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russian statehood is here it's for the. pillars of the russian economy and standing strong on we have a lot more today than we used to it's a car probable to what we had in the ninety's in the early 2000. and this instrument that gives us the instruments that we could only dream obviously for now we can focus on the priority areas on the most pressing issues we use the word of and we should forget about us to choose your goals. look. now. with these 3 ask me about. the things i will be saying whether raising my glass well just any person or we have a lot to say when new year comes we would like to wish
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a lot of things. but let's just. be careful. careful with the amount of champagne and other spirits that you take doesn't matter how many time you see we see something. i will be wishing the best things to my relatives to my family my friends and colleagues. there dear to me. my friends and my family we always wish i could one thing. we wish each other to have happy russia and russia so we drink to russia every time i took an hour to wrap it up through quickly with something from last. high convoluted with something not as loud let me say something else. here in this meeting to some ask our plans and whether we have any plans
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to support families with children. so it was called that and here is what i want to . do well and they actually said to me that they have lots of interesting ideas and initiatives how to support children you know. at the time of the new year today we have them but then we could not have that many events have been cancelled so all these cancers they have been cancelled for fear. that the children clubs and the queer they are going to be old and get these days this holiday is a special one it brings a lot of hopes my dear we have so many anticipations we hope that the future will be bright and happy yes today we see a lot of bad things happening and yet we have hope before it came here to talk to
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the government to the administration to my office and the goodies that we agreed are strong that this state which is doing well you can give our children a present a small one a modest one yet it will be given to all families with children below 7 so each family with a child less than 7 years old will begin $5000.00 roubles for every child. so if your family has a child between 0. you would you will get 5000 per child now i want to thank all of you i wish you all the best i would really sincerely hope that you are not retired and i also hope that people. being jews will enjoy working with us for these 4 and a half hours listening to ask for all this time you swear yes that found this
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conversation interesting and useful for me it was very useful and we will do everything within our part to deliver on our promises and to respond to all your questions concerns and requests are. no but i believe that all these problems which we face as a country. as you know some of which every family faces so thank you very much and best of luck to you mr putin thank you so much and good buy. and there we are 4 hours 34 minutes president putin taking questions from journalists around the world and from plenty of members of the public from around russia to a huge amount was talked about was and it's incredible that he can actually just talk for that long and take so many questions but let let's start with
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a few of the big 8 and in particular defense and that's kick off with treaties and international arms treaties because he was asked about that was in the within the last 15 minutes. all andrew guests more than 4 and a half hours of lattimer putin taken all the questions and just 2 of us listening to him so that is a tough one to digest but we managed to go through it and now it is time for a good nice wrap up of everything that a lot of our putin was talking about so yes let's start with defense and all of that is of course intertwined with how russia gets along with the u.s. and now that america will have a new president that is very important something that is school that we heard from the russian leader in the last 30 minutes was that he admitted that the russians and the americans are currently in a new arms race now how's that for
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a statement from the russian leader that's definitely an important one. and went on to say that despite spending the last on defense a much smaller amounts of money than some nato members and washington in particular russia has already developed weapons systems that can outdo the missile defense. of. the american ministry of defense now besides this we understand that there should be reasons for this kind of state. affairs and a lot of our putin believes the reason for all 'd that is the fact that washington was abandoning one arms treaty after another but of course there will be a new administration in charge at this point and something that we heard from
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waldemar putin was expectations that renew talks on either renew treaties or new treaties can happen in the year end this is something that the quantum one is looking forward to in order to either get back to international stability and security or achieve new levels of it so far in the past few years it's only been deteriorating that is according to president vladimir putin now moving on to different topics the press conference began with a range of questions that have to do with cold it and the vaccines and one question was straightforward whether the russian president has taken one to that mr putin would reply that he's not in the age group that is recommended for vaccination at this point so right now it's just not that safe to do it but what lattimer putin
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with the advice to everyone else not only russians but the rest of the world is to use the vaccine because a number of safe vaccines have already been developed including sputnik v that is something that has been developed here in this country and this is what else mr putin had to say about this specific issue. russia was the 1st country in the world. for that soon vaccines started producing mass faxing skewed vaccine safe fish into of 90. and some especially say to the 97. major incidents related to side effects and some of the foreign counterparts already in this area. i'm really happy that specialist at this level of the top level
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in the area this is a major company you know it will astra zeneca. combined his efforts with the russian i'm sure the outcome will be a really good one for russian people for people around the world. now that the electoral college in the us cast their votes for joe biden it was worth looking back now to the presidential campaign in the us and 2020 and one of the questions perhaps surprisingly came from a person who used to be a musician or a singer in russia and now he's turned journalist or politician in. his own special manner he threw questions at vladimir putin in a way that sounded something like hey why did donald trump lose where the
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washington if they all moved to the silicon valley that was pretty much of the wording came from the man and to that the russian leader replied that there are 26 sitting nor this time around and 2020 it was the russian that had anything to do with the decision that was being made by the americans so here's more from the russian president. has never actually. had the american president. never never interfered in the domestic. work to get their wish list with great nations that is the usa see. you see and this is assuming these are legations are when we choose to begin to skew these 2 issue of a call to make relations between our 2 nations it is worse suited to legitimize the presidency of the people he teaches about the outgoing president of the us system in which the iraqis can become secure and there's
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a way to come to us russian relations. to the american domestic affairs. up next the unfortunate developments in europe that we heard about in recent months and i'm also talking about the terrorist attacks and the reactions to them for example the ones in france that they led to some harsh rhetoric by emmanuel macron and a whole wave of criticism from the islamic community around the world against the french government so again a fresh wave of religious tension to them in europe and my colleague don of a correspondent was together with a lot of in that room he was lucky enough to be there he had to be on the quarantines for 15 days i believe to do that well his question to the president was
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just about that and this is mr putin's reply. to you that russia has always condemned old terrorist acts and continues to do so specifically terrorist acts taking place in europe for example this year which were a reaction to the publication of the prophet muhammad in one of the newspapers of one of the publications russia does not support these publications where do you believe that the threshold between. human rights you and me. offensive to believe is. that those people who brazenly try to offend people's religious views people's religious feelings they must understand that this we'll have a negative reaction of blowback but on the other hand this kind of reaction should
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not feed an aggressive one of violence one we do not accept when people are offensive towards other people's beliefs i ask you to never do that this is something that could destroy our country from the inside we cannot allow that as you know the project of multiculturalism and europe failed and many people who called for this project for carrying out this project had to actually admit that they failed but in russia ates happens organically over hundreds of years and we value that. now recently a number of reports have emerged on law and war in the western media about the allegations surrounding the incident with a like cena volley that is now recovered he's recovered from an ill stay back in august which was referred to by germany
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by western nations has a poisoning well like i said recently you know some reports have come out with speculations about that possibly a 2nd poisoning or allegedly a team of russian secret services agencies following a like seeing the volley being responsible for that alleged poisoning so a couple of questions for mr putin were specifically about that and one of the things that mr putin said was that he reminded the audience and the viewers. in russia. and around the world moscow hasn't been able to get any proper data from germany where the opposition activists the likes involving was treated in moscow in order to start an investigation proceed with the cording to mr putin needs all that data from the biological material that was
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received from the likes involving some some kind of conclusions proper documents so on and so forth but. the russian government is putting it so far all requests from moscow have been ignored now when it comes to these reports of a team that could have been following the like seen a volley prior to that incident and here are the details that a lot of our putin the shared in response to that. would be to put the patient at the berlin clinic is actually supported by american intelligence who receive support from them and if so then she is followed by other intelligence services but even if she is followed by russian services or other services it doesn't mean that she should be poisoned. with her so
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president vladimir putin is stressing that he believes that there are certain links between kremlin clitic critical like saying the volley and u.s. intelligence and he believes the stories that are being published are. the kind of stories that are big written by these people and as these publications according to mr putin are only attempts to legitimize these stories in the public eye both in russia and internationally now. mr putin was also talking about the various issues for when it comes to difficulties between russia and european partners u.s. partners we understand that for about 2 years russia has not been able to free to complete the nord stream to pipeline because of constant
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pressure coming from washington and it looks like we won't see and then to what we're already hearing from the joe biden ministration that they want to continue with that pressure but a lot of our putin is saying that all russia wants in this regard is fair competition and he believes that the actions being taken by the u.s. administration are nowhere near a fair competition bottom or putin also believes that this project is something that europe really needs and the current circumstances. i hope they did new administration of the united states would cheat 8 populus its allies with respect would not be trying to force them into neglecting their own national each arrests but you cannot be
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a new administration will work following the principle of fair competition. while there are many other things to go through but at least let me bring up one we understand that the. new year is coming and it's only going to be 2021 in the next presidential election and this country's only due in 3 years maybe 3 and a half even but people have already begun asking why mark wouldn't questions as to whether he's ready for the next term and it's all due to the constitutional. a member in this country that we're back in a federal of votes which allowed mr putin to stay in power house president for at least 2 more terms so he was asked a direct question whether he has made up his mind on whether he wants to stay in
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power or not and this is what the russian president said in response. to that question we should understand one thing we'll do what we do to help the country or not if it is not going to help our country we should do it if it will help we should do it for me i haven't decided yet i don't know whether i will be running again a 2024. stable growth and development of russia that's the ultimate goal formally speaking the people support it disappointment i will for the consider the options. like i said this was an impressive marathon we just fell short of setting a record but we were very close we found out some very important things we found out the putin believes that europe failed with its multiculturalism we found out that vladimir putin is confident that the u.s.
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and russia are unfortunately already in a new arms race and we also learned that vladimir putin hasn't taken the vaccine yet but many many other things were also brought up for that of course you can check out our website if you want to learn anything else about the press conference but for now andrew that's it for me yeah well done a lot to go through that you know my favorite question here he was asked the secret of happiness and you know what that is. i believe he said it is a love and that something into eternal and perhaps that's no surprise but to hear it for. the russian president here that this is the most important thing for him. i guess yeah that's a sign yeah not a bad way to end thanks very much it was in your track. thank you for watching it was a long one wasn't it we're going to take a quick break we'll be back with a headlock you.
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problem drugs don't do is come from unscrupulous doulas but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see a very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids invented america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she despite those efforts at her dose after dose and really became his drug dealer soon who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers other governments. little simple speer was mean sure when you read all of those lists nissho to show you just what that also has been. but so far we're short in the words drawl struck a chord already in that you will quote them. when you wash it
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it's all profit and there's a write up of court all but what i would also. do it in the most of those legit want to keep most of them there were still police could you use all that for a sham didn't want all the money. that we. will get out of this i suppose there's. some that would put in that would know more than the board it's. just removing a few those who are doing just that it just means that i think that you don't mind that just by committees and on that. the shuttles are. flat because of the my face you know for a lot of the my company not a few they were established at the map a lot got paid off and. on the acronym for a bunch of us the economy to have more than a few fast path is that. turns out my mother
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will slow down the muscle to get enough balls to not only mean that as they are going to call them back in the home. that around the other woman. to turn over the mother mother i'm going to do go. look at what's going to come up we got up to my own land in a month think she was hoping to go missing up was going to give up we have to get out what am i doing going home. with. the industry the 1st. spent millions of you know the. d.-day regulations will be sniffy about making money making profits in some of the big corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is new due to new viruses
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own new microbes that is not true so it is due to environment. and say you know the momentum is simply the. muscles are really just accumulate could only come in to see them to be so. diplexers from the sky if the so food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more growth so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into street not accept that we are british and we want regulation i was the industry and if we don't behave serious penalties just fine. kind of financial survival job today was about money laundering 1st to visit discussion to 3 different. oh good that's a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up for something and you're something in america something overseas or the cayman islands or do all these banks are
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complicit in the kleptocracy who decide to give much gold and say ok i'm ready to do some serious. ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal thank you so much guys of course.
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me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the headlines this hour russian president vladimir putin wraps up his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting just over 4 hours for the 1st time it was remote's by video link with 19 well from plans to fight the global pandemic to present a tune running for another term the russian leader fielded a huge range of pressing questions. on. russia was the 1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own vaccine we see an expansion and we see nato infrastructure coming closer to our borders which shouldn't.


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