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in. fact when it's not in definition a little bump up about something that's not a place to go with yet so come up with us on the gulf coast so we can come up with a family that's it she should normally be named the injustice in japanese and i. don't mind it just a commision on the cold cold the shining most generally wouldn't you because you just. become more of a community has to be such a sensitive to this thing. well i mean look the muppets you know how long should a man carving out a canoe established should come out. on the. last self is that. something that we're going to come out.
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of the homeland. security not full civil leave it also sometimes a. little. bit of. this the truth of the moving moment that. something accomplished american or something the month they come up. that something. was not paid all students that sounds. like a movement you know because it must move a man touch moment but i'm not going to get my head to the point isn't the thing i'm a son not that i mean he's got more but that's simply i got nothing i think you. know that. but you know. the
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rest. of it. joy me out of all the song they are doing yes. hauled out a box you. could join as you hold. your. fall they come out of the goblin us on our joy missed them up just like dr. knot i was like the most. about the just about through and also at the low she just about 2 and also a little acronym. a lot of them that i have off of i'm going to buy one and they're going to one of them has several stalls and. as you know they'll show watch on little stuff on the way it's anonymous and these little. anymore i think i can last it wouldn't have to show you know my name right now i mean doubt anybody that settlements and doing that would be a bit of metal wouldn't come up with
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a moment. but they would have to about a month off and go. on about it as you're making up a national plan a mother to bend them down on a mono bay cheek ask why not but i mean that was that question i've been one on one about that's the that's the body. had us have to. put it that i'd be there for the migrant but when. unique air mass not all i want to. you know well. and we can moss on i'm agreeing. with that. but i don't want to shake sure that. the music might but nonetheless kate. bush had after so. many had risen up that i didn't see him anymore. and they got to be happy
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that. she sort of possessed that body. just well and i'll be sure to my. women can. ask can i buy that stuff i don't mommy i don't like and on the side of course of the stressed out. because they got caught i thought that i don't. have a so that you can own. a condo in fact not matter what the on that mission. it is even if you do the new stuff. you. need some of. it isn't going to be right so. it's. odd that.
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mommy can honestly act mad. when i had a car that. might be deemed him a boy so i. was thinking about that after the. job is to have to. talk to my other half hour because from my. medicare. sided with out of my. out of the show i'm leisure. travel so i'm going to go. blow. up some sort of negative government dole.
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out of the. that would be sure to call them a sure jaw. bone i mean she would when i'm going on the phone like you know this we should be able to. communicate with. a young boy. you. better. be more harsh with a good teacher got a tough shot a promotion. maybe you don't know what it's really what it was you know. that this really was for you should be. going to be this you need a traumatic. moment i looked over to my.
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head all. the rest in the. future of this. all of the stock was on the. well that we should look at on a commercial so i can remember a couple of. devotion. just how did i get it to those who are giving. because you got me here to. lose someone said. how hard it is but i think was because it was an. honest look at the behind the what you see. some of these obvious.
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should look at them i think. things of us and then. that was the. last i got the line. chili dogs on your points home i want to have. this is what i was if i jump on the phone call it's all move all the stuff. will not muck up a little bit of that not some of us on a more decidedly more doesn't love this one that again. is how to cook. work to be done can it wasn't feel obama's goal was that moment on foot couldn't you have one week to soak minute go but could not so all of us help most of them what would you think about. this money by only going to. the good money. and enough money to. make when i got to go with it wasn't going to look that good
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going up like the whole stuff i mean it was no go but i was complaining that i didn't get the one you can is going to get caught up again with that of course quotes on the other. hand. this is a good thing it's going to be. harmful. to. the. police to someone. who was a minor and i want to. know who it. was so.
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i feel. very. passionately about. someone i still want to get. do you feel to. go. to the. roof or only. 200. feet do you even manage it. my.
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first. time not. just. this. down the.
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loo you do. and i think. i know that on the. other leg you feel near. miss out. how do you think the members here will.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm sure business i'll see you there. we started talking about big point of dollars back in 2011 we've been pushing and telling people about a 10 dollars 100 dollars 1000 dollars 10000 dollars it's still a buy at these new all time high prices and the new york times washington d.c. c.n.n. were all pushing their. conspiracy theories and dissuading from watching our show as a result many people around the world mexico latin america asia everywhere got in from 100 countries that are broadcasted and they've made millions we've made all rounder 1000 millionaires of decline but not so much in the u.s. because the u.s. is blinkered by its love of keynesian economics it's a lot of the said it's dead. on
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you know not going to give. them the money they don't need the we don't. have the money money to someone the moment the amount of. money. the money that we want to send my son a compliment with. them listen thank you. you know you. think you know no but. i'm going to be an engineer. do you know. what i was going to hold up but you know the most of the most of them well enough of them sometimes that's what i will need most of the woods at home to make other mothers who she is because i knew nothing of the woman all of them they can sometimes feel the love there's only one of the model of the month the show
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going to do. is going to blow over the. issue because they are. going to go home those are the. you know those are going to this is. i'm going home to do the cure but with drugs to the commission of. a. failed attempt on the stuff. you know of the 50 to. move that was a good junk shot they don't think the sale of them those of them over the sea may help some form. of those that don't know quite a lot of money and have a new one i think code blue yet some more set up i go whole hog and there's only the mouse the money to put to make them less those who couldn't see that they could be doomed before you publish and they're going to use the new phone to work with us have those who must be studiously going to the evening news and newbies will come
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as well as say that i mean this with a come on good move do give you the market fellows to get the attention of the walk on the soup those those are the employees that are going to come to the side of the . war when $7000000.00 a month on the time of forms of government pressure on them to do it on the side of the pond suddenly pulls them devise out moments of them losing almost on the parking lot that i would welcome to the smug little blue book perfume on top of the of the clothes i've been in the sun in the bucket with the moon the problem with those who think among a 1000 muscly up on those oh look not them now because of one of those in the aisle or most of the stuff. i've been put in one ruthless phone number shot at cardiff but this one i got the move down on washington suzanne miss a few shocked me shocked what one of the look that was the show on on the wire she was on so i was on as good luck says i the sky was up there my publisher could and should go to someone so it is on the left
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a move some since this was i thought michigan with those other people shot i'm up on the hunt but all. of those are the ones i've been away from my enemies can be limited to show they knew this was. for less or less money from my mom the masada i'm going to give value has been eradicated. from ananda mark radical mosques while i'm going to. get it down one more for doing so when they let in on the stuff. i see that. among our own doctors. yeah. you're not go out to
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get a. lot of court of the law to get a. direct non-value i've been around a lot of. law and i was. going to get to know mark. crowded out again. mark them on i never. got invited to go in there and. don't see it as a. good. look . at your mind. will want to jump the gun i don't want to. let it out let's. take about a month it was the hope that after
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a month to mow. the lawn but i did it today every day if you don't bet in his own ridiculous yet the fetus. that the more the most out of me. as you look more buddy time with i don't trust him after the time i've come up with him before going to impose a multimission we could have grown to let him. because the numbers are higher than mine and just because you never had a moment to spawn a test it must have. been a set of all time test a what it was that i know well the test would have brought out some of this stuff and i wondered how it looked and how it was that which got the most going to only show they gave enough to explain to you no less than a lot of it gave me to make. my own pain get on them to get ready to be about as that was the new push for monday may be nice to have been one of the deal to do that i didn't enjoy himself as well about what they definitely should yet live there got more time as we should that it was you that was an upgrade and then whatever they got a lot of time in the southern us the short lived every. game
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without the band and sound last night at some magical close match we all but i bet you guys guess you haven't been a zone but. i mean sure that was better to know what i want to follow up tests to know. the. truth of this political solution for the. political. or. old. final push with someone they get in the almost certainly do the.
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same and they aren't always he just found out that bill was doing. oh no not going to liberals. and out of the room. but come as a. little. from my. mouth full of bottoms. colorist. just. the way my not close the worst. to some put a. subset. of
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humans who run the do the best game so rather than i meant to be cool a month but they are my son. so much and he. doesn't rule. the local. fish for you you know i. don't know if he. was supposed to snuff it also the stills. who are. way. out will be sent to send them a barrel well my stuff will. never this this film was. the 1st. officer. on this
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camera. i mean look all my ex was shot before quantum you can the police could really kind of the rules of the show if need all the border couldn't get a whole nation done between the sure the how to. get a book machine and the ritual don't believe in the food made out. to be the stuff that's on the pipe that us that much and then vote for the man but it was not enough and. the snow will please. mom this mission. he wouldn't call them national. i want to push. all that. more. than just most of the people the more she can model but if you know
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this it. was a whole lot more than a called moment. of hope there's a. lot of that is more. on the little mission of the muslims or. the mom that's the i'm not almost. mark mccormack a monk in my sig files on the come on them a lot of the homo going to come on that. there's almost but i'm on them but i'm in love to cook and i cannot relate to most more than one of my more common was in the hope it will have more liquid more going for more than a more. than high sip i did moments when i said more than a moment will store them almost home which is something. no. one could produce is on the list of what i did thought of woman over about
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a mission from going back up with those ones you don't know so little about the room one of them over there is no problemo at both of the warm of the month the sun is almost on the moment but the honda has a cushion of their mother when they come together if they want something modify them up on them once a month. i was worth more than. most of them all of those folks. are the dogs and they both go to the most physically. move. them in i don't. i'm going to.
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if i give him i mean let's look at most of. them ok i mean. there's no doubt you have. got a. kind of might as. well move. on to. something.
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like. the. thinking. of the way. mary it was a different bed better they've got another researcher to be reunited with their american masters weapon of mass communication is spreading in developing areas pal aaron different way to marinate the day the president of m.t.v.'s
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considers an immobile devices more than 12000000000 contaminated countries if you really don't need to worry about taking your money america like that against alternative vision. if you start to question the whole american way excel deaf ear my ear mates that can emanate is married to create an uproarious community america's day undercover integrated estate outside marriage if you will get exposed i'll take your complaints for decontaminate rely marielle kewl i'll use it as break everything to. track down where narrow you can defend yourself i enjoyed of the
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ones from the weapons of mass communication. there thanks for the teeth earlier fear of the enemy of things or do you fear. is your media a reflection of reality. in the world. transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. of the shallowness. president trump pushes for congress to reassess the. payments for americans that have a marking billions for foreign aid not linked to the pandemic. let us determine what the extent of the damage is my promise will be a response to the incoming us president. for the recent massive cyber attack on government agencies pointing the finger at russia and blaming donald trump. and northern england sees an influx of londoners fleeing a regional locked up.


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