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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EST

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outfield. that's right. 9 thank you. that's right that's right. breaking news an r.t. sports talk called projects an appeal by russia's anti doping agency to overturn a ban on russian athletes but reduces the length of the ban the court of arbitration for sport a decision means the russian national flag it won't be seen at international sporting events until the end of 2022 also russian president vladimir putin wraps up his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting over 4 and a half hours for the 1st time it was removed by video link due to cope with 19 restrictions and french president tested positive for cope with 19 but he will
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continue his role remotely during a self isolation period. just gone 6 o'clock in moscow you with r.t. international now let's go to that breaking news this hour is the international court of arbitration for sport has sided with the world anti-doping agency in its case against the russian anti doping body and ruled a 2 year ban that will include a ban on russia's flag and team name to next year's perspire tokyo olympics the 2020 beijing games and other major major sports events to like the world cup so let's get more on this now with peter oliver he's following events for us good evening paid a massive blow regardless of the reduction of time last russian sport.
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big breaking news for russian sports what we've seen is censured the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland ruling that world russian the russian anti doping agency resigned didn't do what it should have been doing when handling doping tests that a laboratory in moscow was basically not doing the right job when it came to carry out those tests the the case was brought was between the world anti-doping agency wada and the russian anti-doping agency resigned a court of arbitration for sport coming down on the side of the world body in that one it means a 2 year ban is what it means for russian athletes the russian flag in the russian anthem at major sporting events the wording of the the ruling said that it would be banned suspended from the period for 2 years at all events that were any olympics and any world championships that fell under the signatory of the world
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anti-doping agency what that means in real terms is they'll be no team russia the tokyo olympics that's been rescheduled for 2021 next year all the power olympic games being put coming alongside beijing in 2022 the winter games there also there will be no russian athletes at the winter olympics all the power olympics russian teams can play in next year's rescheduled european football championships your way for who will be running that they aren't signatories to the world anti-doping agency so it's not covered by it however fee for the global football governing body they are that means there will be no russian team out the world cup in qatar in 2022 as i mentioned with the football st petersburg is set to host the champions league final in 2021 that can still go ahead. can't go ahead though our world
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championships there were set to be held in climbing and 2021 in russia volleyball shooting a short course winning 2022 they'll all have to be. find new places where they'll be held what we've heard in and michelle reaction from from the russian anti-doping agency is that they're not happy with this and it's understandable to see why they wouldn't be that's quite a hefty chunk of competition that russian athletes are not going to be able to take part in there's also been some hefty fines as well $1270000.00 are going to have to pay to the world anti-doping agency in order to pay their legal costs or called tribute to their legal costs is also a $100000.00 fine as well it's a big chunk of the sporting calendar that is going to be played it would seem with out russian athletes taking part. ok thank you peter that was our season peter over there with the latest on that decision and we can get more reaction now
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because if we can go live to any cashmore and he joins us on the big screen these are an expert in sports in the media and you've been following this story i know for years since it 1st broke this big scandal what's your reaction to this latest news that the ban will stay will be reduced but it will stay. it's a deal. it's a deal that i would take as well if i was part of the russian anti-doping agency that is risotto as it's abbreviated to it was for yours if the for your band had still been in place it would be the most severe punishment in the history of sport . so a reduction to 2 years ok nobody's particularly thrilled about this but it it's a deal and i take care. of this is the end of the road after 2 years presumably russia will be compliant with the war that you don't get your agency procedures and
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it will be reintegrated back in 2 worlds court but 2 years is not bad as i say it could have been 4 and that would have been horrendous as far as i'm concerned but of course the point is andrew this there is so order keeps insisting we have no case to answer here we've been stitched up from the get go and we're still maintaining that we're innocent of all these claims that there has been state's fonts and doping so you can see it from resigned to point of view but the fact is this appears to be the end of the road technically they could appeal it that could go to court but they would have to show new evidence which i don't think there is any or that there have been some kind of procedural irregularities in other words a technical problem again i don't imagine that there are any and even if it did get to the swiss federal court it's by no means sure that they would go against the
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court of arbitration no we should remind people that this is over the fact that russia has been accused of manipulating the data base that supposedly have the records of athletes at the bar 3 moscow and when that was handed over the paper looked at it about a said well we think either you're up to something here but still comes back doesn't there's a burning issue a back collective. punishment because many athletes wouldn't have been on that database and they say well you know not on this well why am i being punished well i believe the door is a bit open for them because if they can prove conclusively how they do so i don't know but if they can prove conclusively that they work clean. they can compete not as representatives of russia but as individual athletes or neutral athletes in other words so that they will be able to exactly how they would demonstrate to everyone's satisfaction that they are drug free i just simply don't know the answer
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to that question presumably that they will have to say that they've taken. over a period of time and have been given a clear clean bill of health services. yes i am and i would add to that say that i know many athletes that would love to clear their name but can't afford to it's a lengthy process you need a lawyer you know you need time and space to do it if you want to prove that you are clean generally speaking people except you have to train outside of russia that costs money i mean is sweeping away a whole generation of athletes that would like to represent their country well you wouldn't necessarily have to train outside russia i mean i take your point though training inside russia is laden with all kinds of problems and assumptions of the rest of the world. so you're right it would not be an easy process and i don't quite know what would count as evidence at the moment tony were to put up their hands and say that having not gone through this process massage and in any case i
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think it's it's something quite new so that the decision today will i imagine be thrashed out of the coming months to see what is allowable to get individual athletes to compete to various competitions that those are the next couple of years what it is maintaining of course is that still. political in a sense it is let's face it we've seen this saga unfold over the past several years and russia has maintained its innocence throughout and simply asked for the evidence that supports this claim on which everything pivots and that claim is that russia has engineered a state sponsored doping program and russia has said shows the evidence and then will we will try and contest it on its own grounds but that evidence some evidence has been forthcoming but not conclusive evidence and of course a lot of this hinges of course are regarded to reject coffs personal testimony it
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was formerly the head of sport in russia birth it is now somewhere in north america and his annex are. e.d.c. russia getting back into the fold within 2 years you don't. always interview found . no not within 2 yards in an office. well i think so i mean it has time and again tried to gain or except in some presented at that but you know russia has exactly helped itself and may know when it presented this lab reports. i didn't see the lab reports of it in any case the word made publicly available but why does said hang on to something slightly. not quite right about this and have they been in the manipulated or have they been censored or have they been edited i don't quite know why they were dissatisfied with the
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result but they did ask questions and they were they were convinced that these were authentic lab reports that us so you've got to think maybe there was something wrong with it wasn't complete manipulation so there that russia has really helped itself but of course russia has and i stress this for the 3rd time in this interview maintained its innocence and so it was saying all along we have done nothing show us the evidence against this well now what the world of sport wanted russia to do was to say hands up we're guilty and he didn't do that still hasn't done that yet just on that point is it you say it is political but even on the definition of state sponsored doping what is it because if you ask me i can report he says well i think people that work for the government were involved there for state sponsored you ask anybody in russia the assumption is it came directly from
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above but there's no evidence of what they're what exactly is the mechanical process of state sponsored doping it's a term that is used time and again but are vast on many occasions precisely how does this work you know exactly in a practical sense how does states but i mean you know our police force fed dope or something are they encouraged coerce i don't know so i don't understand what this concept of state sponsored doping means it's and that in itself makes it political because you do get the sense in which it's a kind of a leveraged concept in other words it's a phrase that you used to get your own way with something and of course. in a wider sense russia doesn't have a lot going for it. a moment with all sorts of political events going on all or all over the place but public opinion is not for russia at the moment and sport has
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been looking. for choose my words carefully but to place a lot of people but a scapegoat i think that so many of sports sponsors have said to sport generically i'm talking about in the broader sense of the word sport clean up your act we want to see evidence that you are eliminating doping from the world of sport and russia has a cell for most. of this i would say on that everybody that's been named and shamed in the report has come from what has been banned well in this particular report yes but i mean let's let's not kid ourselves here i'm not trying to paint a picture as. russia in a picture of complete innocent doping is going on in russian sport but it is elsewhere in the world as well we've seen major scandals in the united states in the u.k.
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in kenya in recent years and i think you'd have to be. childlike in your innocence if every time you watch sport on t.v. you thought this is completely clean doping is going got it's prevalent all over the world sports simply because there are high stakes involved russia has unfortunately been singled out and say i'm fortunately i mean unfortunately for russia's perspective from that what the sports spectator they found it convenient for guy. it's always going to be a bone of contention is an i'm sure of it the question will always be does the time fit the crime and that's where the arguments in the debates will continue at this so it is always great to tilt we're going to have to leave it there but we appreciate you coming on tonight it was a list of motor sports experts media thought it knows what he's up to. now russian president vladimir putin has finished his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public today lasted just over 4 and a half 1000 for the 1st time he was remote by video link duty caywood 19 still the
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russian leader encompassed all the crucial themes on that minds of the russian public and the media to a lot he goes you've done us been there for us at the residence of the russian president. it wasn't just a media conference it was a full on marathon which duration fell literally a few only a few minutes short of 5 hours the range of topics discussed well it literally ranged from some very small and specific issues that affected maybe only a few 100 russians living in a remote village to some huge geo political aspects which could send ripples all over the world and the latter was what the question over the b.b.c. correspondent was about essentially he asked the russian president whether or not he felt at least a little bit at least partially responsible for the rather well poor state of
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relations between russia and some western nations namely the united states and the united kingdom he also asked whether or not putin thought that russia was quote unquote all white and fluffy here is putin had to say to that. yes we are peaceful and calm nato promised it wouldn't expansively use but didn't deliver on this a lot and we see an expansion we see nato infrastructure coming closer to our borders shouldn't we respond to this who quit the antiballistic missile treaty it wasn't ours so we have to invent brand new types of weapons to protect us from a possible threat then our american colleagues left the i.n.f. treaty again not you know it's our partners then they withdrew from the open skies treaty so what should we do leave everything as it is you're smart people so why do you think we are dumb. another big topic which absolutely dominated the whole
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media conference was world covert and everything about how it impacted the russian society the russian people businessmen the russian economy medics literally you name it and of course. they had to discuss the vaccine was asked to whether or not he had a job he said no he hadn't because the vaccine for his age group or was not yet fully available and that he would. he would do this for he would vaccinate himself as soon as this particular vaccine type of attack seen for the elderly is in abundance but he praised russia essentially saying that russia was the 1st country to announce a fully working vaccine and he also praised the international corporation when it comes to making this seram more effective. russia was the
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1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own vaccine is 95 percent effective not a single serious case of side effects foreign colleagues are ready to work with others but i'd be glad for a world renowned specialist to join forces with russian partners i'm sure the result would be good. and ways of dealing with the coronavirus a should say well it dominates dominates the agenda not only in russia but literally all over the world and namely the united states where it became a huge issue during the election the presidential election and of course when you put all of this together the u.s. election and russia you get a very flammable mix which normally bursts into the accusations of well russian meddling in the u.s. election in 2016 this particular event it was well it was no exception it again another in your face question for vladimir putin asking why asking literally as to
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will donald trump be offered a position in russia or a shelter in russia deployed diplomatic shelter a political shelter the way this is the one that for instance would snowden is enjoying right now so here's how gladly putin addressed that question. russian hackers have never helps any american president get elected and never interfered in the domestic affairs of the usa these allegations are all used to make relations between our 2 nations worse to undermine the legitimacy of the still incumbent president of the us and in this case now our bilateral relations are hostage to american domestic issues. all of these topics and we still just very very barely scratch the very surface of what has been discussed here in the past well almost 5 hours it's literally the very very tip of the iceberg again some a lot of. a lot of the issues discussed today were very russia specific not so
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interesting and not so captivating for the west and for the international audience but of course crucial and what the russian population really wanted to hear about in fact after the general press conference wrapped up we though the very selected very select pool of journalists here latimer putin's residence we didn't allow the russian president we didn't let's just leave so we continued asking our questions and he answered he answered all of them and that stretched out the media conference even more injuring that particular you know and game q. and a session so to speak he showed us his notes the ones he was taking the jury and the whole event and there was a lot and normally these media conferences they don't just and now it means that the work there will be a lot of work done there will be a lot of phone calls
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a lot of discussions this and a lot of governors around the world people people in power in the regions they maybe aren't feeling too easy they because they know they will be getting a call so we'll see what comes out out of this particular media conference. and other news tonight the french president has tested positive for. officials say that a man you macron will self isolate now and continue to work remotely charlotte n.c. as more. present that contest did positive for coke at 19 the latest world leader to do so that was because the palace said that he presented with some mild symptoms so apparently he had a dry cough and a fever he will now self isolate as is the rule here in france for the next 7 days but he will of course continue to carry out his functions as the head of state but he will do so remotely now the fact is tested positive for 19 has many
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ramifications politically for ministers here in france and other individuals who have met him but also other european leaders we've heard in the last few hours that the belgian prime minister the portuguese prime minister and the spanish prime minister all had contact with mr mack on in the last few days and they will all now be self isolating we also heard that the president of the european council shall michel although he doesn't consider himself to have been a contact case he was at that european summit earlier this week with president michael and he is also self isolating now this comes of course as france is battling with the virus a few weeks ago president machen said he hoped by this point in december we would be seeing around 5000 positive new cases every day the figure is still above 10000 every day and because of that france has had to delay some of the lifting of the strictures it had hoped to do on december 15th including opening cultural places
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they won't now be opening until at least january of next decision taken at around the 7th but there is this hope that's being pinned on the fact that this vaccine. could be approved for use in europe in the next few weeks the prime minister who is also now in self isolation after meeting president machen was at the national assembly yesterday where he was outlining the timeline for hopefully administering that jap she duplicate. this yourself all conditions are met the 1st reaction nation could be from the last week of december 4th by mass vaccination from january this 1st piece was 6 to 8 weeks well there's a bit of a problem with this because people have been urged to do their civic duty in the past by the prime minister to go and have the job but it does seem as if there is a large section of french society who are not keen to line up for that vaccination for covert 19 surveys have shown that there is sort of this disconnect with the
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french public and the latest one showing that around a half of the individual surveyed said that they would not be getting the job now they've cited concerns such as effectiveness of the serum unwanted side effects and the fact that they perhaps mistrust vaccines generally that's a theme that we've heard a lot about here in france now present my corner had said previously that he would get the vaccine but only when it was the right time to do so and he said that he wouldn't make that vaccine mandatory of course all eyes on how the president continues in terms of his health with this virus but there is a sense that there are plans in place if he does become ill with covert 900 seriously ill then it seems that the president of the senate would take over from his duties but for the moment president matt corn is tested positive for 19 but it said that his symptoms of only mild. i will eat tape to reveal it to the
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sun should try to warn us officials of and limited widespread internet releases of us information back in 2011 to tell you post been revealed by conservative investigative outlets project very tass on the recording sanjay legibly speaks to cliff johnson an attorney at the state department. got a great. pick of. the crowd for cable news . to. have a degree of that. program or even. become public . to marry some possibility. or on the tape there sanj also said that classified cables had been stolen by
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a former weekly colleague and were being quote spread around the internet there were leaks founder expressed concerns to you over possible danger to u.s. government employees and he suggested authorities covertly remove the files from the internet and offer to help track them down too but it appears that officials failed to take action on the information that he provided the leaked information went on to become known as cable gate and more than 250000 classified u.s. state department cables were released into the public domain that contained data on u.s. officials as well as information about washington's foreign policy and secret operations abroad despite his efforts to sign fit extradition to the u.s. and in 2012 took refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy he was under investigation by washington for his role in quote publishing documents on possible u.s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan last year british police dragged him from the
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embassy to a police cell and extradition hearings extradition hearings do continue now journalist daniel is ari says the audiotapes show the allegations against the signs are under question. the state department was careless or simply not concerned i mean told the this person that he he had spent 24 hours calling very various u.s. government offices and no one no one would talk to him no rule no one would call him back the tape shows quite clearly that sarge is concerned about the release of these unredacted files so he is quite conscious of how the information could be misused and therefore he wants to alert the relevant parties i'm sure that washington will argue that it still is wiki leaks fault but i think anybody who says this tape will show that wiki leaks is quite conscientiously trying to prevent any individual from suffering any kind of retribution as
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a consequence of the release of these files are the democrats have been extremely hostile to or to what you expunge were hostile republicans. so therefore it would be a good way for both for trump to stick it to his enemies. before we got a reminder for our breaking news this hour sports talk court has rejected an appeal by russia's anti doping agency to overturn a ban on russian athletes the court of arbitration for sport a decision means the russian national flag the scene of international events until the end of 2022 which is a reduction from the initial 4 year ban in proposed by water after leaks that can truthfully our claim will be allowed to compete as neutrals russia will also be stripped 2 of hosting major international sports events in that time the punishment covers next year's bespoke and take care lympics the 2020 beijing games and other major sporting events like the football world cup the russian and dating agencies also obliged to pay over
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a $1000000.00 in compensation for expenses incurred by the world anti-doping agency from january 29th the date of the official ban that's the breaking news this hour back again with the headlines and more stories from the day. about how. exactly the same when arafat was there and said better there's got married another researcher to be reunited with their american masters weapon of mass communication is spreading into the bay area as well married in that way to marry the danes a president of m.t.v.'s the fitters and a disabled devices ordered to leave early and go to malaysia the country and if you lose money which is about that to your mother
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mary against alternative vision. asked if you will start to question the whole american way the excel deaf ear my ear made that didn't lead me to marianne to create enough stories to media air and stay under cover and i did estate outside in the air you will get exposed stuff on t.v. i can't wait for decontaminate you're my marielle kill i'll use it as break everything to. track down where mary was you can defend yourself i enjoyed revelers from the weapons of mass communications. there ted for the obscene.


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