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tv   News  RT  December 15, 2020 2:00am-2:30am EST

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tell you i'm here now this tuesday 15th of december in the headlines for more skoal rolled out across the biggest country in the world russia's covert vaccine has now been delivered to every region ready for distribution. for the. elsewhere activists a new crowd control tactics by french police dubs smash and grab caused mass violation of human and press freedoms at nationwide rallies against the country's new security bill. the turkish president hits out of washington for sanctions over and korea's purchase of a russian missile defense system. she did not expect supports not sanctions from mounties an ally the united states of america.
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good morning to you thanks for watching out international lawyer from moscow with me kevin owen here this hour 1st heard that news as you heard in the headlines that russia's sputnik the vaccines now been delivered to every region of the country ready to be distributed in some areas the vaccination programs indeed already underway it's hoped it will bring down daily infections which peaked here in russia at the start of the month down a quarter as more on these latest developments. vs finally made its way to every single region of russia president putin spokes person said that unlike many countries in the west there will be no strict lockdown measures for this holiday season and that likely has to do with the russian health ministries latest achievement the president's order has been executed and vaccines batches from aspects of nation were delivered today to every region in russia vaccination is the
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path we should take if we also break the spread of the disease now russia's prime minister has made it clear the vaccine is voluntary however it will be offered free of charge to all russian citizens medics teachers and social workers are at the front of the line to be vaccinated since their work is specifically high risk but we also heard from the prime minister that he promised 480000 vaccinations will be delivered across the country in december although not workers have already taken the shot i know just people get that stuff this way we're waiting for the vaccine and we're happy to be furious to know and to get the champ mation coming out about it is very encouraging you know. not a single person let's not forget sputnik v. has an over 90 percent efficacy rate the latest information who was injected by the vaccine got sick and unfortunately we had 20 severe cases of disease among those clinical trial participants who got placebo as already noted we collected the data
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based 122000 volunteers who were injected with the sputnik the vaccine twice the vaccines efficiency of more than 90 percent is the greatest achievement of the galileo institute is crucially important the actual age is many people as possible know that. logistical issues use machine national but. requires mining. storage basically does minus 3. so it's really been difficult to distribute it but interest on political symbol for . and very simple reason it can be distributed through the cold chain that was developed in russia and in many other countries for so-called blood compos problems we are all doctors and distributors not how to deal with. that or for all of that mindlessly each person who we kill an action 8 will be
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a last person left for the disease we'll be one more person who belong into so shall solidarity given the we all know that it takes more than once to establish immunity after the vixenish some so you don't need to wait for 23 months but i believe that if we come by vaccine the social discipline yourself is on the shelf you really can see results were very fast. in admissible abuse human rights and media groups have attacked new french police policies at the weekends mass rallies against the new security bill well the $140.00 were arrested including 2 journalists r.t. charlotte dubai has got the latest on it. so today's protest against the draw floors on security and in trying the public in value so police deploy new crowd control tactics.
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essentially assume ash and grab security forces smashing into the protests and grabbing out individuals who they think may be troublemakers nearly 150 people were detained provoking anger from some that describe these detentions as been. this saturday december 12th a number of observers saw inadmissible abuse linked to the deployment of brutal police and military offices and the infringement of the right to demonstrate that includes mass arrests and justify charging to break up a procession and detention without legitimate reason beyond legal limits. i was at the police station over several protesters were held including a 17 year old young woman this under-age girl was arrested at saturday's
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demonstration she didn't do anything wrong sexual as protesting and recording police officers on camera this is unspeakable it wasn't just protesters being detained to kill lists were also taken in one was suspected of planning to orchestrate violence refusing to obey a police dispersal order and covering their face now given the current mood in france with concerns being raised about press freedom there are fears in some quarters that this is a slippery slope. to mature that the strategy of paris police force is to dissuade people from protesting and this is unacceptable the main aim of this strategy is to cast doubt on the. right to protest in fact many people got arrested for no apparent reason whatsoever this is some kind of communication complaint to persuade people that the government has stopped violent and aggressive actions but they did not and this is unbearable. it comes as the latest press freedom index
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shows that france has dropped down the list among the concerns include problems for reporters covering demonstrations having their equipment confiscated and being injured at protests not just by the police but even by demonstrators themselves sometimes there is also a red flag over judicial investigations and attempts to force journalists to reveal their contacts there was also a disturbing increase in judicial harassment of investigative reporters aimed at identifying their sources the french government says it respects press freedoms but these are new tactics and the detention of journalists is likely to to the theory process when someone in the list of any admissible abuses is growing by the day so what do you see paris. other news to brief you on washington's impose
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sanctions on turkey over its purchase of russia's s 400 surface to air missile system but i agree president said he hoped for better treatment. we expect supports not sanctions from our nato ally the united states of america in our battle against terrorist organizations and forces that have plans for our region. turkey is a valued ally and an important regional security partner for the united states and we seek to continue our decades long history of productive defense sector cooperation by removing the obstacle of turkey's s 400 possession as soon as possible. so more on these embargoes they target turkey's defense industry and officials whose assets will be frozen and visas restricted russia's foreign minister says the move breaks international law but that said he also and other say he's not surprised. this nation should move. this is of course another
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example of arrogance towards international law a manifestation of illegitimate unilateral coercive measures that the united states has been using for many years even decades left and right and of course it doesn't increase u.s. or thora t. on the international arena where it is a responsible participant in the international division of labor including military and technical cooperation. back story and current bought russia's s. $400.00 defense system last year washington's threatened to punish turkey have a sense claiming the system's a danger to nato but a story in gerald horne says it all comes down to money end of the day. the only way for turkey to satisfy washington would be to surrender sovereignty and basically to the 51st u.s. state turkey wants to buy this it's $400.00 system from russia united states does not want turkey to do so because in many ways nature was just
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a weapons racket it's just a way for a member states to pour money into their own estates. complex military materiel from u.s. contractors like ripping on and boeing and all the rest turkey no longer wants to participate in that racket and they're in the conflict. across the u.s. members of the electoral college of cast their votes in officially handed joe biden victory now in the presidential election but double trouble says his legal challenge over alleged voter fraud is not over meantime the trumpet ministrations attorney general has resigned here earlier found no evidence of widespread election fraud keller moped rep stole up from new york. donald trump is still not conceding donald trump says he is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election no it's not over we keep going and we're going to continue to go forward we have numerous local cases where you know in some of the states
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a good rig from the from us now there was a last ditch effort to try and to try and you know win the white house for trump in the supreme court and we saw the state of texas file to have the results in the state of georgia in pennsylvania michigan and wisconsin overturned based on allegations of fraud the supreme court opted not to hear the case they threw it out of court and as a result today's electoral college voting proceeded and there was a vote and it joe biden has pulled ahead as the clear winner of that vote with a clear majority now in the aftermath of the supreme court turning down trumps trumps proposal and trumps case and the texas intervention we saw the leaders of the texas republican party talk about the need to form some kind of union of what they're referring to as a law abiding states to the supreme court and tossing the texas lawsuit has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law perhaps
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law abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the constitution now divisions in the united states are intensifying there have been repeated clashes between the left wing and right wing protesters across the country just this weekend we saw crowds of proud boys that's a right wing organization clashing with left wing activists and there was violence the police actually declared the situation to be a riot after shots were fired. it's pretty clear that on january 20th joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president
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of the united states it'll be on january 6th that congress approves the electoral college votes and that seems to be pretty unstoppable at this point however that's unlikely to reunify the country there's a lot of distrust a lot of anger a lot of animosity from supporters feel this election was stolen from them trump's opponents are still very angry about things that have gone on over the last 4 years and it's very unlikely that the inauguration of joe biden is going to simply heal these wounds a lot of deep divisions and u.s. society. of course opposed to the new york city legal meter on this law in the law says the u.s. electoral college system of the stands up these days to multan voting best practice either i want to be the president of the united states what is defeat number of states i can win to get 270 electoral votes to not desire really the biggest state but they normally comprise in terms of size. out of the 50 states you
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would need to only win 11 this was done in 2012 the number may have changed somewhat but just think about this 11 states the biggies california new york etc and it would comprise 27 percent of the popular vote and you could be prised you want to talk or try that one on for size the idea of this is simply this you are and it's not that you are voting in the old days nobody could trusted the citizen to understand the complexity of the of this the founding fathers didn't want necessarily senators to vote but they thought that we were just too too busy with plowing and herding cattle to understand this that's why the electors would meet oftentimes while after the election because it took so long for them to get to their state capitals it seems archaic it seems anachronistic but there's any credible brilliance and this b.s. if you're the winner it balances out if you're the loser is entered the lovy and
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it's archaic it's antiquarian it's ass a fight so it depends on whose ox is gored but i love the system i just love because it's part of who we are confused and screwed up some 15 in the morning moscow time either this is ahead as mainstream outlets publish a fresh out all under scheme of russian plotting against the opposition figure alexina valmy make some of those claims your editing. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. dramatic to follow the only move really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and
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talk. every dollar project going forward because a champion by the account chicanery and fraud on accounting of quantitative easing goes into something called the c.p.i. consumer price index of the value of that money printing will now dave based the currency for real this is going to be the end game as it were because once the inflation genie is out of the bottle you can put it back into the bottle. good morning for mainstream media outlets have published that huge investigation
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claiming to trace russian security officers who followed opposition figure election of ali since 2017 but it appears to raise more questions than answers as a senior correspondent explains. on monday c.n.n. dispy gill and several other outlets premiered their latest hit tales about how a dozen russian f.s.b. agents tailed live on the for years and so incompetent were they that the script writers claimed they managed to identify them their phone numbers there every step their calls that tax their addresses they even uncovered a prior deadly plot to poison the valley with one of the most toxic substances known to man move a chalk hero she forgot about it he remembered just a few days ago jus to a clumsy mistake by russian intelligence his wife took the hit she apparently felt terrible dreadful like never before so she went for
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a nap. apparently cured her alexina valmy believes that the mysterious sickness his wife describes is very similar to the feeling of impending death that he experienced on board the airplane on 20th august after being poisoned with no for chuck aside from the comically incompetent russian spies and agents who somehow for many years fooled the world into thinking that they weren't clowns and aside from the valleys amazing resistance to being killed i mean this guy would put bugs bunny or the road runner to shame aside from that what really stood out in this claim that the laughably useless russians have a nano substance which removes all traces of chemical weapons which they somehow forgot to use east cities of the problems of chemical and climbed the 20 invention of numbness or been set for a move in traces of chemical weapons from infected sites crucially at least one
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member of the f.s.b. squat is in frequent telephone contact with a scientist from this institute now my big question in all of this is about it all looking reading and sounding like fanfiction or cia agents they dream about how he would expose. the russians of be applauded by his peers no my big question is about you know whether any of it's true because there are 2 explanations in the 1st one is that these journalists were given the entire page the data by western intelligence agencies because they sure as heck didn't find it in the dark net as novelli alluded that's a lie and you don't find the geolocation data of f.b.i. agents cell phones on the darknet which is pretty horrendous it would mean western intelligence agencies and journalists are in cahoots the 2nd explanation is that this i open an exposé is about as worthless as the last one hospital task that the russian opposition leader alexina found he was poisoned by now if agent
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found enough so a few days ago british pundits claim that russian spies try to poison the valley again while he was in a coma i mean how hard would it be he's right there literally in a coma if you wanted to kill him you really really couldn't miss and this latest grand investigation claims that the last grand investigation was well made up note also that there is no data about any effort to be poisonous resided in only square novel that was there in the hospital therefore the rumor that f.s.b. ages could possibly have poisoned him again and omsk which was distributed by the times is not true this is what you call open ended. to social distancing and become synonymous with the pandemic but many parents are now worried that lack of social interaction is really could affect their children's mental health my daughter has seen more giraffes at the zoo then she's seen other
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kids. ages 23 and 4 are really important for learning how to share learning how to play outside what isn't he getting by not being able to run around the neighborhood with his friends so a cambridge university study out found a statistically significant increase in depression among children after a lot your psychology expert catherine hirsch person told us the effect of the restrictions often depends on the age of a child. i think it's very important for young children to play with peers when they clearly peers that's how they learn how to share it's how they learn how to navigate the social environment for the children who are in the 4 or 56 who are there definitely remember this time once we tell them that it safe to be with people again then i suspect they will work hard to overcome it because we gravitate
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toward this like a magnetic pull to people so i think we'll be irate some of the older children. who are maybe in middle school and high score for then this is truly such a difficult period because they're with peers are the time some will probably go through exacerbated mental issues that we're going to want to deal with and so we have to be quipped at the end to help these children learn to feel safe with the children of their age. when thomas the british government allows public services to stay open even in areas hardest hit by the pandemic it's been revealed that promise to boris johnson was borne by top health officials that easing measures for christmas would spark a 3rd wave. a relaxation of restrictions on social contact combined with the natural desire to celebrate inevitably increases the spread of the virus whilst we
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are not at this point asking for a change in the proposed christmas rules we are concerned that the current public debate on those rules is ignoring the significant extra risk involved a new 3 tier system came into effect on december the 2nd in england with many parts of the southeast including london now today later on being moved into the top alert level this 3rd tier is applied to regions where the infection rate is highest while it's true it prohibits households mixing with each other it does allow restaurants and bars to open for takeaway and delivery only all of the shops and public services can also remain open including anything from beauty salons to gyms and churches. officials are confronted new variant of the virus has been detected too as well as a sharp uptick in numbers by december 10th the number of new covert cases has risen to more than 21000 a day we spoke to a british senior clinical lecturer about the importance of safety measures in a month associated with families of course coming together. their wire is their
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case numbers out there we need to have a very restricted christmas what is important is that you are honest and believable and trusted and you tell your people that we have a problem it is not possible to meet on 23rd 24th 25th of december however very soon in the new year it will become possible so that is being truthful and honest and you explain to people that the vaccines are coming and when the vaccines are coming and most people have been immunized it will be safer easier and better to meet up you don't want to be raising your glasses to say hey we miss our departed friends. so well these a brief fire that tore through a care home and sensor rushes killed 11 people all the victims were elderly residents of that facility a criminal investigation has been launched. these farmers are stepped
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up their protests against new law firms designed to open up the country's cultural market workers' health hunger strikes implicated road self is that removal of subsidies and minimum price guarantees would hurt them financially. argentinians have gathered to watch the world's only total solar eclipse of the year blanketed miss it though. 3 it plunged part of the country to darkness for in 2 minutes people wore special glasses to block violet rays and look safely at this natural phenomenon. we're talking earlier all about the u.s. members of the electoral college casting their votes in officially handing joe biden victory the presidential election will home top of that now we're hearing today but it used to bring in for the potence congratulated joe biden with victory in the 2020 u.s. elections the president expressed readiness for interaction and contact with the new administration see how that plays out over the next 4 years well that's it for now the shoes to morning from moscow. i'm kevin 0 in for me in the rest of the of
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greetings and sell you tell you it's all right all right all right here in the united states of america this week marked the release of pfizer's now f.d.a. approved vaccination against code 19 yes front line workers including doctors nurses hospital workers and senior living facility aids all across the nation stood in line and took injections for all the world to see from kalamazoo to providence all the way down to san diego in tallahassee and while pfizer and their stockholders are now no doubt patting themselves on the back for their swift and remarkable leopard's to be the 1st in market to hit us streets with relatively few issues well you know minus the whole anna flack picked up the pen incident in london let's not forget the pfizer is not the only game in town. this week the
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f.d.a. will be announcing their ruling on the dermis covert vaccination and it's now being reported that astra's a need. is to start clinical trials to test a combination of its experimental coronavirus vaccine with russia's sputnik 5 shot to see if this can boost the efficacy of the british drug makers vaccine but before we all jump up and down roll up our sleeves and cries stick it here doc let's remember that despite all these new code with 19 vaccinations flooding the marketplace things are not coming up wine and roses for everyone the people's vaccine alliance a coalition that includes oxfam and amnesty international has discovered that according to the latest numbers nearly 70 poor countries will only be able to vaccinate one in 10 people against the code 19 virus.


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