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tv   News  RT  December 12, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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demonstrators clashed with police in. protest the new security bill say it would make it harder to prosecute cases of abuse 18 arrests have been made so far we go to our correspondent in the city in moments. also coming up on the program armenian forces accused of attacking their military positions in the disputed region in another part of violation of a month long cease fire. the u.s. drug regulator approves the fall is or above. for emergency use with reports of the
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agency's chief being threatened by the white house. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle it will save millions of lives and end the pandemic once and for all. the evening 8 pm here in moscow a very warm welcome to the program my names you know known in. the french capitals in the grip of renewed on wrist over a security bill police fired water cannon tear gas as the situation spiraled out of control on sunday it's part of a wave of public anger over government plans to protest police officers by giving them extra powers this thing surveillance. 8.
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well let's bring you right there no into chorus where are to charlotte dubin ski is standing by to speak to a charlotte into the evening no there after clearly what's been a fiery day how is the situation developing. well it's been a tense day and there have been violent eruptions throughout the process over this protest we've made it see the end of the protest now which is plastered public i want you to get a sense of the sheer numbers of people who are still left over and also the security forces which by my eyes are almost
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a one on one equivalent to the number of protesters still left over millions of people came up to the streets of paris today there were other demonstrations across the country as well all against the global security lower down as you may be aware global security law has been provoking protests now for the last few weeks particularly violent protests just a week ago in paris people were unhappy with article 24 specifically this would have criminalized individuals who published images of the police if there was intent to harm that provoked huge theory here in prague soon as a result parliamentarians are going to rewrite the specific tools at but people are angry again today not just about not just about the global security law but also a new law that was approved by the french captain it. in the week there is the law that was originally named the separatism no it's not the promoting republican
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values lou this also contains an article i think it's article 25 which is very very similar to the controversial article $24.00 that is that it would become a criminal act to priest images of somebody online if being paid then to fight and if there was intent to homes and take out the word police in essentially the same act as so many protesters are angry because they say this measure is being brutally innocently by the park too in another law to take you through the center the pride where it looks like the police are sort of peering up for a bit of action there's been a lot of control from the police during his protest what i'd describe as smash and grabs that is soon as the police come into the protest and they grab individuals that they think oh troublemakers and that's led to dozens and dozens of people being detained at this protest on saturday not been continuing throughout the
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evening we saw those violent scuffles earlier and even here a plus the republic we've seen the move to canon used on the protesters that was after they were throwing smoke bombs at the police both cans and fireworks which has been something that's been used in the last few demonstrations for for the most part the police seem to have used a huge amount restraint here we haven't seen the clouds of tear gas that we've seen in previous protests but we did see the water cannon used to try and crew people down now the police are also unhappy they food the controversial article 20 food beer measure to protect them from the types of threats that they face on a daily basis as a result of that their police union wanted actually for this measure. to be strengthened even further so they're unhappy that this is being rewritten and the police are also unhappy about some of the comments made by present my column in the
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last week he said in an interview that the police are controlling more people who are known white than white and the police of essentially taken not as to say that the president is suggested that they racist that's not exactly what he said he said he was going to introduce his platform in january where people would be able to launch complaints about discrimination from the police but that has caused huge anger amongst rank and file officers so much so that one union cool for people to stop controlling or could their members to stop controlling members of the public and also there was a protest on friday night where police officers came out to show their unease with the comments of the president let's have a listen to what some of them had to say. limit and secure the police but the problem is that the police lock resources and personnel they lock many things and when they are asked for help no one is listening on the other side and criticize
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the police which i think is like a step in the back expect you. telling the media that the police are racist i can guarantee my colleagues are not racist today if they demonstrate and if they continue to demonstrate it is to show you that they are not racist and no there is no racial control in it in the us usually one. of the protests is continuing here plus the republic it does seem as if some of the huge swathes of people we saw have been able to leave the vicinity but as you can see behind me there is still a massive security presence out here this evening we have seen those scuffles and it looks like this process could continue into the night for well at least the next few hours but it does seem that the security forces have it fairly. to control this evening. breaking down the situation in central park artie's charlotte.
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when you'd fighting has been reported in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region one month into a ceasefire local armenian forces have accused. of opening fire on their military posts let's get the update of what is happening with our team on calls from unlikely to see you indeed do give us a sense of what both sides have been saying surrounding this before we get to that 1st of all russian peacekeepers who are there they have already confirmed that the cease fire has indeed been broken on friday and at the moment russian peacekeepers are demanding that this side sticks to the truce so that no more people would die but speaking of this latest incident will according to our media. are a block defense ministry will they claim by john carried out attacks on villages. which is. controlled by their by john and apparently 3 people were wounded let's
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hear some more details from the gore knickerbocker defense ministry. on december 11th at around 8 40 pm the enemy attempted to attack one of the military positions located in the south or district of the defense army and as a result of the skirmish 3 reservists received gunshot wounds of various degrees. by john of all they have also issued a statement and they claim that their forces are indeed observing this spar which was brokered just last month and indeed it was armenia who made some provocative actions and somehow violated the truce some words about my car back it is of course an internationally recognized as are always there by john but it is mainly occupied by ethnic armenians and it's been a source of major tensions in the last few decades and the latest of course a very bloody flare up happened in september and lasted for over
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a month thousands of soldiers died in those are by john in armenia nagorno-karabakh as well and that violence find the ended around them but it's and when the sides agree to a ceasefire which was brokered by a russian now according to the deal parts of the gorgar a bar or. 2 by john and control while russian peacekeepers were also deployed to the region to make sure the size don't fire at each other and of course to facilitate the return of refugees as well here's some more details about the deal i saw. the decision has been taken as a result of analysis of the military situation lisa as most of people who have been most for me there with the military situation. for my part i would like to see that i'm very very we've sealed the deal to certainly years long conflict between armenia and azerbaijan computing the occupation of as bush on land. no
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john they saw the results of this brief but very bloody conflict and then soon as someone will know someone is actually a victory and even held a victory day parade and speaking of that they swear they parade the president off . the guard he also arrives and when he came over during the parade the entire city of baquba was dressed in syria key and by john flags now speaking about the other side of this cease fire. at the moment many ethnic armenian refugees are returning to the bored me. which is not controlled or trying to rebuild their lives meanwhile people in neighboring armenia are very i'm happy many feel very betrayed they're stepping onto the streets and the whole country is now in the gulf in protest and their demand is for the prime minister nicole pushing down to resign as
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soon as possible and many are blaming him for what had happened now we'll see what happens next you know a cease fire in that region is very shaky at this one's been for over a month already hopefully it will stick and you didn't want to hear it today but let's hope that it does that indeed it remind cost for of bringing us right up to date on the thank you. moving on stateside where the u.s. food and drug agency has approved the pfizer biotech code vaccine for emergency use it comes amid reports that the white house chief of staff pressured they watch dogs commissioner into giving the green light to develop scene under threat of losing his job donald trump was quick to praise the development. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history it will save millions of lives and soon end
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the pandemic once and for all. the u.s. food and drug administration earlier revealed a total of 6 volunteers died during the pfizer bio tech obeyed job trials that involve $44000.00 people however the regulator assured the public felt there was nothing to worry about as 4 of the deceased had been given a placebo and the remaining 2 deaths were well within statistical expectations they say well across the pond british authorities are playing it safe advising people with severe allergies not to take the pfizer vaccine but the backdrop to all that is more american lives being lost to cope with the number that died fighting in world war 2 close to 300000 people have succumbed to the forest and the incoming president joe biden is pledging to get the nation to moscow up for a considerable period once he takes over in january and i'm absolutely convinced that in $100.00 days we can change the course of the disease and change life in
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america for the better i'm going to ask for a mask in place everyone for the 1st 100 days of my administration to where madness it will start with my signing in order on day one to require mass where i can not do the law like try to abilities interstate travel on planes trains and busses most states in the us ready made must whirring compulsory in public places although compliance has been patchy with several police departments openly saying they cannot enforce the rule emergency care a specialist even one man told us there's a deep cultural mistrust the code restrictions across the us. people are kind of confused about what exactly to do. to protect themselves and also we think many americans don't like to be told what to do so they are restrictions and they continue to fight the restrictions and by their doctor some of the states are
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stretched you know beyond capacity falling every holiday there's it's a small surge and now it's a pretty big surge after thanksgiving there's still a significant portion of our population that doesn't get what's happening in the u.s. the u.k. and canada have already approved covert vaccines but the european union is exercising caution that the head of its medicines agency saying safety must come 1st though the e.u. is seeking ways to encourage people to take jobs once they are approved suggests the idea of vaccination certificates for people who've been an ocular headed for a block wide mutual recognition of coronavirus test results as part of possible measures to lift restrictions and restore cross border travel right now the european union is working full speed to review the safety of vaccines and to make them available. we had the opportunity to reach an agreement on how to proceed with covert 19 vaccines and establish
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a common system for the validity of tests well opponents of vaccinations kids have really for months warn that such documents could end up becoming obligatory with people required to use them to travel earlier i threw in a different jacket and put on some of the more divisive points are on the issue to panel of guests. i'm nervous about the idea of having these travel as certificates or these certificates that say you've had the coronavirus vaccine because what that means is that actually will then end up being a coronavirus passport so i think the thing is to encourage rather to rather than to make sure people are automatically told they have to have it it should not be compulsory go green with the gentleman there no problem but for air travel. it should be made compulsory by the airlines to make sure that the people on the plane are sent to blah blah about really dumb eccentric that's exactly what the problems we've got with this. group who are going to be taking its toll and. i
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think there will be more people who are going to pick who profession coming out next you reach certain they're very concerned with how rich this client she has come out there who. are right now this is nothing against having vaccines are present but this it's really rooting out what. puts the european union hasn't really. isn't concerned the one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucracy and let those countries decide for themselves they would have vaccines by now i think that's an incredibly dangerous thing to say this is been in the making for 20 years we've had a rolling review is this is going on this vaccine is safe the m h r 8 would not license this vaccine if they did not believe it was safe and the problem is when you start to spread those sorts of rumors that's why people won't be vaccinated and the more you tell them you have to have
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a vaccine and people believe that there is some sort of miletus thing going on then people will not take up that vaccination and therefore we undo all the good work that's been done to date certain conspiracy theories and go or bordering on factual know looking as if they're going to be happening and this is just going to fuel those more extreme conspiracy theories that one of bill gates trying to use vaccines that plant microchips in people this is simply going to reinforce their fears isn't it yes i somehow i believe absolutely. i'm sorry. you shouldn't believe these people or assume who claims such crazy ideas over time in the coming months and years we will know about the long term validity of the vaccine and after certification and maybe we'll need to do it again and maybe there will be a 2nd version in all and that will improve the years but we need to save the economy now let's bring you to germany where they daily covert infection rate has
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been steadily climbing since october that's led to a debate over whether to poll the plug on traditional christmas events in a bid to keep people from catching and spreading the disease or europe correspondent peter all of a report from berlin. usually where i'm talking to you from would be the scene of one of the busiest christmas markets it's not to be this year there's no room at the inn for the christmas market due to the global pandemic but one thing that's a memory of christmas past is the smells of mold wine the still on sale at the restrictions on selling our coal will harm my business we will leave lots of income as things stand we can stay here until the 20th december maybe will be allowed to open up again after the lockdown is over the sale of a cup of festive cheer is causing a divide in the country though while paws and restaurants of being forced to close on the germany's lockdown lights mulled wine in the stalls have become
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a place to congregate prompting some politicians to warn that they may be leading to the spread of covert 19 across the country. one stands subvert our contact restrictions i don't understand why the city of cologne allows this in the end this will lead to new infections and that's it will be time for that later when we are vaccinated the owners of these stalls disagree though. i think we should do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus we wear masks and observe the 2 meters distance rule and disinfect our hands even germany's most famous christmas market in nuremberg is closed they've had to make changes to traditions going back to the 16th century with this year's chris kindle christ child opening the advent season from a local t.v. studio. this year everything is different the coronavirus crisis is preventing us from doing many things in the run up to christmas such as advent celebrations and
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gathering at the christmas market. lock down restrictions that were brought in back in november haven't had the desired effect in getting the number of cases of covert 90 down that means that the federal. the government here in berlin and the leaders of germany 16 states are going to have to thrash out a new set of restrictions even if that means putting christmas spirit on hold it's fought treat this nation it as hard as a ts and i know how much care has gone into setting up the mood one and waffles tent it's not compatible we want to be a greet only take food away and it is home and really sori from the bottom of my heart but if the price we pay is $590.00 deaths a day and that in my view is not acceptable. obviously the public don't want to cancel christmas but i spoke to people here and asked them what they thought about these mulled wine stalls being open it's not very christmassy like to try to find
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a balance between not being scarce and. trying to have a good time maybe i think it is not good that it's still open at the same time is a little bit sad because if it's christmas and everybody won't be too bad and enjoy this time. it is a bit sad that there's not so much to do at this time but i think we need to be cautious and i suppose those few places with mulled wine should remain open it's clear from onboard merkel's address to the bundestag that the chancellor wants to see things go further sacrificing christmas spirit in the name of safety feature all over r.t. . and look um in the program a popular magazine has made its predictions as to who will shape europe in 2021 or another 1020 seconds and counting.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks . we dare to ask. human history has always seen continuous war open source but in recent years it seems to have become more intense the platforming is no common practice and public scrutiny of future where do we all stand on the battlefield of beliefs.
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that start back with a story that's got a lot of people talking the british city of birmingham has been branded walk ville because of the names given to 6 you streets include diversity grove a quality road and humanity close the names were suggested by a member of the public as part of a birmingham city council contest on the winner was decided by a panel of judges accusations of virtue settling soon follow. these new street names are completely vacuous was 0 connection to the people history or culture of birmingham another labor initiative the politicize ation of our
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landscape continues the art a meaningless banality of these new names speaks volumes about the new hollow normal anyway how about trust close compliance crescent woke wash way i'm calling it now someone's going to put a d at the end of humanity close. radio host and columnist john gone say birmingham should have chosen a name to reflect the city's achievements instead this is political correctness gone mad this is snowflakes having a field day how ridiculous to name the streets in these close is in this way it's virtue signaling i'm sure it's not in shoes with most birmingham people it doesn't reflect what birmingham is what birmingham's becoming birmingham is a mordent through the sting city but we could talk about the achievements of birmingham and birmingham people there's luck and loads of people are not
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necessarily people but organization bands groups great achievements they couldn't name this after but no they want to slugger the demo do and they're politically correct it's an absolute joke and i'm sure that brahma jordan every working class birmingham people will be laughing at this as much as everybody else. is 2020 cross to a close media markets are rushing to give their predictions about the year to come politico magazine is no exception it's just published a list of who will be the most powerful people in europe but it also places them in some odd categories artie's morocco's the it has been doing some reading. what politico has done is put together a list of $28.00 people who they predict will shape europe in 2021 to make lee's pointless activity less dull they further divide them into totally unnecessary categories so do as dreamers and disruptors to make the unnecessary categories even
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more useless they apparently consciously put people into the wrong categories of free speech haven telegram reflects the ideals of its and the globe trotting 36 year old creating 2013 to compete with whatsapp and invade crimean snooping telegram has long been on european governments radar as a tool for terrorists plotting and propaganda lately it's become increasingly popular for guys in mass movements in the west and its immediate backyard what do you mean the west telegram is the goo to add for protest worldwide from hong kong to belarus to bolivia for the simple reason that it doesn't preach to its users what's right and what's wrong and doesn't up politically charged moderators to filter people's opinions doesn't sell off user data and privacy to market manipulators you'd think doer of would have been a dream up for creating telegraph a free app for free people hell even do it considering what an impact telegram esad
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worldwide but that's rob. and again if you consider that this entire exercise makes no sense the structure is a great choice and speaking of disruptors. putin has been ascribed withholding vast powers to hack american elections to trick millions into believing in vast conspiracy theories to move governments like chess pieces around the middle east and eastern europe all this without necessarily even lifting a finger the russian president is likely happy and right so far on reputation alone because when it comes to actually doing things well lately he doesn't seem to be able to make much of an impact at least not in europe poisoning the opposition leader alexina valmy neither killed in valmy nor the controversial nordstrom to pipeline wage of course makes no sense again if putin isn't actually disrupting it in and they say themselves he hasn't made much of an impact lately
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perhaps he's busy being a dream up but the odd series is obvious in any other category putin wouldn't have an evil red background around him and you can't have the least of influential people without a bad putin in it turkish president there do on you might be interested to learn also made the list is a do a bad get this year for example he reportedly sent thousands of syrian mercenaries and terrorists to fight against armenians on the side of us at about john for money that apparently is a disruption but doing a real goo getter by the way you'll never guess who's the 2nd most that's right the person putin. j.k. rowling is destructing her own creation and militantly tolerant generation of millennial who grew up reading her books against comments on transgender rights and her deployment of women's rights and fears as part of her argument j.k. rowlings great scene which landed her with the likes of putin no less was saying
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that women are women you know biologically no wide chromosome so the scientific definition of a woman but rollin cost her own spell and then double down notice to the fury of fads we couldn't care less what people identify as you can be whatever you want to be an all male it for all i care obviously this is a more complicated issue but really 7th greatest raptor for 2021. i could theoretically keep going on about politico's cheap click baiting trying to tell the fortunes of an entire continent by during names out of the hat and assigning them to a category based on what they've already done so based on the past hell i actually think politico would have had more luck and be more accurate using teves.


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