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i'm. rolled out across the largest country in the world to every region of russia prepares to give covert vaccinations in the hope of avoiding hard lockdowns over the festive period. across the u.s. the electoral college begins casting its votes to determine the next president's all but singling joe biden's way but donald trump still digging in with allegations of widespread fraud. office holiday workers in paris protest against a coded lockdown until mid january with many businesses on the verge of collapse. dirty dealing films drug gangs taking over parts of burlington as police report a rise in their activity since last summer in the german capital.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron. russia has fast tracked the rollout of its sputnik the vaccine to reach every region for the new year period in some parts of the country the vaccination program is already underway as hoped to bring down daily infections which peaks here in russia at the start of the month one quarter has more on today's developments. today's the day that sputnik vs finally made its way to every single region of russia president putin spokes person said that unlike many countries in the west there will be no strict lockdown measures for this holiday season and that likely has to do with the russian health ministries latest achievement the president's order has been executed and vaccines but choose from aspects
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a nation would deliver today to every region in russia vaccination is the path we should take if we also break the spread of the disease russia's prime minister has made it clear the vaccine is voluntary however it will be offered free of charge to all russian citizens medics teachers and social workers are at the front of the line to be vaccinated since their work is specifically high risk but we also heard from the prime minister that he promised 480000 vaccinations will be delivered across the country in december although inoculations have already begun in key regions like novosibirsk for example where medical workers have already taken the shot i know just people get that stuff this way we're waiting for the vaccine and we're happy to be furious to know and to give the chap let's not forget sputnik he has an over 90 percent efficacy rate and russia's health minister is also saying that the latest information coming out about it is very encouraging so with over 27000 more cases recorded in the country within the past 24 hours alone this is
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certainly good news for the russian people it's a crucially important the actual aid is raining people as possible really know that . logistical issues use machine nation but you can read it requires minus. a huge storage basically does minus 3. so it's really been difficult distributed but it is totally consumed both for money show. it can be distributed through the cold chile you know it was developed in the russian and dominion of the countries for so. all the blog compiles policy we are all doctors and distributors not home to deal. for all of that mindlessly each person who we kill a notion 8 will be the last person left for the real be one more person who belong into social solidarity given we all know that they are more than
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a monster. often as a vaccination so you'll need to wait for 23 months i believe that if you combine a vaccine this social you simply haven't cell phones on the shelf you really can see results very fast. ballots are being cast across the united states as the electoral college formally votes for the country's next president joe biden officially crossed the line as the donald trump a still refusing to concede despite his floundering legal efforts to overturn the results artie's caleb maupin reports. well certainly 2020 has been a tumultuous year we've had the situation around coded in some chaos in the country and we also have had the highly contested 2020 election now it appears that the votes of the electoral college are now under way in which all the u.s. states cast their votes for president now people may not be aware but the president
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of the united states is not actually elected by a popular vote even though biden is winning in the popular vote by 7000000 votes it's not actually the popular vote that determines who gets to be president the united states every state has a vote and chooses electors and it is the electors who then cast their votes for the president of the united states now the electoral college system has been controversial many democrats blamed the electoral college for electing trump a 2016 but it appears that joe biden has a very solid lead in the electoral college and then as the electors are casting their votes things seem to pretty much be expected to go in by the spader favor now occasionally in u.s. history will have what's called a faithless elector that when it's time to cast their electoral vote does not vote according to how they were assigned to by their respective state some states actually have penalties for faithless electors now in 2016 such a thing did occur when donald trump was running for president and it was certainly
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dramatic as it had not really been a factor a sense about 1908 but regardless travel trump did win the 2016 election faithless electors didn't have an impact and it's unlikely that any faithless electors situation could change the fact that joe biden is likely and is set to win the electoral college vote that has not stopped donald trump and his supporters from maintaining that he is the legitimate winner no it's not over we keep going and we're going to continue to go forward we have numerous local cases where you know in some of the states a good rig from the from us it's important to note that the last. ditch effort by trump in the supreme court was turned down there was an effort by the state of texas to file with the supreme court arguing that the results in georgia pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin could not be certified that the election results there were not legitimate the supreme court threw out the case and declined to rule on it as
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a result it appears that as the electoral college vote proceeds joe biden will get the majority of the electoral votes however it will be on january 6th that the u.s. congress will count those electoral votes and certify the winner of the presidential election now it's important to note that in texas there are already calls to form what they're calling a union of the law abiding states and that some in the trump camp are moving in an interesting direction the supreme court and tossing the texas lawsuit has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law perhaps law abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the constitution now there are very clear divisions inside the country this weekend we yet again saw clashes between left wing and right wing protesters members of the right wing organization known as the proud boys clashed with left wing and demonstrators things got rough and actually
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a riot was declared in olympia after gunshots were fired. the. is. the fact that joe biden will be certified by the electoral college as the winner of the 2020. presidential election is unlikely to bring the country back together there are deep divisions in the united states deep instabilities deep distrust and lots of protests and anger across the country the certification of joe biden as the winner and the conclusion of the 2020 election is unlikely to hew all those wounds . to france now where hospitality workers have gathered in paris against
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prolonged lockdown measures which they say are crippling their industry although some restrictions will be left on tuesday restaurants bars and cafes will have to stay shuts right across the holidays until the 20th of january they say it's threatening not only their livelihoods but also as they put it the french way of life well earlier my colleague andrew farmer discussed this with artie's who was that the process. individuals from a number of different sectors the restaurant cafe and ball sector but also from the tourism sector too in those people who own entertainment venues like. venues both come out to tell the government they want to open up their business because they have had the most. in 2020 many of them saying they are all put to bankruptcy with some recent report showing that some 90200 thousands almost of the business is.
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not safe in saying that they could be closing up shop for good in the next 3 months things are really bad joya i know there is a solidarity fund for businesses with up to $10000.00 euros per month or 20 percent of. from last year but many say that that is simply not enough on the cooling on the government to do. more for this is the government has provided financial assistance but not everyone meets the criteria some restaurant source and hotel owners have just recently opened and they're not receiving help there's not enough help anyway. so popular professor cicle if the problem isn't the government's not doing enough the problem is that bars and restaurants are closed this is not normal there's no reason for a pandemic is not spreading from other research in france has proven that and restaurants a hot spot for the virus we've come here today not to demand help for the demand we
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reopen for work. or no work expenses continue to multiply human but we don't have money to pay for it we don't have money for children to do just what we can to work but we still have to flee with the current economic balance is unfit for life at the condom on the minute from us if we can't know the current situation here fronds is concerning. the government there are almost $60000.00 individuals who could be considered to die as a result of 19 every day the infection rate is still around $10000.00 cases that is. what president was hoping it would be up to this point the government is starting a massive screening situation 18 some cities across france there have been criticisms of that and of course the new part sheen phase
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of the decompile it starts on shoes day in frogs many can see a starting on cheese which means that it starts at 8 pm in the evening rather knowing him as a racially charged but there is concern that on tuesday cultural institutions were supposed to be opening up they won't be opening up because the tradition of many restaurants is concerned that there's a possibility that jan we 20 which is the date they would ritually projected to be opening may not be the time when. there are many issues are there at the moment in france the spring people latch on to the streets to protest not least at the weekend we saw people. protest over the new global security law all more expected at their own more protests expected we've seen this protest over the last weeks about the global security law and then to add fuel to the fire that there is this new permitting republican values law and many of the protesters who came out of
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that weekend said that there are certain aspects of that move which used to be known as the separatism rule which ramos intent accrue to article $24.00 from the global security bill which is incredibly controversial this idea that it would criminalize publishing people who publish images where individuals can be identified and there is no intent to harm them now there was also huge criticism of the protest over the weekend with the police using new tactics to try and avoid. violence we have seen over the past few weeks essentially carrying out what i would describe as a smash and grab this is where the police ram into the crowds and they take out individuals who they think all troublemakers.
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well almost $150.00 individuals were detained at the protests on saturday many of these detentions coming in the 1st hour or so of protests before it was really too much trouble and all of those detained 2 would journalists now there's been huge criticism about from many opposition sides also from human rights groups and journalists groups as well and that comes as the new press freedom index for 2020 shows fronts is down the scale yet again it's now what number 4 of the world it was previously at number 32 and this is mainly due to how journalists were treated in 2019 the government says there is freedom of the press here in france but these ranking sure that that certainly is diminishing. as part of the u.k.
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face strict private 19 restrictions this holiday season it's been revealed that the british prime minister barak's johnson was warned by a top health experts that easing measures for christmas would spark a 3rd wave. a relaxation of restrictions on social contact combined with the natural desire to celebrate inevitably increases the spread of the virus whilst we are not at this point asking for a change in the proposed christmas rules we are concerned that the current public debate on those rules is ignoring the significant extra risk involved a new if 3 tier system came into force on december the 2nd in england with many parts of the southeast including london now being moved into the top alert level this 3rd tier is applying to regions where the infection rate is higher while it's strictly prohibits households mixing with each other and allows restaurants and bars to open for takeaway and delivery only all of the shops and public services
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can remain open but includes anything from hair and beauty salons to churches and gyms or despite hoping to reduce crime cases and allow some celebrations inspections are still on the rise u.k. officials have even confirmed a new variants of the virus has been detected national health service chiefs however say they warned the government back in september about easing out of lockdown restrictions at the time the n.h.s. was reportedly treating around 500 hospitalized covert 900 patients but by december the 10th this figure had soared 213000 patients we spoke to senior clinical lecturer dr barrett upon carlia about the importance of safety measures in a month associated with families coming together. the lorises their case numbers are there we need to have a very restricted christmas what is important is that you are honest and believable and trusted and you tell your people that we have
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a problem it is not possible to meet on 23rd 24th 25th of december however very soon in the new year it will become possible so that is being truthful and honest and you explain to people that the vaccines are coming and when the vaccines are coming and most people have been immunized it will be safer easier and better to meet up you don't want to be raising your glasses to say hey we miss our departed friends. and german capital has seen a massive rise in drug use as police attempt to pin down entire districts that are said to be under the control of the lists our sister channel r.t. german kept at the troubling trend that's been building since last year using hidden cameras.
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the intimidated me a well built young man came into my kiosk i told him to get out but he refused and they started grabbing me i called the police but they arrived too late so i gave a statement but nothing has changed. if not then you can see them looking out for a potential victim and if somebody is not paying attention they smash their bag or wallets.
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that i'm open with when i go to the station looking for a dealer i tell him when i meet he takes a rap deal is out of his mouth the standard price for a job was just to endure it's like even the money and we go our separate ways. he bronson from the alternative for germany party told us the drug is a very lenient city government and they instructed police to turn a blind eye towards the drug dealers and gurlitz up ethnic groups from africa most of them are rejected asylum seekers not be ported according to them all the activate the africans are acting out it's going to suck cock and trying to make a living but they're not illegal immigrants looking. decent work but as i said most of them rejected you saw him saying he is and should not be in this country secondly. the key is. who are dominating certain
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areas and. there are very very well organized and organized crime. their word is that all this happens not just in berlin but also in other cities in germany. the us has put sanctions in place against its nato ally turkey over the purchase of the russian s 400 surface to air missile system u.s. secretary of state mike pompei i made that announcement on monday turkey is a valued ally and an important regional security partner for the united states and we seek to continue our decades long history of productive defense sector cooperation by removing the obstacle of turkey's s 400 possession as soon as possible the sanctions put a ban on all u.s. export licenses facilities defense agency presidency of defense industries and an asset freeze and visa restrictions on his president ishmael dimia and 3 other top
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employees the sanctions threaten to damage turkey's economy while the country is struggling to cope with the coronavirus russian foreign minister sergei lavrov stays the us me that goes against international law yet he says it comes as no surprise. but shouldn't. this is of course another example of arrogance towards international law a manifestation of illegitimate unilateral coercive measures that the united states has been using for many years even decades left and right and of course it doesn't increase us or thora to you on the international arena it is a responsible participant in the international division of labor including military and technical cooperation. and career purchased the russian as 400 defense system in july 2019 washington have threatens turkey with sanctions ever since
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claiming the system poses a threat to nato the s 400 is configured in a different way so other ground to air defense systems used by the alliance which means a party easily be incorporated into nato's why do defenses in the region offer more insight we can cross live to historian and political commentator gerald horne thank you for joining us on the program now the u.s. is sanctions turkey over its purchase of the s 400 how does this look with one that nato ally sanctioning another. doesn't look good at all if this were a marriage i would say they need to seek marriage counseling you should ask can this relationship be saved recall that the list of grievances lengthy on both sides . believes that the united states may have had a hand in the attempt to summer 2016 coup attempt against mr erdogan in turkey at the same time united states refuses to extradite to turkey the major political
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opponent mr earle wants speaking of to look cool and who is in the hills of pennsylvania in a comfortable exile at the same time with regard to this recently concluded conflict with our army of verses are beyond the very powerful are many in american community and united states which has a direct pipeline to the white house was very upset with the fact that turkey support of the azerbaijanis in their victory over or media and then there is the question of the kurds recall that with regard to syria the united states is in bed with the kurdish community there and mr irwin sees that as a number of the turkish interests because as he sees it they will then begin to support the kurds in turkey itself i haven't begun to talk about the conflict between turkey and france in the eastern mediterranean so this is a very troubled relationship all around as secretary powell peo is thing that the
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u.s. will continue to pursue defense cooperation and will seek the removal of the s 400 missile defense system so do you think i'm currently swayed on this. i think they will be insulted by that and rightfully so turkey is not the 51st us state it's a sovereign nation with a glorious history and a glorious future too i might have but once again this is reflecting a larger conflict both turkey and united states are members of the north atlantic treaty organization nato and this is not a good look this conflict between the 2 most powerful members of nato not to mention the fact that france which also is in a conflict with turkey is also a member of nato indeed i think your audience should consider that with regard to nato the attempted expansion of nato for example to the former soviet republic
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of georgia may not only be added to target must tell it may be in itself to target turkey as well following an expulsion of turkey from nato or putting further pressure or need to with regard to accepting georgia as a nato member this is a very serious conflict in iraq has described washington's wave as a show of arak and this in the face of international law but the u.s. says it gave techie plenty of chances to resolve the issue and that goes something to make the u.s. health way do you think. we're told the only way the united states negotiates and take it from me is that it's all or nothing at all the only way for turkey to satisfy washington would be to surrender sovereignty and basically amount to the 51st u.s. state turkey wants to buy this as 400 system from russia united states does not want turkey to do so because in many ways nature was just
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a weapons racket it's just the way for member states to pour money into their own estates. complex military materiel from u.s. contractors like riffing on a boeing and all the rest turkey no longer wants to participate in that racket and they're in why is the conflict should they tell i'll let i let said nato allies keep all their military sales inside the block well certainly that is the preference for washington washington would at the amendment however that is to not only be kept well inside the block but should be well and sat there and it states itself a part of the conflict between the united states and france for example and of course there may be reasons for this conflict is that france likewise would like to break out of this racket known as nato that's why president mccrone has described nato as being brain dead nature was facing many problems going forward and the
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conflict with turkey is just one more example of this current. gerald told historian and political commentator thank you for joining us on the program. thank you for joining us here on r.t. and to national we're back with plenty more top stories in fact minutes. it's not over yet folks the latest on breaks it would tell you what you need to know also what should we make of all this talk of the session in the united states is a divorce in the car. every dollar printed going forward because it champions zor by this account chicanery and
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fraud trogs on accounting of quantitative easing goes into something called the c.p.i. consider a similar price index and that the value of that money printing will now dave base the currency for real this is going to be the end game as it were because once they fall inflation genie is out of the bottle you can't put it back into the bottle. it isn't. there it is gone. the mysterious religious group. this. is weapon of mass communication is spirit ing going to. do that. is it again defended leaders continue to send me a devices. will do me i'm going to have an agent come to interviews on you tube effect to your mind.
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to jim bishop. if you start to question. that you waited. a certain age to examine it to. get it up to media. day undercover did it is safe. if you get exposed to on t.v. actively. decontamination i felt your eyes if. you can defend yourself and your loved ones from the last good indication.
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of the enemy as. i after it and say we're going on the run 24 hours ahead of international passengers arriving in england being given the option to pay for a private test in a class ridden britain still with $1.00 of the worst the capita death rates from coronavirus in the world coming up in the show as netflix arguably rebukes the british government over a fiction warning for the crown is the true cost of the award winning show british identity itself we speak to the crown to start.


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