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what's. going to come up with. the. top stories this week it's revealed the u.s. state department was forewarned songs about massive leaks of documents and calls now for washington to pardon we could. be british prime ministers accused of canceling christmas as long as lockdown following the discovery of a highly infectious new strain while thousands flee the e.u. nations travel from the u.k. . and the daughter of iran's former military chief assassinated by the u.s. this year gives an emotional 1st interview to r.t. revealing how she learnt off her father's murder. when i turned on the t.v.
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and i saw all these picture. i understand what happened. from that they tell me. what happened it's hard to believe. live from moscow welcome to. the international with me wherever you are tonight's thanks for joining. wiki leaks has confirmed the authenticity of a recording that could be a game changer for julian a song and says it could put the brakes on his possible extradition to the united states the audio the prove the whistleblower trying to warn the state department about a mass breach of classified information all you back in 2011 now if confirmed it could challenge washington's claim that a song she wanted to endanger lives this is what we can be excited for in chief
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told us that exclusive interview. this evidence that you heard and i can confirm that this is authentic is not new to the courts in the u.k. transcript of for this conversation was presented to the court in september well this should have a tremendous weight because it suits basically the argument that is in the narrative for the justice department in their indictment and which they are trying to use there to get a measure to lovely u.k. they are talking about irresponsible behavior and putting lives under risk of following the revelations more than 400000 people are on the wall signed a petition calling washington to drop the charges against the sons' politicians and activists want on trump to pardon him before the outgoing president leaves office next month saskia taylor reports. public enemy number one a man with no conscience no morals no remorse judean a solemn child's been smeared as a villain who revealed the ugly face of u.s.
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foreign policy but i would argue that it's closer to being in the high tech terrorists this disclosure is not just an attack on america's foreign policy interests it is an attack on the international community wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service but sarge is a narcissist who has created nothing of value here lies on the dirty work of others to make himself famous he is a fraud a coward hiding behind a screen 10 years that narrative ron but is it all about to change is it actually the whistleblower was more concerned about the collateral damage of his exposé than washington itself a new t released tape revealed a song to tempted to warn the u.s. state department and then boss had to reclaim 10 back in 2011 not only does it seem she had to mold the cools she went as far as this he has to answer for what he
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has done so what was the motive for helping a firestorm was coming in the form of a rogue wiki leaks employee online. i think over time. because. it came. to. spread around. to. the degree that. we believe we've. become public. some possibility. so not recklessly dropping a political bombshell standing back and watching it burn as we've been told is easy it is to schedule. traitor a treasonist i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a beast on our great discredit to this nation should be assassinated he should be
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treated as an enemy combatant which he would should be closed down permanently and decisively no instead we hear a song trying to protect those in washington the very same who now want to send him down so life. having. people here is that it's more your problem. we have been calling. the embassy. every day trying. to hold back its store to the wiki leaks out it's even advise the state department to tell anyone why the encrypted files could be allegedly found and also help to remove them a decade on a song just sitting in london's belmarsh prison waiting to hear whether he'll be extradited to the us to face a potential 175 yes sentence that's a hell of a sentence for someone who tried to warn the very top of what was coming so is it
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any wonder now that cools a mounting for president trump to pardon the whistleblower on hoping that he will pardon julian assange it's the right thing to do donald trump since you're given pardons to people please consider pardoning those who at great personal sacrifice expose the deception and criminality of those in the deep state mr president if you grown so you want to act of clemency during your time in office please free julian assange those you alone can save his life time and timing is everything it's change the image of a modest who was cost out as a traitor and without running out for donald trump's presidency i'm on wiki leaks but to replace him in the white house this could be the last chance for america to part an unfair give a man who wanted to save washington from its shame time is. the essence for a stance to avoid a life in jail the assistance was offered to to to stop this or mitigate any and possible harm to this i have no idea why this was not followed
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through and to quote we were all short of the help that julian was was clear trillion and considerably. worried in offering to say to the state department never came back to julian for more information and seem to have not done anything based on his warning. londoners have been scrambling to get out of the capitol ahead of lockdown mergers that took effect at midnight on sunday as comes as british scientists the tech that a new code a strain that's apparently 70 percent more infectious from ministers admitted it will be hard to enjoy the festive period as normal given the early evidence we have on this new variant of the virus the potential risk it poses it is with a very heavy heart i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas those planned london and much of the southeast of england is now on the tier for the toughest
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level of covert restrictions which include a ban on household mixing over the christmas period the rules have been met with widespread frustration and also a dose of mistrust in the government's handling of the crisis. sort of the power structure. here. it's called. i feel like you know standing here. sensing your presence and a book called grinch who stole christmas i think he would be like you probably you
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know and he said he might be like a man but this is i mean this thing has got. you know the basic you crave it probably just playing this for folks it's always like trying to stick you can for christmas you can for christmas if you know what she said you don't you get your best europe germany experience once. this person. allows the christmas lockdown took effect the u.k. daily infection rate hit a record high with almost $36000.00 new covert cases registered on sunday despite the surging numbers political commentator predicts a widespread flouting of the rules and it's the stress than the government that's to blame. taken off my father christmas hat like that also people because the prime minister and the governments are clearly destroyed the christmas base here a lot of the annoyance with the general public is because they were trying to rely or we would question the government's trying to choose a tool to do. what's actually happened he said it will be preparing for the
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press and now it's being taken away and the evidence is incredibly flawed speak quite frankly i don't think people are going to be questioning the government policy but i also think it's so you know a number of people or people are not concerned since at least new regulations we've also got a longer piece in the call of women should be recalled to debate these things because you have to burn mine these suspicions are mace very strong are the advice of a small group or the process that we've gotten is less to. be independently feared a review by medical. professionals or the more transmissible variant of covert now out that neighboring countries are battling down to try and
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spread france and germany are freezing transport links with the u.k. starting from tonight on and is there in the same at least for 48 hours and the netherlands belgium and italy have also issued a travel bans on the u.k. and germany in turn outs that so strict new knocked on this week with daily infection records being set as a picture playing out across the whole of europe as peter all of our reports. the christmas lockdown period is a policy here in germany comes at a particularly odd time the couldn't treat posted record breaking covert figures this week they. 'd are saying that they will roll out a vaccination program in the coming weeks but also warn that the foundations of already. for a 3rd wave of coronavirus. we saw that a 3rd wave had started to build before the 2nd and actually subsided we need to give a clear signal this christmas the new year must be different to usual it's not just
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germany italy is facing a grim record of its 700000 deaths this year the highest figure since 1944 during the 2nd world war rome has put in place new regulations to run from the 21st until january the 6th that will see restaurants closing at 6 pm and 10 pm curfew but hospitality workers say these measures will ruin them all or don't they actually destroyed our sector by making us close our stablish at 6 pm and blaming us for things they were guilty of instead because during lockdown we didn't receive anything not the 1st time the 2nd 3rd or 4th a similar scene is playing out in france where the stay at home order has been replaced with a curfew that move has seen thousands of workers at cultural venues protest a shutdown on their places of work i did was i.
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was. 'd in spain testing is found that one in 10 of the population had been infected with covert 19 the scale of this pandemic is hitting home in sweden as well with more deaths this november than any since the spanish flu pandemic over a century ago. an official investigation into sweden's coronavirus strategy has found that stock must take the blame for its high death rate prompting the swedish prime minister to put out a statement saying the country got its tactics wrong i think most health officials didn't see such a wave in front of them they spoke about clusters it's not like we weren't prepared for something to happen again but no one could have predicted the strength of it some conclusions have been made about where we could have done better in a week's time families would be coming together across europe to celebrate
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christmas however this year with covert dictating the rules the 1st of period may well be a lot more distant than we used to as european leaders to keep contact to a minimum peter all of our party early. in her 1st ever t.v. interview the daughter of iran's former top military chief is given an emotional description of when she found out she'd been murdered the u.s. assassinated general to seem sort of on a drone strike in january zainab solomonic also speaks about the wider consequences of her father's death you can watch the full interview any time at r.t. dot com i got so shocked and full of distress like my heart was going out from my chest when i turned on the t.v. and i saw his picture i understand what happened and from that they tell now i'm still shocked how is the death of your brought iran together what
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happened in iran and in iraq. was something something so special in the history you see how people come to the street and they are crying and they are sad and they are angry and they wonder bench and they are waiting for an answer because they know. what generals really money did for them and they know so well why order to kill my father so so after that after killing my father america thought that everything will be stopped because they killed general soleimani departure of the middle east but they are so wrong they didn't see the anger of the od in the eyes of iranian people they didn't see their tears they didn't see their sadness and i have to say that generously money has a military from people that they will take revenge from trump and they are so wrong
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they are thinking this war will be end the end of general silly money this is the beginning our people are united and they will stand in front of such a they just powers. over recent cyber attacks on multiple us federal agencies of course the in the news for the last week the us government still not definitively determined who exactly was behind the attacks members of the incoming biden ministration of move to go beyond mere sanctions when the culprit is identified. i think in terms of the measures that i buy a new administration would take it's not just sanctions it's also steps and things we could do to degrade the capacity of foreign actors to repeat this sort of attack or worse still engage in even more dangerous attacks and we don't know fully what happened the extent of it and frankly we don't know fully 1st sure who did it but
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joe biden i know will have a robust response once we find out the perpetrator and the extent of it i mean while politicians from both mines of policies that on the saw us media have already rushed to judgment on naming the perpetrator with more on this his aunties then of course. more russian hacking hysteria leave it to the mainstream media to sneak it in under a month before trump's exit from the white house russia is behind a cyber attack massive cyber attack the brits believed to be the work of the russians russia's massive cyber attack yes the elusive russian hackers whose existence is still a mystery have once again made their entrance into america's political arena this was a very significant effort and i think it's through a case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was a russian if that indeed is the most activity the national cyber security agency has yet to lay the blame on anyone entity for breaching several private companies and key u.s. government departments including the treasury homeland security and even nuclear
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security coming from pompei although the anti russia hysteria is a bit of surprise because his boss seems to think it's just a diversion the cyber hack is far greater in the fake news media than in actuality i have been fully briefed and everything is well under control russia russia russia is the priority chance when anything happens because lynching media is for mostly financial reasons petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be shina it may you think after the countless wasted hours since the election hacking accusations of 2016 trying to prove russian collusion with trump trying to find the russian hacker a smoking gun the political establishment might want to try something new but actually this time even the republicans are just as much out for blood as the democrats where the president has a blind spot when it comes to russia and so you can expect that that's the response that he would have the cia the national security administration and others who looked at this well there's no question has come from russia all indications point
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to russia for the present united states either tries to deflect or is not willing to call out. the adversary as we make this after a beautician he is not making our country safer for the president to once again so see full this is an eerie. over the presence of you see when he also suggested when the russians cracked erections and 2016 that might have been china so what exactly is it that keeps reviving this fear of russian hackers if there was something for people to be scared of surely there would be some evidence of it unless there's other motives at work here. for some more insight on this let's course live to a former vice chair of the us libertarian national committee often thanks for joining us considering the program today. these are quite mixed messages coming from washington on these cyber attacks has no official conclusion yet on who's to blame trump saying it's china the media's already go to moscow quite
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a lot to michael but to make sense of. this isn't new right this is exactly what u.s. foreign policy has been for decades which is unsubstantiated or just false claims about a foreign country to pave the way for some sort of international idiocy we saw this of the gulf of tonkin incident which never happened we saw this with the weapons of mass destruction in iraq which simply were not there and tricked us into a war that nobody wanted and what we're seeing over here is a dangerous echo of dead exact same behavior which is assigning blame without any kind of evidence without any kind of backing with no public scrutiny with no transparency of any kind dad has historically been a way to pave the way for some kind of foreign policy disaster and in terms of foreign policy bonds has been quite tight lipped on naming a perpetrator but they have promised a response
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a punishment that goes beyond just sanction whatever that means. and what do you think could happen depending on which country does take the blame. this is usually something where the military industrial complex of the united states decides who it would be most effective to attack whether that attack is a cyber attack whether it's a physical attack whatever it is as long as it takes a lot of us taxpayer money and gives it to a well connected to a lot of well connected and lobbyist backed us company the they're happy with it the thing is this doesn't look to me like a legitimate search for the truth to provide the perpetrator of a hack is incredibly difficult ip addresses can be easily spoofed or even more simply agents from one country can simply physically relocate to a different country and carry out an attack literally from the other country this is not something where you can really reliably determine the location unless you actually have the perpetrators in hand and they don't have that or anything close
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to it this to me looks like iraq's weapons of mass destruction all over again this time done with a cyber attack so it's a mitt romney said that trump has a blind spot when it comes to russia what does he mean and do you think trump has been soft on moscow i don't think that trump could have a blind spot about russia at this point because every other day russia is being brought up as some sort of a collusion or power with respect to trump i mean russia does not have the the g.d.p. it doesn't have the kind of political might to sway an american election i mean the united states doesn't really have the ability to sway foreign elections to the extent that the united states media has claimed that russia has been swaying american elections and this is just kind of continuing that same that same narrative which is out of date which doesn't really have anyone meaningful
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support behind it. do you think it's fair to say russia is a convenient red herring in american politics on it and why do you think that is. well i mean there was the adversary of the adversarial relationship during the cold war so i mean where it comes from why it works it makes sense but it to me it's been used as a distraction and then after the extensive extensive research on russia the every kind of legal and and technological scrutiny of russia during after the 2016 election you know there was something there it would have found it the fact that i'll bet an investigation of that scope turned up basically nothing so just to me they were looking at a scare tactic not not really a meaningful analysis of the situation. in fact so much for time here today on all the international involved former vice chair of the libertarian national committee thanks for having me on. the drug crime has risen massively in lynnwood
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dealers taking over entire swathes of the german capital also as the shuttle r.t. german took a hidden camera to some of the most troubled areas of that city this is what they found. boom boom boom. boom. boom. the intimidated me a well built young man came into my kiosk i told him to get out but he refused and they started grabbing me i called the police but they arrived too late so i gave a statement but nothing has changed.
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if not then you can see them looking out for a potential victim and if somebody is not paying attention they smash their bag or wallets. that i'm open with when i go to the station looking for a dealer i tell him what i need so he takes a rubbed elbows out of his mouth the standard price for that was just $20.00 euros i give him the money and we go our separate ways. the most important reason for this drug trafficking is a very lenient city government and they instructed police to turn a blind eye towards the got a list of gurlitz upchuck ethnic groups from africa most of them out rejected
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asylum seekers not deported according to the law the activate the africans are acting out of going to suck cock and trying to make a living but they're not lead. immigrants looking for decent work but as i said most of them rejected you saw him saying he is and should not be in this country secondly. activities. who are dominating certain areas and. their very very well organized and organized crime and. their word is the law and this happens not just in berlin but also in other cities in germany. there are 2 states has imposed sanctions on turkey over its purchase of russia's s 400 surface to air missile system an angry president said he thought washington was a friend it till the bitter not just a nato member it is being applied against our country for the 1st time what kind of
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an alliance is this if this decision is an open attack on the sovereign rights of our country turkey is a valued ally and an important regional security partner for the united states and we seek to continue our decades long history of productive defense sector cooperation by removing the obstacle of turkey's s 400 possession as soon as possible the embargoes target his arms and procurement development body imposing visa restrictions on 4 officials among other things russia's foreign minister says the move breaks international law but doesn't surprise him. should move. this is of course another example of arrogance towards international law a manifestation of illegitimate uni lateral coercive measures that the united states has been using for many years even decades left and right and of course it doesn't increase u.s. or thora t. on the international arena where it is a responsible participant in the international division of labor including military
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and technical cooperation. from the ministration has been threatening to punish. announced plans to purchase the s 400 system washington's positions being it's a danger to nato as the political analyst use of one has plenty of ways through a. huge snow because we received the americans saying that they want to give diplomacy a chance but throughout this war has 400 process been acted very nice the metrics we very unilaterally certainly will try to reciprocate and complicate things for the united states in bilateral relations and american activity in the region as well turkey can also be buying us whether. it be producing parts for the f. $35.00 american president. to read our vision but i don't think he will pay any very aggressive steps right now especially
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with the new administration coming in we've already seen mr bush call for a review of the. whole being. going forward changing perceptions of homelessness the invisible clause continues up next on our documentary style as he went back in half an hour with the latest join us again but . the world is driven by dreams shaped by the person of those who read. the dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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will know that so that no one nuff said no not. ugly little political new no. more surreal to look they should know the. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. the real you know. what it said israel should go up. or go down they're not looking. good on you so.


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