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tv   News  RT  December 28, 2020 3:00am-3:30am EST

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a lot of this late monday morning as full intensive care units force california clinics to set up makeshift wards and beds daws one nurse tells us just how bad the situation is getting worse doc now we were running low on oxygen on supplies he have patients in overflow overflow overflow areas here in russia vaccination with the job starts for people over 60 years of age the group most affected by the virus after the health ministry approved the jobs safety and efficacy. coronavirus vaccination rolls across the rest of broader europe but citizens are hugely divided on the issue. i think we do not have enough feedback on this vaccine at the moment
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i think everyone should take it because that's the only way we're going to have enough to get out of the problem. by their love no one here live from moscow this 28th of december is kevin. world news h.q. this hour thanks for your company 1st and covert latest on lots to tell you about los angeles county in the u.s. called it more than 30000 new infections in the last 2 days alone leaving hospitals there struggling to cope. well across southern california intensive care units are full with overwhelmed hospital setting up makeshift outdoor wards and beds for soldiers county even reportedly sent out rationing guidelines for clinics to give less care to those less likely to survive is still unclear whether those guidelines have been implemented this month one nurse filled with emotional appeal while
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battling coronavirus a self. who her true home. to go our own course. through her of her of war or murder or. nurse. who we saw told us the situation is a breaking point we're stuck now we were running low on oxygen on supplies on you know all the respiratory drugs definitely bad definitely staff we don't have enough staff we are beyond stretched we have patients in overflow overflow overflow areas that were never intended to have patients other hospitals are setting out makeshift units outside of the hospital our government they blew it all so they could have released to the defense production act and ramped up the
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production of p.p. and all the other supplies that we need and they didn't do that so the whole the whole nations in a big big predicament of how we're going to be able to treat patients safely and give them the care that they need that officials have issued safer at home or the meantime to try to stop the virus from emergencies gatherings for anything other than political or religious purposes about and most not essential companies be forced to shut down the city mayors urged people to think twice about the plans over the festive period. there's no celebrating this year for our health care workers who are facing the toughest times they've ever seen for them we're staying home for them we're skipping holiday parties every sacrifice makes a difference to stopping the covert 1000 surge. taney again blaming public recklessness for out of control infections i can't even imagine what it be like to be a governor right now the state. especially california california is
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a powerhouse right it's got the 6th largest economy in the world and. the fact that you know businesses are shutting down you have a lot of very vocal californians and and they were giving him a tremendous amount of pressure to open up and i understand that but you could open up safely and people just weren't big saving why i would drive by bars and people would have their masks off and there'd be it be densely densely crowded and then you hear people like running out homes and having parties where there's 1000 people there so it's the public it's us it's the ignorance of the human being we continue to. defy the recommendations of the c.d.c. we continue to gather and i understand how important holidays are there just as important for me i haven't seen my family in mines it's terribly serious and people
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need to understand that you have to be careful and it doesn't matter your age it doesn't matter yes it dies it does it matters your age and your cum or biddies but there's plenty of younger people that have died from this. well here russia is registered 27000 new covert cases in the last day alone older people are known to be more susceptible of course with almost half the people catching the virus in moscow over the age of 46 however one persons probe that there is hope no matter your age in central russia the disease has been defeated by one very brave lady has reached a huge special. i don't know what the secret of my recovery ends but i know that we need to keep calm and preserve our nerves a lot of. she
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was hospitalized in a relatively severe condition she was upbeat 10 responded well to treatment she recovered quickly she felt really precious to us and we wanted to pay around the clock. to see that it looked as though you were grateful to the doctors she's an optimist and radiates positivity that's why she's made us happy for so little. you have to say looking great coverage workstation programs rolling out worldwide and here in russia the elderly are starting to get the sputnik v. at the weekend the health ministry broadened its priority list for the shop to include those over the age of 60 the safety and efficacy tests were concluded front line workers had been 1st in line this month our correspondent leaper trying to
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this morning out of moscow vaccination center them. of course it's finally great to get some good news about kolb it out last vaccination centers in moscow including at the clinic where i am right now are getting more busy because the program is kicking off and i can tell you that here i've already spoken to the 1st person from that age group 60 plus to get the job. i love to finally take off my most can future thing that i had seen me let me do that so monday is definitely a milestone here in russia because pretty much anyone from that age group 60 plus at least in the russian capital could get enrolled and that case most likely forget about everything that we've become so sick and tired of this year and that explains why the moscow mayor is proud and happy and by the way has been
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vaccinated to the russian ministry of health has approved the opportunity for the older generation to be vaccinated against code 19 but the sputnik the jap it's great elderly people of the biggest risk group which is the most severely affected by the disease starting monday we're opening registration for vaccination i can say so myself then really works so the program is kicking off exactly 2 days after the russian ministry of health gave the green light for the vaccination of the elderly people and i can tell you that the clinical trials for this age group have showed that it's safe and pointed to 90 percent efficacy that is despite earlier criticism from some experts that we're talking about the high likelihood of side effects which include fever muscle pain and headaches and it's been reported that about 15 percent of those who get the job could face the sides effects but
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again clinical trials at the end of. they are saying that despite the people who go for the job of everything will be ok and that's again definitely a breakthrough the people that will really have to watch out for the side effects are those with allergies and quantico illnesses so before making the decision on whether to get vaccinated or not you really have to go through a very serious medical checkup and this is exactly what i asked the head of this clinic about a little earlier live there in your books in the nation screening is common practice a person undergoes the same examination before the flu vaccine it's done to exclude risks from acute illness or if it's you know a g.'s and to measure temperature as of august recess health in terms of chronic disease if people fit the criteria we include them in the vaccination group. so it's obvious though that there are many many people who have still not made up their mind on whether they should get the job or not but definitely an extra
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confidence boost for them will be the fact that we heard from a lot of more potent secretary that the russian president will get vaccinated as well and we know that he is part of that age group as well the russian leader is 68 years old. the e.u. has launched a cross border vaccination program with a target of not collecting all adults in 2021 contracts have been secured with supplies for more than 2000000000 vaccine doses that however polls point to high levels of hesitancy towards getting the shot pulled asli is in france where the battle against the pandemics complicated too by both a lack of vaccines and skepticism over having that injection. 1000000 that if they make a number of people their own thank you vaccinate by the end of. the focus now nursing homes like this one and the facility where it is then vulnerable
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individuals and emergency workers 1st in line to. just say the vaccination is the only way to stop the virus the people here in france are split on the issue just above us and i'm not really in favor i think we do not have enough feedback on this vaccine at the moment even if it can save lives maybe it will be good to wait a little bit older than i am for vaccines normally it takes 10 years of research and testing but in this case as the vaccine has been readied very quickly i have mixed feelings i would do it for me if. i was really the 1st to do it or if i had to do it to trouble i think everyone should take it because that's the only way we're going to have enough herd immunity to get out of the problem so i don't see a need to have the vaccination i probably wouldn't have one recent poll suggests that about half the population is again getting inoculated and it's not just me and to get there we have fears that the vaccination has nothing takes to popping in the
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u.k. and us the number of people who have developed a severe and reaction to the vaccination as has happened in other countries and then on top of that there's a general mistrust to the government something we took the population field at present upon fumbled his way for the 2nd way to do people here feel that paris has its hand on top of things now all we could hear was so one thing that day and other things that we. exist i think it's easy to criticize when you're not in their shoes i think you might have a harder lockdown and maybe not that people close so free over christmas i can't say they did a good job or a bad job i think they just did what they could i worked out schools people and there is a lot of sick people as a result we don't have any need for any any tunes from futurism on there and it's really difficult because one of virus is europe's worst
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public health disaster in over a century. as you can see winter in the 3rd wave is a wave upon us even hoping that this late to fold out move to unity and help but 1000000 vaccinations is only a small fraction of the 17000000 adults here when from once over the age of 60 if that is the way that paris plans to beat this to be still virus it needs to act and act fast. terrorists just like you know as well off the break coming up we'll be looking deeper into the effects over year of cove it all in france how is it left the country was going to go it's coming up. to.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the hour now from corona virus to black lives matter 2020 has been a year of historic stories both mainly bad and some good archies polyploid connex takes a look at the response to famous names whose views on those issues go against conventional wisdom. frontlines of the culture wars in 2020 not everyone gave up on the practice of insulting everyone and not carrying these red beasts who faced. basically this is it there was something about when i put this handle and maybe through like superman kanye west with trunk with
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a mind that begs. a freedom and 1st of all just doing something that everybody tells you not to do london had teacher katherine bubbles saying gives 0. count the box why the local races when faced with the idea of putting down statues and di colonizing the curriculum she gave a reply that came straight from your grandad and now we're talking about the colonizing the curriculum it is not about the colonizing curriculum it's about getting good behavior in our schools how can you support a social justice warrior these days well just check. they spend so much time meeting down against racism that there's hardly any skin left so guess what happened when basketball legend charles barkley said you know greed is a very slippery slope. because. if you don't
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this led to quite a few of those caring people to get off all stanley's and declare buckley a racist who was only speaking up for his white ghost buddies must know what i want to say get it get on to your knees or they'll come for you. cave said it best when he said political correctness is guys in the county and happy to make anyone else it is the congo i think really bad really good random luck what is neat cave me well let me explain using the giants of the intellectual doc web. when maggette podcast. his show over to spotify earlier this year for something like a goes there is people at the company said that they were so upset that he wasn't being censored and that they were alienated by his views did you see that guy accidently hit moved his car. pull the video. oh my god oh my god oh
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my god they demanded we're p.t.s. meetings with management you know this is probably overinflated all that spotify stuff is issues complete fodder they have literally said nothing to me about it it was a similar story. jordan pietists reportedly started the company that was publishing his latest book was so disturbing that it was being published but they ended up being. m.m.a. scrap and actress gina carano. want to get into a fight with. has been expressing the wrong kind of politics she doesn't think the election is about she doesn't like a small 6 and now her opponents have started. to fire gina carano. 2020 the year that was pretty
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boy and sternly political correctness has taken over multinationals as well with some companies making conspicuous donations to high profile causes want to find more checco dot com now world news. hundreds of old orthodox jews have blocked traffic at israel over the arrest of a religious student who refused to join the army 13 protesters were detained and one officer injured in the. protest demonstrators hurled glass bottles at police they respond with water cannon to try to disperse those rallies. a developing story to tell you about russia's emergency. ministry is looking for 17 fishermen this morning missing off the northern coast after a trawler sank in the icy barents sea 2 fishermen have been rescued but there are fears that the rest of the crew may have perished not survive the search operations being complicated by bad weather which is stopping rescue planes getting to that
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area officials added to as best they know ice accumulation could have led to the sinking of the vessel. thousands of refugees warning to they will survive a freezing winter without shelter after a major camp and amid a snowstorm of bosnia and herzegovina aid troops frostbite hypothermia and other severe health problems are already being reported by those stranded at the site. so 2020 most of us went through being worried life changing events and governments didn't always keep up designing in next than on france which struggled through like many other nations but there's also coping too with its own other unique problems as charlotte do bensky reports from paris. when 2020 or roy was hailed as a double digit see as something that was pretty special that only happens every 100
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years or so well special it certainly walls. by the end of the month we had an inkling that things were about to get worse or worse 19 can be kind of. a pandemic. the fashion industry soon was doing was it does best for dictating what we would all soon be wearing mosques soon they war hot property arrests for selling contraband mosques became headline news as the government requisition the role for health authorities. during the 1st wave nurses had to deal with not only the coronavirus epidemic but with the shortage of mosques gloves
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and overcoat we ended up wearing trash bags at a time when everyone was supposed to be fighting the pandemic we were left without the means of doing so there was a lack of equipment and the french government was responsible for that they should have been strategic stocks of surgical masks and not the gear now if things really started to go downhill fronts and the state's 1st looked on the borders were closed businesses like this we work in the stadiums in the sea a terrace we ensure security in the event sector and since march everything's been stopped and it's to you hasn't resumed all the hotels were closed there were very very few hotels open during the 1st wave the hotels that stayed open did so to accommodate people in difficulties. but there was an enormous amount of worry and we didn't. have the sense of being heard alone can find spring left to many with pent up energy as restrictions eased up health care workers filled the streets fear
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is being underpaid and under appreciated. drew to an end to warnings of rest 2nd wave they believe in the 1st pill b.s. parents took action introducing mass pleasures as factions were registered but as the closures began. anger was palpable. the government promised these measures would be enough they would be new who are turning into a 2nd lockdown instead a curfew that promise fell like a pack of cards before the month was art. did it start to feel like the after
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consultation with scientists dialogue with economic political and social players and after exchanges with all of our partners and weighing the pros and cons i've decided that as of friday we need to go back to the lockdown that stopped the virus . but i know businesses were really feeling the squeeze. for us 2020 was a horrible year and we have the impression that 2021 is going to be even worse our biggest problem in the catering industry is that there is no recovery date and no restart date. posted there's a there are inconsistences and how things were decided it's been said that there are certain sectors started were able to raise you that's not a problem but it's the others that are paying it's absurd a lot. got be about things are still very bad because we have to ask to restart our work but we can't we have to continue paying our expenses except there is no money coming back to us there's nothing in fact as france headed into the winter it still
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wasn't out of the woods. or at a decent nursing staff learned from the 1st way if we can now take better care of pain about that there were serious mistakes by the government and it makes us question our confidence in the authorities as the new drew to an end restrooms because the it's museums all remain shells of their former selves a fresh curfew was announced in france finds itself facing an uncertain future as the bells ringing for 2021 so let's even r.t. paris you know there are so tony tony one brings better and soon able to answer up what we're talking about so far this morning check out our side. of our socials if you want to keep abreast of thing else we're talking about or in the breaking news i'm kevin go in for me in the chamber on the scenes here have a great monday. that's
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geysers financial survival guide like what i said that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as it's been a pleasure. for. an entire village in alaska. if another country threaten to wipe out an american. we
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do everything our power to protect. water then escaping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska seems some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world we lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. things the river is. closer than how. was. i don't think we're part of the earth from.
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below in welcome across town where all babies are considered i'm peter lavelle 2020 has been a year like no other how has the big crisis changed our lives how will that continue to shape our lives moving forward and what have we lost things and ideas that may never return. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's a historian analyst and author of the forthcoming book a rise rosia the return of russia to world politics in oxford we have mark allman he is director of the prices research institute and in budapest we crossed to george samueli he's an arthur and a you tuber at the gaggle are across the uk rules in effect that means you can jump
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in anytime you want and i always appreciate it let's go to mark here you know mark in preparing for this program he's jotting down some notes about how i reflect upon this year let me just read you a couple of bullet points health dictatorship through fear has become central to our lives we go from one crisis to the next crisis it isn't authoritarians dream come true. good faith thinking is gone social media using censorship and that science which has been completely discredited there's no such thing as the science the media will tell you otherwise and probably most importantly what is happening to the social contract now i just read you 123-4567 things take one of the. well i think we could begin really with as you say the science in a sense human experience if we think back to 100 years ago when the great spanish flu epidemic or even 60 years ago and so hong kong flu. the extraordinary thing is
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the degree to which the current epidemic has led to huge social changes and what social disciplinary changes that those didn't have and in a sense also they didn't really have a legacy did they they were huge events catastrophic events but they cost. us in the ability interesting thing here and it comes to help social discipline question if the culture changes is that across the world certainly across the northern hemisphere in which they australasia people are adapting to a whole new set of behavioral rules which have come into force very quickly social distancing how you manage your life the economic activities social activities cultural activities.


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