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zation that regulates doctors in different states took money from them from all of these different directions we were told to prescribe much more the opioid lobby the manufacturers and distributors of opioids spent $880000000.00 over a 10 year period the walking efforts for more cautious prescribing that they spent 8 times more than the gun lobby in the united states in has spent in trying to block gun regulations. the manufacturers of opiates are spending more money trying to block regulations on opioids the license rates and is disseminated year after year during that time the epidemic takes root in the shadows for so long the addiction of a 1000000 american citizens suddenly comes to light his days with the most people showing up for treatment saying they're addicted to the pills show up as red
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room and then this is 99. 2001. 2003. 200520072009 what you can see is that in every state in the united states we've seen a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids big companies were aware that these pills were dangerous addictive of course and could kill people of course they would yes they were aware before they put out their drug and when the drug started to get prescribed it was very clear early on there was a public health problem associated with this so there was overwhelming evidence that the products that were making them rich were killing people. i go back we
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wanted to find the patients that testified in this that really johnny passed away in 2008 in an accident caused by oxycontin his wife confided he had become addicted to it lauren was addicted for years now she's free if it became addicted and was also found dead of a cardiac arrest 3 patients out of 6 had become addicted as for the doctor who appeared in the film here is his answer. it's not acceptable to say i don't believe in using strong pain medications for chronic pain we need to stop saying this. stuff. that we follow thank you for the milner we have we love you so much you tell
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chelsea we were over and all my family in jesus christ my prayer. it's just so you hear me in chelsea came here a lot but i just feel like she's here with me every time i come here i just feel her presence you know it makes me shine if i were struggling with this it's a daily thing you go away they go people say you have to let it go tell us tell us how you do things and. if that happened to one person you know ok it was this is 5. that's right. i mean i don't know what our thinking was i really don't i would like to know what you're thinking about it she think that was helping. chelsea was 21 when she passed away the same age as kyle who still struggling. his life.
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kyla's began his 1st days of therapy at the center. in his struggle against the addiction only speech seems to be the paper serenity. ok so what i want to do today is incorporate a little bit the stuff that we this morning every single one of us through to myself when we come in here all of us have to do this particular thing. several of the guys that are in here were athletes they got injured that introduced him to the opiates and whenever they take the opiates they find out hey not only does this make me physically feel better but emotionally i feel better . so what of. it's.
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made me feel like a better person. like i've been in the house all day and then once i got high i could go out and do whatever on a new. everybody else here is still the same thing and you know i can relate to a lot of these people stories and it's just. a lot of a lot of love i don't feel alone anymore so. that's that's going to feel lot better .
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on day 15 of his treatment col relapsed. one of the patients who brought in heroin secretly. he couldn't resist. after he plunged back he was sent to this facility. monitored under high surveillance away from his family and son he's following his treatment to be able to go back to the ranch. ready. here every fall we thank you for this day look we think this were about to receive we think this is just being on a 4 year stretch with it and i just can't seem to stop and. yeah it's highly
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addictive. why is it so hard to be sober because you have pain i guess is just now i'm so over a half feelings. and. i mean tis when i see how i would just get high and pass out. that. 2 they maybe. are you done. for me went to church this morning you know the. problem. oh ok. i'm well it's almost 12 so i'm going to run by and
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pick up cash and come out there to you so you can spend some time with him. good luck. to and i'll give you a call here after a little bit. ok bye. he stood on better. his relationship with me his relationship with his brother. his relationship with the son cows burned every bridge possible. even though he's her us the most we so have to be someone else to be there for him and we don't there's times that we don't want to so we have to set our feelings aside and support him. i think really the most difficult as far as anger is just knowing. all the all these companies know
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what their drugs are doing and they will say it they are so helpful in the ruling more lives in the world. while the demick no certainly no borders and is blind to nationalities. doesn't work we don't observe the we don't look like seeing the whole world needs to be. judged as commentary crisis with this attempt. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing it's your own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been so many good
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people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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teacher moving to those who did just that in japanese and i thought you don't mind it just became is and on that it. was all. let me come up to my face you know along today my country i've been out of the establishment the map a lot got paid off and you. have the economy to have more than a last step is that. you will slow down the mustn't think i don't know who's only known as our grand are going back to the most home. around the. world. to turn obama momentum to. look at what's going to be the long we don't have the land going to come i think if you're lucky sometimes you got hokum to go missing others are going to be like we have to get out what am i doing going to help me.
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i think the only time we've ever had any sort of opiates in my house was after my surgery last year. and at that time we knew about kyle is way ahead yeah we did yeah i assured my mum wouldn't let me take the microscope and i was so scared that's what they prescribe him he had the same exact stuff that my brother got addicted to oxy go to our cause. which the street name for that is roxy and they give you the exact same effect as heroin and according to them my brother there even were addicting that one and he had legitimate surgery and i freaked out i was like no you can't take these and here he had just had his appendix taken. he needed the house and i didn't want him taking them because i
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wasn't going to go through this again. just like carl's family the whole country is in a state of awareness wanting to change things and contain the epidemic. at the oklahoma university and then seen an aggressive alliance was formed researcher andrew called out me lawyer ritchie with me and doc to jason bateman they've all gavelled to establish a common fight plan against every single laboratory. case . doctor beeman has created the 1st college education program of the country on
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painkillers addiction. and also what provide education to all of the prescribers from dentists doctors in baton areas right then and there. we think that that will do more to the result you were describing than any of our other initiatives i think the overwhelming response has been that the doctors that are graduating now and going out into practice are not person writing these and we've seen over 20 percent decline in her scription in oklahoma over the last 2 years my medical students will never be involved in this overprescribing behavior and there are definitely some doctors have knowingly contributed to this problem they saw an opportunity to make money and they went for it but that's that's a very small minority vocal ms department of justice is also trying to stop those who are responsible like one of the richest families in the country the one that funds and controls the purged. empire. article i wanted to show you that appeared
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for bush about the sack or family and back in 201514 bay and one of the richest families and you know it. and they've sold more than $35.00 . dollars worth of since it was really just. boarded 952 by the secular brothers. until then their name was known to the general public nowadays that billionaires and very much appreciated by are. made itself known as the patrons of museums such as the movie the guggenheim but without anyone making the connection between their fortune and their company michael barrett intends to make this truth. do you think they knew what they were doing show they knew what they were to. exactly what they were doing they pleaded guilty to crimes for alternately with and knowingly
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crossing the market. that's a result of one thing. i mean dollars and they didn't hear who destroyed what damages. in 2007 the company pleaded guilty to the federal accusations of misleading marketing and false advertising condemned they paid over $635000000.00 in penalties and continue to sell opioids. the sack clothes would never have been able to market this product without authorization. the f.d.a. has to control and regulate every single drug put on the market it authorized the use of oxycontin as a painkiller without a problem. some of the same f.d.a. officials involved in regulating the drug. would wind up leaving f.d.a. and taking higher paying jobs for purdue pharma and other drug companies we call
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that the revolving door i think they should have figured out earlier than what was going on and to this day some of these same f.d.a. officials are still at the f.d.a. and rather than saying we made a horrible mistake we have to change our policies they haven't changed their policies they keep approving more opioids. it's a big day for oklahoma the attorney general's teams are facing the lawyers of the 4 companies being seated a judge has to rule whether there's enough evidence to go to trial. approved pharmaceutical activists johnson and johnson we sued the ones that we knew about the business and falsely marketed in oklahoma my goal was to have the trees come out i really hope this case goes to trial it's an enormous amount of money and
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they're going to fight for the death is what they've indicated. to to try to show that they didn't cause they're probably going to blame this on doctors and they're probably going to blame it on people like myself who got sick. we've probably got at least $20.00 for you know they have been insta spend on the fancy billions to spend on lawyers and they have no limit on what they'll spin in these cases and ship lawyer they are here from the east coast and they try other lie as much as they can. it takes years of investigation and hearings for the course of history to change but the time to reckoning is common for the 1st time for laboratories will be judged. as being responsible for the crisis. one day i think
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they would like us to stop. and go away but we're not we can't wait it's trial may of 2019 we're going to have her trial and we're looking forward to it we believe in our case i believe in our case with every fiber of my being and i look forward to trying this case if i were the 1st case in the nation set for trial and we've been getting calls from other states we will set the precedent if i will might some history on that matter. good history. the lawyers of the fall laboratories duchesse despite our repeated demands for now none of them has accepted to meet with us. they were smiling how does that make you feel my comeback from that part of tennessee i'm not sure. that's a better answer to that other.
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never. and that was. all. i don't know what spin of all. since you were mobbed voice. please you are scared to get hooked on drugs you know. that's my biggest worry are occurring that i don't think. it's been 3 months since cali integrated the ranch told his dad he is coming to an end he now has to leave find a new routine where paying calloused don't exist. now that i'm sober an awful lot better more confident. like my body doesn't hurt. healthy.
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after he left the ranch called moved in with his mother for a while. he's now found a job and rents a flat where he can accommodate his son every day is a struggle. this is the final battle the one that gets to decide the fate of nickel. her lawyer asked for just muscle of counts. the state of oklahoma once the lawsuit to go before a criminal court. i think she acted extraordinarily recklessly so what my goal is is to berks file a motion to allow the jury to hear all the other victims that died as a result of that which is off so the jury can get a picture of what she was doing here and there are many. women died as it was why
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should anyone outside of medication and each one especially diabetic. you think of the evidence has absolutely failed to show. this is. the law is very clear about what is a murder case and what isn't on there's other cases and. frankly with all the egregious conduct in this. meeting you just see that make those or you just dismiss it so are you confident. you're waiting for the doctor. should be brought in and could we have an interview with her maybe later as soon as the case dismissed you. all along the hearing dr nichols seems detached from the events surrounding her but they can look on her face she will never speak as if none of this were her concern
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. the judge has reached a ruling. dr nichols will be tried for murder. it's an exceptional decision on the part of the american justice system the trial has to happen in a year or less from now on she's banned from practicing. nichols on her lawyer have decided to plead not guilty. i think it's a good thing she's going to have to get a course in how to answer for what she did. it seem to have to answer in front of the jury and i know he added a manslaughter or better please he didn't dismiss it and she deserves she deserves you know to go before a jury trial see and see what's going to happen with their you know my daughter to serve that they used to prescribe all kinds of dangerous drugs that we now know are
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dangerous but at the time they were doing the best they could to treat their patients and now they're blaming one of their own victims. for doing the best she could with the medical knowledge she. will love you. and miss you. i miss you hear me. i believe you hear me. chills see. mr tore. through this is i can file i can smile and say she's helping somebody else. that's what i see if you're.
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ok i forget her. eyes you're really do you're she here every day i forget i do i have you here. since that case happened dozens of american doctors have been sentenced in a court of law for over prescribing opioids. and $27.00 states is suing the laboratories for financial losses that purge you former company is now looking for new claims for its opioid it has created subsidiaries in asia and south america. everywhere opioid consumption is on the increase despite patients knowing the truth.
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oh. oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh oh. was it is. bad there is god. there mr rudd's bring her back. her half. assed cavitation as already.
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bad way to ask her to that end of m.t.v. is the dangerous enemy of the business or the joy of contaminated culture dealers are affected more by. alternative vision. the all stars to glasgow. regulator. isolated to the terminator the. day i'd look up to to save ourselves. if you get exposed to plagues decontamination i tell you i. think that it. hurt.
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there you can defend yourself enjoying the. miscommunication. said. the enemy those same gave you. heard. this mom told me. if you look silly. it's a girl let's just call mom good live it isn't mobile though i. finally managed. to.
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get good. business for those who would exert their own fists belief systems. seem wrong but old clothes just don't call. me lol yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the
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world of politics. i'm sure. i'll see you there. is a 15th of december in the news this morning from moscow rolled out across the largest country in the world that russia. has now been delivered to every region ready for distribution. of the. activists a new crowd control tactics by french police smash and grab caused mass violations of human and press freedoms nationwide rallies against the country's new security. and the turkish president hits out of washington for sanctions over purchase of a russian missile defense system. we expect supports not sanctions from our.


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