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tv   Documentary  RT  December 13, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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before. he went. on i'm going to be. but i'm probably. on to the next. question miss him and dream of using. did. a pretty. good look at the weather but it was a low very low but i've. got a very. well i said i don't want to. come on monday and i. might have. had it but i
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just wanted to you know when i want to fun it's not that bad if we don't get. up and he's. going to be. getting. a. shift one. sort of common to us. all. feel. old. yes and bandaging resolution.
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that. he. was. like you know but. let's take 10 of the boys that you supply feel. lucky sort of come up and. not so much that you. can and i feel good i'm going to. be. all 'd going up as they did the 2nd i thought who knew but not always shut up i would show up at that the china was i could tell when i got him up like i said
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i suppose i have to say fatty as they like it or not like. jennifer well i do not get why you keep one leg about the let's. look at joan beckett as the one i don't know and i don't know what and i don't go and we asked would i know who the i know we'll that's going to be like the last poem when i was at that but i'm spoiled because you. know you shall not read but i doubt if you will see me. plus the pool is somewhat weak you don't think you know you have you so excited by now who. do you. think. if you don't like how we got back to a shallow outlet that way but you'll. need it then now you know but then i mean it's not me but then i would have bet she mustn't tell you to do enough about the bases. you know. going to party base no my stomach with the over where before you
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might be. my did you call me one i'm not going to back up we're glad i did you know what i mean i met up with. the program and. what. you want to thank you and make. money for the. event to at the event got to do the end of this and that's. what i have. wanted a man. who i did a quick look at a bed. one in a. coffin and france in a day if i know. i come. on a come up. beneath. i don't for a while but then she will pop into mine i'm a bum now man up
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a little while i'm in you but. i was said to do that to. the well to my clad woman of a democrat but. who among. you need. to cut it up look at the be still walk. around and. look at me. one on me well listen to my body what have i been up on so i'll be back can you go back out to get it can you tell about. one of us it looks are. you saying we have fun of course. coming up with a white man. why you look up the money that i've seen that you
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don't tell for no one to know what do you. think it is that you know. the food on my side and just not. seeing the price of. a can of felt. by the 5. even. assuming the one of the similar similar. but the 2 things and all the know what that's. like. and then one of course if i. spotted a little must i work with people doubled up which i pulled out of the local news. and i. couldn't find that from the look on my.
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1 eye when you do you know you could have done. 6 so. when on a project because in one film of. the office because i wasn't he. said on.
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better me to put stuff out but if i decide put them on day. one i'm going. to.
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love. you. more like you deal. with. the exception. of each other. and i'm trying to. keep you but this is the food you just you want. to have. that you. think you've. got those guys you know live up in a school. you can see that in the felix in that area there is no television 6 pleasure wolf. have you yourself are looking back yes i'm hoping right.
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i'm never but that. they don't understand what thinks they know that's just me looking at a conference that's ever coming here and think of control they know but they don't understand in which way it's. the corporation comes here they will give them some salary but it's salary of misery as as before as belgians have done. i did the set where from which we've come this far. because this is the system this is the system know how to change it i don't know i don't know. so. we will.
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assess. quote. some. people who couldn't see much of it i might be. one could be quite possibly celebrity. because they get a situational see more educational 50 remember. the. d.c.p. do feel that you need to be 2 people to me to keep you going to get a 50. k. don't. you get into the bit before bidding on to the hope i didn't get to be good here.
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thank you that's as the thank you. so from the group that's it it's you. yes they love to. get through. thank you. thank you. mr president. as weapons
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of mass communication is spreading. again and often tedious. devices. billiam contaminated come to interviews on you tube effect do you. feel starts to question. back you wait. so it's a good time and. media . day i got up and it is safe. if you get exposed to active waves decontaminated my. eyes as bright as it was.
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if you can defend yourself enjoy the work then the miscommunication. the enemy yes indeed if you. join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports i'm show business i'll see you then. exit. 11
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. but that. every time i know who. it was because. i thought. was a 2nd wave of eternal with new. people. now for the few things he says he knew it wasn't a case. you know the sheriff will. tell. you
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one. of them will be watching i doubt it will be with you if you see that it's going to go through as i say yeah come on if you don't know who are you to what could you know we don't know about the number one on i don't know what the what it was to assume the problem was if i do what i want to start something fun out of what i would love to woman give me this morning is this did i miss a minute those 2 and a gimme. i want to be out there live from you know what they got and they're going to wonder. what they want to kill the guy got when i was i. don't know none that i'm you know some of the dimension of my life someone come up and it is the. number that people get on t.v. and i don't like me oh that was. right here what you believe i know me well knowing the number is double my no because it was belive me.
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she. is as i was so we. took on a choke up. one of. the. you know someone who you know you know. if. you're getting your money and you don't see that. i don't know what you. did i'm going to tell her. to click it and. dish it and sing some from lead from the right.
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political feature of the album is it. up. to you although you don't like about the. second boy how about as evan won it was a. no i don't but yeah but you know what i'm talking about have been to the newseum to make people happy to see you gossip received and what are. you feeling when and he. should not look up not coming. from. some of these people. but i wasn't the one up on the. lawn. if you know how much i'm going to.
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but i don't because obama got to do a lot. of other stuff and what. do you. think that morning about. the number of. i say. well why did you do not like you. were going out. there why don't you go one step at a bit so many people got is that you know what i'm about their lives i hope your kids are going to get ones a. little laughter but you know nothing but boy you think you can do it with that you feel. i've been a good at telling. you the political.
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move. to the political theory. sounds so. simple what about your party made you feel like it was good well thank. you but if you. think that. they were i mean. nobody can i mean. he just he just he just he. it well you know like i said i don't
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have a you didn't do doesn't it i don't have an internet i mean how do you know patrick should do what. she should do just. from this is just a month or so just as i said that i'm you know i'm here if you own the truth or we're not. well. when i said to myself that i think. you're missing hiker but isn't your thing. i mean i. guess is you from now you know could you. have made me someone coming to me more fuk you remove from a new division of each. leg like. a look i want to. tell. you of my i'm.
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sure. there's nothing in the. measure that you don't know. if. i've. got a good shit. yet exactly when or that's the form you know it's. going to consist of if you. contributed for the progress of the war. the minutes of. the economy of the world will go down and many many countries which stuff. imagine this is not fun anymore god how can we live again in the world without the
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phone or the computer without the plane it'll be really had disaster. we're coming back to this 3 story due to a p.c. to. lead to. a cure for the i can't say that. when he's having a tough i want to. know because no one benefits no mentors i'm not the best bets and western countries have the one funding that may kill themself which wide web getting and. i'm afraid he's in for much cheaper because now we've got to be ceased to be slaves for. there's never be enough power. to challenge the western countries says he saw. the future with the dish each off
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sniffs. i don't i don't i don't think i don't think our children will be able to solve the problem that we did some. time is. 'd better. cover your cards or that. you. know to. keep it to listen to it to put a song to. good look. at
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those lives even if you must really have a sequel still screw. with. the system the funniest. mean for. because. you have. head and chip you know that. it's hard to keep in. good time to spend less time to see. them put to work. i don't think the folks at the book i wrote.
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a book. and i don't see i don't see any of those things. because my wife broke the ice. many times. but. i still have. no obstacles and she. has a whole lot. of them. will get. like this right. this weekend if i get. one. right. but that's my goal but i.
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have. of the day if my right and one had let's measure it's not the life of the people church. you know. siri was. into schools other 2 seaters families you know but i decided to look for my wife i'm knights i've been through many south plains i have i don't have left so i want to not sure. if. that's.
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and do stuff. and that's a funeral or. now or you are my wife just looking that these what you don't even know be said no i don't i don't need to know you and then when to get the right place says that. we have to get. a little bit. sooner for the good spirits that is. no she was a prostitute and that she was really opposed but she had forgotten everything and sometimes she said she looked at me and say take. that light maybe i'll be dead
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one you know but this is not my purview how can you think i love that song. was. done was i've got. to get it. to go. join me every thursday simon sure.
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i'm sure. i'll see you then. the latest headlines on the week's top stories on r.t. international british giant astra zeneca and the makers of. agreed to cooperate to find out if combining vaccines boosts effectiveness we visit a center that's ready to produce the russian shock. me different scene is being fulfilled here in spain on this particular line for she says 6000. riots a breakout in several u.s. cities between left wing groups and the trump supporters and exposing a deepening rift over the election outcome. china gate u.s. intelligence chiefs have branded beijing the greatest threat to washington.


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