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demonstrators. protesting against the. bill opponents say the measures would make it harder to prosecute cases of police if you. have a 1000000 forces accused. in the disputed region in violation of a long cease fire. in the u.s. drug regulator approves the. vaccine for emergency use reports the agency chief being. today our nation has achieved a medical miracle it will save millions of lives and soon the pandemic once and for
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all. the past 10 at night in baghdad. here in moscow this sunday december the 12th welcome to our to international my names you know me. the french capital has been engulfed in renewed to on restore very security bill police used water cannon fired tear gas as the situation spiraled out of control on saturday it's part of a wave of public anger over government plans to protect police officers by giving them extra powers and boosting surveillance is been covering the protests forests for the day. so we've had huge tensions here in paris in the last hour where we have seen a number of what i would describe as smash and grab spray the police it's obviously much more organized not what you'll have is that members over the security force is
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going to the crowds and crapping out individuals that they think of causing trouble or perhaps likely to cause trouble you saw one man being dragged from the crowd by the offices buffaloed tensions with apostles except you would have been through the police offices the 1st i had seen gas ready to go into in fact a woman point at 2 gas was being used directing from arrow so sprays axe the protests we saw many people trying to get away from that and suffering the impacts of sea gas.
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well 7 i just want to give you a sense of how i think this crowd is because it's only me as we're getting closer to the end of this protest the march to the public we understand really how many people from out there are thousands and thousands i tried to get a camera to see to look up the street which is completely fact and then. if it's possible to turn the camera around you'll see how many people are still coming and then the lights over the police fire and. police seem to be used to huge about restraint here we haven't seen the clouds of tear gas that we've seen in previous protests but we did see the water cannon used to try and crew people down there were other demonstrations across the country as
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well all against the global security lowered our people were unhappy with article 24 specifically this would have criminalized individuals who published images of the police if there was intent to harm that provoked huge theory here in front as a result parliamentarians are going to rewrite the us specific rules but people are angry again today not just about that not just about the global security law but also a new law that was approved by the french kaplan it here in the week there is the law that was originally named the separatism nor it's now the promoting republican values lou and this also contains an article which is very very similar to the controversial article $24.00 that is that it would become a criminal act to post images of somebody online if it could be identified and if there was intent to home so take out the word police and it's essentially
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the same act now the police are also unhappy they food put that controversial article 20 food be a measure to protect them from the types of threats that they face on a daily basis and as a result of that their police union wanted actually for this measure to be strengthened even. further so they're unhappy that this is being rewritten and the police are also unhappy about some of the comments made by president mcallen in the last week he said in an interview that the police are controlling more people who are normally white than white and the police of essentially taken not as to say that the president is suggested that they racist problem it's unsecured upwards the problem is that the police lock resources and personnel they lock many things and when they are asked for help no one is listening on the other side with and criticize the police which i think is like a step in the bath or expertise or manual mccrone ends up telling the media that
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the police are racist i can guarantee my colleagues are not racist today if they demonstrate and if they continue to demonstrate it is to show you that they are not racist and no days no racial control it in the us. and this is that you are free to leave the police or something you would lose all. the yeah over there. all the law students are right to protest. that the they are. the. texas republicans are calling for drastic action after their legal challenge against the presidential election result was struck down by the supreme court the local party chairman has said things have got so bad that the lone star state should think about cutting loose from washington the supreme court and tossing the
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texas lawsuit has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law perhaps law abiding states should ban together and form a union of states that will abide by the constitution. and west isn't alone in holding a few either earlier in the week or republican texas state lawmaker said that he wants to plan a referendum asking whether people there want to secede from the united states he described the federal government as quote out of control not representing the values of texans. this is a referendum for the people of texas to be able to make their voices heard people all around fired up right now and should learn that they have been left out for many many years tags it now without fail like since we have no country fox is now promoting texas it secession look for trump to become this pathetic new country's 1st president so long texas it was nice knowing you i love this idea old
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true trumpeters should move to texas is good a wall and everything then he can be president of a country since he won't be here you can't even vote again like you want please all of you go. so crazy talk or the scenes of something that's political commentator chadwick were to quote if i think. you know i think people are justified in feeling this way i think that it's it's a good exercise their credibility system that's for sure and. is actually going to happen probably not unfortunately however it does express how how alienated people are feeling right now how washington is too big how a couple major cities way too much political control how the supreme court decided not to cure a case regarding the present election that would be a very very fascinating a constitutional case a very very positive guess whether the debate no matter what side you're on and
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a very legitimate case to hear and the supreme court refused to your most people believe because they're frightened because the media declared the winner of this election not the electoral process but the media and the people who control the media the corporate interests the controlled media announced the president and the supreme court many people believe simply said that they don't want to step in on this they don't want to they probably fear for their safety. or what their actions might do in terms of civil unrest in the country if they were rule in this case the way that perhaps the constitution would dictate that that should rule texas all of these other states close to 2 dozen i believe who had joined the supreme court case are right to feel upset very very point chad but the texas republican chair wants other in his words law abiding states to form a union you mentioned there were a sizable a month there who were frustrated lately with what happened with the supreme court do you think other states could possibly get on board with the idea of
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a referendum say for secession. i think it would probably be purely symbolic i don't think we're going to see the conservative approval into the portland occupied zone or whatever popping up any time soon but i think it's an important symbolic move and it expresses groceries you express those sleep that believe in the constitution and want to see the constitution preserved versus those states democrat liberal states that believe it's a living document that leadership should be changed at least it's outdated and also that want to manipulate it just want to maintain a georgian power i don't think that the loose change in the red states many of them would mind parting ways at this point however i don't see it happening anytime soon . but it you know maybe this union of states could have some other. goals they could get together and be a block and voting on certain issues in congress be a block and advocating for certain issues and be a block of being a check on the excesses of the left wing states in the blue states or maybe the what looks like the incoming president joe biden's beginning of his tenure
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a tough one. yeah he's going to have a tough one no matter what is going to be a very very tough one and that would be a good start you are doing a hash tag resistance against the incoming president. i know it's a choice he had like i'm going to play with with it a little bit longer because it's just once you start carving a way out some of the lines out of chadwick you start the see you know people being supporting in the state at least talk about coming our way it's that number has been rising 2016 before the last election it was one in 4 people and one in 3 people if hillary clinton had walnut you're going to have an issue where. if texas let me just read this idea of texas where a separate economy it would be the world's 10th largest ahead of color that they could go it alone if they really wanted to. you know that's true and if they did want to go it alone they could have a nice immigration system to keep all the californians out who are fleeing their
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destroyed states are going to start you know people hear all these california is going to texas text of the movie on meet everything's going great in texas california is obviously on the absolute verge of collapse it's hemorrhaging business hemorrhaging residents it's becoming at the real country but you know californians move to texas they vote lou they never learned that the we the reason why they got into the disastrous situation they were cliche is because they don't democrats they move to texas there so they keep voting democrat say with new york same story in their fleets a red state as well it would be a nice way to have immigration checks to preserve texas is values certainly with a wave of california is going to get it doesn't destroy our economy you know california also has like we the world's 8th largest economy it's well at it until recently that could be much different now if it were its own nation so it texas talk about this for a very long time though it sort of in the texas soul to see itself as a going out of you know lone star state it's a it's the it's
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a state slogan. to to threaten to leave and god bless them and they did the good luck to them and god bless them as well but i'm not sure that we see that happening it does seem to be a sort of emotional response at this point. because because everyone is seeing what's happening and people are seeing their republics that we can and they're seeing the constitution be dissolved in front of them and they're seeing these evil forces they perceive it absolutely bullying and stealing and stealing the election from them hey thanks for to give us some of your time on a saturday a political comedy chat but we're going through that story we might be back with you on that later you know my pleasure thanks. we need fighting has been reported in the disputed no go to cutback region one month into a ceasefire local armenian forces how they came to us by shon of opening fire on their military posts are teams from lancaster of total more under. russian
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peacekeepers who are there they have already confirmed that the cease fire has indeed been broken on the friday and at the moment russian peak peacekeepers are demanding that this side sticks to the truce so that no more people would but speaking all this latest incident will according to our media and. defense ministry will they claim is there but john carried out attacks on villages near god drouet which is in the car bombs but not controlled by there by john and apparently 3 people or wounded on december 11th at 8 40 pm the enemy attempted to attack our southern military positions as a result 3 reservists received gunshot wounds varying degrees of severity their lives are not in danger. by john of all they have also issued a statement and they claim that their forces are indeed observing the cease fire which was brokered just last month and indeed it was armenia who made some
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provocative actions and somehow violated the truce some words about my car back it is of course internationally recognized as by john but it is mainly occupied by ethnic armenians and it's been a source of major tensions in the last few decades and the latest of course a very bloody flare up happened in. september and lasted for over a month thousands of soldiers died there by john in armenia nagorno-karabakh as well and that violence finally ended around a member of its and when the sides agreed to a ceasefire which was brokered by a russian i so. the decision has been taken as a result of analysis of the military situation and based elise and most of people who have been most for me there with the military situation. for my part i would like to see that i'm very good. we've sealed the deal to subtly years long conflict
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between the media and computer the occupation. by john they saw the results of this brief but very bloody conflict and the ensuing cease fire as somewhat of someone actually victory and they even held the victory day parade and speaking of the place where they parade the president off. the guard he also arrived and when he came over during the parade the entire city of baquba was dressed and. and there by john flags now speaking about the other side of this cease fire. at the moment many ethnic armenian refugees are returning to the board. which is not on their control they're trying to rebuild their lives and meanwhile people in the neighboring armenia are very unhappy many feel very betrayed they're stepping onto the streets and the whole country is now in the gulf
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to protest and their demand is for the prime minister nicole to resign as soon as possible and many are blaming him for what had happened now we'll see what happens the next you know a cease fire in that region is very shaky at this one's been intact for over a month already hopefully it will stick i also spoke to crush only a crush is a lawyer specializing in the middle east he believes bridge on who is a strong advantage over armenia and it will be done to moscow to maintain a ceasefire. as abrasion has an edge. as it were a journey back military lead by turkey and by israel and. as a bridge and once a big advantage of its dominant position now and wants to reclaim our occupied they care about and say. that by age and you get there say the your how russia which
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he's there and he's trying to control russia is investing a lot of money actually now in armenia and they tried to bring back all the. armenian population back in kerala because they want to do one they want to keep. at the same level of and they want to have the advantage and the the advantage and the edge of it is not one that we need in the other one the same iran will not we still will buy a look at the. p. segment because usually both parties say it's the other party that. in order to have a reason to lunch in fact at this moment we don't know what the what the truth is but there are what are we not this is a very for a fragile peace and it has to be in and controlled by the russian this is our to international news rolling in 90 seconds when our country has.
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we are discussing a new school of economics alien economics and this is really brought about by
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negative interest rates means contact with the galactic federation. 20 minutes past the hour welcome back the u.s. food and drug agency approve the fines or buy only vaccine for emergency use it comes amid reports that the white house chief of staff pressured the watchdogs commissioner into giving the green light to the vaccine under threat of losing his job donald trump was quick to praise the development today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history it will save millions of lives and soon end
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a pandemic once and for all. the f.d.a. earlier revealed a total of 6 volunteers died during the following her. trials which involved 44000 people however the regulator assure the public there was nothing to worry about 4 of the deceased had been given a placebo and the remaining 2 deaths were within statistical expectations well across the atlantic british authorities are playing it safe advice people with severe allergies not to take the pfizer. vaccine well it's really is by any metric a tragic picture developing in the u.s. right now more american lives have been lost to cope with a number that died fighting in world war 2 close to 300000 people have succumbed to the virus incoming president joe biden is pledging to bring into law a nationwide mosque wearing rule once he takes over in january and i'm absolutely convinced that in 100 days we can change the course of the disease and change life
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in america for the better i'm going to ask for a mask. everyone for the 1st 100 days of my administration to where madness will start with my signing in order on day one to require mass where i cannot do the law like try to abilities interstate travel on planes trains and busses most states in the us have already made compulsory in public places a low compliance has been punchy with several police departments openly saying they count on and force the route emergency care especially as stephen weinmann told us there is a deep cultural mistrust of coded restrictions across the u.s. . people are kind of confused about what exactly to do. to protect themselves you know also we think many americans don't like to be told what to do so they are restrictions and they continue to fight the restrictions and by their
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doctor some of the states are stretched you know beyond capacity falling every holiday there's it's a small surge and now it's a pretty big surge after thanksgiving there's still a significant portion of our population that doesn't get what's happening. on the u.s. the u.k. and canada have already approved scenes but the european union is exercising caution with the head of its medicines agency saying safety must come 1st though the block is seeking ways to encourage people to take covert jobs once they are approved brussels and suggested the idea of vaccination certificates for people who've been in ocular needed for e.u. wide mutual recognition of coronavirus test results it's part of possible measures to lift restrictions on restore cross border patrol right now the european union is working full speed to review of the safety of vaccines and to make them available. we had the opportunity to reach an agreement on how to proceed with covert 19
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vaccines and establish a common system for the validity of tests the opponents of vaccination certificates of 4 months warn such documents could end up becoming obligatory would people be required to use them to travel earlier i put some of the more divisive points around the issue to a public guest. i'm nervous about the idea of having these travel as certificates or the certificates that say you've had the coronavirus vaccine because what that means is that actually will then end up being a coronavirus passport so i think the thing is to encourage rather to rather than to make sure people are automatically told they have to have it it should not be compulsory go green with the gentleman there no problem but for air travel. each should be made compulsory by the airlines to make sure that the people on the plane are sent to blah blah about 3 don't accept or that's exactly what the problems we've got with this. group who are going to be taking in its full information about
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it and i think there will be more people who are going to call professional traveling outlets you reach certain were very concerned return to rush this flight and she has come out there who already. know this is nothing against covering vaccines are open but this it's very routine or. difficult not put the european union hasn't really. isn't concerned the one thing i would say to the european union is if you stop having so much bureaucracy and let those countries decide for themselves they would have vaccines by now i think that's an incredibly dangerous thing to say this is been in the making for 20 years we've had a rolling review is this is going on this vaccine is safe the m h r 8 would not license this vaccine if they did not believe it was safe and the problem is when you start to spread those sorts of rumors that's why people won't be vaccinated and the more you tell them you have to have
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a vaccine and people believe that there is some sort of miletus thing going on then people will not take up that vaccination and therefore we undo all the good work that's been done to date certain conspiracy theories and go or bordering on factual know looking as if they're going to be happening and this is just going to fuel those more extreme conspiracy theories that one of bill gates trying to use vaccines to plant microchips in people this is simply going to reinforce their fears isn't it yes i somehow i believe absolutely. i'm sorry. you should believe these people of course who who claims such crazy ideas all the time in the coming months and years we will know about the long term validity of the vaccine and not the certification and maybe we'll need to do it again and maybe there will be a 2nd version in all and that will improve the years but we need to save the economy now let's take you on the program to germany where the daily covert infection rate
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there has been steadily increasing since october that's led to a debate over whether to poll the plug on traditional a christmas of vents a lot of markets there are a lot of business in a bid to keep people from catching and spreading the disease or europe correspondent peter all over the story for us from berlin. usually where i'm talking to you from would be the scene over one of the busiest christmas markets it's not to be this year there's no room at the inn for the christmas market due to the global pandemic but one thing that's a memory of christmas past is the smells of mold wine the still on sale at the restrictions on selling out cold will harm my business we will leave lots of income as things stand we can stay here until the 20th december maybe we'll be allowed to open up again after the lockdown is over the sale of a cup of festive cheer is causing it divide in the country though while paws and restaurants of being forced to close on the germany's lock down lights mulled wine
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in the stalls have become a place to congregate prompting some politicians to warn that they may be leading to the spread of covert 19 across the country build one stands subvert our contact restrictions i don't understand why the city of cologne allows this in the end this will lead to new infections and that's it will be time for that later when we are vaccinated the owners of the stalls disagree though. i think we should do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus we wear masks and observe the 2 meters distance rule and disinfect our hands even germany's most famous christmas market in nuremberg is closed they've had to make changes to traditions going back to the 16th century with this year's chris kindle christ child opening the advent season from a local t.v. studio. this year everything is different the coronavirus crisis is preventing us
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from doing many things in the run up to christmas such as advent celebrations and gathering at the christmas market. lockdown restrictions that were brought in back in november haven't had the desired effect in getting the number of cases of covert 90 down that means that the federal. government here in berlin and the leaders of germany 16 states are going to have to thrash out a new set of restrictions even if that means putting christmas spirit on hold is fought greek this needs meant as hard as it is and i know how much care has gone into setting up the mood wine and waffles tat it's not compatible with for it to be a greet only take food away and it is home and really saw it from the bottom of my heart but if the price is 590 deaths a day then that in my view is not acceptable if obviously the public don't want to cancel christmas but i spoke to people here and asked them what they thought about
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these mulled wine store being no it's not very christmassy like to try to find a balance between not being scarce and. trying to have a good time maybe i think it says not to good that do open at the same time is a little bit sad because if it's christmas and everybody won't be together and enjoy this time. it is a bit sad that there's not so much to do at this time but i think we need to be cautious and i suppose those few places with mulled wine should remain open it's clear for a bundle of merkel's address to the bundestag that the chancellor wants to see things go further sacrificing christmas spirit in the name of safety feature all over r.t. . or this how the we can use up that is shaping up but don't go too far as more great programs get going in seconds find out what showing where you are right now.


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