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that's been a problem with the city has turned around and told me stay way out a little bit. because you know it's the reformers resource the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become invisible to us. breaking news this hour at r.t. international sports top court rejects an appeal by russia's anti doping agency to overturn a ban on russian athletes but reduces it to 2 years the cart's of arbitration for sports decisions means that the russian national flag won't be seen at international sporting events until the end of 2022. also to come russian president vladimir putin wraps up his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public lasting just about 4 hours now that was the 1st time it was done remotely by video link due to cope with 90.
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russia was the 1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own vaccine we see an expansion we see nato infrastructure coming closer to you but shouldn't we respond to this i haven't decided yet whether i will be running for the 2024 election. and french president emmanuel macron test positive for cope at 19 but he will continue his work remotely during a self isolation period. coming to you live from moscow this is r t international my name's donald quarter joining you in the studio welcome to the program. now sports top court has rejected an appeal by russia's anti doping agency after the world governing body banned its athletes from competing at international sporting events it's been a saga of accusations starting with claims of state sponsored doping to tampering
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with data bases peter all over as the story. 2 year ban certainly a lot better than a 4 year ban however you look at it there is some on happiness from the russian side that they say a number of their points weren't listened to the world governing body had wanted a 4 year ban the court of arbitration for sport opting for 2 years instead what it means though is that clean athletes those that can prove that they've passed drugs tests over a set period of time will be able to compete under a neutral flag they will be able to have the name russia on their uniforms and their uniforms can also bear the the russian trickle off flag even though that flag can't be flown those tournament's and the russian national anthem also can't be on those tournament either hope that's all very clear russian officials in sport also won't be able to take part in tolerance over that period of time but can be invited guests of honor at the russian side well it's really the best they could have hoped
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for as i said it's better than the original 4 year ban but they still say that there was a number of points they put forward that weren't listened to by the court as we understand not all our points were heard but we do welcome a responsible and reasonable approach towards clean russian athletes and a principle of collective responsibility imposed by water towards all russian sports the court acted fair when agreed with the logic of the russian side open agence e and other international sports organizations and rejected sanctions on innocent russian athletes the world anti-doping agency aren't happy they wanted this to be a 4 year ban to send a big message to to anybody considering doping in the future wilder is pleased to have won this landmark case we are however disappointed that the cas panel did not endorse each and every one of our recommended consequences for the 4 year period we requested this sends a clear message that institutionalized cheating and concerted efforts to subvert
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the. global anti doping system will not be tolerated so what will these restrictions mean it'll mean they'll be no team russia the tokyo olympics that it be rescheduled for next year and the paralympic games will be taking place in 2021 also also no team russia the beijing winter olympics and paralympics games in 2022 and no team russia at the fifo world cup in qatar in 2022 where they can still take place because this is only this suspension this ban is only due for tall events that sign up to wada the world anti-doping agency fee for the world governing body of football does you a for the european governing body of football they do not that means there can be a team russia taking place at next year's european championships st petersburg which is said to be a host city at those championships will remain as the host city and st petersburg
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will also continue to host the 2021 year way for champions league final. the international olympic committee has said it's ready to hammer out a roadmap for implementing the court ruling earlier we discussed the implications with media and sports experts. if the 4 your band had still been in place it would be the most severe punishment in the history of sport. so a reduction to 2 years of ok nobody's particularly thrilled about this but it it's a deal and i take care to say. this is the end of the road after 2 years presumably russia will be compliant with the war that it doping agency's procedures and it will be reintegrated back into world sport this appears to be the end of the road technically they could appeal it they could go to the swiss folklore court but they
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would have to show new evidence which i don't think there is any or that there have been some kind of procedural irregularities in other words a technical problem again i don't imagine that there are any and even if it did get to the swiss federal court it's by no means sure that they would go against the court of arbitration i think or some other lawyer do you know of the just lost patience because remember it is also the huge battle going on for control of the teams already so they're trying to play this nice house will be very very soon you started the usa you know to go be day they have all 'd their referee lined up to its back while we know that one shade of us is not signed into our so you're hoping that this will save the masses who are crying you know for russia. everything and anything always this is not the end this is needed to needle. you know it's just going to be one of those sensors and you know that russia is falling
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down and. russian president vladimir putin has finished his annual q. and a session with journalists and the public that was last in just about over 4 hours now for the 1st time it was done by remotely by video link due to covered 19 still the russian leader and compassed all the crucial themes on the minds of the russian public and the media parties years don of was there for us in the residence of the russian president. it wasn't just a media conference it was a full on marathon which duration fell literally a few only a few minutes short of 5 hours the range of topics discussed well it literally ranged from some very small and specific issues that affected maybe only a few 100 russians living in a remote village to some huge geo political aspects which could send ripples all over the world and the latter was what the question over the b.b.c.
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correspondent was about essentially he asked the russian president whether or not he felt at least a little bit at least partially responsible for the rather well poor state of relations between russia and some western nations namely the united states and the united kingdom he also asked whether or not putin thought that russia was quote unquote all white and fluffy here is putin had to say to that. yes we are peaceful and carm nato promised it wouldn't expand to the us but didn't deliver on this we see an expansion we see nato infrastructure coming closer to our borders shouldn't we respond to this who quit the antiballistic missile treaty it was in ours so we have to invent brand new types of weapons to protect us from a possible threat but then our american colleagues left the i.n.f. treaty again not ours no it's our partners then they withdrew from the open skies
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treaty so what should we do you leave everything as it is you're smart people so why do you think we are dumb. recently an investigation by belling caddick used russia and vladimir putin personally of using a military grade talks in so-called novi chalk against a prominent opposition figure in russia elects in a valley so glad i'm a putin said that he believed that that particular investigation was part of a foreign game of essentially over a foreign intelligence operation against the russian government another big topic which absolutely dominated the whole media conference was world covert and everything about it was asked whether or not he had a job he said no he hasn't because the vaccine for his age group who was not yet fully available and that he would vaccinate himself as soon as this group
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particular type of attack scene for the elderly is in abundance russia was the 1st country in the world to come up with and stop producing its own vaccine is 95 percent effective not a single serious case of side effects far and colleagues are ready to work with us i'd be glad for a world renowned specialist to join forces with russian partners i'm sure the result will be good. again another in your face question for vladimir putin ass. king literally has to will donald trump will be offered a position in russia a shelter in russia a diplomat diplomatic shelter and political shelter the way the the one that for instance would snowden is enjoying right now so here's how the putin addressed that question. russian hackers have never helps any american president get elected and never interfered in the domestic affairs of the usa these allegations are all used
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to make relations between our 2 nations worse to undermine the legitimacy of the still incumbent president of the us and in this case now our bilateral relations are hostage to american domestic issues all of these topics and we still just very very barely scratch the very surface of what has been discussed here in the past well almost 5 hours it's literally the very very tip of the iceberg and a lot of the issues discussed today were very russia specific but of course crucial and what the russian population really wanted to hear about and normally these major conferences they don't just and now it means that there will be a lot of work done there will be a lot of phone calls a lot of discussions this and a lot of governors and oh well the people people in power in the regions they maybe aren't feeling too easy they because they know they will be getting a cool so we'll see what comes out out of this particular media conference.
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elite tape reveals that julian assange tried to warn the u.s. u.s. officials other and limit widespread internet releases of a us information back in 2011 the tape has been revealed by conservative investigative project veritas sand on the recording assad allegedly speaks to cliff johnson an attorney at the state department. we have intelligence that scene state department database. 70000. cables including. cables that is. being. spread around to. the degree that. we believe the next few days. become public. there may be some possibility to stop.
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songe goes on to say that classified cables had been stolen by a former wiki leaks colleague and we're being quote spread around the internet the wiki leaks founder expressed concerns over possible danger to u.s. government employees even suggested authorities covertly remove the files from the internet and offered to help them track them down but it appears the officials failed to take action on the information that he provided the leaked information went on to become known as cable gate more than 250000 classified u.s. state department cables were released into the public domain it contained data as on new u.s. officials as well as information about washington's foreign policy and secret operations abroad despite his efforts assad's feared extradition to the u.s. and in 2012 took refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy he was under investigation by washington for his role in quote publishing documents on possible u.s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan last year british police dragged him from the embassy to
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a prison cell for breaching bail conditions while the extradition hearings continue journalist daniel was there says the audio shows the allegations against assad are under question. the state quote was was careless or just simply not concerned i mean told the this person that he he had spent 24 hours calling very various u.s. government offices and no one no one would talk to him no one would call him back the tape shows quite clearly that assad is concerned about who would least. that. he's quite conscious of how the information could be misused and therefore he wants to be relevant parties i'm sure that washington will argue that this deal is wiki leaks falls but i think anybody who says this tape will show that wiki leaks is quite conscientious and trying to prevent any individual from suffering any kind of retribution as a consequence of the release of these files. the democrats are billick stream
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really hostile toward the with your ex much more hostile republicans. so therefore it would be a good way for a book to stick it to his enemies. french president has tested positive for covert 19 official say a man your background will self isolate and continue to work remotely shala dubinsky reports present not contested positive for covert 19 the latest world leader to do so that was because the palace said that he presented with some mild symptoms so apparently he had a dry cough and a fever he will now self isolate as is the rule here in france for the next 7 days but he will of course continue to carry out his functions as the head of state but he will do so remotely now the fact is tested positive for. many ramifications particularly for ministers here in france and other individuals who have met him
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but also other european leaders we've heard in the last few hours that the belgian prime minister the portuguese prime minister and the spanish prime minister all had contact with mr mack on in the last few days and they will all now be self isolating we also heard that the president of the european council shall michel although he doesn't consider himself to have been a contact case he was at that european summit earlier this week the president might call him and he is also self isolating now this comes of course as france is battling with the virus a few weeks ago president said he hoped by this point in december we would be seeing around 5000 positive new cases every day the figure is still above 10000 every day and because of that france has had to delay a some of the lifting off for strictures it had hoped to do on december 15th including opening cultural places they won't now be opening until at least january of next decision taken that around the 7. but there is this hope that's being
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pinned on the fact that this vaccine. could be approved for use in europe in the next few weeks the prime minister who is also now in self isolation after meeting president machen was at the national assembly yesterday where he was outlining the timeline for hopefully administering that jap gone to show yourself all conditions are met the 1st marks a nation could be from the last week of december 4th by mass vaccination from january this 1st place will last 6 to 8 weeks well there's a bit of a problem with this because people have been urged to do their civic duty in the past by the prime minister to go and have the job but it does seem as if there is a large section of french society who are not keen to line up for that vaccination for 19. have shown that there is sort of this disconnect with the french public and the latest one showing that around a half of the individual surveyed said that they would not be getting the job now
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they've cited concerns such as effectiveness of the serum unwanted side effects and the fact that they perhaps mistrust vaccines generally that's a theme that we've heard a lot about here in france now present my corn had said previously that he would get the vaccine but only when it was the right time to do so and he said that he wouldn't make that vaccine mandatory of course all eyes on how the president continues in terms of his health with this virus but there is a sense that there are plans in place if he does become ill with covert $900.00 seriously ill then it seems that the president of the senate would take from his d.t.'s but for the moment president matt corn has tested positive for 19 but it said that his symptoms are only mild. and another blow to pfizer's covered vaccine to health care workers in alaska have reportedly suffered. reactions to the shot
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with one rushed to intensive care one of the workers who did not have a history of allergies remained in the hospital on wednesday night she had an allergic reaction 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine and suffered rashes all over her face and body shortness of breath and an elevated heart rate followed despite getting the treatment she was rushed to intensive care the woman is now apparently making a recovery but as caleb as caleb often reports this is far from the 1st disturbing news on the shot. now the reports that we have received indicate that the person did not have a history of severe allergic reactions now this comes on the heels of reports about 2 health care workers in the united kingdom who both had severe reactions to the vaccine as well and that caused the united kingdom to actually issued this warning any person with a history of a significant action to a vaccine midst and should not receive the fine is appealing to it's important to
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note that when pfizer looked into the case they did emphasize that the 2 individuals in the united kingdom did have a history of allergic reactions the f.d.a. of the united states has gone ahead and proved pfizer is vaccine but made clear that it is only available to those who are 16 years of age or older and who don't shouldn't be given to people with a history of severe allergic reactions and at this point we've got some very prominent officials praising this new jab that's available to fight against cove it today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history we have these reports about the health care worker in alaska so people are waiting for more information many are concerned about this vaccine will it be safe will it actually put an end to the pandemic as some have predicted so many are keeping their eye on this situation is certainly
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disturbing news to hear that a health care worker has had an adverse effect the hospital that administered the shot say the cases won't affect its vaccine schedule we've also reached out for comment from pfizer and got back to us saying they will closely monitor all reports suggestive of serious allergic reactions following vaccination pfizer also claims the trial participants were excluded if they had a history of severe adverse reaction associated with a vaccine. spite being overwhelmed with high casualty rates in the pandemic sweden's parliament has okayed a massive and record rise in military spending the defense ministries excuse russia is because of the new security situation with russian aggression toward you or your . crimea. ukraine and below. the russian military capability. in.
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the area so as we see a new security a war. to use the military rules with a full field political goals in the next 5 years defense spending will jump 40 percent to $11000000000.00 it's being called the country's biggest military budget boost in modern history the armed forces will get up to 90000 new soldiers and the number of conscripts will double all this comes despite the country admitting the pandemics seriously limited the economy with almost 8000 dead and 350000 cases the country statistics are multiples multiple times worse than its neighbors in denmark finland and norway we discussed the situation with swedish professor and merits of epidemiology marcello. so you know the beginning of this pandemic was depleted or. of situation. to secure
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units of course. that money should be better used so to speak in a decent and there are sons and also in 100 schools and on healthcare. durational limited 6 at exeter but they can hardly a god how really surprised me that it is so despite him and would have decided to increase by this but that extent it is absolutely not the surprise so we think it is really participating in the huge in may here are over asians have rolled under to me tell you a month or 2 united states you sold their geopolitical reasons there are there are going to respond and then maybe even thought you know they are being nice you know these sick seeing old reassuming don't push it but it is sort of governing the last year in the area for investment in in earnest the industrial
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would mean more sales increases sales to countries rich countries latest saudi arabia and then then you need to emulate for them to continue for them to increase even more. divonne being all very old for a country which is yemen. are gender stereotypes behind a mental health crisis for young children a new report in the u.k.'s claims that it's not only affecting primary education it's also destroying self-esteem. what every parent hopes for their child and what educators hope for children in their class is that there will be free to achieve their potential yet what evidence shows is that we still limit our children based on harmful tired gender stereotypes we meet and the princess occasion of goeth and intoxication of boys the commercial sector too often uses gender stereotypes and segregates boys in ghosts simply to sell more product but this is not about making
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everything gender neutral the commission for gender stereotypes and early childhood notes there is a mental health crisis among children and youngsters it highlights issues faced by both including problems with body image and eating disorders for girls while for men there's a higher suicide rate and violence against women the report adds parents may need to adapt their approach to deal with the problem we discussed the issue with linda bello so british equality law specialist and elizabeth thompson leader of the justice for men and boys party. differences do exist as much as the forces society will try to minimize them and majority of children who have different concepts typical behavior should also be respected i do think that worries are different to girls and girls are different to boys but that's mainly. an ideology that's been encouraged to be the 1st of think about that we should
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think that boys should be physically strong they should be take a lead and lots of men don't want to do that i'm not so women don't want to do it and lots of women do want to do it so much nelsons in this man made notion of who should have power on the basis of the sum of their physical characteristics and so much evidence to suggest that biological sex differences exist and so you know there are studies weight newborn babies that shout that females prefer to play with dolls and stuffed toys that ploy still. calls and of course you know there's the fact that sex differences are really quite consistent across cultures and across history i don't have a problem though some billie's do and learn to do things that men have historically done i don't think that's a crime but it isn't
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a society that then says well a woman got to do this and no women can that's my problem we still have. a social system in britain that privileges men in privileges men in so many male and i'm culturally and i would like that not to have. this just in a developing story coming from outside of moscow a group of 10 people including children have disappeared in a system of stone mines outside the capital it's thought that. children are aged between 9 and 12 and are being supervised by 2 adults rescue services were called into action after they failed to return hours after entering the artificial cave system the psionic caves are the 5th largest in russia and we'll keep our viewers in the loop as more details become available. for more on your latest news stories make sure to check out our website r.t. dot com and follow us on twitter my colleague taylor will be back with more in just
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about 30 minutes see that. hey why are people in debt so much well you know housing is very expensive and education is very expensive and health care is very expensive because of all the money printing that's being done to help people manage their expenses. what a joke. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spear a dramatic development the only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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welcome to the alex salmond show where we examine britain's long slow farewell to your tip the talks in a trade agreement i know not just an injury time but the injury time of extra time and it's unlikely that the bells will be ringing across the continent when big ben bones in the new year and let it to date we take the long view because these talks in brussels are not just for christmas but for ever 1st we talk to the only minister who was knighted as margaret thatcher and the tory come. of the 1980 s. it oppressive will. we ask this born again great city or whether europe issue which has haunted the tory party for half
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a century i finally been laid to rest they returned to form a leader of the ulster unionists might now as the m.l.a. and ask them where their borders johnson has broken 2 years for the price of one i didn't ask rebel scottish nationalists i'm just like neil m.p. why northern ireland to stolen a march on scotland but 1st alex that your emails and messages lots of reaction to last week show or with professor look at meal of the college dublin and dr chris smith of cambridge university they were talking about covert vaccines and also both what they called a commonsense christmas and that's been drawn into sharp relief this week with the dramatic joint declaration from the british medical journal and the hell several journal to politicians about the consequences of the proposed christmas relaxation but on the vaccine issue terry says we will be with these fantastic scientists chris and particular manages to get complicated.


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