out a huge signal to go the galactic forces or as the israeli space agency calls it the galactic federation of collective federation and i used to be a member and then i they kicked me out a number of years ago but that's a whole nother story but now they are definitely impressed and they're looking for planet earth to go more than 50 to 60 percent negative interest rate on all sovereign debt that's when the big reveal will come so we've got another 25 to 30 trillion in negative interest rate bonds yet before the big reveal and i you know 2021 looks good you know this guy from the israeli space agency. he says that these aliens are amongst us so i you know what i think they're really amongst us like lots of them because the one the episode in which an u.f.o.
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flew past the window was our most watched ever went viral so maybe they were all like hey look we made it we're on television so you know that's one thing but i'm also thinking maybe they fled their own galaxy because as i said the smug and the restless because there are 2 remarkable stories that happened in the past week that . are showing a trend within the states of a backlash of the liberals against themselves essentially 1st we have hewlett packard the company that literally started silicon valley is moving to texas hewlett packard traces its origins to 1938 when bill hewlett and david packard rented a garage and palo alto california now h.p. enterprises a descendant of the pioneering company is moving to texas silicon valley is what it is because of hewlett packard but we all know what valley is now is that there's human feces all over the sidewalks because of these ultra social justice warrior sorta. programs that are party to there and it's you know it's really horrible to
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go there if you've ever been you have to see it to believe it so they're fleeing for low tax texas right the smug and the restless the smug are leaving and the restless are leaving in the. coastal areas of smugness and the board is being rearranged all the pieces on the board silicon valley is being broken up wall street is being broken up all the old power centers are being rearranged fracturing rearranging so it's on one hand it's very healthy because the only thing missing is a total collapse of the dollar which is coming and then we get the restart you know reboot from scratch but i'm not too surprised and you know somebody else is fleeing high tax social justice for air nanny state new york city manhattan were all of those condescending people who are telling you to trust the experts and the experts are now telling you that there's aliens amongst us one of the big names in manhattan of course is goldman sachs and they've been there for well over 100 years
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goldman sachs plots florida base for asset management in a blow to new york the banks success in operating remotely during the pandemic has persuaded members of the leadership team that they can move more rolls out of new york area to save money remember this. this guy from the israeli space force talking about the galactic federation says they're here performing experiments so this pen demick could be an economic experiment on how to save money and reorganize this economy well because it is an experiment the creators anonymous i mean that's from me in the collecting federation obviously coping 1000 is a biological experiment see how that goes in the smog in the restless and silicon valley are busting up and moving to other states primarily texas wall streets busting up moving to other states like miami and this is the great rearrangement of the truckers border that just border the go border and the gameboard of the monopoly board it's all being broken up and reconstructed newry. constituted and
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the ideas are still there the american idea is an idea that remains an idea from here to eternity and that's another thing that attracts the aliens because they've always had governance problems in these parallel universes and they like the whole constitution the bill of rights and the other surprise not how bad it's breaking down in the 21st century but there nevertheless here the advance team arrived on our show back in 2013 they showed themselves to us because we're friendly with them and now it's the big reveal in 2021 but these people themselves these aliens could be the smug in the restless of their own civilization and they ruined it there and they have leaving so here we have the founders of silicon valley manhattan wall street or it's all a creating a disaster of their own social policies there and high taxes and they're fleeing for safety zones created by liberty love inflating it away with these aliens arriving on a blue checks from a parallel universe they could. manage earth to be smug this is don't hurt me.
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my whole theory goes down the drain not as one where we don't know we haven't really spoken to them you did say you are back i feel their presence i haven't had a conversation as such you see the underlying cause of what goldman sachs what's driving them out of manhattan is if they don't go to miami they're going to consider dallas south again you know it's a definite sort we've heard over the past year 2620 how horrible florida is their red state they vote for trump they don't care about us but those are deplorable people we hear that from the manhattanites and yet here goldman sachs is like ok i like their fleeing so you know they could have the same situation back in their own galaxy right you become what you fear yes you become what you hate yes i think of anyone we're going to see alec baldwin is going to become like stephen baldwin. right well you know what we also use the fear of course remember that whole notion of where we're all. unease we often japan was eating the world and that was the
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economy that was huge but that was the 1st one to go full on leverage right they leveraged up their economy so extreme and we then we copied them once they collapse and then they went into quantitative easing and printing all the money well the bank of japan has taken over as the biggest owner of the nation's stocks with the total value of its holdings climbing well above 4 400000000000 spectra feudalism i mean japan has a feudal past and they came out of that feudal past and to maturity some time ago but like other countries they are really coming back to what we've called neo futile ism and it makes sense of japan to be the 1st into the neo feudalistic future because they're the 1st into all the quantitative easing and the abuses at the bank of japan buying hundreds of billions of dollars of their own stock it's takes debt monetization to a new banana republic extreme that only people in japan could normalize and so this is where we're at in the 21st centuries of tension between the male feudalism in
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countries like japan and the individual sovereignty as expressed with bitcoin and as i've said recently in a pod cast bitcoin is the 21st century version of the getting this is an alien concept that alien concepts that we've seen of the past few years could be this experiments being performed on our economic system a monetary system negative interest rates the central banks owning all of the stock quantitative easing all of these things are alien concepts to the history of of human society for thousands of years of free trade and capitalism that we've you know we didn't come to call it capitalism until the last 500 or 200 years but you know it's always been around in these are new alien concepts and their experiments just like the dollar is about to enter its 50th year that was an experiment all these experiments are alien concepts to how humans generally organize themselves well if you want to know what it sounds like in the alien parallel universe i have a recommendation listen to the loaning us money clearly an alien. annie laid it all
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out in his tracks well we're going to take a break and when we come back lots more coming your way there. was a pandemic no certainly no borders to nationalities. we don't look like world. commentary is this. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is critical to response has been so many good people are
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helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. yes there is a saying. i think there could be chief justice and then we went through all the countries let's idea the right is going to do is come he said if you give them everything to do the best. to leave this country. this is what we don't understand how we are in such a country. doesn't listen to the ones at the same time because it was in front of him to. the soon to run off with a similar symbol john
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a good one. because if you feel if the middle east of congo were not there got to meet belief again with the phone the food stamp with the plane you would come back to the police story you have to see. the. queue for. blue moon you. also post there was when sure when you read those lists initial what show you just what that also has been. but so far wish were doing more it's draw. you will quote them. when you wash and then you put it that it's all profit and you must write up a quote on but they were all wrong also. do it in your muscles like you want to
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keep them also from the still policeman you ought to drop out for a sham didn't want all the money. that in this. summer would put in that would know more than the board it's. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max foster time now to turn to bitcoin educator all around nice guy jimmy song author of a new book thank god for big oil and the creation corruption and redemption of money jimmy song welcome back thanks for having me again max it's always a pleasure now no matter their religion or whether or not they even have any religious beliefs of all viewers of this program should get this book why jamie
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because it is the moral case for bear coin and this is something that i don't think we've really explored too much in this space and you and i have been around in the space for quite a while there's the investment case for decor and there's the you know allocation hedge against you know government collapse and all sorts of things like that but the real reason for me that gets me going is that there's a moral reason and this one does come from a christian perspective and there's a lot of biblical verses in there and it's aimed at christians and so on but it is a moral case for because this is something bad a lot of other writers have done before me gary north with honest money your guido holzman with 6 of money production and so on but none of them really touched on decline and that's what this covers is why because one is a more moral money than the current system that currently exists you know we often hair and the reports coming out of the central banks and wall street is that the use of the term moral hazard which is the acceptance that when
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dealing with finance and markets that we accept a certain degree of immorality now greenspan famously pointed this when talking about how market makers make markets he said quote wiggle room and when they are front running or grabbing share and that this is acceptable it's part of the moral hazard i think jamie dye. and it's a p. morgan would claim that they get a lot of fines but they are somehow doing something good at the end of the day and they accept the moral hazard so is it possible is because it isn't exempt from moral hazard because if if it in fact is the most perfect money we've ever seen ever then that could be the highest degree of more ality that we've seen them in can you just ruminate on that notion for a bit picky eating topic when has that central banks don't have any other form of money doesn't really have is the centralization once you have essential zation you
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have people in charge of the money and when you have somebody that's in charge of the money then bacon dip their hand in the cookie jar and do all sorts of nefarious things with it and that's you know sort of a catch that we as savers pay in order to have something that would that we can use for money big corps and takes that away because it's decentralized and instead of having central bankers or people in authority that are sort of taking care of the money for us we have computer code that's transparent and you know transparent to everybody and they are able to figure out for themselves that this is actually legit and that nobody is doing anything weird with it and that's the real strength the big question and what gives it a a moral a goodness that the other currencies do not i love this concept you know whenever i speak publicly about bitcoin it's usually in a style of an evangelist you know i wear a white suit and i talk about you know the redemption and the rapture and i use
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a lot of these terms to apply typically and i see a huge connection there and so this is a fascinating topic so let's go through the 3 steps of money you lay out in the title start with the creation of money big coin had in immaculate consumption but the money that most people know today fear that currency is issued by a government authority why is the creation the origin method important. touched on it already found money is centralized but can you go a little deeper it wasn't always money and that's what we cover in the book is that it really started as metal or you know in other places it might have been rice stones or glass beads or whatever but generally it was something that was decentralized to begin with and only gradually did it become more and more centralized through its history so for example when the 1st banks came around all the gold was sort of held there and instead of training but there's a goal people would trade bank notes which were could be redeemed for back oh then
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eventually because all the gold was in one place the government could come in and take it usually in the form of wow we'll leave these ious and it's place and spend it however we want and what big point does is it really is kind of a redemption in that sense where we're able to go back to a decentralized money one that isn't helped by a 3rd party where you don't have to trust somebody in order to you know not not have it inflated away from you not have it stolen away from you and really that's what it is when authorities inflate money they are really stealing your savings and that's something that we point out again and again in this book let's to get a little bit to this concept of the immaculate conception now it is part of the. origin of jesus christ in the christian canon of of the stories that we know with big coin we have such
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toshi nakamoto who is and the anonymous creator and so there is some you could say similarities there but you know how does that play in terms of i guess from from my observation is that the big community like all communities can get quite toxic but because the toshi not come out does anonymous an unknown he's unassailable and the same thing i suppose with the christian origin myths as there'll be more to it than just a coincidence or is there something deeper there jimmy main parallel that i would draw between christianity and equate here is that there is a redemption right and redemption is a monetary term it's it's when you pay off debts for somebody else and and i bet it's what christ did for humanity with is that on the cross that's that's that's the christian story with with big point why what you're getting is the redemption of money it's something bad that brings money back to its or original purpose which
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is storing value which is you know something that's fungible that you can trade with that allows humanity and civilization to grow and thrive and and in those ways out both are very very good things and and that's in me is the big parallel i why we put the word redemption and the subtitle of jesus through the money changers out of the temple and it's a rare moment in his story where he actually expressed great great anger and so what lessons does this cleansing of the temple have to do it's fee out money today and the corruption of money that story in particular is very interesting because it was more aba out you know where the money changers where they were inside the temple and according to jewish law you were you. they had very strict laws against idolatry and the thing about the money changers the coins that they used were roaming coins and the roman coins had a picture of hyperion caesar at the time on them so that was completely prohibited
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so when jesus when an employer over the money changers tables he was you know making a comment about corrupting the house of the lord and you know corrupting all that is there by putting this secular thing and what that points to me for me is that it really is sort of like a state control of money that that is sort of like a weird form of idolatry it's it shouldn't really exist it should be decentralized it's not supposed to be in control by the state and we know what happened with the roman government is that they they started diluting the basing their coins and that eventually led to the collapse of the roman empire in a sense that's what he was alluding to with the flipping of the money changing paper should change your tables and showing bad you know like following something that is corrupt like the roman government at the time is not something that will
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lead to life it will actually be that as you mentioned we have been in this bequest space for a number of years and we've seen a lot of things come and go and you know i've noticed in a last year or so that there spend this huge push for the philosophical and the spiritual and because this kind of new to the space people like michael saylor waxing poetic about the cyber hornets and the met the metaphysical aspects of because robert breedlove writing brilliantly and compassionately about some of the big picture. man of the changing aspects of because i'm and in the course your book that thank god for pick coin i mean is laid on the line here you're not mincing any words you're making a direct connection to god and because i am for those who are listening to this would. i can understand how this is a very intuitive leap to make in a big quiet space but those who are let's say quite strict in their in their beliefs religious beliefs may sense that this is
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a bit on the trivialization of their faith so how do you square that circle bring those people over to your way of thinking jimmy by the way robert prevnar of is one of my co-authors for this book so he's very much into this but i would say that in a sense if you if you are a christian if you if you're religious in any way if you know about that there is a tendency to sort of trivialize money and i don't blame them because fiat money has corrupted money to such a degree where it is very easy to dismiss and trivialize but if you look in scripture if you look at you know what money is meant to be it's a bad that's not it's role at all and one of the one of the 1st lines in the book is money is deeply spiritual because it is what relates people it is what relates you know different families it's so it's what relates workers to their employers it's what relates you know other people through trade and so on it it is what
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connects us and at a very practical level and that's not something bad you can just sort of trivialize as i mentioned before you know that the christian story of salvation is mostly told in the language of money there's debt there's payment there's retention barriers south you know like that that whole soho story of salvation is it is told in those terms so to say that you know money is just to beno or to to you know worldly to to talk about it you don't think god the bible agrees with you and i i think it's very appropriate to approach the subject of money from a spiritual perspective because it's metaphysical because it's philosophical and because it's something bad is abstract. that takes us to another rome besides the physical because it is about relationships it's about how we relate to one another and so on another big trend in the last year or so we've seen now big institutional
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money coming into becoming blackrock the biggest money manager in the world fidelity huge 1000000000 dollar operation which has found like halted or johns and you know these guys typically operate as financial mercenaries right they really consider the great moral standards. but they've got a lot of money now how is this going to impact because if at all to me institutional money coming in is is to be expected because i think they're seeing even they're seeing that the dollar is just crashing like crazy and they're basically burning money by holding it and they need another asset and this is pretty much one of the few places that you can go that that's not stocks or real estate i mean i guess you can go to gold as well but we know how fractionally reserved lended that is and so on so. the fact that they're getting in is not a surprise and it is predictable just using incentives and game theory i mean there somebody is going to have to get in 1st and once they are at their end then other
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people are incentivized to go in before before even more people get in because the price keeps going up because of the thick supply and so on and as far as how this affects you know the big question itself i don't think it changes very much of it and that's part of the it's wonderful quality is that it doesn't change according to the whims of those that own it and that's one of the beautiful things about it unlike a central bank where if you have somebody in power you know they're going to be able to influence the policy to some degree with bitcoin you don't have that you have a fixed monetary policy that goes on for the next 100 years ok the book is called thank god for big coin the creation corruption and redemption of money. the song thanks for coming back on the kaiser report they start having me back all right well that's going to do it for this edition of report was made max kaiser in states here would like to thank our guests jimmy song and so much time by all.
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problem drugs don't do is come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids oids invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she despite those effort goes at her dose if you're dosed and really became his drug dealer soon who's to blame. doctors manufacturers or the governments. we. will keep him.
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you can look to. see usual not just to click on my. mobile though i. not only managed. to. even get. his financial status with her don't. believe in it and. the.
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u.s. drug regulator approves the vaccine for emergency use and reports of the agency's head being threatened by the white house. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle it will save millions of lives and soon to end the pandemic once and for all. european union though rejects the use of an emergency authorization saying safety must come 1st but also once the rollout certificates for those who've been inoculated against prompting fear is that people will feel pressured into having their bank seen guests debate the issue. are going to be. full information the one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucrat.


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