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victory fate. leadership celebrates a historic deal of course the european union chief negotiator. not so merry christmas countries in europe. people are placed under strict measures during the festive period. what a waste of money a us senator claims the government tell us through the way more than $50000000000.00 on worthless projects including jogging machines.
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a very warm welcome to the program on this the summer the 25th my name's union and wishing you all a very happy christmas our top story after more than 4 years of wrangling the e.u. u.k. finally reached a trade deal it was agreed just days before the new year deadline however the mood in brussels on london was very different following. this is i believe a good deal for the whole of europe. for us for our friends and partners as well yet but getting. there is no winner and brax it's a lose lose situation to separate especially in the world as it is today england the united kingdom has chosen to be solitary rather than stand together. all the nations that make up the british isles are divided on the scottish 1st minister here nicholas sturgeon say britain has lost more than its gain from bragg's it
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stressing that scotland must now decide on its future as an independent european nation we've got to if you resolve scots and other britons on the deal. fatigue because it's been going on for so long it's happening now the balls rolling i think we should just finish it i think it makes it feel to be because it was perhaps a couple weeks ago should be just so much hype and misinformation and media i hate breaks and i think it's a completely retrograde step i think that the feeling of being part of a multinational international. i word looking community i think has been thompson fantastic i didn't support bret say i didn't pull pranks a i have really tried to not be part of you know petty boy it does make me nervous to think how am i going to get to visit the european cities and you know friends i have to live in spain and in france and other parts of europe it would have been a disaster if there had been no deal so very cases but there is a to this is i suppose to some people a big christmas present it's just i think
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a father's relief aid to them to see if the idea of a deal is a good one. but i think the idea that it has to go through 49 different parliaments in europe is a bit crazy i think it's really. funny going on all through these years but it sort of begs the question as to whether this arrangement is going to be better than the regime if you had to come before we left the european union so what happens now well we can take a look at what the u.k. and e.u. will be crossbreeding with on a level from generally 1st notaro sun each other's goods no limit on trade new border checks that's the big one really that's been agreed upon while the u.k. has pulled out of the long running a rosmah student exchange scheme between universities and indeed this all will come to a vote in westminster all on december the 30th so far as johnson may her of ended the year in a much needed high but the last 12 months have been overshadowed by cold with
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closed borders and economic woes saskia taylor has been taking a look back for us. it was almost as if he wanted to become a meme we have so much to look forward to in 2020 it's hard to pin down which one of 2020 stretches he meant the end as negotiations food shortages coronavirus close borders economic collapse felt like. sending. sending a president who home printer on christmas. yet i feel like christmas has been known and history he might be like remembered as the prime minister. best so was about a man who wanted to be remembered as the one who got brecht's it done 4 years of preparation for a course he believed in thompson was set up for trial and he even promised back in january that it was often ready all but done we had ended
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a debate has run for 3 and a half years some would say 47 years i would even mention the name of the control the sea. except to say that it begins with billions receding the past behind us well be rose from the past and a haunted chorus for 11 months that's how long it took to negotiate a deal a deal that has followed praxedis claims could be resolved over a cup of tea 11 months the brink of no deal a nation of disappointed impatient angry people but boris still gave himself a pat on the back we've taken back control of our laws and our destiny we've taken back control of every jot and tittle of regulation in a way that is complete and unfettered who's going to tell him then that this celebration might be a party for one. it sounds like the british team have dropped the ball before the line no wonder they want a christmas eve announcement to hide the fisheries sell out today amidst all the
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debates and details of the trade deal one fundamental truth remains that at a time of global insecurity we're no longer part of one of history's greatest and most noble projects bringing nations together to build peace out of the ruins of war. this is a disastrous bragg's it outcome for scottish farmer it's and like all other aspects of bracks it for students cortlandt against our will it wasn't just brussels that proved to be bogus on doing fresh from a caribbean holiday and still on a post-election high in the new year boris johnson didn't seem too concerned about a never heard of before virus his message was clear don't exaggerate when barry is going up. and when there is a risk that new diseases such as corona virus will trigger a panic while it was a pretty quick descent from fun to this.
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but it's hard not to panic when the person who's supposed to be meeting you flip flops and utahns his way through a crisis to the point his own ministers don't know the rules so make it absolutely clear. distinction. let me let i will absolutely get back to christmas would be cancelled actually christmas is off schools are reopening actually now that not we're lifting the knocked out actually stay at home little wonder then the confusion on exhaust peroration grew because speakers you know it's like things are in a creek and we don't get that much information about what's going on and then suddenly boom the new school down we don't know what to do so nobody can use
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initiated on you cannot who's devoted 48 hours so it's so confusing i don't even remember my parents live. there with the kids so i am allowed to go to youtube but i don't know if i'm really about to be going through. if it wasn't a case of bad timing. was 2020 year you just couldn't shine no matter what was it the man himself who failed to meet one thing's for sure for boris johnson it's being not ahead of the year but rather a year from how. germany remains one of the country's worst affected by the demick in the state of sox ne is one of the regions hardest hit with crime and toria struggling to cope here's footage from our video agency ruptly .
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germany as a whole was badly affected this year with many locked down restrictions put in place with more now on how it's impacted the festive season in the country here's peter over. across in europe christmas festivities are subdued this year because of the coronavirus pandemic here and this gentleman marked it's usually the scene over one of the german capitals local bustling busy christmas markets not this year
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though like carnival in the spring time the markets of being counseled there being a loosening of covert restrictions to allow people to gather with loved ones over christmas itself friedrich merits the man who will be gunning for chancellor angela merkel's job next year wasn't happy with covert restrictions having an impact on a family christmas personally i would see it's none of the government's business how i celebrate christmas with my family he's not alone germany has seen at times launched demonstrations against covert 1000 restrictions. while christmas is very different this year new year's may be totally on recognizable in germany being mocked without its traditional buying or.
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green policy politicians of launched a campaign against fireworks this year while thousands upon thousands usually throw in the approach to the brandenburg gate for the annual new year's eve bash this year 'd that is a victim of corona and the policy will be held with elder revelers and shown on television there will be no giant posses a family reunions otherwise you could be threatened by another wave of infection in february there will be no party in berlin at the brandenburg gate either it will disappoint sold to be sure to virgin sea and medical so. this is going to be among knows the lamenting the lack of fireworks after new year's eve we evaluate only how many people come to us or brought to the rescue center during the night how old they are and why they need to be treated it clearly shows the dangers of fireworks
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it's a festive period with a difference but at least italian prime minister just epic commentary has some reassurances for people concerned about one particular elderly man traveling at christmas father christmas assured me he's already got an international travel certificate so he can travel everywhere and distribute gifts to all the world's children. quite the relief i'm sure you'll agree peter all over r.t. the early. years of the taking of easy after a big night no jogging machines for a lizard's just one of the strange projects the u.s. government has spent money on this year according to a report that states over 50000000000 dollars when the way of such projects to me treat poke spain to. 2020 has been a year to forget for many reasons but it's that time of year so let's reflect imagine you just blown $54000000000.00 in 12 months it is more important than ever
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for congress to find its fiscal backbone our debts puts at risk the long term solvency of major programs such as social security and why to pay for test use for covert tests that turn out to be soda bottles to see if hot tubbing a few times a week eases stress yeah those don't seem like good investments but u.s. senator rand paul has published a whole list of all the things you can blow your hard earned money on and what washington apparently did spend it on like $1500000.00 to give a couple of reptiles some cardio researches spent a 1000000 and a half taxpayer dollars to get 6 lizards walk them on a treadmill what taking x. rays with 3 d. imaging technology and then figure out how their joints moved sure it's fascinating stuff maybe for some but come on $1500000.00 place your bets on how much it costs to spray drunk rats with. just
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a tidy sum of $4500000.00 in all seriousness here's exactly what the researchers did in layman's terms they spent 5 weeks giving rats intermittent access to alcohol to get them hooked then they put the rats in a cage and literally sprayed them with book can't urine of predators odor to simulate trauma then they tested where the males and females responded differently why that's probably something you're wondering right now the answer research into p.t.s.d. and alcoholism among war veterans are barely someone has concluded that surviving a gruesome war is comparable to being sprayed with europe so we've gone from paying people to sit in hearts of trying to get adults to watch less t.v. and box all of this money wasted. and none of that was initially washington's this is $54000000000.00 of taxpayer money but look on the bright side at least we can sleep well now we know that a coke bottle is not a good substitute for
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a test to. the way that the united states government has managed its finances throughout this entire thing is absolutely overall completely abysmal it's been nothing short of criminal what the united states government has done throughout this entire pandemic there were a few ok things but overall the bad outweighed the good by a whole lot and it's really made the united states government out for exactly what it is which it is a corporate coup no one ever asked the question are you going to pay for it when it comes to giving money to the pentagon or giving money to weapons contractors or given money to the oil and gas industry no $1.00 ever asked how you're going to pay for it but they ask how are you going to pay for it when it comes to giving direct relief to people then all the sudden they're worried about their pocketbook. developing story known in the u.s. city of nashville 3 people being injured in
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a huge car explosion on christmas morning the area has been shut down with an investigation underway by multiple agencies including the f.b.i. local authorities believe the incident was intentional police say $100.00 response team were already on their way to the scene to follow up on reports of a suspicious vehicle when the car blew up it happened in a dull until an area of a run 6 30 in the morning nearby buildings being dumb edged with the breeze scattered across the road president trumps all the responders. so i had all our to international break culture wars truly moved up a gear this year society's talk a little very gender identity that's among the stories we hold for you to the break .
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when i was told small seemed wrong all roles just don't call. me that you get to shape out disdaining to educate and in gains from an equal
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. welcome back to the program london and its surrounding areas are bracing for stricter measures this christmas weekend the southeast of england is set to enter a so-called tear for effectively a lockdown and with a new strain of the virus spreading rapidly across the country the prime minister is refusing to rule out another national shutdown. we face very considerable new pressures particularly from the the new variant and the speed with which that's been that's been spreading we believe that we're going to have to get through this tough period and much as i regret that i do think it is necessary for us to
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grip this virus knowledge to stop it running out of control in in january because we need to buy ourselves time to get the vaccine into as many arms of the elderly and vulnerable as we can. from london strictly locked on was ease for a couple of minutes thursday night to a lot of people to sing christmas carols in their street a socially distance approach to the traditional festivities was still in. awe of this awful a song from london becoming the official covert 1000 hot spot in the u.k. nationwide over 600000 people were recorded to have cronus in the week beginning december 12th that's around 155 people excuse me in that know some estimates suggest almost half of the new infections are from the more new variant strain just
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going through the n one spent on heightened measures against the virus prompted a desperate rush to flee the capital before the holidays new lockdown restrictions prevent high schools mixing in doors and all non-essential shops will be closed the british health secretary defended the lockdown saying it's never well these restrictions are now necessary or they would not inevitable the return of this virus on the return of prescriptions a doctor not to go there a failure of government the british people of everything asked of them but i'm afraid the government has not a little further reaction here the senior clinical lecturer at exeter medical school told me earlier that the new surge in cases could have been avoided with stricter emission. we have been very slow and lax and not enforcing
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a public health measure with strictness unfortunately we have failed in controlling it because we never enforced it as strictly as we should have our hospital admissions are almost at the peak meaning hospitals are also getting full and more worryingly in the more sensitive age group meaning the older age group our case numbers are also up and it is the older people who get severe disease and may die from this infection the narrative is we have a new age of the sars could lead to loris it may be more infectious however it may and it is a big capital letters many that it may be more infectious. right let's take a quick look then a christmas celebrations in various parts of the world despite those various restrictions in france the not choir performed a christmas eve cultured it's the 1st event. since the cathedral was ravaged by
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a huge fire last year hard how it's overalls replaced traditional gardens with reconstruction of the building still very much underway. and in germany a local priest organized a drive in christmas mass in the car park of a hardware store that's ours or indeed because traditional church services have been suspended across the country to slow the spread of the cold and heartless. 2020 saw a gender identity generate huge wave of the scotian from liberation celebration and quite a bit of confusion between poly boy who looks now at how the year has left more than a few people in a personal pronoun predicament. but i don't this is fertile ground for the culture wars to get really vicious. served take you on t.v. the world keros.
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all the base. yeah i didn't know what base man either history dismissed the work arrows as why you need to eat is reveling in victimization no they're here to save people from things that they didn't even know they needed saving from like words all the gender who or the fact whether you're own or you are a massive racist yet all the based look just all right trump apologists looking for a fight no these are brave souls trying to express opinions that 5 years ago you and rand would have. been t. but now could get her and you lived worse canceled.
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so let's delve in and see who was on the front line of the culture wars in 2020 this is like being in the battle of the sexes is no longer finery and no one represents the crazy state of affairs better than the j.k. rowling nor is it wicked that the inflicted harry potter on the walls is now lift by suggesting that they're all women on their own then. yes that was cool to be counseled to saying that there is such a thing as. trans rights people when not. well the bollywood film festival was in no mood to be rolling and so it just dumped its gendered awards for best actor or and best actor a dozen not just mean less prizes for everyone why not bring in more prizes for
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more gender is a man like $32.00 of them the national charge of iceland went another way and depicted jesus with boobs on a dress to quote reflect society as it is today by which i assume they mean confusing. tripling down all the confusion with. the current director of the matrix series. she said that the matrix trilogy wasn't about saluting karate different colored pills or being plugged into play station you know apparently the whole thing was an allegory for the struggles of the transgender community i'm going to come out and i don't. you know that was the original intention in the world wasn't quite ready yet or part of the corporate world wasn't ready and on a serious note i would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the actor elliot
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a. good luck. polly doing her thing japan's secret unit 731 was one of the 20th century's most chilling episodes but the details of it are still largely unknown outside the country our documentary death factories casts a spotlight on it and it starts in moments. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only
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personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. today the industry prefers to spend millions of euros in you know being. a regulation i will be sniffing all about making money making profits in some of the corporations international markets import export do you imagine the number of chronic diseases that are out in every community today it is new due to new viruses all new microbes just not true so it is due to environment. though that momentum is simply the. muscles of really just accumulate could only come into use even though to be. the legacy of the sky if the so
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food industry is successful it will create more jobs it will create more value added it will create more clothes so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into st not except that we are british and we want regulation i was an industry and if we don't behave zinnias penalty just fine. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led to. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or in maine in the shallows. because one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east. it sits on the on a river that runs along the russia china border and was for many years the far eastern capital. there is no shortage of historical sites here and the officers' club is one of them. this is when they're in december 9 14912 members of japan's quinton army stood trial.
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that was the only time walk women also have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing at home. no one nuff said no no. no going to the other day that allegedly.


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