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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 22, 2020 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only. exists i don't see how it will be ready. to sit down and talk. max kaiser this is a crisis report i told you so i think anybody watching the show will know exactly what i'm talking about as they say right of course kaiser report is the 1st global
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international television news episode or what do you call a show a show. that told you back in 2011 to buy between when it was a dollar we've been telling you this whole time and the reason why this is important is not only is it hitting all time highs and where well over $20000.00 during this whole time we've had the new york times we've had m s n b c tell thousands millions of americans to not watch us that we are giving them misinformation and dison from ation whereas over at the new york times paul krugman said big queen is a ponzi scheme and it's inferior to the dollar because the dollar he said his words is backed by men with guns rachel maddow also she never told you about because she never told you about how to liberate yourself and she instead was telling you that we are a benevolent empire and back us we're going to invade yemen and save the women and children there we're going to invade syria and save the women and children there
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we're going to invade libya everywhere like it's all about violence and relentless pessimism that they sell you this whole time i think about this for a 2nd so we started talking about the coin of the dollar back in 2011 we've been pushing it telling people about a 10 dollars 200 dollars 1000 dollars 10000 dollars it's still a buy at these new all time high prices and the new york times washington post m.s.n. b.c. c.n.n. were all pushing their rusa phobic conspiracy theories and dissuading folks from watching our show as a result many people around the world next ago lattimer. asia everywhere got in in the 100 countries that are to broadcast it and they've made millions we've made over a 100000 millionaires and declined but not so much in the us because the us is blinkered by its love of keynesian economics it's a love of the fed it's a load of debt and it's weird because if you look at my background i've got almost 40 years on wall involved with wall street started on wall street been involved in
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markets finance and in the financial engineering for 40 years i invented the hollywood stock exchange i invented the current bank system for a staging speculative attacks which have now become popular in other words i'm probably the single greatest expert in the field of digital currencies and pickling in the world and that's provable and that's obvious and that the new york times the paper of record chose to keep their population poor and that's that's the message from the new york times and this is what really galls me as an american they want you to be as poor as possible into being in the gutter begging for food from these politicians who are in bed with the kleptocrats and i'm i'm sorry but as an american that makes me blow chunks into the face of the new york times because they are supporting the financial terrorists exactly has been saying for now for 11 years on this show and for 40 years of my entire career but thank god people listened and saw the beauty of big point and now they're there on the vector out
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well and i support ok yes you are an expert but we are we believe and heterodox economic thinking not the orthodox the orthodox economic thinking is from the white ivory towers of you know of the new york times of the paul krugman of the nobel economists of the rhodes scholars like rachel maddow so they only have those who confirm all their bias and stuff like that so we have been open to people who aren't experts who aren't snowball economists who aren't rude scholars who are brave and. heterodox thinkers and just doers and entrepreneurs and building companies and building systems like you are it's like some harvard economist ph d. who then went and created the hollywood stock exchange you were an entrepreneur so you know there is a certain difference between an expert who is an expert like a rhodes scholar a nobel economist and an expert who who's like elon musk or max keiser just build
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stuff and doesn't achieve stuff so there is a huge difference between experts in their orthodox thinking and expert and heterodox thinking well i'm trying to make it easy for them i mean they can call me an expert if they wish and that be fully qualified to be termed in such a way but yes whether it's steve jobs max kaiser we're all entrepreneurs the x. rated industries created whole paradigm shifts and then there are times when paul krugman remember when the internet was introduced in the ninety's he thought it was a passing fad like the fax machine or something he is an idiot yet and by the way we're also capitalists you could tell how they aren't because paul krugman him and rachel maddow do not want to compete with us they don't want to compete with this program they want you to not they want to for big you and ban you from seeing this whereas we invite you go read everything paul krugman has said definitely go read it all over the last 11 years go read don't watch everything rachel maddow i said
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over the last 10 years we totally 100 percent encourage you and really implore you to go do that and then compare it to us so i invite the competition i think you'll see if you juxtapose us if you watch just back to back together if you if you decide that you want to stay with them we'll have fun staying port that's that's the big question wait that's the big question terminology 2021 we're going to say something remarkable on the ascent emerging markets big coing and emerging market currencies the one thing that's going to crash utterly would be the u.s. dollar and very few americans prepare for it again because their mainstream media are in bed with the kleptocrats well speaking of cup. kratz i have a quote here from warren buffett who is the sort of person who is totally celebrated by paul krugman totally celebrated by rachel maddow and b.c. and certainly sam b.c. where he appears and they allowed him as the greatest thinker on earth buffett says economy needs another injection so we're going to interpret for you this cup to crap speak buffett says his stock portfolio needs another injection of free money
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he lives on free money he lives on the system that's what he tells you but in fact like the bets he's making like he's abandoned since march he has abandoned the u.s. dollar before the 50th birthday in 2021 he has abandoned the u.s. he's dumped all his airlines he went long gold you know gold miner he went long japan so that's tell you everything you need to know he goes on to you know the likes of rachel maddow show and tells everybody keep buying american keep buying the airlines go fly and yet he himself with this own money what he's doing is dumping and then you know with his power and his wealth he buys these sort of people influence because they're just impressed with his money it's not like he has to pay them they're just so an author of how they think as orthodox you know expert thinkers that you know he must be great and therefore it would never he wants let's give him money that's give him some billions no warren buffett's been bailed out by
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the government at least 3 times in a major way and he can argue it more than 3 times and if you take away the previously up until recently illegal activity of stock buybacks and you took away the bailout money his performance over the past 30 years without the compound in money a 20 percent but it would be compound in money last closer to 2 percent so not that much different than a money market fund so he's a parasite essentially he's a leech he just lobbies the government to send him free money and then he holds that out he puts people on a rationing money to escape his cause. glamor it and he claims that this is somehow adding value to the economy it's not it's a leech is to economically just drawing the economy so now he's arguing for another bailout of course he lives on bailouts he can't make he's not a guy you can go out like a given mosque and create an industry he's never created a single thing in his life he's a complete dullard and he needs another bailout i think we should cut warren off
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easily he's a leech we don't need war he is fed by the united states federal reserve bank jay powell at the fed soylent green in the system is what i call what they're doing now because they are about to print more money to bail out warren buffett but you know they don't want the play right to get too angry because they don't want them storming the new york fat or anything like that so fed formally joins network for greening the financial system this is the way you know identity politics or you know you you fly to flag or you say where where climate change like we're fighting climate change and then just have repaid shit it's disgusting you know cantillon sort of you know wealth 9 and income gap creation sort of disgusting financial system and yet then you say you fly an algae to cute flag or a green where we're green we're greening our financial system while everybody starving to death lining up at food banks yes propaganda pretty disgusting and
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that's a repudiation of anything anyone would ever imagine the economics being about but here's the rub in 2021 we're going to see real inflation like michael saylor over there at micro strategy he could have bought back his own stock and he could have played the bailout game from jay powell like warren buffett does but he realizes that's a losing game now and he's buying big coin instead and he's gone to war against the federal reserve bank he's basically pulled the pin on a grenade and thrown it into the fed's boardroom and it's blowing up and people are not going to like the fact that food and energy costs are going to triple in 2021 they're not going to like that one bit. well i mean the other thing again there's the heterodox kaiser report versus the orthodox you know paul krugman rachel maddow c m b c bloomberg of the world who've been totally telling you not to watch us and just believe in their sort of thinking on their feet out schemes and no place to put in mice is that more than silicon valley right where there's cantillon heiress all
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over the place being printed with you know companies that are not real there are real genuine companies like you know mosque larry ellison built oracle and that survived the 1st dot com crash well all of these people aren't out that texas as happens they're calling it the texas they're all abandoning the the embodiment of rachel maddow and m s n b c their message they're in bandon in california and silicon valley the cultural woke silicon valley california texas tech companies billionaires millionaires tech employees flee san francisco and silicon valley we've reported on oracle we reported on tesla leaving also schwab is leaving they've abandoned it and moved to texas as well we saw macy's which has apparently you know they're pretty big online they had all they had over a 1000 employees in san francisco and they've just fired them on they're moving
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everything to atlanta so they're all abandoning the the like pure essence and embodiment of rachel maddow they're benton and they're saying this is not like we're somewhere we want to live so that is like the reality of her vision versus where they're going where they're fleeing to are the likes of i told you so they're fleeing to austin for the most part and that is like the center of the big question world at the moment so they're going to a place with honest money honest people hard people and you know i told you so they don't want to have fun staying poor in piles of human despair and. san francisco it won't go broke you know that's the fact and we know very well having been to san francisco we declined invitations to go to san francisco several times because when you're there the place smells like an open sewer because the enlightened democratic leadership decided that giving people hair away and letting them poop in the streets was somehow the same thing as what's talked about in the constitution
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somehow it's disgusting and people are leaving you know the thing about this that is good is what we invite we said competition member we said go watch our competitors go watch m s n b c go watch paul krugman and i guarantee you we're going to be better than them you'll find us better than them the same thing here these people are abandoning san francisco and they're going to somewhere where it's more competitive it's a better lifestyle for them it's better tax is a better you know everything that they use the beauty around them but one thing that larry ellison said larry ellison actually didn't go to austin with his company he went to hawaii where the tax rate isn't that much lower than california so it wasn't a tax thing but he did mention that i'll be using the power of zoom to work from the island of lanai where he owns the island so zoom he said not skype zoom and that's another thing like that competition that because of zoom this past year of 2020 like the fact that skype has finally after what 9 years of owning skype
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they finally started to introduce some improvements instead of constantly degrading microsoft yet microsoft constantly degraded it just like they did their software but now because of zoom they had to actually improve the quality not degrade it you know you can join our telegram group there's about 9000 people in there to. orange pill is art i told you so join 1000 millionaires as we take this thing up 200000 then 400000 good take a break when we come back much more coming away don't go away. when i was told something seemed wrong role just don't hold. any. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and indeed training equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. future moving into those it did just that in certain ways and often you don't mind it just became a zone on the. shuttles all. the time you can look them up face you know for a long today my country i'm not in the east i'm upset the map. of the economy to have more than a last step is that. you will soon be. a muslim too good to know i mean that i'm so. proud that i was going to use the term obama momentum to.
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look at what's called the minimum 0.0. going to come up they can come up each time she comes home to go to this accomplishing nothing i mean come on we have to get out what am i do going to. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to american hospital we're going to find out lots of stuff going on with him america not a welcome to the kaiser report max and stacy so glad to be here i wish i had been watching guys report in 2011 but i didn't because i made it. now oh no no
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not everyone has the same reaction but you know things are not that bad let's talk about 20 twentieth's drawing to a close and there seems to be a herd institutional investors coming stampeding into big clients they're dropping like a $1000000000.00 of the clip they're just buying it in huge huge daughters now did you expect this to happen so soon your thoughts on these big players coming in at this time american model we've been talking about the institutions are coming the institutions are coming for a long time in the space right and it's amazing to me like when you see somebody like j.p. morgan is you know i forget their prediction was it was like 300 k. or 400 k. or something and you know they've been fighting especially their c.e.o. jamie diamond big point for so long and it seems obvious that this whole time they were just securing themselves a huge bag because there's no reason for them to come out the super bowl is price predictions unless they have
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a giant bag of decline so it just shows you that anybody who's talking bad about bitcoin is secretly in the background accumulating or is because taking advantage of us that something of a generational divide you know seems like the baby boomers don't like it so much because it's challenging the status quo the millennial in the jhansi are like you know what this is our time to shine i'm guessing you fall into that category can you speak on the a little bit totally yes so you know i was talking about this a little bit today and it's basically like my job our generation the millennial is have been shafted so hard so hard. right like 911 was during our portion of years then in a way global economy tanked and we saw you know i was 3 got a bailout and main street didn't get a bailout and back at that time i was in college you know i was a freshman in college i think i was 18 and they occupy movement was going on and i was a part of that right and in the occupy movement we were all united and it felt like we didn't we were too young and stupid to know it was really going on right but it
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felt like a white blood cell thing where we were just forming around this disease and we couldn't bigger out what to do about it but we knew we had to put our energy into this because this was going to help our generation and split right and the occupy movement became a big movement and people that were more libertarian conservative minded individual as they went towards big corps and people who are collectivist communist socialist they went towards this and keep social justice whoa culture movement and i think we're kind of seeing those 2 you know that split in the millennial generation right when you look at the baby boomers they just can't value things that are digital right they think that things that are digital are ephemeral and not real and then you go a generation jency and they think that things like fortnight skins are real and you know status symbols and all that like boomers had b.m.w. is right and jesse has like the new sic skin on for tonight and as millennial as
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we're sort of in between and we have big point really that's fascinating that the jan say identifying they they've gone kind of past that point to some degree and they're living in an even a fantasy world and millennia the millennial generation and money are really capturing the site guys typically and i've never heard of expressed quite that way now you mentioned you were part of occupy an occupy you know for all intents and purposes you could say it's an activist movement and i talk to activists all the time about how big claim is something that they should embrace because it actually fights poverty it's pro humanity as. paul tudor jones said it's for peace in it and but this is a hard pill to swallow for the left in america or the activists in america would you agree to me with me that it is actually a pro humanity activist occupy wall street phenomenon that that those folks should embrace oh it's ultimately financial inclusion i think it stems from
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a place of not really knowing what the true challenges are and not having done the hard work to know that you know culture rolls downhill from monetary economics and once you see that you cannot see it and it's like that david foster wallace thing where the 2 fish are swimming along and another fate an older fish comes by and goes how is the water today boys and the fish turns it goes with water right that's what it is b. i currency is just the dog and that surrounds and pervades us right so like when i hear a politician like. talk i actually agree with a lot of her diagnosis of what the problem is her solutions are insane though it's like you know karl marx basically want to dig cure the common cold by shooting the person who had it in the head that's what caught communism make like of islam is going to get us you know we have to go bottom up with this like we have to start with the individual and that was what was so great about the iraq i mean it was totally grassroots bottom up movement and you know it just had all these conflicting things it was kind of like the early days where there was
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a lot of socialists. in the early days and they sort of branched off to do area i mean some of the more you know nonsense coins really you know you made another i think comment their culture rolls downhill from monetary policy k. that's a a throwaway line but it's actually quite profound and i think that this is what people miss so can you expand on that basically all day long we are trading. in our heads with ourselves and with other people for pieces of paper right be our currency or imagine. very money and you know it's obvious it's honestly embarrassing when you stop and think about how much of your life you wasted in pursuit of this sort of spam or a piece of paper that you didn't really understand right and so it's just this this thing that soft money creates soft minds and when you look at like let's say postmodernism on the left right with the woke stuff and you know how these s j w's have in fact it institutions and now the new york times is basically it reads like
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something an age girls blog right that's a that's very obvious because when you print all the currency right and there's this big large money spigot and all the money flows out of that spigot everything just becomes a power game to get close to the money and so everybody in our society no matter what side well it will spectrum they are are playing power games with each other in order to get closer to that monetary spigot in order to get closer to the fed you know in the fed window right and when you stop to think about that and you honestly consider that there's honestly no hard economic calculation being done anymore what you do is you get into an institution or or an organization that's close to that monetary spigot and then you repeat the ship bullets of that particular institution in order to gain yourself just enough money to you know survive basically right and when you see that i sound like a crazy conspiracy theory i guess what it kind of is because they switched it on us
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and gave us counterfeit money and none of us had a say in it and now we're living 50 years from that point when it happened and the deleterious effects are widespread let's come back to j.p. morgan for a 2nd and the other banks on wall street the other bankers around the world you know they're obviously not going to give up a fight and so the question is are bankers going to ruin the party for us at big calling can they ruin the party statement to chen has been talking about bringing in some last minute legislature that might be disruptive typically an accent or a. what's going on there isn't maybe i'm not supposed to say this but a lot of the narratives that we have going on the big choir right now like you know digital golden. number go up store of value stuff like that there is there are trojan horses for wall street wall street is going to come and they're going to bid this thing up the going to pump the price they're going to everybody's bags and they're not going to realize that the underlying technology is fully sovereign
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fully anarchic and is set to destroy and dissolve our structures or maybe they do realize that and wall street is just correct the only good at getting in i had to stay and directing the state basically to fulfill wall street's wishes do they have the tools to be disruptive in other words in the gold market we know that price discovery is broken because of day presence of gold derivatives and the ability to just print sell orders to keep the price down and j.p. morgan actually has paid billions and fine because they were caught doing exactly that but as the big claim market becomes bigger becomes more institutional and you see futures trading the c.m.e. and all these other exchanges involved do they have the tools to keep the price down and turn it into another gold like situation you know i think that that's a concern of many people that they think that we can be co-opted the same way gold was coopted and if you look at you know the gold price chart over the last 50 years
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since $0.10 nixon closed the gold window you just see a long history of manipulation there by the powers that be right and gold's big problem is the thing that gold bugs are most ardent about which is it's physicality . gold because it's so physical and so heavy and so hard to transport and so hard to move around it can easily be centralized right but if you try to co-opt coin in the same way you can be hard work you can be stop work like the big white community does not have. have to recognize your co-option. point so i it's a very tricky question and we'll wait to see what the future holds but there are a lot of tools at our disposal to allow us to not be co-opted by wall street and by the big bad paul tudor jones mentioned quote bitcoin is a bet on humanity and human ingenuity whereas gold is a bet against it you're response big time i couldn't agree with him more it's you
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know he has this great framework in his book 0 to one or a talks about you know indefinite optimist up an optimist setter and when you look at the baby boomer generation which most of the gold bugs are from a lot of them were indefinite optimists and the yang of that be the rumors also had definite passing those in their cohort and those people are the gold bugs they are alternately super pessimistic they do not believe in you know the jetsons future that we all want to say and big quitters are just a whole cloth the opposite we are definite optimus we are much more like the greatest generation who you know we're like what are we going to do we're going to go kick hitler. and islands where we're going to go take it leave we're going to go to the moon we're going to come going to have a bunch of kids we're going to bend the backyard barbecue is going to be the boom times good right and i think we're much more like that which is like we have a plan and we want to see humanity prosper and equate is a bet on
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a positive future and not a negative doom and gloom future where you slide back into the dark ages and honestly if you want to bet on that by guns and ammo and whiskey and prescription pills there's going to be a lot better investment goal you know wow america hi larry. is the greatest toddler thanks for being on the kaiser report nice ravin me guys all right that's going to death for this edition of kaiser in part with me max kaiser and stacy herbert want to thank our guest american hodler till next time. russian state television some demonstrators right now pushing propaganda machine.
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to. recall election . illegal. i'm sure. if you took away. her leg length
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look. was. look us president elect joe biden gets his 1st dose of the following. amid reports from alaska where at least held. taking it. on the program today. he states he has full confidence in. so you violated your own instructions against vaccinating children that's outrageous.


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