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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 23, 2020 9:30am-10:01am EST

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leg. length. the master of fancy and welcome to going underground the team and i will be back with a brand new season starting on my birthday january 13th but until then we will be showing some of your favorite choose from this season. one scholar forecast
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a global food like pandemic it's one of the causes and it's profound effects as mike davis known for his devastating critique of capitalist urban development city of cortes excavating the future of los angeles here he is 15 years ago and why should be we be so worried about it is easy which is infected under $200.00 people killed less than $100.00 or we live in a world where millions of people die every year from the laryea tuberculosis hiv and the answer of course is the experience of humanity in 24 weeks 19181 between 40 and a 100000000 people died of a pandemic influenza this is the greatest mortality about in human history there have been 2 subsequent pandemics 19571968 neither are any words like as 1918 and then suddenly in 1907 this new flu emerged in hong
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kong and scientists discovered to their whore that rather than being incubated in a pig or a human being can call infected with several strains of the flu it jumped directly from birds to humans that's mike davis speaking in 25 on the threat of a flu type pandemic hitting in the overbroad world his warnings are arguably not taken seriously by policymakers think tanks and politicians is 25 book the monster at our door is now called the monster enters with a brand new preface and he joins me now from los angeles mike welcome to going on the ground you've been on well i understand just take us through how you came to write to the new preface as the full horror of the pandemic we came up aaron's the book the regional. published right out to the operation in 2003 i think i wrote it in 2005 this is avian flu and at the time it looked like poor who's in no way faced with
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a pandemic flu the biggest disastrous is the 1980 spanish flu it was warning about the emergence of bird flu variant old age 5 and $1.00. which had an extraordinary high rate but since the book was written several newer high it is of influence a equal. and troubling have arisen in on a very limited scale infected humans the spread of an influenza pandemic. is generally is 189-9900 remains absolutely a minute and zooming as samin discussed during a pandemic is the. importance of developing a universal flu vaccine there attacks the in very in their area parts of the service in of influenza and can give this immunity from every poor even in
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influenza has we should realise that this is not a pandemic it's the beginning of an age of pandemics. that researchers in china face at the institute. that's come under attack from president truman. have genocide mission research and discovery of reserve or the more than $350.00 per pervert $500.00 varieties of viruses all with the potential to china to mammal other mammals and eventually humans. in china whose knees was the largest food merrill's in the world. fly their bats 1500 species about 200 is species have now been surveyed to some extent or another so there's
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a whole universe of trona viruses there has well as many other kinds of viruses that. are part of the natural reservoir and it is corporate law again an expansion of clear cut in and agriculture breakdown of barriers between a sunni. animals of the rain forests around the world as we destroy israel floors were ever increasing the possibility of transmission of viruses and the possibility of new pandemics and you kind of imply that there's no cover up when no one else was conceived as concerned as you were the information you say was out there similarly we're not being told now we live in the age of coronaviruses plural because why because there's no cover up but there's a structural well one of the things the troubled ministration did and in
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this country the attack on. research on potentially pandemic diseases and in general one public health started the day or 2 is not your asian is he defunded. in american sponsored program there was an early warning system through the emergence of novel lyra says in diseases in china and in southeast asia. he also of course wired the team on the national security council that obama had created in the aftermath of the. ebola deadly ebola happy demick in. west africa. to deal with a pandemic which was universally agree. with any needs read the united states some other countries i mean the warnings about this since. the beginning of the
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millennium have been constant the planet. has been kind of their reports have been gone since it but it's suddenly united states it's in your country and. most countries of western europe are always planning came to not resolved we. ignored and now in my country. president tribe has who he says are all on which is a medical spokesman name scott apple as he's a parks news commentator who exactly parrots the line that the tribe in ministration expresses that mass probably useless schoolchildren don't transmit the earth and to make the testing should be limited
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to only people in critically endangered groups trump obvious he says things that he says off of the united states doing better and he certainly is doing better than that the united kingdom on deaths per capita well in the case of britain i mean i think. it is now obvious that a deliberate strategy of herd immunity. was followed that the johnson government. deliberately decided to minimize damage to. the economy by letting the disease essentially spread and the catastrophic failure of the u.k. government. to come immediately to the aid of people in senior homes and. nursing moms nyquist same thing our news sweden which explicitly. herd immunity and behind this there is
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a kind of. would i would consider an ominous new nazi cancer germs or we're told lies unworthy of light and the whole idea that some part of the population is sacrifice that will prove the greater good of the economy through credit diabolic there well obviously we invite the swedish ambassador. to london and on the program sweden did say that they had made some mistakes so that it has any nazi activity and as far as johnson they moved away from her the minute he and there are presumably going to be a public inquiry here as to what exactly british policy was but more systemically since you mention the economy rather than just talk about the preventative elements now we have that pandemic. is. we to expect pandemics because of capitalism we've now seen. how rapidly the virus can be transmitted around the
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world but the point is that this resides a very old debate about global health and one side of it was focusing on was represented for instance the 19th twenty's and thirty's by the rockefeller foundation which was the largest financier of disease prevention of the global scale and within the british empire and the rockefeller paradigm was not areaway campaign sargon as pacific at the german or as civic bacteria that. passage of the nearest side repeating where every kid is somebody who is social medicine which said that attacking the pathogen alone without attacking the poverty of the population the lack of primary care
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would always be a put side of the whole and this is could not be more true than. today we see around the world and not only in court the teens whose public help pages. have been ravaged to realign its generation but in the united states and united kingdom were health care and public health authorities. separate back there to attempt particularly out to the 2008. economic crisis since visible and most here in. the east asia. has been an exception. just some except for is your is reasons but in the atlantic not always. will now see the price paid by conservative cisco policies in a new liberal economics so you really think that it's comparable thing in fact that
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of the 1918 spanish flu famously. spread through the trenches it's comparable to post 2008 infrastructural incapacitation after the bank bailout well 1918 example in ologies where he says constant way but in 189090 new jersey people new world died of insolence and more than 20 orian died in india and in western india as a result the food elite grain picture and other policies that exported massive amounts to an ingrained just feed the indian armies in the field through war. it was dissociated so food prices rose see people in india the same time it was drought and bad cholera
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epidemic sooty had this huge party lation. who are people with compromised immune systems and i am arguing that in fact today we have to recognize that some in immunological standpoint well nearly 2 new manager he's in new u.k. the united states maybe a 5th of the art. is immunologically compromised it's not just because cancers and diseases but also because of malnutrition co-exist seen sections like hiv but in poor countries in sub-saharan africa and south asia and many parts of wired merican. the majority of the population up to 75 percent. is in this position a b.
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gender a true. endemic i should say and that the un special rapporteur who talked about increasing malnutrition up to $28.00 in britain have he said it was a political decision the british government denied that completely michael stopping that more from mike davis after this break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and obviously to get off of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see that. what else will seem wrong. but i'll roll just don't haul. any ol yet to see how it does they come up to. and in again try to ignore the trail.
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once something and find themselves well the hard way just to look for common ground . welcome back i'm still here with the american scholar who for cost to global zoonotic we transmitted pandemic more than a decade and a half before coronavirus mike davis you say that in the united states where more people are being killed than any other than the nation with the most deaths you believe that john bolton trump said that former national security adviser is key to understanding why the pandemic planning went so badly well bowman's decision was to reorganize endemic preparedness to fire the crack team that obama had put in place he wanted
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everything focused on bio warfare but the larger phenomenon. is trump's absolute obsession with destroying and dismantling everything that. the previous president who didn't. put in place remember this regime came into power down going to destroy the fordable care or obamacare and is johnson we tried to do things like ted the budget the centers for disease control. if you look at this internationally you see that the lead agencies traditionally lead agencies in disease have been marginalized and the view issue is you know to totally marginal who all this center for disease control in the united states has had a totally the marginal role in the european union where there exists
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a protocol. for countries to cooperate in responding to transnational disease or seumas totally ignored so it has a driver ministration would say about a cat had many critics left and right and that has many critics as well. of of course but the fundamental problem here with the 2 of you is sure is in structural this financial country started pay their dues their w.h.o. has become totally dependent. on aid coming from a handful of governments and from the former cerebral and history and from a few philanthropy well let's just go to the big pharmaceutical companies because in this book you do talk about the role of private health insurance and big pharmaceutical companies as being maligned act as i mean this pandemic was that
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well the big pharmaceutical industries. which are always represented as being the main sage towards earth to disease the heroic innovators to earth new vaccines and drugs they become anything but in the case united states and through $950.00 s. . the leading force the development of antibiotics for instance was actually armed forces the u.s. army there is an important state rule in other words in the development of new pharmaceutical treatments put under big pharma. the the the profits are made in developing heart medicines or serious fruit erectile disfunction and old men like like me not in developing a new generation of inner vanities and above all not in an i vy roles in vaccines
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which have to develop may only be used to. once so big pharma his current barrack massively on and on research and spends far more on average tyson and it just doesn't take any leadership in developing. jugs and bank c.d.'s that are not highly profitable but absolutely necessary for societies or home as you know they do devalue that they say they're doing their best they're involved in a new super national initiative against coronavirus just very briefly i did mention private health insurance you see that is symbiotic with us in october of last year . the council of economic advisers issued a report on possible demick. it is already seen as
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is imminent and in it they point out and advise the president that big pharma will be incapable of meeting. the challenge of a pandemic prove precisely the absence of a strong profit motive in developing a nano by rules and in back scenes this is would every big pharma says especially big knowledge by by the government or new cures might in egypt. critics of big pharma private health care a chorus it's led to new reasons of americans tens of millions of americans without health care and that number has dramatically increased to poor is as people have lost their jobs and job base. health insurance and i think this sanders campaign really sent to skim was absolutely correct to put the universal health care bridge at the forefront of the campaign and then
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is actually massive support of you may think it's a minority position. which if you're on the news but survey after survey shows that or to 70 percent of americans just really want some form of single payer. health care which of course was of course by reject that he wanted but in the book you also talk about the c.d.c. is this not just all private bad public the c.d.c. with such a reputation around the world for disease control in the united states and around the world they rejected the w h o developed covert testing kit that shocked you. yeah it is it is shocking they also had another alternative which was the other test kit consists of is sensually 3 separate ters and they could eliminate the flawed 3rd tears and so had a viable so why would they have done the well that's
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a very interesting question they were defending true the problem with the chairs was it was actually contamination in their own production lines in georgia the c.d.c. totally. loses and losing through 4 weeks of testing allowed the disease to grow exponentially so and marge who started off with a handful of untested cases by the end of march it was increasing exponentially or over. there were several $100000.00 cases of it's continued to urge to grow hair in that the c.d.c. is obviously we invite them on and there they say they're doing everything by the board who also actually talk about the fame thing happening with the immunity test i understand but the p.p.a. catastrophe you blame jared kushner and vice president pat.
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yes. and in many others earn including. tony fauci who has true liberal americans in fact are majority americans because the and the good doctor on this part talking in truth so long as it's now sit back at the end of january was showing people absolutely no need so where were mass and he later admitted devious samus because. the drastic shortage of protective gear through hospital were his food decisions in nurses but the point is he lied to the american public and this initial publicity campaign to discourage people from going out and trying to buy only mass is said to her alone lansing in very bitter effect well thought out to
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fatty obviously a hero to liberal media played by brad pitt in saturday night live with the deny anything he did was against clinical procedure and best interests of the american people what do you make of the fact they don't no one seems to really be talking about something like factory farming we had dr rob wallace he was telling us about the relationship between factory farming and coronavirus why do you think that's just not the subject of debate about when it comes to coronavirus in public discourse in nato nations. that of course is in part made in the largest for the the problem with the democratic party and the app measures it takes around issues of public health in the origination of the epidemy. diseases because instead the endemic threat can be kind of triangulated 2 to
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3 things one is factory farming the organisation super sation of animals that maximizes. the probability of the viral evolution and then transmission the 2nd is the those still destruction of the natural or it's there who traditionally isolated us from these enormous by rumors of wars. in wild animal populations but the 3rd part and the most important has been the constant reduction of public in basic elp budgets. across the world i mean many african countries only have a very some once of public service some why sierra leone not at all which is why the ball spread so rapidly
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a few years ago the in in western africa so each each point on their trying will have to see each side has to be in the address and into we see that in reinvesting in basic healthcare. it's the absolute. a purty. we're going to see. future appeared to mix. in a sense repeat the pattern that seemed so not the solution a weapon the solution how so lie on each of these 3 points over and socialized a ripple through the destruction truck wars in this investment in basic you know just very briefly america since you are speaking to us from los angeles and here are the greatest chronicler of it sir history i better ask you even though tens of thousands upon tens of thousands are being killed in your
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country by covert what you are made of in this incarnation of the civil rights struggle of the black lives matter protests raging across the united states look after bernie sanders concession to joe biden. tens of thousands of young activist ideal words we're basically worked in the desert the. toll that really all you should do is going out there any people militant vote in this rebellious generations sense was saved by clients matter. and. it's been a. movement i can't really think of it there are in terms of its rapid development who could have we that the question basic fundamental well question and it's. about all these thing in the need to please a. it would have been put on international agenda if you know to look for that
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serious scene on once in impossible so the black lights natter protests in addition to reminding us that civil rights have been under relentless attack for the republicans. for 2 decades or to create a template for resistance and a far broader scale one of the things that i've been most concerned is the rule of unions in. developing a strategy to run. in a dangerous conditions. this essential work force and health care workers it's absolutely outrageous the other day a. report from the nurses. united national nurses you know sounded one 3rd of the nurses nicklin 3. you know access
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to protect the. gear they should add to the end i need on my. math so months later on stage months into. that program you know it is yet to be sold well donald trump says he's protecting the most vulnerable mike davis thank you that's it for one of your favorite shows of the last season we will be back with a brand new season of going on the ground on january the 13th until then subscribe to the john on you tube to catch all the other interviews from this season for online exclusive content merry christmas and i bet a 2021. a lot of questions what does it mean to be a conservative it's coming from a conservative and he change what he means to be what about the. fine. for conservatives to believe.
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in the day's headlines dollar trump appears has to approve a covert stimulus package negotiated problems by congress the president said the spending plans focused too much on foreign aid and wasteful provisions and don't provide enough support for americans congress found plenty of the. far john trees lobbyists and special interests sending the bare minimum to the american people. also this hour the french government backs a plan for so-called green passports bring up travel for people vaccines against kobe critics say the move would turn everyone else in the 2nd class citizen. and israel is heading.


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