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tv   News  RT  December 25, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EST

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join me every 1st week on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. u.k. do you finally struck a landmark regs it deal after 4 years of rank everybody's happy with boris johnson's christmas gift with the brig's it negotiated to bring it a lose lose situation. so merry christmas countries in europe see covert cases and search people are placed under strict measures during the festive. jogging liz's a testy bundle an edible cannabis survey just some of the things a u.s. senator claims the government waste $54000000000.00 of taxpayers' money.
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other thanks for joining us you're watching our international. is the brakes saga over at last the u.k. european union finally reached a landmark trade deal just days ahead of the new year deadline the chief exec negotiator described the u.k. you divorce is lose lose prime minister boris johnson is characteristically upbeat this is i believe a good deal for the whole of europe. for us for our friends and partners as well. but there is no winner in bracks it's a lose lose situation to separate especially in the world as it is today england the united kingdom has chosen to be solitary rather than stand together. johnson's christmas wish may have come true it's been overshadowed by a tough year of covert closed borders and economic woes saskia taylor picks up the story. it was almost as if he wanted to become
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a me we have so much to look forward to in 2020 it's hard to pin down which one of 2020 stretches he meant the end as negotiations food shortages coronavirus close borders economic collapse felt like. sending it. sending a president who home grinch who stole christmas. yet i think what christmas has been known and history he might be like remembered as the prime minister. best so was about a man who wanted to be remembered as the one who got brecht's it done 4 years of preparation for a cause he believed in thompson was set up for trial and he even promised back in january that it was often ready all but done we had ended a debate has run for 3 and a half years some would say 47 years i would even mention the name of the can probably see except to say that it begins with billions receding the past behind us
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well be rose from the past and a haunted chorus for 11 months that's how long it took to negotiate a deal a deal that has followed praxedis claims could be resolved over a cup of tea 11 months the brink of no deal a nation of disappointed impatient angry people but boris still gave himself a pat on the back we've taken back control of our laws and our destiny we've taken back control of every jot and tittle of regulation in a way that is complete and unfettered who's going to tell him then that this celebration might be a party for one. it sounds like the british team have dropped the ball before the line no wonder they want a christmas eve announcement to hide the fisheries sell out today amidst all the debates and details of the trade deal one fundamental truth remains that at the time of global insecurity we're no longer part of one of history's greatest and
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most noble projects bring nations together to build peace out of the ruins of war. this is a disastrous bragg's it outcome for scottish farmer it's and like all other aspects of bracks it for students cortlandt against our will it wasn't just brussels that proved to be bogus on doing fresh from a caribbean holiday and still on a post-election high in the new year boris johnson didn't seem too concerned about a never heard of before virus his message was clear don't exaggerate when barry is going up. and when there is a risk that new diseases such as corona virus will trigger a panic while it was a pretty quick descent from fun to this.
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but it's hard not to panic when the person who's supposed to be meeting you flip flops and utahns his way through a crisis to the point his own ministers don't know the rules so make it absolutely clear. distinction. let me i will absolutely get back to christmas would be cancelled actually christmas is off schools are reopening actually no they're not we're lifting the knocked out actually stay at home little wonder then that confusion on exhaust peroration grew on the consumer speaker you know it's like things are very very quick and we don't get that much information about what's going on and suddenly boom the new school down we don't know what to do so nobody can use and this feeding on you cannot who's devoted 48 hours so it's so confusing i don't even. know my parents live. there with it so i am allowed to go to do but i don't know if
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i'm really about to be going through. here forward to to you was it a case of bad timing for bojo was 2020 year you just couldn't shine no matter what or was it the man himself who failed to meet one thing's for sure for bars johnson it's been not a hell of a year but rather a year from how the scottish 1st minister nicola sturgeon has said that britain is still lost more than its gained from bragg's it on the now scotland has to decide on its future as quote an independent european nation is what scots and on the brits think of the deal fatigue because it's been going for so long it's happening no the balls rolling i think we should just finish it i think it needs to be because of a past couple of weeks so should be just so much hype and misinformation and media behave breaks and i think it's completely retrograde step i think that the feeling of being part of a multinational international. i word looking community i think has been
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thompson fantastic i didn't support brett so i didn't pull the brakes a i have really guides to not be part of you know pretty boy it does make me nervous to think how am i going to get to visit the european cities and you know friends i have to live in spain and in france and other parts of europe it would have been a disaster if there had been no deal so very peaceful but there is a do this is i suppose some people a big christmas present it's just i think if it is really easy to do this year the idea of a devious a good one. but i think the idea that it has to go through 49 different parliaments in europe is a bit crazy i think it's really. funny going on to these years but it sort of begs the question as to whether this arrangement is going to be better than the regime that you have to come before we left the european union. well let's look at how the u.k. and e.u. will cooperate from january 1st they'll be no tariffs on each of these goods and no
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limits on trading you border checks have been agreed to the u.k. also has pulled out of the long running erasmus student exchange scheme between universities politicians returned to westminster to vote on the deal on december 30th yes the experts what the agreement means for the u.k. future. a deal has been reached it will leave many disappointed the pro e.u. people are disappointed we're leaving a troll people out means that for 4 bricks that are disappointed at the concessions compromises that have been made but you've got to hand it to a bar of storms this and he would never get this done this is he could never get an election never mind win one without workable majority this said he would never get a deal this is he didn't even want a deal but he's proved all of these critics doubters wrong even if the e.u. your 1st state often saltz as models of the universe it is surely the capitalist
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interest in the european union and the end of the day they decide in which direction this union goce they did not want this directed to go as smoothly they try all stops to do it to make it bloody elite unit not to keep it and they want to destroy the u.k. economy just to set an example or so that other nations do not accept the terrible arrangement that is the european union today but they have not succeeded because the economic interests within europe the gender card companies for example they have a strong interest and maintain this trade relationship with the united kingdom's. you came i have dealt with the braggs crisis but it still has the pandemic to handle the sharp increase in covert cases just before the holidays leaving the country in limbo will take a look at that later this hour. germany remains one of the country's worst
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affected by the pandemic. the state of saxony as it registered a disproportionately high share of germany's deaths linked to the virus from a tour in the region have been struggling the backlog our video agency ruptly film the situation. for many people around the world christmas 2020 is very different tough rather than the festive time and holiday spend it isolation away from family and friends found
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the head of the world health organization has released a special video message thanking people for their efforts and sacrifices. 2020 droste one and a pandemic of historic proportions is preventing many of us from celebrating in the ways we would like hundreds of millions of people are today making great heart wrenching sacrifices by staying apart to stay safe across europe christmas celebrations have been axed with markets and shops closed because of new restrictions and correspondent peter all of a looks at the situation in germany. across in europe christmas festivities are subject to this year because of the coronavirus pandemic here and this gentleman mocked it's usually the scene over one of the german capitals local bustling busy christmas markets not this year though like carnival in the spring time the markets
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of being counseled there being a loosening of covert restrictions to allow people to gather with loved ones over christmas itself friedrich merits the man who will be gunning for chancellor angela merkel's job next year wasn't happy with covert restrictions having an impact on a family christmas personally i would see it's none of the government's business how i celebrate christmas with my family he's not alone germany has seen at times launched demonstrations against covert 1000 restrictions. while christmas is very different this year new year's may be totally on recognizable in germany being mocked without its traditional.
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green policy politicians of launched a campaign against fireworks this year while thousands upon thousands usually throw in the approach to the brandenburg gate for the annual new year's eve bash this year 'd that is a victim of corona of the policy will be held with elder revel as shown on television there will be no giant posses a family reunions otherwise we could be threatened by another wave of infection in february there will be no party in berlin at the brandenburg gate either it will disappoint sold to be sure to virgin sea and medical so. this is going to be among knows the lamenting the lack of fireworks of the new year's eve we evaluate only how many people come to us or brought to the rescue center during the night how old they are and why they need to be treated it clearly shows the dangers of fireworks it's a festive period with
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a difference but at least italian prime minister just epic commentary has some reassurances for people concerned about one particular elderly man traveling at christmas father christmas assured me he's already got an international travel certificate so he can travel everywhere and distribute gifts to all the world's children. quite the relief i'm sure you'll agree peter all over r.t. early. juggling machines for lizards and soft drink bottles for covert testing just some of the things the u.s. government has splashed out more than $50000000000.00 and they feature in a report on how taxpayers' money was allegedly wasted artie's dimitri park takes a closer look. 2020 has been a year to forget for many reasons but it's that time of year so let's reflect imagine you just blown $54000000000.00 it is more important than ever for congress to find its fiscal backbone our debt puts at risk the long term solvency of major
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programs such as social security and why to pay for test use for covert tests that turn out to be soda bottles to see if hot tubbing a few times a week eases stress yeah those don't seem like good investments but u.s. senator rand paul has published a whole list of all the things you can blow your hard earned money on and what washington apparently did spend it on like $1500000.00 to give a couple of reptiles some cardio researches spent a 1000000 and a half taxpayer dollars to get 6 lizards walk them on a treadmill what taking x. rays with 3 d. imaging technology and then figure out how their joints moved sure it's fascinating stuff maybe for some but come on $1500000.00 place your bets on how much it costs to spray drunk rats with bobcat during just a tidy sum of $4500000.00 in all seriousness here's exactly what the researchers
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did in layman's terms they spent 5 weeks giving rats intermittent access to alcohol to get them hooked then they put the rats in a cage and literally sprayed them with both cat urine and predators odor to simulate trauma then they tested where the males and females responded differently why that's probably something you're wondering right now the answer research into p.t.s.d. and alcoholism among war veterans badly someone has concluded that surviving a gruesome war is comparable to being sprayed with urine so we've gone from paying people to sit in hearts of trying to get adults to watch less t.v. and box all of this money wasted and now. an of it was initially washington this is $54000000000.00 of taxpayer money but look on the bright side at least we can sleep well now we know that a coke bottle is not a good substitute for a test to. the way the the united states government has managed its finances
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throughout this entire thing is absolutely overall completely abysmal it's been nothing short of criminal what the united states government has done throughout this entire pandemic there were a few ok things but overall the bad outweighs the good by a whole lot and it's really made the united states government out for exactly what it is which it is a corporate coup no one ever asked the question are you going to pay for it when it comes to giving money to the pentagon or giving money to weapons contractors or given money to the oil and gas industry no $1.00 ever asks how you going to pay for it but they ask how are you going to pay for it when it comes to giving direct relief to people then all the sudden they're worried about their pocketbook more news coming your way after the short break.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. boxing day special. boxing day is
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a holiday celebrated the day after christmas with us being the 2nd day of cursed miss t'ai. welcome back the u.k. has recorded its 2nd highest daily number of covert infections comes as parts of the u.k. are expected to be placed into the street to slow down measures later this month well the 600000 people recorded to have coronavirus in the week beginning december 12th us around one in 85 people in england some estimates suggest almost all from new infections from the new more vigilance london coming as the highest number of people testing positive a covert 90. will stick to measures against the virus prompted a desperate rush to flee the capital before the holidays you look down. distinctions prevent households mixing indoors and also non-essential shops as we closed the british health secretary defended the lockdown though saying it's
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necessary to curb the spread of the new coronavirus variant the position though says responsibility for the spread lies firmly on the government's doorstep. while these restrictions are now necessary they would not inevitable the return of this virus and the return of prescriptions adopt an act of god there a failure of government the british people have done everything asked of them. what approach the government has not the senior clinical lecturer text or medical schools says that this new surge in cases could have been avoided with stricter measures we have been very slow and larks and not enforcing a public health measure with strictness unfortunately we have failed in controlling it because we never enforced it as strictly as we should have our hospital admissions are almost at the peak meaning hospitals are also getting full and more
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worryingly in the more sensitive age group meaning the older age group our case numbers are also up and it is the older people who get severe disease and may die from this infection the narrative is we have a new age of the sars could we do virus it may be more infectious however it may and it is a big capital letters many that it may be more infectious. as something many travelers are concerned about covert passports singapore airlines announced it will be the 1st major airline to introduce the controversial measure of digital verification of passengers who've been vaccinated. singapore airlines has started trials on a new digital health verification process this will offer customers the ability to securely store and present information related to covert 19 tests as well as their vaccination status in the future in order to book and travel
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a special form needs to be filled in the telling virus test results information on whether you've taken a job or not is mandatory it effectively means health data is stored for each passenger another's got some doubting whether they would travel with that airline again privacy is the key concern for the panel of guests we discussed this issue with earlier. quarter 19 has created of a kind of a new normal what we talk about and our technology is something which we will try to come to rescue for the future you know for different purposes and in this particular case to try to see if there can be an ease of travelling and when there is a date of it most from your own personal domain to any 3rd party there are 2 possibilities one that it is used for it's on purpose but also there is always a possibility that it could be shared or it could be done it said
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i doubt our privacy issues so at this level all stakeholders need to ensure that the data safety indeed our privacy is maintained and it is only used for that particular definite purpose and not for anything is idea is to ease the travel for the people the test the p.c.r. . the blood. for the passenger to go on to travel freely there. this is of course. of our 5 it. freedom if it goes like that. creates a kind of crisis for the people traveling over the water there is a kind of a kind of. wish to reopen the trouble to reopen.
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the exchange but. think about the. rights of the people. because. the celebrations around the world now in france they not today performed christmas eve concert the 1st event of its kind the cathedral was ravaged by fire last year so the overalls are placed traditional gowns as reconstruction of the building is still underway. london strict lockdown was eased for a couple of minutes on thursday night to let people sing christmas carols in the street a socially distance approach to the festivities was still maintained. the germany local priest organized the drive in christmas mass in the car park of a hardware store just to dish and church services have been suspended across the country to slow the spread of the virus.
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to generate a huge wave of discussion from liberation to celebration and even confusion to look at how the year has left more than a few people and a personal pronoun predicament but i don't this is fertile ground for the culture wars to get really vicious. circle papier t. in the world keros. for the base. yeah i didn't know what base man i just very dismissed awoke arrow's as a whiny tween says reveling in victimization no they're here to save people from things that they didn't even know they needed saving from like all of the gender who or the fact that whether you knew it or not you are a massive racist yet all the base love just all right trump
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apologists looking for a fight no these are brave souls trying to express opinions that 5 years ago you and rand would have. been t. but now could get hot and you late shift work cancelled. so let's delve in and see who was on the front line of the culture wars in 2020 this is like being in jail the battle of the sexes is no longer finery and no one represents the crazy state of affairs better than the j.k. rowling nor is it weird that the inflicted harry potter on the walls is now lift by suggesting that they're all women on their own then.
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get out and yes that was cool to be counseled to saying that there is such a thing as. the trans rights people when not. well the ballin film festival was in no mood to be rolling and so it just dumped its gendered awards for best actor or and best actor a dozen not just mean less prizes for everyone why not bring in more prizes for more gender is a man like $32.00 of them the national charge of iceland went another way and depicted jesus with boobs on a dress to quote reflect society as it is today by which i assume they mean confusing. tripling down all the confusion with. the current director of the matrix series. she said that the matrix trilogy wasn't about saluting karate different colored pills being plugged into play station apparently
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the whole thing was an allegory for the struggles of the transgender community i'm going to come out and i don't. you know that was the original intention in the world wasn't quite ready for part of the corporate world. and on a serious note i would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the actor . good luck. for this news i hope you have a great day if you can stick around please do not top stories in 30 minutes. well no one nuff said no not. ugly little closer blue no.
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real deal with the issue in the. unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. the real own you know. where the sages your worship god. go to the dead know the. sun you look at the russia of putting. on more modern. you know modern others and many new non-thermal more not up on their i've got them all so you know. i'm going to no no i've got the number 4 kind of wish to know about the one you i know you did him. no more or less than one.
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of them and all buddy bill can you. point us both to go out that is a want that. should mind you on our. site is and. gets in and out of the year you will not under the law that they give us the. l. look forward to talking to you. should work for people. i really must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law should. your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obesity is to create trust i rather than fear . take on various thing with artificial intelligence will some of the.


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