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the i would go where you become president of the us system to which the iraqis can become skew this way to compute russian relations. to the american domestic affairs. we were expecting something very important to be brought up during that press conference we remember of the extremist terrorist attacks in europe namely in france that struck the european union and in recent months like i said they were of extremists nature and they led to in france in particular to some very harsh rhetoric being used by the president and many all macron which led to a bike clash in the muslim community this is something that can actually be called a truly burning issue in europe and mind calling down of party correspondent who
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was in the room along with the very few journalists who were allowed to be together with vladimir putin for the q. and a asked the russian president for his opinion on it and mr putin's opinion is the following he began by saying that he cannot say where one's freedom ends and where someone else's freedom begins according to a lot of our putin's whenever someone decides to brazenly offend the religious feelings of a person he should expect definitely some kind of reaction although the opinion of president vladimir putin is that this reaction can never be aggressive or violent and this is this is something very important but that brought him to a conclusion that multi cultural ism in europe has. failed the idea the project
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that's how he. put it in this particular case now let's move on to some of the regional issues that are much closer to russian borders we remember that some russian neighbors were firmly in the headlines in recent months that is. armenia and azerbaijan the former soviet countries. putin referred to because of the situation in belarus as still potentially explosive but he compared with the foreign interference has a grenade he said a great that's being thrown let's say into a building from somewhere else is always explosive and dangerous so again according to the russian leader the most important thing to to be done in the case of minsk is to avoid some kind of actions by outside players to try and somehow
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affect the situation in that country so mr putin is saying it's up for the belorussians to decide he pointed out that president alexander lukashenko promised political reforms and massive revamp of the constitution and bella reuss so mr putin suggestion was to wait and see what kind of results that is going to bring and then moving on to armenia and azerbaijan that is of course the violent and bloody armed conflict in the gorn a car box which is a break away a breakaway republic in there and we remember that a bit more. the director is telling me that once again we are hearing something important from the russian president so let's go back to the press conference. could it be that if these treaties extent. that there will be
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a new arms race and russia will not only be strong enough to. participate in that to keep up with others with other countries now another question is supersonic weapons could it's really change the geopolitical balance in the world but also all the statements you made about these weapons during your previous statement that all of these statements now true everything is completed. all these new types of weapons ready to use yes now speaking 1st about the arms control treaties speaking 1st about the new start treaty and like i said we. wanted america to accept and agree with us that we should extend the treaty and. from what i
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understand mr biden himself president elect biden has said that he is willing to. use them to go extend the treaty we are ready for that but we need 1st to get a fishel reaction from the u.s. now you say if it's not extended is there going to be an arms race. already is an arms race one issue. or once the the u.s. withdrew from the missile defense treaty are you. willing and that's what happened and. what we were forced to do is to prevent. or nuclear capacity from being notified and we had to create and. miss. defense system
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and we had to introduce new mid new weapons systems such as the. supersonic guard system it's. a worthy. 20 and no missile defense system can stop such a missile now has the creation of these new supersonic weapons such as circle. guard has it in any way. affected the balance of power actually we've had tests. of. not long ago and the most of the testing most of the work is complete in a few. speed is over. 8. years and the missile can be mounted on stationary. launch systems on ships or on submarines. it can also be well wisher they.
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brought it to mean a troll waters. does this in any way change the situation yes it does of course it does. but our american partners have been developing. the what is what they call theory of swift disarming attack. which which implies it was using. high precision weaponry to attack command centers has this has pipe precision weaponry something that they do have additional edge already and what they don't have as of here is supersonic weapons but they will ultimately at some point have that and we have to address this problem.
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so we need to work on a counter argument so to speak to other armies of the world having supersonic weapons and i believe that we will have that counter argument. human we're working on all other weapon systems that have been announced during one of my addresses yes all of the systems are. under way. is already there various virt. laser weapons is already deployed. we're actively working on the missile it's in its final stages the research is the production is in final stages because sidon is also being developed successfully. as well.
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no war. he did you can you should get it up with there are some technical issues of course arising of course but i do not see any way you look problem that would be unsurmountable or saying that we will not be able to achieve everything that we should planned but will do. and then we will achieve everything. but like i said russia is his 6th. book in terms of the percentage in terms of its military budgets $46.00 something $1000000.00 and the us is $770000000000.00. and still we are able to make advances and creates the things that. the u.s. with its incredible military budget is unable to do and this is all thanks to the great buy ins of russia to our amazing scientists and researchers and designers.
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and one of the really got one of the army officials in the u.s. not long ago said yes the russian army has become smaller but it's more dedicated. and it's actually working faster and achieving greater progress and will continue to do so. so mr president 2 or 3 more questions right and then we'll conclude yes ok rostov on don. let's go there yes thank you for coming back to us we have a lot of. science here. we have a colleague on on the 1st throw it is saying it's very important i ask. do you think it's part of the national police to not sit down here to thank you.
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with our time newspaper or would you wish to be able mr president i have visited all of your press conferences but i was never able to ask a question to you so i have. a 2 parter so to speak now the 1st part is. something that you've already talked about the harvests. the prices the roster pridgen had amazing harvests lost this year but later people started complaining because the prices are well to say the least underwhelming so the question is why is it happening why do we have such such high prices yes i know you just said your word to the government asking them to change stuff but why
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is this happening are we're exporting too much or importing too much are we exporting. you know the grain but we are importing technologies we are importing foreign. cultures or technologies for breeding cattle etc. and then the 2nd question has to do with spiritual matters ok. your 1st question is we do have to improve our self-sufficiency and independence when it comes to certain grains and cultures where it comes to. your cattle breeding but it has nothing to do with prices prices have to do with the current economic situation in the global market by market. when it comes to sugar and butter. it's all because of that but in the global markets. the prices for
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sugar increased while in russia there were there was a good great harvest but since we exported started to export more sugar. it led to. prices rising in russia as well and. exporters. domestically. believe that they don't want to lose money by keeping prices low they are counting the. profits they could make. if they increase the prices that's why they increase the prices but agriculture on the whole is a is developing we have invested a lot. the federal budget has invested a lot into agriculture and also we are providing subsidies to export in country
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exporting companies russian export in companies that export agricultural products abroad. and maybe. this is what happened in your specific case was a mistake. because your specific authorities in your region made a mistake by keeping the prices high and we will deal with that very quickly the same goes for bread and. other related. goods the kind of. increases in prices that you're seeing are unacceptable and that will be changed it's things are not fundamental things and yet they affect people's lives and this is very disheartening. but this can. be resolved this can be
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the problem can be solved. we. do have market mechanisms we can use certain tools of the government tools to regulate them. yes but we do still need to stimulate these industry the agriculture but well let's go to the 2nd part of your question right now but there's a question about the town of beit a small town with a newspaper one of the best newspapers in russia according to some. polls. and we all know the editor in chief she's a very famous person a very good person. and in early november. the. one that was the owner of the newspaper fired the editor in chief now we're all wondering why she's a good person she does great work and then the people who made this decision and
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started coming up with the reasons why they fired they say and. they reported her to the authorities then there were people law enforcement coming . looking through her things and we then we had the media. also we have special what i would call media that can be bought you know and there were media that were tasked by someone to denigrate her and say that she is a corrupt individual and she is bad person etc etc. so when our see how this editor in chief is being attacked by everyone you want you need you we're now seeing that all. other newspapers what we expected that all other newspapers in other regions and other small towns will react ok we we
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don't want to we want to stay low we will not report on important things because if we do so then they will be attacked by the authorities by a local. hands of authorities etc and that will never create a civil society and yes i agree with you that civil society is important and with the press that's alive a media that's alive and active is very important for that i do not know your specific. editor in chief personally of course but i believe you will command it is you sad that she was fired by the committee that deals with the property issues right and that when this board he.
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thought they own property on behalf of the state's right but it's very obvious that it is a body that. should not get involved in the content into what's being produced or reported by the newspapers what they should do is make sure that nothing is stolen from the government like you know tables and chairs and all other equipment if you have any. that's. that's what they want that's their area of work. and of course i will ask the governor of the region to address this issue if he has. and if you cannot i will get personally involved with. mr putin and. i will of course. i will of course deal with that yes. to fund the arrest of
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undone c n t. good afternoon. federal news agency mr president this year because of the pandemic a lot has been done to support russian businesses but small businesses still feels bad what. next year will solve interpret. can so interpret expect to receive federal support also on behalf of my newspaper i'd like to thank you personally for helping. him show the love. he and his interpreter spent almost a year in the libyan prison this was a very. difficult. story for us to witness and i'm
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sort of so thankful to you for helping get them back to russia yes this brings me back to the issues of our cooperation with the arab world and we've had its relations good relations with our arab friends who helped us to solve this problem. but. the support for small and medium sized businesses i think i don't need to go back to the measures that we've. implemented. and formulated implemented. to the areas affected by course the top priority is small and medium businesses with over 300000000 rubles have been. pretty much hit with been given allocated to these.
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we also had measures regarding returning. local taxes already paid to some of the sole interpreter and we also. we are still monitoring the situation as it develops and we will look at what will happen in the upcoming months and easily needs to. do is do need to. introduce some additional measures and then we will certainly do so to help so from ploy to people in your body of which i think you have said a lot of very warm words towards the. arabic well here is a journalist from iceland and i think that would be the 1st time ever that a journalist from iceland would have it but you did you ask a question. we would. but it was a thank you very much for this opportunity mr prescott thank you for giving me the
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floor and i'd like to thank you also. ask the question of life happens twice. because well. it shows how it is you can rarely ask a presenter question this is a unique event and by the way. it's nowhere to be seen a situation like that when the people and journalists can ask the president a question it's good to see that. here we have it maybe other countries could follow see you maybe should be kind of a round table like presidents of the scandinavian countries can join in sit at the round table and they will be answering the questions. so it would be good to see that people can ask questions democracy it helps the leaders to be in touch with the people that will be
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a good idea i think it helps to promote democracy what do you think about that idea so that there would be that kind of a round table bringing together world leaders not only you would be on the table because that technically would be easy but others as well my 2nd question to both of us are foremost happy new year around the corner and you once said that you will suddenly to give a secret to happiness to family happiness you said it once. maybe now is the time. and the last thing. a boy from. western countries don't like russia and it's not true actually believe russia . press the love russia wholeheartedly but there is the government and the press like c.n.n. and b.b.c. they are. blaming russia for all sorts of things in iceland the media.
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deal the same kind of thing that's basically a warfare. against you because they are afraid of you where. you about the people in the west they. don't think they don't like russia no i would like to think everyone engineers the translators everyone and best of luck to you. keep up the good work. a rarity to hear something like that thank you for your kind words. i think you will probably suffer from your colleagues. but with that comes with the profession you sometimes have to you know . make it through really the word that we're not sure but the idea. but here is another suggestion i think the lead is just too much you know so it was up with you he them and members of the un security council should come together to
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discuss the problems which are shared by the whole of the. population of the world has been demick mr mccraw in the presence of france of the reported hour that we need to discuss pandemic disarmament another problem of. us all together we need to discuss environmental protection it's one of the biggest problems but what we should we as humanity face here is an intolerance through emotion which. with lots of questions might be discussed eclipse you all of these questions are important for everyone but their ideas self to hold such a round table is a good one especially so we can do that easily online. by what i hope this situation will be supported by other colleagues other leaders by the way we have very good relations with iceland. not only.
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at the level of. the government but also people to people relations are quite close and we do you value these ties it was nice and we have a lot to learn from iceland. to complete your work and energy sector especially hydro power plants well that's something to marvel at you have been trying to reach that level and by the way all over even become a child care we're currently introducing some of the practices that you have. to mean that which now be happy too. to be happy you need to be in love love everyone knows that that's no secret love is universal. a matter of. love should underpin your relations within the family and since we've been talking about international ations love should underpaid international
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relations as well. ok the last question was ok everything from north korea were put on the screen police. i think everyone here has already asked a question that there is another side of the room could you show which is a while. here is this to us police. to you is this year which are most of which are all we've heard a lot of questions when. my is a little bit different with a personal over these here much of we really felt good. a year might be difficult for everyone so none of your own emotional e it's been a rough year couple of years ago during your big car that you was
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if you collect emotions. mostly good i'm sure what about the last year what with emotions did you. collect more one of the emotions can you highlight. something you felt over the last years maybe you could share what kind of toast you will give when the new year comes. take a seat at least. jubal. with. the good and the bad every year and a special every year we face problems every year brings a lot to be happy about within your family and maybe some 3 good that happens at the national level achievements which there are many accomplishments which we are proud off we should be proud of and we are. this year has been a difficult one nor. how ever there is something i would like to point your
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attention to. here's something i. want to say. before we had difficulties as well. in the history of russia we've seen a lot of. the ninety's for instance the early 2000. and we thought that there was no hope. lost every piece of hope there was no army no social welfare and employment with what was skyrocketing to. one of the 3 people lived below the poverty line. it was mostly to see would and i look at what we have today of course problems remain many people still. struggle i mean. and he had the foundation of the russian state is here it's for the. pillars of
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the russian economy a standing strong on we have a lot more today than we used to it's a car probably to what we had in the ninety's in the early 2000. and this instrument that gives us the instruments that we could only dream obviously for now we can focus on the priority areas on the most pressing issues we use the word of and we should forget about our strategic goals. now. with these 3 ask me about. the things that will be saying we're raising my glass well just any person with that we have a lot to say when new year comes through.


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