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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EST

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breaking news here on r.t. international sports top court projects an appeal by russia's anti doping agency to overturn a ban on russian athletes but reduces it to 2 years the court of arbitration for sport a decision means the russian national flag won't be seen at international sporting events until the end of 2022 also to come russian president vladimir putin wraps up his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting just over 4 and a half hours for the 1st time it was remote by video link due to cope with 90. 6 russia was the 1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own
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vaccine we see an expansion we see nato infrastructure coming closer to our borders but you shouldn't we respond to this i haven't decided yet whether i will be running for the 2024 election some of the key issues raised there now meanwhile the french president emanuel test positive for covert 19 but he will continue his role remotely during a self isolation period. hello there welcome watching r.t. international and let's start with that breaking news because a sports talk court has rejected an appeal by russia's anti doping agency after the world governing body in sport banned its athletes from competing at international events it's been a saga of accusations starting with claims of state sponsored doping to tampering with databases of the court of arbitrary. for sport have reduced the band to 2
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years it will exclude though the russian flag and national anthem and effect next year's perspire in tokyo olympics the 2022 beijing games and other major sporting events like the fee for world cup $2.00 so let's get more details now from peter all of us pay to get even again. is this mixed news for russia some people might think it's still too harsh others might think this deal will take it. i think a 2 year ban certainly a lot better than a 4 year ban however you look at it there is some on happiness from the russian side that they say a number of their points weren't listened to but that's gone now ultimately the court of arbitration for sport has made their decision they've sided with the world anti-doping agency against the russian anti doping agency saying that the russian doping body would non-compliant basically that they haven't carried out tests
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doping tests in an adequate fashion at a laboratory in moscow what it means is that there will be restrictions on russian athletes for the next 2 years competing at a lympics and world championships the that the world governing body had wanted a 4 year ban the court of arbitration for sport opting for 2 years instead what it means though is that clean athletes those that can prove that they've passed drug tests over a set period of time will be able to compete under a neutral flag they will be able to have the name russia on their uniforms and their uniforms can also bear the the russian trickle off flag even though that flag can't be flown those tournament's and the russian national anthem also can't be on those tournament's either hope that's all very clear russian officials in sport also won't be able to take part in tolerance over that period of time but can be invited guests of honor at the russian sides well it's really the best they could
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have hoped for as i said it's better than the original 4 year ban but they still say that there was a number of points they put forward that weren't listened to by the court. as we understand not all our points were heard but we do welcome a responsible and reasonable approach towards clean russian athletes and a principle of collective responsibility imposed by water towards all russian sports the court acted fair when agreed with the logic of the russian side open agence e and other international sports organizations and rejected sanctions on innocent russian athletes the world anti-doping agency aren't happy they wanted this to be a 4 year ban the sale and big message to to anybody considering doping in the future wilder is pleased to have won this landmark case we are however disappointed that the cas panel did not endorse each and every one of our recommended consequences for the 4 year period we requested this sends
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a clear message that institutionalized cheating and concerted efforts to subvert the global anti doping system will not be tolerated. so what will these restrictions mean it'll mean they'll be no team russia the tokyo olympics that have been rescheduled for next year and the paralympic games they'll be taking place in 2021 also also no team russia at the beijing winter olympics and paralympic games and 2022 and no team russia at the fifo world cup in qatar in 2022 where they can still take place because this is only this suspension this ban is only. for torn evidence that sign up to wada the world anti-doping agency fee for the world governing body of football does you way for the european governing body of football they do not that means there can be a team russia taking place at next year's european championships st petersburg
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which is said to be a host city at those championships will remain as the host city and st petersburg will also continue to host the 2021 year wait for champions league final some of events are going to have to be rescheduled though the world climbing championships that were to be held in russia and 2021 they're going to be held somewhere else in 2022 the world volleyball championships shooting championships and short course swimming championships are all going to have to find a new home that's after the court of arbitration for sport has basically given a 2 year ban to russian athletes from a lympics and world championship sport ok a lot to talk about a lot to consider there thanks peter that was artie's peter oliver with a summary then of that court decision and we can talk more about this too in gates and the brown he's from the sports integrity initiative a very welcome thanks you time tonight andy what are your thoughts on this do you
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think the court of arbitration for sport has been fair or do you think it has been perhaps too lenient. i think it's actually in terms of the athletes from russia i think it's actually quite a play the situation i must admit i read it slightly differently through here and we are only sort of 45 minutes after the decision was published except. already slightly differently in that russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the olympics and will be allowed to compete in international tournament just not under the russian prag so yeah i don't know that's what we've been saying actually and they and that is the case but why is wider unhappy about this then do you think. i think what it was seeking a sort of collective punishment against russia for the manipulations of the laboratory internet information management system that it discovered and i think it was hoping for a longer ban and
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a longer period noncompliance with the world anti-doping code i should say because what what what has actually done it hasn't actually banned anyone it's just declared that the russian anti-doping agency noncompliant with the code which obviously has implications but it i think it was seeking a longer ban and i think it was seeking tougher sanctions and i think it feels it's all 13 has been a little bit undermined by the courts of our sport and i do as well and wonder whether this raises questions about the sort of closed arbitration system of school because i noted that the international olympic committee were permitted to intervene in this case and there are certain. concessions so we say who are i.o.c. members from russia that will be allowed to attend various events and also the international ice hockey federation was a party to the case and you have to wonder why i can't find any evidence as to why they were there. you know odds are i wouldn't know either at this stage and they
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but let's sort of turn it on its head then why would the court of arbitration for sport decide to reduce the band to to years what's the logic. well i think the logic is really. with when we're talking about russian doping we're talking back to sort of 2014 really. sort of pre 2000 crossing really and there's a new generation of russian or these now in most schools not all of them mind you but most sports and i think it's largely felt that it's kind of unfair to punish them for the mistakes of their creative senses. now this decision is based on a very specific point which is manipulations of the laboratory inclination management system now water can't sanction the russian state for manipulating the abortion commercially they can't sanction government ministers so the only thing you can do is suspend or solder. and all of the consequences that come of that but
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is that fair to the young generation of clean russian athletes who weren't involved in any of this i don't think anyone reasonably argue anymore that it is friends of them is it fair to ban a 20 year old atlee. who's just recently in the last 2 years become an expert in this sport and possibly not yet i mean with that argument because of the way i see this is that there are take things one is proving it was state sponsored and there's always going to be a debate and the 2nd question is is collective punishment fair and you know for the last 45 years or whatever most people have said yes we agree you know let's do pin pin all this on russia they're bad you know stop all our athletes competing we don't want to know and now this seems to be a change is just it's just strange that was saying this change if they think this now why didn't i think this before. i think they i think they did to
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a certain extent we have had authorized neutral athletes competing in 6 events some time now and then i don't think the intention ever ever was to sanction clean athletes for the mistakes of administrators. it was the intention was to sanction the athletes doped and also to hold to account those appreciate you were involved in that opening. and the worst certain sort of. newman says to you that for example certain race walking coaches who continue to operate after they've been brand and so officials are held secure to account for that in short to go very very complicated very very quickly but i don't think the intention was ever to punish clean athletes for the mistakes of. administrators or the past opens now as a sports fan and they are i would always hope that something like this would prevent athletes from diving in the future what any of us. this ought to say really
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i think what it does is it sort of underlines that if you are involved in a state system whereby you know athletes are being doped sists systematically then you will be held to account to some degree by the authorities of the world. as it has to be whether it deters athletes who don't in the future and it's anyone's guess really. yeah. you're right and there's not much of an answer is there because it's gone on for decades and i suspect reluctantly it will continue but anyway even raids can be made we welcome we will welcome them and ignited to what it was and the brand from the sports integrity initiative thanks for coming on . now the russian president vladimir putin has finished his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting just over 4 and a half hours for the 1st time it was remote by video link to take over $1000.00
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restrictions still the russian leader it encompasses all the crucial feigns on the minds of the russian public and also the media r.t.g. goshdarn of has been there for us that the residents of the russian president it wasn't just a media conference it was a full on marathon which duration of phil literally a few only a few minutes short of 5 hours the range of topics discussed well it literally ranged from some very small and specific issues that affected maybe only a few 100 russians living in a remote village to some huge geo political aspects which could send ripples all over the world and the latter was what the question over the b.b.c. correspondent was about essentially he asked the russian president whether or not he felt at least a little bit at least partially responsible for the rather well poor state of relations between russia and some western nations namely the united states and the
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united kingdom he also asked whether or not putin thought that russia was quote unquote all white and fluffy here is what putin had to say to that. yes we are peaceful and carm nato promised it wouldn't expand to the us but didn't deliver on this we see an expansion we see nato infrastructure coming closer to our borders shouldn't we respond to this who quit the antiballistic missile treaty it wasn't ours so we have to invent brand new types of weapons to protect us from a possible threat and then our american colleagues left the i.n.f. treaty again not know it's our partners then they withdrew from the open skies treaty so what should we do you leave everything as it is you're smart people so why do you think we are dumb. recently an investigation by belling caddick used russia and vladimir putin personally of using
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a military grade talks in so-called novi choke against a prominent opposition figure in russia elects in a valley so glad i'm a putin said that he believed that that particular investigation was part of a foreign game of essentially over a foreign intelligence operation against the russian government another big topic which absolutely dominated the whole media conference was world covert action and everything about it was asked and whether or not he had a job he said no he hadn't because the vaccine for his age group who was not yet fully available and that he would vaccinate himself as soon as this group particular type of attack scene for the elderly is in abundance russia was the 1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own vaccine is 95 percent effective not a single serious case of side effects far and colleagues are ready to work with us
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i'd be glad for a world renowned specialist to join forces with russian partners i'm sure the result will be good. again another in your face question for vladimir putin ass. king literally as to will donald trump will be offered a position in russia or a shelter in russia addict like diplomatic shields and political shelter the way it is the one that for instance would snowden is enjoying right now so here's how putin addressed that question. russian hackers have never helps any american president get elected and never interfered in the domestic affairs of the usa these allegations are all used to make relations between our 2 nations worse to undermine the legitimacy of the still incumbent president of the us and in this case now our bilateral relations are hostage to american domestic issues all of these topics and
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we still just very very barely scratch the very surface of what has been discussed here in the past well almost 5 hours it's literally the very very tip of the iceberg and a lot of the issues discussed today were very russia specific but of course crucial and what the russian population really wanted to hear about and normally these major conferences they don't just and now it means that there will be a lot of work done there will be a lot of phone calls a lot of discussions this and a lot of governors and world people people in power in the regions they maybe aren't feeling too easy they because they know they will be getting a call so we'll see what comes out out of this particular media conference. now the french president has tested positive for covert 19 official say that emanuel macron yourself isolate and continue to work remotely challenged pinsky as
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more story. present not contested positive for 19 the latest world leader to do so that was because the palace said that he presented with some mild symptoms so apparently he had a dry cough and a fever he will now solve isolate as is the rule here in france for the next 7 days but he will of course continue to carry out his functions as the head of state but he will do so remotely now the fact is tested positive for 19 has many ramifications politically for ministers here in france and other individuals who have met him but also other european leaders we've heard in the last few hours that the belgian prime minister the portuguese prime minister and the spanish prime minister all had contact with mr mack on in the last few days and they will all now be self isolating we also heard that the president of the european council shall michel although he doesn't consider himself to have been a contact case he was at that european summit earlier this week with president mack
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on and he is also self isolating now this comes of course as france is battling with the virus a few weeks ago president machen said he hoped by this point in december we would be seeing around 5000 positive new cases every day the figure is still above 10000 every day and because of that france has had to delay some of the lifting of the strictures it had hoped to do on december 15th including opening cultural places they won't now be opening until at least january of next decision taken that around the 7th but there is this hope that's being pinned on the fact that this vaccine we don't 100 could be approved for use in europe in the next few weeks the prime minister who is also now in self isolation after meeting president was at the national assembly yesterday where he was outlining the timeline for hopefully administering that jap to duplicate. this yourself all conditions are met the 1st
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actual nation could be from the last week of december 4th by mass vaccination from january this 1st piece was 6 to 8 weeks well there's a bit of a problem with this because people have been urged to do their civic duty in the past by the prime minister to go and have that job but it does seem as if there is a large section of french society who are not keen to line up for that vaccination for covert 19. have shown that there is sort of this disconnect with the french public and the latest one showing that around a half of the individual surveyed said that they would not be getting that job now they've cited concerns such as effectiveness of the serum unwanted side effects and the fact that they perhaps mistrust vaccines generally that's a theme that we've heard a lot about here in france now present my corn had said previously that he would get the vaccine but only when it was the right time to do so and he said that he
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wouldn't make that vaccine mandatory of course all eyes on now how the president continues in terms of his health with this virus but there is a sense that there are plans in place if he does become ill with covert $900.00 seriously ill then it seems that the president of the senate would take over from his duties but for the moment president matt corn has tested positive for 19 but it said that his symptoms up only mild. stay with corona virus because another blow to pfizer is kovacs into health care workers in alaska have reportedly suffered allergic reactions to the jab with one rushed to intensive care one of the workers who did not have a history of allergies remained in hospital on wednesday night she had an allergic reaction 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine and suffered rashes all over her face and body shortness of breath and also an elevated heart rate despite getting
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treatment she was rushed to intensive care as we said the woman is now apparently making a recovery though but it's reports this is far from the 1st disturbing news on the show. now the reports that we have received indicate that the person did not have a history of severe allergic reactions now this comes on the heels of reports about 2 health care workers in the united kingdom who both had severe reactions to the vaccine as well and that caused the united kingdom to actually issued this warning any person with a history of a significant reaction to a vaccine myths and food should not receive the fine is appealing to seem it's important to note that when pfizer looked into the case they did emphasize that the 2 individuals in the united kingdom did have a history of allergic reactions the f.d.a. of the united states has gone ahead and approve pfizer vaccine but made clear that it is only available to those who are 16 years of age or older and who don't should
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not be given to people with a history of severe allergic reactions and at this point we've got some very prominent officials praising this new jab that's available to fight against cove it today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history we have these reports about the health care worker in alaska so people are waiting for more information many are concerned about this vaccine will it be safe will it actually put an end to the pandemic as some have predicted so many are keeping their eye on this situation is this certainly disturbing news to hear that a health care worker has had an adverse effect well the hospital did to miss to the shelves said that the cases went affect his faxing sched jewel we've also reached out for coleman to go back to saying that they will closely monitor all reports suggest evolve serious reactions following the vaccination pfizer also claims to
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the trumpets hyssop to those who are excluded if they had a history of severe add to this reaction associated with a vaccine. now let me tell you prevails that you need the sun tried to warn us officials old and limits widespread internet releases of us information back in 2011 that tell you has been revealed by conservative investigative outlet project very tasks on the recording sanjay allegedly speaks to cliff johnson an attorney at the state department we have intelligence seen state department. cables and it's. spread around to. the degree that. we believe we've. become
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public. there may be some possibility. so on the tape in the sign said the classified cables had been stolen by a former weeklies colleague and were being quote spread around the internet at the weekly expand the express to you concerns over possible danger to u.s. government employees and he suggested that the thirty's covertly removed the files from the internet and offered to help track them down too but it does appear that officials failed to take action on the information that he provided the leaked information went on to become known as cable gate and more than 250000 classified u.s. state department cables were released into the public domain it contained data on u.s. officials as well as information about washington's foreign policy and secret operations abroad despite his efforts there were signs fade extradition to the u.s. and in 2012 took refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy he was under investigation
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by washington his role in quote publishing documents on possible u.s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan asked year police british police tracked him from the embassy to a prison cell and extradition hearings to continue journalist i'm sorry says though that the audio shows the allegations against the son jar under question. broke with their words parallels to discipline are concerned i mean told the this person that he had spent 24 hours calling very various u.s. government offices and no one no one would talk to him no one would call him the tape shows quite clearly that sergeant's concerned about the release of. the files so he is quite hard as of how the information could be misused and therefore he wants to learn the relevant parties i'm sure that washington warrant you that still is wiki leaks fault but i think anybody who has this tape will show that wiki leaks
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is quite hard she answers and trying to prevent any individual atoms are praying and they are. retributions a consequence of the release of these files are the democrats have been extremely hostile to the wiki leaks much more hostile than republicans so so therefore it would be a good way for both for a trump to stick it to his enemies not bring chips like the when you say and i here are not international thanks for your company back again about how often. universe which really helps ensure mation presence. of the planet is the ultimate reality of this thing where. you can hear you can touch it sold
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