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tv   News  RT  December 23, 2020 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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it's coming from the conservative in the change we need to be conservative. in mind . for conservatives to believe. in a new round of clemency donald trump part of this forum roger stone both convicted in the rush of a probe. is the father of the president's son in law. as his time draws to a close a close the president also visas the u.s. defense bill branding it unconstitutional. and the french government backs a controversial bill on the so-called green passports allowing travel and other activities to be allowed for. critics though say the move will turn everyone else into a 2nd class citizen. live
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from moscow thanks for joining us tonight on our teams in actual on daniel wilkins welcome to the program. our 2nd wave of clemency from donald trump has seen more allies get an early christmas present the outgoing u.s. president has granted a full pardon to his former campaign manager paul mana for political operative roger stone. who's the father of his son and. 4 was indicted by a special counsel robert moore is investigation over alleged russian collusion and jailed for financial crimes. and we'll just fell foul of them or inquiry off to long to congress unobstructed an inquiry into trump's russia links charles course that went on was jailed in 2004 for tax evasion and lying to the federal election commission well the choices of who's a pardon as spock fieri it also includes military contractors jailed for killing
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civilians in iraq but no whistleblower as the spot cools from rights activists auntie's killam open picks up a story well it is the holiday season and the outgoing presidential administration seems to be in a mood for clemency and there has been a wave of anger and criticism of who it is that the president of united states has decided to show mercy to now one of the people involved is george papadopoulos this is an associate of trumps who was caught up in the russia collusion investigation and charged with lying to the f.b.i. the white house made the decision to grant him a pardon. at the time that mr papadopoulos allegedly made the false statements he was not represented by counsel and after he was arrested mr papadopoulos gave additional information on his prior statements to the special counsel today's pardon helps correct the wrongs that mueller seem inflicted on so many people now in addition to george papadopoulos there has been widespread outrage about the
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trump administration's decision to grant clemency to some members of the blackwater military contracting company these were guards who were employed by blackwater who killed civilians in iraq or the north american authorities or. that they were dead bodies everywhere in the syrian government going to be on the only 2 people in authority among the dead body of the ministry that those who were chosen the movement 7 years old. paul slow evan liberty and dustin heard were convicted for involuntary manslaughter
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and the individual nicholas slotting who opened fire and 1st started shooting into the crowd of iraqi civilians he was convicted of 1st degree murder but now the white house is letting all of them off they will no longer be in prison serving their sentences they have been pardoned this is the feeling of the white house about why they made this decision when the convoy attempted to establish a blockade outside the green zone the situation turned violent which resulted in the unfortunate deaths and injuries of iraqi civilians further prosecutors recently disclosed most. 10 years after the incidents that the lead iraq investigates who prosecutors relied heavily on so very far that there were no exigent victims and to collect evidence may have had sonny's to insurgent groups himself now at this point there is widespread outrage this seems like the trump administration is almost approving of the killing of iraqi civilians 2 children were among the 14 people in
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the crowd who died as a result of their gunfire but at this point people are also looking at the fact that trumps education secretary betsy to vos is the sister of the founder of blackwater erik prince now there's also been a lot of outrage about who is not on the list of trump's pardons among the 15 people pardon and 5 sentence commuted it's the names that were missing that many were optimistic and hopeful about were julian a son john edward snowden these prominent whistleblowers had many people calling for the trump white house to grant them clemency among those who called for them were not just activists and advocates of civil liberties and for the protection of whistleblowers but also representatives of the united nations take a listen on hoping that he will julian a son it's the right thing to do donald trump since you're given pardons to people please consider pardoning those who at great personal sacrifice expose the
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deception and criminality of those in the deep state if president trump is true to its values i think the least thing to could do is to end the suffering the beauty the songs to pardon him this man has suffered enough for the interest of the public and will now trump still has time to grant a pardon to edward snowden and to julian a son she can grant clemency up until the moment he leaves office to do it at the very very last minute however the number of people that were pardoned today and the information about who they are seems to have many pessimistic many of the activists supporting the whistleblowers feel like this indicates that. ministration is moving in a very different direction with its clan and saying this is what every country that hosts us occupation's us bases is told it's a matter for us justice when u.s. soldiers and u.s. contractors and mercenaries kill rape and pillage in your country we'll handle it well here's the message the united states will not handle it it will not treat
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these cases in the way that it would treat a case of mass murder in the united states those of us who did not support from selection support dropping the demand for extradition of julian a son for crimes that amount to a commission of acts of journalism i don't care who julian a son she is what his politics are what horrible things he's done he performed a great service for the world he behaved as a journalist and a publisher he worked with the legitimate whistleblowers who were doing services for the world he took care to limit any damage that could be done as he was performing this service he ought to be pardoned and i hope he will it certainly seems more likely still that trump will pardon him and then that president biden when he's newly into office will drop the case donald trump has conducted one of his final acts of defiance as president vetoing the $740000000000.00 defense bill
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despite its wide bipartisan support in congress it's not to have to cost though that the outgoing u.s. leaders got a problem with his concerns of the unraveling of some of his previous moves saying it undermines national security. the act fails to include critical national security measures include provisions that failed to respect our veterans and our military's history and contradicts efforts by my administration to put america 1st in our national security and foreign policy actions president trump has essentially said that he was going to veto this defense bill if it came to him in the shape that well it came to him in essentially the bill which is $740000000000.00 is also known as the national defense authorization act it is an act passed every year for the last almost 60 years by congress to fund the u.s. military and every year it seems like the amount of funding for the military grows but it's also usually packed with items that are not necessarily specific to
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funding the military in this case there are a couple of different items that are listed within the bill that the president has a problem with one is the renaming of certain forts and military installations in the united states that have the names of confederate soldiers one of those as fort benning in georgia the president does not want to rename those military installations but the bigger issue the one the media here doesn't really want to talk about is the issue of the fact that this bill actually prevents president trump from being able to withdraw troops from afghanistan as he has said repeatedly that he desires to do and that he will do here's some of what president trump said about numerous provisions of the act directly contradict my administration's foreign policy particularly my efforts to bring our troops home i oppose endless wars and as does the american public this act purports to restrict the president's ability to withdraw troops from afghanistan germany and south korea not only is this bad policy but it is unconstitutional nancy pelosi the speaker of the house
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spoke out about this saying that this is the wrong move by the president that it puts our men and women in the military in harm's way she didn't explain how that happens he's not talking about defunding the military obviously it has a massive budget it's the largest budget in the entire u.s. government but. it what she also mentioned is that this bill undermines she says the will of congress in a bipartisan way the president's veto of the national defense authorization act is a next of staggering recklessness that harms our troops and vendors our security and undermines the will of the bipartisan congress next week december 28th the house will take up the veto override with bipartisan support you know what's fascinating about that is congress of the united states can agree on anything certainly they have difficulty green on any issue except for military spending and the expansion of wars around the world and that's what this bill does it takes an extraordinary step that actually prevents a u.s.
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president from being able to withdraw troops without congressional approval that's the caviar in this bill congress would have to approve the removal of troops which is not constitutional only the commander in chief has that authority however under the u.s. constitution interestingly congress does have the authority the sole authority to declare war something they don't want to do so to summarize under this bill congress would not declare wars they would simply prevent presidents from in the. u.s. lawmakers have been given early access that covert vaccines some were happy to accept others those that politicians should not be given priority over from line medics. if enough of us take kids we'll get back to normal life help is on the way.
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it isn't appropriate for me it was only gotten the virus has immunity to get in front of elderly health care workers same goes for any young healthy person they should be among the last not 1st. paying for it yes. i'm so confident that they covered 1000 bucks in a safe and effective but i decided to take it myself it is disturbing to send them the sniff test to get that sense while most from time walk his algebra and announces to its weight.
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we need to distinguish 2 different things that handful of leaders or prime minister or president leading members of the senate of the senate you know the public the little political figures and celebrities get that vaccine to show the public that it's safe and that is necessary that's one thing it's another thing to say that in general politicians just simply be prioritised because they have political power being politicians these are 2 separate matters they can't be conflated any humane principle for who gets the vaccine 1st should be goals that are most vulnerable and that is. specially is frontline workers essential workers the elderly and the infirm so it's true that probably some some politicians might be infirm some politicians might be front line workers but they're not there's no reason why publishers politicians should be pushed to the top of the list simply because they're over 50 the french government is pushing for the introduction of so-called
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green possible and greater freedom of movement to cope with immune people critics say those who decide against getting vaccinated will be essentially treated as a lesser citizens as the latest polls suggest some 6 in 10 people in france don't want the job artie's paulus leo reports france is preparing to end its health emergency by april the 1st so says the french prime minister john kass takes he's presented a vote in the national assembly ended establishing a so-called long term health emergency management regime simply chew it is vaccination and those opposed to it might just find themselves in trouble even if they just planning a trip around the city. the prime minister made on to the plan measures make the movement of people and their access to transport subject to presenting test results showing that the person is not in fact is following vaccination or remedial
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treatment to some politicians the may still believe i'm vaccinated people feeling as though they 2nd class citizens if this bill has really been tabled it must be forged but all elected officials and citizens committed to democracy and freedom in the face of this senseless deviation it is up to us to bring the government back to a semblance of reason this is the bill establishing a long term health emergency management regime which has just been introduced by caste tax read the following in this law the prime minister can make you a 2nd class citizen if you refuse the vaccine we must wake up it flies in the face of a promise made by french president emanuel not quantities government they should skeptics their feet and covered vaccination which begins on sunday would be purely voluntary i want to be clear i will not make the vaccination mandatory but the idea of a stick to certain freedoms for vaccinated people has been mentioned several times
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in public debates since this presidential announcement for example a member of the union of democrats and independent party valerie 6 has to pose the issuing of green pos votes to people who have been immunized with we could take the example of israel which grants each vaccinated person a green passport allowing them to go to places of culture and to restaurants and to get back to normal winning the french inoculation program will target the most vulnerable members of society 1st such as the elderly and only asked to a medical examination and come since he has given it's a great start but it's what comes next that has people here worried policia out see paris earlier we spoke to a member of the french national party who believes the government has gone a step too far. you know emanuel mccrum the prime minister the health minister promised us there would be no compulsory vaccination they would
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leave the freedom to choose to the french in fact thanks in particular to marine le pen we see that the draft laws speaks of a measure completely veiled aimed at limiting the french people to certain rules in their public lives thereby deciding for them whether they will be vaccinated or not i think it's shameful in fact it's a restriction of freedom which moreover contradicts the constitution this is a manifestation of dictatorship it seems to me that the government does not understand that today the patience of the french has run out we agreed to strict discipline for many months they said yes to the introduction of corentin said yes to the imposition of a curfew we agreed to everything that was imposed on them the next day the government came up with nothing better than to further curtail their personal freedom if the government wants the french to get vaccinated they must restore enough trust that's the voice of wisdom. spain is also ready to start
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vaccinating people with far as a biotech vaccine after it was given the green light by you regulators the country's health ministry saying a record will be kept of anyone who turns down the. it is considered important to record cases of rejection of the vaccination in the vaccination registry in order to understand the possible reasons for a locked in sin different population groups according to latest polls just around 40 percent of spanish citizens are voting to be inoculated against covert 1916 percent said they need more proof that it's effective while almost a 3rd will refuse to get the job altogether. you know where i'm going to bed i'm not going to get vaccinated i don't support it i don't want to be registered anywhere neither the government the city council nor anyone else has to know what i do. i believe it violates our privacy and they should not interfere at the
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moment no i'm not going to vaccinate it doesn't seem right or wrong to me i think people should get vaccinated but without forcing anyone everyone should do as they choose. i am one of those who doesn't want to be vaccinated it seems wrong to me i don't want any government to have to tell me whether or not i must be vaccinated because it's my decision. the u.k. and european union maybe finally about to announce a post trade deal there are reports that ambassadors are preparing to meet on thursday christmas eve to start the ratification process so it was that has more. boris johnson and his european counterparts have been working at tirelessly and they say they're closer than ever before to getting a trade deal of course they would be closer than ever to getting a trade deal considering the amount of time left the deadline is obviously the 31st of december but today is widely seen as
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a deadline day the final day for any provisional agreement as both sides are quite keen to get a deal in place by christmas all that said fisheries is still one of the main stumbling blocks it's still one of the key obstacles it has been throughout all of the talks throughout the year and it is still today in fact the loss what we heard from banja the chief negotiator just last night he said that the u.k.'s latest offer is absolutely unacceptable for the european union so it is quite hard to see that we're really getting to a breakthrough moment but it seems as though it hasn't it's all to do with how killing now the amount of percentages in the waters at the e.u. and the u.k. are now negotiating but when we look at the wider context of that we know that brics it has almost been the political death of david cameron and indeed theresa may 2 prime ministers before boris johnson we know 6 that he has predicated much of his political career that aside all breck's it in the u.k.
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is general election much of it all boiled down to breakfast the very eager to get the best deal in place for britain and in fact many m.p.'s within his own party are holding to ransom on that very fact saying if he doesn't get a good deal for britain that if ascension he should quit if mr johnson fails to reach an acceptable trade agreement with the e.u. the prime minister will also have failed the people of the united kingdom as a lifelong member of the conservative party i believe that mr johnson's position as prime minister would be untenable well in terms of ratification then that could all be done and dusted here in the united. and within a day or so this data has been pencilled into diaries for m.p.'s here in the united kingdom is the 30th of december over across the channel then for the e.u. 27 member states a little bit more complicated they could all agree though on video link but parliament would have to ratify it to their suggesting that they would then ratify
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it potentially all of the event that's also not quite ideal because if anybody objects to anything well it's already being provisionally applied but all of that being said that's quite forward thinking but because still the e.u. and the u.k. need to sign on that don't tip line they need to get that deal in place. is ready government has collapsed after months of parliamentary wrangling failed to secure a new budget the country's now heading for its 4th election in 2 years of quarter takes us through the story really seems like tuesday's budget roadblock was the last straw for israel 7 month long ruling government coalition now benjamin netanyahu party and benny gantz is blue and white party are both blaming one another for the impasse and with these new elections scheduled for march i think we could possibly be seeing the end to 11 years of the premiership of benjamin netanyahu but netanyahu doesn't seem very worried and that's. why i'm not afraid of
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elections we are prepared for them and we will win the public and israel knows who's bringing in millions of vaccines for peace agreements who's blocking iran who is bringing security and who will restore the economy here with great impetus. well netanyahu is ratings are actually at an all time low but he's still projected to do better than dance in these new snap elections but he polls are actually saying these not projected to win a majority like in these previous instances i mean after all his political career has been followed by a corruption case which he's denied any wrongdoing in and and also people aren't very happy in israel about the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic we've seen protests gripped the country for the past 6 months and they're not really showing any sign of letting out.
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israeli politics have been deadlocked for a long time now a lot of people are saying that another election isn't isn't going to fix the situation it's just going to lead to a 5th election down the road but i'm happy that we have a fulfilling. because there i was the fruit that we will never have an election again. we prayed that the stage to shoot would take over i think now the situation is quitting cold and we don't have the money and the time for the elections on a house in which i mean i think that the election is completely unnecessary it will cost us more than 2000000000 new israeli shekels if not more and we're in the middle of coronavirus people can't make ends meet why spend 2000000000 new israeli shekels now what for
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a. statue of confederate general robert lee's been removed from the u.s. capitol building following a long running campaign to get symbols associated with slavery now being moved to the state of virginia which is the legal owner of the sculpture. thanks generally was a prominent figure in the coalition of southern states during the us civil war and also a slave owner has become a hate figure for anti racism campaigners but is still seen by many in the american south as a hero because of his military humans and bravery they can spot will be taken by a state of black watch that's your black civil rights activist barbara johns democrat house speaker nancy pelosi has welcome to both the removal of the statue of robert elite and its forthcoming replacement by a tribute to barbara johnson vaccinia is welcome news there is no room for
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celebrating the bigotry of the confederacy the capitol or any other place of or not in our country and numerous symbols of america's slave owning past have been removed in recent months the movements lowballed after the death of george floyd in minneapolis back in major an altercation with police is spread to several other countries with activists destroying or removing monuments associated with historical racism i thank. you. thank you. for tempers are still flaring after that some more of that you toppling and to
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get some perspective from both sides we spoke with conservative commentator chris the harris and historian gerald ford. even today there are more symbols of statues honoring races and play voters then answer races and the slate read applicants this is outrageous badges in berlin there were still statutes honoring hermann gerbils or at all hitler for example the i would be considered outrageous it may be true that you cannot undo the past but certainly you can honor the best up the path and you can remove the worst of it i think that's what this statue of property levy it's removal is all about it's trying to say that slavery was wrong that slavery never should have taken place and certainly no statue honoring a slave holder never should have been erected in this country i believe that the statues that were put up were celebrated democrats some great in the confederacy so
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i think it's just odd that democrats are the ones who put them up and they don't want the rest of the world to know that they were the ones who put them up they don't want the rest of the world to know that the confederacy was pretty much all democrats but now they want to celebrate and they want to be they want to get the credit for taking them down as if now they're such great fighters against racism and slavery when they're the ones who put them up there removing these statues so they can remove their own. their own just horrid the history down on the ground coming in by just a few moments time he ought to international team when i will a town hall filed to be there they insist news headlines join us again. a lot of questions what does it mean to be a conservative is coming from the conservative and the change what is means to be conservative what about the issue of mine. for conservatives to please.
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others financial survival guide i don't buy a i caught up with you. the friday that's the last time i buy it from the future trucker watch kaiser. afterwards and see and welcome to going underground the team and i will be back with a brand new season starting on my birthday january 13th but until then we will be showing some of your favorite choose from this season. one scholar forecast a global food like pandemic it's one of the causes and it's profound effects as mike davis known for his devastating critique of capitalist urban development says
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you've courts excavating the future of los angeles here is 15 years ago and why should be we be so worried about it is easy which is in fact it under 200 people killed less than 100 or we live in a world where millions of people die every year from the laryea tuberculosis hiv and the answer of course is the experience of humanity in 24 weeks 1918 when between 40 and a 100000000 people died of a pandemic influenza this is the greatest mortality about in human history there have been 2 subsequent pandemics 19571968 neither or anywhere is studly as 1918 and then suddenly in 1907 this new flu emerged in hong kong and scientists discovered to their whore that rather than being incubated in a pig or a human being who had been contacted with several strains.


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