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tv   News  RT  December 24, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EST

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mind you are now. under. clemency for killers known for whistleblowers donald trump pardon list includes mercenaries guilty of the mass murder of civilians in iraq but leaves out those things on u.s. war crimes. today we hear they've been released from the personal orders of the president it's like the u.s. doesn't care for spilled the rocky blood it seems political considerations prevailed over legal and judicial wants and this decision. a plane carrying sporting supplies from moscow is its way to argentina to the country's regulator officially registered the russian covert job. and not so merry christmas queues and
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the shelves and usual decorations and i sumter in a bubble people around the globe trying to get into the festive spirit despite tough pandemic restrictions. hi there thanks so much for joining us this is r.t. international. mercy for burson aires but whistleblowers could go with donald trump to lists of pardons but despite calls from rights activists freedom of speech defender such as julian assange in edward snowden the been left off the same time the outgoing u.s. president raised concerns at the united nations by giving clemency to 4 former contractors of the blackwater private military company they were jailed for the mass killing of civilians in iraq baghdad condemned the decision as the iraqi people. because the court of us is asleep the infamous black water company killed
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citizens a nice suit a square and today we hear they've been released on the personal rule does of president trump it's like the u.s. doesn't care if a spilled a rocky blood we call on the united nations the international community and human rights organizations to intervene immediately and condemn these killers let them publish it seems political considerations prevailed over a legal and judicial wants and this decision president trump should have taken into account the relationship with iraq especially since iraq has a strategic cooperation agreement with the united states in all fields this will affect trump's political situation and his legacy there has been widespread outrage about the trump administration's decision to grant clemency to some members of the blackwater military 'd contracting company these were guards who were employed by blackwater who killed civilians in iraq but i know what it appears that.
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they were dead bodies everywhere and is the argument going to be on the air with few people in authority among the dead body of the ministry that those who were chosen in the region of 7 years old. paul slow evan liberty and dustin heard were convicted for manslaughter and the individual nicholas slotting who opened fire and 1st started shooting into the crowd of iraqi civilians he was convicted of 1st degree murder but now the white house is letting all of them off they will no longer. b. in prison serving their sentences they have been pardoned and this is the feeling
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of the white house about why they made this decision when the convoy attempted to establish a blockade outside the green zone the situation turned violent which resulted in the unfortunate deaths and injuries of iraqi civilians further prosecutors recently disclosed more than 10 years after the incident that the lead iraqi investigator who prosecutors relied heavily on survey found that there were no incision victims and to collect evidence may have helped tunnies to insurgent groups himself now at this point there is widespread outrage this seems like the trump administration is almost approving of the killing of iraqi civilians 2 children were among the 14 people in the crowd who died as a result of their gunfire but at this point people are also looking at the fact that trumps education secretary betsy to vos is the sister of the founder of blackwater erik prince now there's also been a lot of outrage about who is not on the list of trump's pardons among the 15
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people pardon and 5 sentence commute meant the names that were missing that many were optimistic and hopeful about were julian a son gen edward snowden these prominent whistleblowers had many people calling for the trump white house to grant them clemency among those who called for them were not just activists and advocates of civil liberties and for the protection of whistleblowers but also representatives of the united nations take a listen if president trump is true to its values i think the least thing you could do is to end the suffering the purity the songs to pardon him this man has suffered enough for the interest of the public and was donald trump since you're given pardons to people please consider pardoning those who at great personal sacrifice expose the deception and criminality of those in the deep state now trump still has time to grant a pardon to edward snowden and to julian a son she. grant clemency up until the moment he leaves office he could do it at
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the very very last minute however the number of people that were pardoned today and the information about who they are seems to have many pessimistic many of the activists supporting the whistleblowers feel like this indicates the trumpet ministration is moving in a very different direction with its clemency this is what every country that hosts u.s. occupations u.s. bases is told it's a matter for u.s. justice with u.s. soldiers and u.s. contractors and mercenaries to kill rape and pillage in your country will handle it well here's the message the united states will not handle it it will not treat these cases in the way that it would treat a case of mass murder in the united states even those of us who did not support trump selection support dropping the demand for extradition of julian a son for crimes that amount to the commission of acts of journalism i don't care who julian a son she is what his politics are what horrible things he's done he performed
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a great service for the world he behaved as a journalist and a publisher he worked with the legitimate whistleblowers who were doing services for the world he took care to limit any damage that could be done as he was performing this service and he ought to be pardoned and i hope it will it certainly seems more likely still that trump will pardon him then that president biden when he's newly into office will drop the case. has officially registered thrushes sputnik the vaccine the jobs been approved for emergency use by the countries regulate to based on the results of the ongoing phase 3 clinical trials here in russia the plane carrying on to tina's 1st batch of spending the supplies has set off for moscow headed for one is there is under the supply agreement moscow will provide enough doses for it to $10000000.00 argentinians earlier this month the country's president expressed confidence in the
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russian vaccine saying that he'll be the 1st to take it. it would have. in argentina some raise doubts about the quality of russian science to clear everyone's doubts when sputnik v. is here in argentina i would be the 1st one to take that vaccine because i have no doubt about the quality of the vaccine. as well as sputnik v argentina also signed up for vaccine supplies for mr zeneca and the united nations kovacs program contains regulator also approved the use of the pfizer beyond tech vaccine despite talks with the us john still being in progress meanwhile the argentine health minister criticised finds his approach to negotiations they asked us for a law giving them immunity and the congress gave them that law but then phases negotiators with the local ones but those in the us started asking for more conditions they want to sponsor a new law they want to the president to sign the contract instead of me the conditions started getting somewhat unacceptable government of argentina is
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thinking that this is going to be perhaps the most efficient way to bring an effective vaccine to its citizens so looks like they're essentially. betting on or putting their money on on the russian vaccine the fact that pfizer had those kinds of conditions and that the government of argentina was not pleased with those conditions i think there's going to be a lot of that kind of thing i think that there is going to be an awful lot of questions about liability and about potential long term side effects and the long term efficacy of the vaccines out sounds to me why aren't you know didn't like the deal that pfizer was giving them and was was looking elsewhere and i think that's why they turned toward the russian banks in. now with christmas day just around the corner lock downs and tough restrictions are set to take most of the sparkle it seems out of this is celebrations shoppers around the. european continent have been rushing to make last minute purchases for christmas despite copa distractions in
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many cities for example in milan streets were packed with people forming queues outside shops while londoners emptied shelves of supermarkets after the announcement of tougher coronavirus measures we have some of the u.k. capital's residents about the situation is just right before you there's nothing in the shelves. it's hard to buy a turkey now. it's just back to square one people are panicking now everything is empty i can see it now absolutely me but they are all christmas it is fine it's probably responsible by get everyone selfish event of the day in the way it's going to panic and think i need this i need that special running up to christmas i don't start it's a bit selfish mujhse me nowhere and buying more turf at tolo the roles. i was in the 2nd world war i mean we used newspapers to war by our board to. r.t. correspondent saskia taylor takes a closer look at how the pandemic may affect this year's celebrations. ho ho i know
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i'm not really in the mood either the tree might be up the carols might be playing but covert is hanging over us quite literally in a spanish town which not only is called our karunya but which also took a questionable creative decision when it came to its christmas lights. there's no denying it is the grinch but whether we let it steal christmas might depend on us take germany the country of christmas markets the the dancing lights the smell of malt wind the crunch of toffee apples a new look down might have seen some markets will come but no fear even in a pandemic there's a chance of a christmas cheer. if
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however you've been on your best behavior all year and anticipation over award from santa claus himself i've got great news just lower your expectations it's not so much slays snow and elves at the north pole it's move a socially distant scene in seattle you've got to take what you can get these days . classic santa is trying to squeeze into the strangest of places even in a snow globe those santa reminds us that christmas is the season of giving and while this year has left many out of pocket that hasn't stopped them from spreading the love in any way they can shoot i decided to stop what i was working on to start building something to thank these angels it's a tribute to the city of brigham will and to the people that do need their time and
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volunteer. for free without the main job on a ml's or hey of course many will be just as cozy to gather at home having a mellow evening but if you do get carried away swept up in the spirit of the holiday a simple purchase will remind you of the rules. the idea rose to create awareness so that people wear masks because the remora more infections and people have made the conscious decision not to put on a mouse can putting their hope in faith people put on your masks and every time you leave your house and see the baby jesus remember that you have to wear your face mask all things and finally the one thing you wished would disappear into the black hole of 2020 but decided to stick around like the grinch queues queues to dash open before travel bans queues to buy goodies and queues to deliver them in short queues.
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no it's not the christmas that we wanted but it's the christmas that we got so how we make the most of it hoping that next year it's less bubbles and more bulls and less mosque mandate and more merriment mistletoe and many. have been even netanyahu quit says israel's ruling coalition collapses after the break we'll take a look at why b.b.c. political look family be running out. christmas eve special well we await santa love don't wait for because the future is here now and it's glorious.
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is you'll be dear. a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true. is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a maid in the shallows. back
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in britain reports of emerge that health care admin stuff received coronavirus jobs before those on the front line despite the u.k. having one of the worst death rates among hospital workers the chair of the british medical association said that those at risk must be given priority kate partridge explained. on december the 2nd the u.k. hit the headlines after becoming the 1st nation in the world to approve the fires of biotech coronavirus back scene but u.k. medical associations are now worried about the vaccines pecking order after reports that n.h.s. office workers have been offered the job before frontline staff without a universal policy to vaccinate from flying patients facing staff as a priority and no review of current p.p. guidance we could be facing avoidable stuff sickness and absence over that all right a difficult winter months a poll by the u.k.'s doctors' association of
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a 1000 frontline staff claims 70 percent of them have no idea when they'll get the vaccine the survey includes local doctors emergency specialists and those giving the injections this should be equally of excess. as far as extradition is concerned in health care facilities to the stop an equal access to x. nation it's increasing the mental stress of folk at work as we urgently need to make sure that the crew directs us and people who need it 1st get it pushed since the start of the pandemic hundreds of n.h.s. and social care workers have died after contracting covert 19 front line workers were initially due to be vaccinated in the 1st roll out of n.h.s. jobs but a government rethink means hospitals are prioritizing care home staff the elderly and the chest stuff vaccination other than to prevent vaccine waste which will hopefully be able to accelerate early in the new year as more vaccine becomes
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available in the u.k. more than half of england's $135.00 n.h.s. trusts us still waiting to receive deliveries of the job 3 weeks after it was approved. for the health care workers should be given according to a plan so that the police who are more wonderful get it forced and if they're difficult to do because you know most places. this last post will. most probably kill callie's there is just us been done already all we need to do is to have a unified primary a 2nd would be careless talk oakley toward it at increased risk while some politicians are also joining medics in calling for the government to put front line workers 1st in practice as well as policy any n.h.s. staff likely to come into contact with a covert positive patient should be prioritized for the vaccine whether they are clinical staff or not primary care stuff absolutely can and should be vaccinated according to risk assessment the government promises more vaccines will arrive in
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january but with cases at record numbers a new variant of the virus circulating in the n.h.s. ensuring staff shortages the government is facing yet more pressure to ensure its key health workers and most vulnerable people are protected in a season when the health service has always come under the most strain kate partridge r.c. . a key ally have been human netanyahu has quit the cabinet and found to join the opposition also accusing the israeli prime minister of corruption this comes as the ruling coalition fell on tuesday sending the country to the polls for a 4th time in less than 2 years on easily trying to take a look at wind you know his luck might finally be running out. did you know that the man devastated the most by donald trump missing out on a 2nd term as someone who lives thousands of kilometers away from u.s. borders he's long been in charge of
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a different government and no his name is not lattimer his name is bin human and i'm not saying that because i work for a russian t.v. station to stay cool look at all the political gifts that these re the leader has trump and his administration to thank for. 6 what a glorious. my vision presents a win win opportunity for both sides a realistic 2 state solution that resolves the risks of palestinian statehood to
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israel's security. iran deal is distracting and in school. thinks maybe joe could have made this deal maybe sleepy joe. the great news for him is room. in the white house. but with trump on his way out netanyahu is going to have to find other ways to get a political boost and right now he really needs one of course of trump's middle east peace deals still proves a winner these really pm might get mad. it's to weather the storm but here is what israel's streets now regularly look like.
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the protesters biggest problem with benjamin netanyahu is his alleged corruption crimes he denies any wrongdoing he's calling the trials politically motivated but the opposition got a new weapon this year cove it or rather the nation's fury at the way into the always been dealing with maybe failing to deal with the pandemic the perception is one of mismanaged log downs with businesses and the unemployed left in the lurch the corruption has so many people involved 3 let me just start on a blank slate i need a constitution we need to limit the terms of the prime minister to 2 terms the us we need to stop the corruption here in israel and open it and you know when it's
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done you know mainly but are the government and or did you spend it doesn't want any mall but the corrupted and the walking for one person trying to escape from his day trial demonstrations picked up pace in the spring when it's and ya'll managed to cling on to power as prime minister but only thanks to a kolisch in between his likud party and benny gantz as blue and white alliance the election rivals try to get along to get the country through the pandemic but now the cole as soon as fall apart and israel goes back to the polls in march it will be the country's 4th knesset elections in under 2 years and election is not the right thing for the country but it's much better than a paralyzed government and having politics dictate the management of one of the most severe health and economic crises wherever no. that's any our hope like the
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rest of us will no doubt be glad to be done with 2020 but cuomo early next year could well be looking back to the start to clean out the years where mr here comes your golden heart president was still in the white house one of the biggest issues that he's fighting against now is the fact that he sidelined his major rivals. who were from his political camp and are now tired of him manipulating the political system to serve his own needs it's in a both his party and the israeli electorate they understand plainly that his main goal is to form a right wing religious government in order to be able to grant him some kind of immunity from his corruption charges in the future that's really his number one priority despite whatever else he has achieved and these traditional right wing voter is recognize that he's putting his own interests ahead of those of the
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country and maybe his dishonesty in egoism have finally caught up with him. a statue of confederate general robert e. lee has been removed from the u.s. capitol building it follows a long running campaign against symbols that are associated with slavery the centuries now being moved to the state of virginia which is the legal odor of sculpture. thank general lee was a prominent figure in the coalition of southern states during the u.s. civil war and also a slave owner he's become a hate figure for anti racism campaigners but is still seen by many in the american south as a hero because of his military achievements and bravery if i can spot is going to be taken by a statue of black civil rights activist barbara johns democrat house speaker nancy pelosi welcomed the move. when you are symbols of america's slave owning past the
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been removed in recent months the movement snowballed after the death of george floyd in minneapolis it may during an altercation with police it spread to several other countries with activists destroying or removing monuments associated with historical racism. the tempest still flaring after the summer of statue toppling and to get some perspective from both sides we spoke with conservative commentator christopher harris and historian gerald home. even today there are more symbols of statues
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honoring races and play voters then answer races and the slavery applications this is not the greatest badge of berlin there were still statutes honoring herman gerbils or at all 'd hitler for example the i would be considered outrageous it may be true that you cannot undo the past but certainly you can honor the best up the path and you can remove the worst of it i think that's what this statute or property levy its removal is all about it's trying to say that slavery was wrong that slavery never should have taken place and certainly no statue honoring a slave owner never should have been erected in this country i believe that the statues that were put up were celebrated democrats subgrade in the confederacy so i think it's just odd that democrats are the ones who put them up and they don't want the rest of the world to know that they were the ones who put them up they don't want the rest of the world to know that the confederacy was pretty much all
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democrats but now they want to celebrate and they want to be if they want to get the credit for taking them down as if now they're such great fighters against racism and slavery when they're the ones who put them up there removing the statues so they can remove their own. their own just horrid the history. of this crisis and global news for you thousands of drivers remain stuck on motorways and lorry parks in southern england france has reopened its border with the u.k. whole is need to test negative for china virus in order to leave the country but it was close for 48 hours because of a new strain of covert found in britain. so at least 21 people have been injured 9 critically so after an explosion in central baltimore yesterday incident occurred on the 16th film of the baltimore gas and electric building efficient cause of the buses and 9. then you'll events in thailand where the finns bring children christmas gifts got
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a topical twist the sheer with the children receiving face masks as part of a coronavirus safety dr it comes after the country's worst outbreak was confirmed at the weekend at a seafood center near buying caulk. i mean you brought up today don't forget though we've got lots more new stories code for you on our website check them out at r.t. dot com. the world is driven by shaped by one person.
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the day or thinks. we dare to ask. i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report christmas eve special while we await santa nothing away for because the future is here now and it's glorious stacy the future is here now it's very positive we're talking to our solar punk friend 8 cambridge in this episode hey welcome to the keiser report we definitely do not want a lump of coal in your christmas stocking this year and so we are talking to the man with the vision.


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