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this. minute i don't. think it was. congress to amend the relief package been negotiated for months by because he says the amount of cash expected to be 100 to americans in need just to small. congress found plenty of money for fart trees lobbyists and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the american people. french government banks a bill to introduce so-called green passport under which movement restrictions would be placed on people not vaccinated against the virus. and this goes coalition government after the knesset fails to secure
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a new budget in time it means the country is headed for a 4th general election and 2 years. other thanks for joining us mid day here in the russian capital this is r.t. . donald trump wants congress to make changes to the much for turn over $900000000000.00 relief bill he's called it a disgrace for not putting the american people's interests 1st and including more than a few non pandemic related provisions the us president wants individual payments increased from $600.00 to 2000. congress found plenty of money for far john trees lobbyists and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the american people who need it it wasn't their fault i am asking congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculous lelo $600.00 to $2000.00
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or $4000.00 for a couple of house speaker nancy pelosi quickly reacted blaming republicans for not providing information on what amount the president himself expected to be written down in the package she said the democrats are ready to discuss the matter just as soon as lawmakers gather again this week there are other things though in the bill that terms unhappy about that have nothing to do with the pandemic for example new whole sourcing rules even a section there on the dalai lama's succession going president has threatened not to sign it if amendments are made at least to me to parent takes a closer look. hollo lou it the warring sides in congress have finally set aside some of their differences and agreed to dish out $900000000000.00 in covert 19 relief for families and businesses but the $600.00 stimulus checks which are half of what people got back in april have left many underwhelmed one time team in
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$600.00. is this a joke and jobless no health insurance this isn't going to cut it congress. some senators even took offense at people questioning their life saving bill oh it's real help it's a trillion dollars for god's sakes what is that $1000000.00 and. there is no money faery we don't have this money we don't have 5 percent of it and your we had to borrow it is real help will it be enough i think it will be but we're just going to have to wait and see but the covert relief package didn't come alone the absence of the money fairy didn't stop congress from slapping on a $1.00 trillion dollar spending bill which combined with the covert bill made the overall document over 5 and a half 1000 pages long the behemoths took so long to upload to the internet that congressmen only received it on the day of the vote and it's kind of hard to
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believe they managed to read the whole thing before passing it. 4 congressional leaders refused to put any legislation on the floor to be considered and scrutinized and amended now the release of $5593.00 page bill with no opportunity to read it let alone amend it no responsible legislature should vote for such a thing this is going to take those over 3 hours just to prove that you do the. impossible you need one will now be open for you to read between now and the time and we will if you take a closer look at the bill you can see there's a lot more than covert relief in there military spending for example was more of a talking point than the pandemic and words like missile aircrafts and munition appeared far more times than anything related to health care masks weren't even mentioned once in the document foreign aid also proved to be a high priority billions of dollars are said to be poured into countries like ukraine israel and cambodia funds that could have been spent on domestic needs and
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then there's a whole bunch of other issues that were deemed very crucial like ensuring the integrity and fairness of the election sorry horse racing how could that sport survive without money from the government also investing in general programs is something the u.s. just can't do without be it programs in pakistan or commissions on determining gender equality in statues and even the dialogue reincarnation gets mentioned in the bill because in case you forgot he can't get reincarnated without u.s. taxpayer dollars this jumbled mess of spending proposals caused even some senators to trash the bill. tonight i voted no against the suppose it covert relief bill because it sells out billions of dollars to foreign governments the sudan gypsum military and not more important than the american citizens and while trump is expected to sign the document later this week many are already calling on him to veto the bill don't trump you must veto of this farce relieve bill this isn't
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a stimulus package this is a message for and. every american left and right should be calling for a veto on the stimulus deal which provides more funding to foreign governments and term merican arts centers than to their merican people covert relief might be badly needed but while 600 bucks why do some good for americans in a tough spot senators are obviously willing to put a lot more money behind their own agendas if you look where the expenditures went look we know what this is this is nothing but a con it's a ruse it's a chance to to provide special interest and special issues the money that normally wouldn't be able to be earmarked this is guaranteed to provide monies that would normally not be able to be available but now they are which is a christmas tree the idea is that you take something you slap on benefits and expenditures and bills but america needs something so we hold the american public
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hostage in the meantime they get a pittance of what it would normally gotten before but maybe rather than giving all this money for covert relief why don't we just remove the lockdowns wonder we remove the dish shackles because businesses are under these more draconian measures why don't you do that instead as just give money here's your 600 bucks maybe 1200 bucks now leave me alone be happy and shut up. u.s. lawmakers been offered early access to the covert vaccine many that were torn between having it to instill public confidence in the job and putting frontline workers 1st and the split doesn't seem to follow party lines.
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thank god for nazis who help people in need and know how to use it thank god for they should produce these facts. if enough of us take kids to get back to. help is on the. ready to. take credit for it yes thank. you. if we don't give all politicians the facts and 1st they will be able to watch his
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diet and is that the only source of joy i know that politicians getting the vaccine is supposed to instill confidence in it but right now what i need most is confidence it will be available to the rest of us. how did i just find out politicians in the us frank see the full from behind books. we need to distinguish 2 different things and a handful of leaders are prime minister or president leading members of the senate of the senate you know the public the little political figures and celebrities get the vaccine to show the public that it's safe and that it's necessary that's one thing it's another thing to say that in general politicians just simply be prioritised because they have political power being politicians these are 2 separate nutters they can't be conflated any human. in principle for who gets the vaccine 1st should be those who are most vulnerable and that especially is frontline workers essential workers the elderly and the infirm so it's true that probably some some politicians might be in for some politicians might be front line
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workers but they're not there's no reason why publishers politicians should be pushed to the top of the list simply because they're over 50. french government has banked a bill that would impose movement restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated or can't prove that coven free auntie's pulis live explains france is preparing to end its health emergency by april the 1st so says the french prime minister john kass takes he's presented a vote in the national assembly ended establishing a so-called long term health emergency management regime simply to it is vaccination and those opposed to it might just find themselves in trouble even if they just planning a trip around the city. the prime minister may under the plan measures make the movement of people and their access to transport subject to presenting test results showing that the person is not infected following vaccination or remedial treatment
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coded to some politicians the measure will leave i'm vaccinated people feeling as though they 2nd class citizens if this bill has really been tabled it must be forged by all elected officials and citizens committed to democracy and freedom in the face of this senseless deviation it is up to us to bring the government back to a semblance of reason this is the bill establishing a long term health emergency management regime which has just been introduced by cast x read the following in this law the prime minister can make you a 2nd class citizen if you refuse the vaccine we must wake up it flies in the face of a promise made by french president emmanuel quantities government they should fix their feet and covered vaccination which begins on sunday would be purely voluntary. i want to be clear i will not make the vaccination mandatory. but the idea of restricting so to freedoms for vaccinated people has been mentioned several times
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in public debate since this presidential announcement for example a member of the union of democrats and independent party valerie 6 has proposed the issuing of green possibles to people who have been immunized to point with the point that we could take the example of israel vaccinated doesn't agree and passport allow me they want to go home as it were the cultural and to reza crowbar and to get me back to where i'm living the french inoculation program will target the most vulnerable members of society 1st such as the elderly and only after a medical examination and come since has given it's a great start but it's what comes next that has people here worried policia r t paris. earlier we spoke with a member of the french national front to believe that the government has taken a step too far. you know emanuel micron the prime minister the health minister livy
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of iran and promised us there would be no compulsory vaccination they would leave the freedom to choose to the french in fact thanks in particular to marie le pen we see that the draft law speaks of a measure completely very aimed at limiting subjecting the french people with certain rules in their public lives thereby deciding for them whether they will be vaccinated or not i think that it is shameful in fact it is a restriction of freedom which moreover contradicts the constitution this is a manifestation of dictatorship it seems to me that the government does not understand that today the patience of the french has run out they agreed to strict discipline for many months they said yes to the introduction of quarantine said yes to the imposition of a curfew said yes to the imposition of sanitary rules they agreed to everything that was imposed on them the next day the government came up with nothing better than to further could tail their personal freedom this is called segregation if the
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government wants the french to get vaccinated they must restore an atmosphere of trust that's the voice of wisdom. elsewhere in europe voluntary mass vaccination against kovan 1000 begins in spades on sunday but the spanish health ministry said that a record will be kept of anyone refusing to be vaccinated it is considered important to record cases of rejection of the vaccination in the vaccination registry in order to understand the possible reasons for a locked in sin different population groups. according to the latest polls just above 40 percent of spaniards are ready to have the coronavirus vaccine 60 percent said that they would be willing to get inoculated if it's proven to be effective and almost one 3rd refused to get the job altogether. remark you know where i want to bad i'm not going to get vaccinated i don't support an up for you i don't want to be registered anywhere neither the government the city council or anyone else has to know what i do. i believe it violates our privacy and they should not
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interfere at the moment i'm not going to vaccinate. it doesn't seem right or wrong to me i think people should get vaccinated but without forcing anyone everyone should do as they choose or mean i just i'm one of those who doesn't want to be vaccinated it seems wrong to me i don't want any government to have to tell me whether or not i must be vaccinated because it's my decision. so the you can front of reached an agreement on reopening borders as much to the relief of the stranded drivers you can see more of this story after the break.
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a lot of questions what does it mean to be conservative is the conservative change with means to be. in line. for conservatives to.
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come back france and britain will start to reopen their borders to lorry drivers this wednesday providing they test negative for co that testing sites will be set up to clear a backlog of almost $3000.00 lorries trying to cross into the continent the move comes as a relief to truckers and travelers many of whom have been stuck for days. we're sitting in a car park for more do 48 hours we have kids we are like 30 people in the bus. so how much we should wait by the police is our lead leave go in my car go away you know we stop we meet in the street why is that i want just call in my country. with christmas coming up we really want to travel back to our children our families we're stuck here we don't have any information like when our water will run out.
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in some areas lorry drivers humps their horns to vent their frustration you can't transport secretary says that despite progress in providing enough tests for drivers at the border the backlog may take 2 or 3 days to clear. it's not all doom and gloom however as you cave retailers have played down fears of food shortages of christmas because of the disruption earlier we got reaction from guests in the u.k. he also think christmas dinner will still be on the mend. well some fresh produce does come probably u.k. i mean i gather there's no shortage of carrots you know perhaps a dollar stuff or maybe in regular supply i don't think we'll see empty shelves i'm maybe proven wrong but i think the supermarkets are planning well ahead of this. and i see my seeds and joined you might not be able to get your lemons and your interviews or your broccoli but you will be able to get most of the routes but it's
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not exactly whatever so we might see something going around but i don't see the show it's going to i mean it's a kind of reflective time of year where you know this time many people are going to be reflecting in a solitary state and that will help them to sort of you know look on the bright side of things so well as perhaps normally they would so again you know the sort of threat to certain sectors is and where. being it's really quite. we were just to reverse it and imagine what the french announce let's. go to a variation of it there was more transmissible we might see a similar action possibly not so robust but we i'm sure the government would cite something that actually. israeli government has collapsed after months of parliamentary wrangling failed to secure
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a new budget the knesset was dissolved at midnight on tuesday means the country will now go to the polls for a 4th time in less than 2 years and discuss the implications with our correspondent don coulter. really seems like tuesday's budget roadblock was the last straw for israel's 7 month long ruling government coalition now benjamin netanyahu party and benny gantz is blue and white party are both blaming one another for the impasse and with these new elections scheduled for march i think we could possibly be seeing the end to 11 years of the premiership of benjamin netanyahu but netanyahu doesn't seem very worried. when i'm not afraid of elections we are prepared for that we will win the public in israel knows who's bringing in millions of vaccines for peace agreement who's looking at bringing in security and who will restore the economy great impetus while living out his ratings are actually at an all time low but he still projected to do better than dance in these new snap elections but he
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polls are actually saying that is not projected to win a majority like in these previous instances i mean after all his political career has been followed by a corruption case which he's denied any wrongdoing in and and also people aren't very happy in israel about the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic we've seen protests gripped the country for the past 6 months and they're not really showing any sign of letting out. politics have been deadlocked for a long time now a lot of people are saying that another election isn't going to fix the situation it's just going to lead to a 5th election down the road but
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a lot can happen in the in several months of course we'll bring our viewers the latest details as they become available. u.s. president elect joe biden is vowing to respond to the recent cyber attack on u.s. government agencies which he strongly suggest was carried out by russia which he says was due to lunch leadership on donald trump. initial indications including from secretary pump a 0 secretary of state attorney general william barr suggest that russia russia is responsible for this breach this assault happened on donald trump's watch when he wasn't watching it still his responsibility as president to to defend american interests for the next 4 weeks. rest assured that even if he does not take it seriously i will joe biden used his speech for the holidays to americans as president elect to blame donald trump for much of what is wrong in the
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country and not surprisingly once again russia seems to be the scapegoat as the united states transitions from one presidential administration to another now joe biden essentially argued that russia was responsible for an alleged hack in which a number of federal agencies in the united states as well as u.s. companies had their data compromised and he said that donald trump had been responsible for weakening u.s. cyber security and that he would reverse those policies and he also promised there would be a response to russia's activity we don't sit here and say we're going to strike you with a nuclear weapon. so let us to term with the extent of the damage use and i promise you nobody responds now joe biden seems to be taking some speculations as fact no proof has ever been presented that russia is responsible for this and we've already heard from prime one spokesman dmitri pascoe who said
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that russia was not involved and that the country is not involved in any such attacks generally now furthermore it's interesting to note donald trump said that it could be china who was responsible for the attack and that blame always seems to be the priority in response to instances like this the cyber attack is far greater in the fake news media than in actuality i have been fully briefed and everything is well under control russia russia russia is the priority chance when anything happens because lame she media is for mostly financial reasons petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be shina it may earlier biden's pick for secretary of energy said that biden's team really has no idea who is behind the attack we don't know fully. what happened the extent of it and frankly we don't know fully 1st sure who did it but it seems these other voices are not being heard as members of both the democratic and republican camps in the united states are rushing to blame russia once again as the united states faces
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a transition of power from wanted ministration in the white house to another fears of russia are being asked later. needing us libertarian party campaign was benedict to police joe budden is to readjust his rhetoric to me that sounds like he's still in campaign mode he needs to be in presidential mode i can imagine donald trump is hard to work with but we need an adult in the room and we need for president elect biden to prepare to lead our country and to work towards peace with other nations not trying to score more political points at the expense of poor foreign relations a lot of us here in america and russia we grew up thinking you nuclear war was inevitable we thought not only would it happen but both sides would lose and probably the whole world would suffer and many people would die we should be thanking god every day that there never was
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a nuclear war worldwide and instead of trying to rekindle the cold war and create animosity between science we should be trying to work together so i don't know for sure what president elect biden has in mind he could be stuck in the cold war mentality and needs to be pulled out of that that's what i hope some of his newer advisors will do if he has any such. an abrupt set of this news outage only for updates on the top stories in 30 minutes. eh i.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports i'm sure i'll see you then. master of fancy and welcome to going underground the team and i will be back with
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a brand new season starting on my birthday january 30th but until then we will be showing some of your favorite shows from this season. one scholar forecast a global food like pandemic it's one of the causes and it's profound effects as mike davis known for his devastating critique of capitalist urban development city of cortes excavating the future of los angeles here he is 15 years ago and why should be we be so worried about it izzy switches and fact that under 200 people killed less than 100 or we live in a world where millions of people die every year from the laryea tuberculosis hiv and the answer of course is the experience of humanity in 24 weeks and 1918 when between 40 and a 100000000 people died of a pandemic influenza this is the greatest mortality of that in human history there have been 2 subsequent pandemics of 19571968 neither are any words like
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as 1918 and then suddenly in 1907 this new flu emerged in hong kong and scientists discovered to their hor that rather than being incubated in a pig or a human being can call infected with several strains of the flu it jumped directly from birds to humans that's mike davis speaking in 25 on the threat of a flu type pandemic hitting in the overbroad world his warnings are arguably not taken seriously by policymakers think tanks and politicians is 25 book the monster at our door is now called the monster enters with a brand new preface and he joins me now from los angeles mike welcome to going on the ground you've been on well i understand just take us through how you came to write to the new preface as the full horror of the pandemic we came a parent the book the regional. published right out to the operation in 2003 i think i wrote it in 2005
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this is avian flu and at the time it looked like poor who's in no way faced with a pandemic flu the biggest disastrous is the 1980 spanish flu it was warning about the emergence of bird flu variant old age 5 n one. which had an extraordinary high rate but since the book was written several newer high it is of influence a equally. and troubling have arisen in on a very limited scale infected humans the spread of an influenza pandemic. is deadly is 189-9900 remains absolutely no minute and serving as a min discussed during a pandemic is the.


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