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we have the resources and. the ingenuity. the courage and we have the compassion and we must. the strength affected. sure. america. one neighbor of. our. world was open right now behind us is one of the city's biggest homeless camps and
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it stretches per blogs on this warehouse district as you can see the government figures more than a 1000000 school aged children are homeless number of homeless families world in suburban us has risen by 60 percent and. one among us that trains are now women about 10 percent according to the v.a. but most long term housing is designed for that and that's why some volunteers are making a difference helping women veterans and their families. in the current old time you know if you want a real hero remains to be awarded minus 20 you have experienced some pretty cold nights i do but the navy is no one of the top it's. almost out of reach due to the kind of locations that we find people use your resume you know this is a right what is a cold war and. what you know about to see is turn rejected because mentally disturbed homeless man illegally camping in the hills above albuquerque new mexico
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will soon fall victim to police bullets i don't know you would be my donor to mourn to know almost every day that goes by in the media you hear about education. jobs and health care you never hear about affordable housing. are you doing ok medically. when i started i was actually really shocked how ill you. or on the street it was like going to a 3rd world country. and this is a map that shows you the foreclosures initiated over the last 2 years every single one has for. the record i do know it's pretty well that i do know the name of the person ever to. say i was assaulted last tuesday he may have some booze or broken ribs. it is estimated the poverty rate for kids in this country will soon hit 25 percent those children would be the largest american generation to be raised in
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hard times since the great depression. the 1st day. psychologically how hits is you like anyone you know you have no friends in the world people like. even though they probably don't know you know now they may in aljunied but you yourself know it look like you don't have a friend in the world like everybody's walking bears you you knew well when you've been out of the rest of the world this is a strange feeling surreal. as about i'll go there like people who are not of 5 if you live in lady lady try and think about when my going to see some of them sleep. in the. night as before some of the family's home still filled with. this is my
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last new i don't know when i'm with you if i don't get mop up in the most ethical. 'd people people still in the belief that this is the. and of opportunity that you can go out and get a minimum wage job and then you get another job pays more than minimum wage and screwed yourself up when i when i was growing up there was absolutely you know. you want to be a construction guy. took your dad's hammer. threw through your belt loop walked in the construction site and you told the foreman that you could you could swing a hammer. he looked at you do you know you didn't couldn't do it. but he gave you shot let's do it let's come on their. spot at the y.m.c.a.
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is pretty cool 10 bucks a night you can go get a little girl gets your room stash your stuff. get a good night's sleep good on the hall in the morning. use the shared bathroom and go off and. try to get you know at the same job and you can't do that 1st all those s.r.o. single room occupancy units they're gone it became condos for sale it became parking lots they y.m.c.a. got out of the business you know when i was growing up there's no such thing as homes is necessary. needs of people who had problems you know skid row and these types of things alcohol problems and so we didn't have a population was so big that we coined a phrase and named it homelessness you know and now it's become ingrained in our society but we know that if we can get the attention the american people and if
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they can really understand. this one thing that you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing. if we can get them to understand that and we can bring the solution because everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it is. we're not. it's grew out of your.
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stripes so he's going to rip syrup in downtown it's. oh. yeah we did that we're going to call that you've already. made a. pretty good movie. with my 6 plank you see. if you go along isn't. this a go i'm going on the. i'm not even a big deal. there do you know. there's a process that you think is the right. ha ha ha. ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. that's.
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ok. guys you know if you all morning that you got a lawful order families. that does start. to drop all the we're going to take this or we're going to take. this a little or. a lot longer putting all of us here you quoted thoughts will be delayed admirably they're not. here we were i was wondering how i was earlier or. oh my god. oh you guys got 5 minutes to get. this or that or that it's your fault i mean absolutely but let's start with her story and stephanie as he. has for yes yes yes absolutely much less mixed up. in a lot her car and driver you guys like and cooperate i think i've been really
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smooth i know you are you going to. come out thank you. people just don't raise. revenue not anderson you know i was in washington over the years and not all of the takes we're going to idea everybody that's here ok because you guys are all in violation of a lawful order but well america were violated until every bad law it's a lawful already days of advanced leaves to. morrow you know because you know. right you have a right to go wow just wow. that is just what i don't understand really is as a veteran you have more opportunities to get housing does not the point there is no that you know you don't try to come down. to down so to have been born so. just because i am present for. this in the out of the front i don't need to be.
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allowed to go i don't need to be like oh i will write. i choose i have no rights is that right was not given to me by me. and air is deemed during you know. have their thing. done right now and for this. how. he won the race for how the. evil making that went down the you cannot even get a decent clothes. on so i guess i'm not feeling better. so i'm better ya go i'm
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in the drink. i don't want to die yet this morning. i don't want to die yet this morning. i don't want to die yet this morning. oh right now ok here we go. why would you want to know. oh i'm just doing. some purty nigh person give me a break no one who will have a go i'm probably not going to eat. no more so. on found my pen i found these on the sidewalk because mine are full of bugs woods in my magic court they snot a magic court that is my cadillac baby that's my cadillac
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do you know if you're old homeless person you gotta have some certain things right . you got to have some booze. you gotta have some booze. you know to have a blanket. ordered my paper to go you gotta have paper paper he got to have paper. class to go to have plastic. bungee cords and. he guarded. 'd all of the years. or so on. all of us we got to have your son. paul make you feel alone make you feel when you got to go to have. a new book commuter from all over. how to live kind of
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a light. sometimes. stone a good have a light. cloud by the man as kind of like a school you go blank that's it's all blank as does my colt. i mean has been winner dude it's been worth a. freeze to death. i came close once the 1st storm that came through. i woke up under. 4 inches of snow and. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. we may need mom will keep me in the.
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need to look at this thing. they don't really love just to put on a mom who knows she's good to look at isn't a moment ago i. finally managed. to. even get to. there's your character. in. the 1st night i was almost. that was
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a scary. person . because. i didn't have to show up with carter he didn't kill that's right i was like ok. there's all kinds of scary people out here. i mean there's all kinds of scary people right and i'm from the mountains i'm from up in the mountains and then i get dropped down out here. dumb in the middle of the block down there you got bugs. rog just. what do you. any worse thing you can. do you. seen it watched it. in a word. i was
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a girl stabbed. it was on the news. right there i would like. you know i've seen it nor. right next to it everything else. needs to get guys of the drunk tank of. those reactors right through you know. they're all gone. past when the free. my mom my father killed the cell phones 5 so. they're my step dad it was my dad because i didn't even know my dad really has it. here he was a lumberjack up there and careless of them can stay out of tree fall. is cut down
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a tree last thing he remembered was the tree hitting the ground so you got parallel . he died i was in prison he died. to. my mom she died of double pneumonia in 2005. but. thank you lord for me my friend says he holds near again in the love your brother. thank you for helping me thank you for being one. and i will get by another day i will get by another day because i will. if you had a magic wand waving giving everyone would you get. my family back. to my grandma's.
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or have it that. you want you know i just looked. at my grandma. it made me all right don't really don't. care don't. think. i didn't mean it but. i know you're not good i know it. might you wanted to know. so i said that. magic. and we've.
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owed. them if you want to know what the right. quote beautician know this now you my foo says nothing records the affairs of a sad life as aggressively as the boy in the psychological sense especially to people that have been deprived early. well they create conditions for themselves that will keep the definition going. because the way to cope with emotion that variation for example might be found maybe to be get very hostile. if you are still going to be rejected. and that's going to reinforce your sense of being rejected in the 1st place. for you my to deal with the pain that some bear will turn to addictions and all the addictions are always about pain and my mantra is not why the addiction but why the pain and i'm sure that that's true physiologically
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psychologically spiritually. so then people started engaging additions as a way of dealing with their pain or that addiction of the 1st true that i state that. because failure is going to be with an addict the reason of this so it's very difficult and painful to do so but for the addict is reinforces that i'm all alone and over there for me and which makes them further. inclined to engage in addictive behavior to soothe that pain a sex trade worker a 27 year old said to me when i asked her what heroin did for her she said the 1st time i did heroin it felt like a war zone. and what she's saying is she experienced a sense of love and connection which is what the endorphins do in the brain. and they die and detox a few years ago 6 was something muscles have to scars earing everything but if i was walking towards me in an alley i'd run the other way when i asked him whether they're into for you and he said i don't tell you this doc was like when
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you 3 years old and you're shaving because you sick as a kid and your mother wraps you know one blanket put you in your lap and you just don't want chicken soup that's what their own feeling. is that i would love. you know then you ask why can't people give it up they can't give it up because the only way they found that they can have pain relief and i pleasure and delight and reward and that sense of connection. so homelessness in the chronically homeless may be seen as a coping mechanism. thank
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you sir. it's a hell of a charity there is day and. there was. a surprise not coming here we had a lot of that. the arch facility is what we call a low demand shelter they're very low demand is that we don't ask you to do anything it's just that they've been ordered to walk through the door other than their security behavior guidelines for us the definition of loaded been sheltering pleads that we're not requiring any for just a short in a program or service in order to be in the building and there's not going to be a requirement for you to be sober to be in the building you can come in and under the influence of drugs or alcohol we just can't have you bringing it in with you so
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it's an opportunity to work with our clientele on sobriety issues and we'd much rather have them inside the building and under the influence than in the safety concern on the all salvageable. what we've got right now is welcome to our 3rd floor this is our dormitory floor here at the arch we were originally constructed on this property is a 100 bed facility and they knew when they built that it was under built probably didn't know that it was in those under built as it actually is today we sleep 230 min in this facility every versus the 100 beds that we were created with but we're going to take a look at the dormitories themselves during the nicely we're going to sleep 100 minutes here there are case management clients there in a plan they're in
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a program they're working on some goals that they step through their program it may be in comes to build the it may be sobriety there's a lot of different kinds of things that case management will address but every night they get to sleep in our dormitories. which are bunk beds style we have in storage and underneath each bed they love being able to store their own stuff and because they're in our shelter program in our case management program each bed is assigned overnight to a specific individual so we'll have on this floor there are 100 beds and then overnight the way we get to the 230 is we also have the mats that go down the floors and we're sleeping in places in this building that we were never really intended sleep including our lobby our 2 conference rooms as well as our dining room.
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in our overall population profile is a 35 to 45 year old caucasian male struggling with mental health drug and alcohol addiction we see a lot of veterans in that mix too and then we've got a lot of women and children although this is i'm in the overnight shelter the demographic for homelessness. across the nation has changed in austin so different and i think that's one of the things that we as a community have got to address is the systemic generalization of homelessness and the regenerations of people walking through our doors sometimes during the day and it's just something we've got to get on. so prince this is a shelter provider but we're also a housing provider we recognize the necessity of shelter but we do look at shelter as a band aid to the issue of really the solution. if you've got limited housing
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opportunities you've got limited opportunities to house the homeless so it's really been a push in our community to get more housing stock on the ground so that we can solve homelessness and not just band-aid it was shelter. without housing report was we put it out in 2006 we formed rat. and made 2005 and immediately started. funding trends and affordable housing and both were all through the u.s.d.a. u.s. department of agriculture and urban through housing and urban development because we wanted to look at we know the shelter system started in the late eighty's early 83 and by mid 1983 was across the country by 1987 the federal government had passed
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almost as a major program of their. what the hell happened right before that. the last of the spear was made sure would you read of those lists nissho to show you just what that also has been. but some to publish or do you must draw all. of it in that you will quote them in the us want to quickly losing muscle. when you wash them for the benefit that it's all profit and you must say you're another one at the core of them but they were all at the least most of them the boss they do it in you must at those ledgerwood to keep the most of them there will still put us on your thumb rule of thumb for sheldon what all the money. is like god only
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goes with that in the us those days i need some i would put in that will in the month of the buddhists. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports that's this i'm show business i'll see you then. you know understanding other cultures and other kinds of society. precisely because it believed every word should be motoring in a west direction. so it doesn't really feel the need to understand of the coach. one of the great problems the west faces now is that he just doesn't understand china and i can't make sense of china will make sense of journey you know
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a bowler really studying at. the. top stories of the week on r t it's revealed that the u.s. state department was forewarned by julian assange about massive leaks of documents prompting calls now from washington to pardon the wiki leaks founder. british prime ministers accused of canceling christmas as london is locked down following the discovery of a highly infectious new covert strain and while thousands flee the capital e.u. nations suspend and travel with the u.k. . the daughter of iran's former military chief assassinated by the u.s. this year gives an emotional 1st interview to r.t. .


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