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in the shallowest. the government has to determine which sounds is it going to be insured and which those is it not going to insure and it does that based on the racial makeup of
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neighborhoods. neighborhoods that had a certain number of black presidents what have literally rad lines drawn around them on the map. and they wouldn't insure mortgages in those areas because they believed that the property is would not hold the baby turned on a loan they said. banks take up that same practice they decide they're not going to lend in those areas that meant that all these benefits the potential homeowners were flowing to whites and not going to minorities. going to racism into our ownership culture. problem it's just problem is made most of them up and libel wimbledon don't know that we did are probably going to work with them living 2 doors away so we passed a law in 1968 fair housing act it proclaims that fair howard. is not a part of the american way of life. given
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to nurses provide this relation but to actually affirmatively go out and say how do we do. it so the government betrays. i find as i travel across the country that. we're talking about white americans or people who may be robot and other minority groups like the mexican americans arrest . just like the black americans what everybody wants is an equal chance to have a piece of the action that the federal government has never enforced the fair housing act and that state and local governments do not enforce the very. good. you know you can have federal policy but it's the local administration of these policies that often the black people receive discriminatory treatment hello my name
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is out on washington on call about the about an apostrophe in part of their. hello my name is graham wellington and i'm calling about the apartment around on park street vailable. what is really so what does this mean it means the places that were segregated in the thirty's forty's and fifty's they're still racially segregated today because we haven't done anything to undo the racial segregation. in town today is 95 percent white very few minority families living there. when fix the damage that was done we just allowed all those inequalities to continue but said from this day forward we can't discriminate sell it and fix it all of these policies and practices these systems. federal government state government local government. they converge to sort of create concentrated poverty by the time we reach the fifty's and sixty's so that
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creates a situation where many urban areas you have like what george clooney would call you know chocolate cities in the little suburbs. they're call it the white house and that's a temporary visit. there's a lot of. we've got to get some i don't need to get. working on. you to get you the review if you. feel. you are you. trying to tell you. there is no clue gram a promise that a president can be thinking. government's going to come in. and do this. listening to. the condition of black veterans and white veterans diverged even
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though when they returned from the war they were economically similar families. public housing then became a black phenomenon. people who fall into this category they have to. it's. not any kind of nature. down and people constantly. cities and adequately service neighborhoods that were heavily concentrated with african-americans garbage collection wasn't picked up as frequently the streets weren't repair those well the conditions deteriorated and the urban areas became slums. you know i would like to rub america's nose in this is say you're going to get it you want to reject it. but i certainly would it would hate to think that
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anybody thought i said they were giving up hope what i'm really saying is the society has failed the hope of the people who live here and struggle you know that's what i'm really saying they're going to go on struggling anyway whether we fail or succeed. but the same time you have concentration you also have clearance you have. structure which is destroying but communities are always oftentimes in urban areas a built did in the middle of black communities so there's a sort of rising anger frustration that explains. well once they became so far these look at them and said well we need to do some slum clearance.
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where are all those black people that all those bogey is where they go when they're up rooting out neighborhood beer did they are messing with our unity it takes 10 years to really reach out they know what to do in a systematic genocide. systematic as well as african american families who are displaced had to move somewhere so those families are given section 8 housing vouchers the idea behind section 8 is fabulous it's exactly what one would hope is that people who are impoverished have an opportunity to move into neighborhoods that are not impoverished unfortunately for black americans it doesn't work that way. a large reason for that is you can still legally discriminate against someone for using a section 8 voucher so landlords and most suburbs would not accept section 8 housing factors and that's perfectly legal. white homeowners deathly afraid of a black person moving next to them because black in this is associated with lower home values we share your presence in the neighborhood c c don't undermine the
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value of our own and we're concerned we'd like you to move out before it becomes common knowledge that there's a family in the area. it's nothing personal all we never really is it was tercel but i feel real that we grew up in philadelphia actually originally and we were in an all black neighborhood in my life changed when we moved to south jersey not far from some of the levittown type of neighborhoods and when we came in the police had to come in with us because people were throwing things at our house and terrorizing our house at night. and we moved there because we wanted a place that was integrated and we just wanted to raise our standard of living and it was the strength of my parents that said this is where we're going to be. do you think moving here will affect the community as
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a whole. definitely in what way i think that well the property values what i mean to go down if they are allowed to move in here in any numbers do you think them are . about property values. i don't think i'm irish. property. and i think purely i would. not wrap them. well as a result of all these policies we created a segregated system and because we forgotten now this entire history of how it happened white families believe that they got where they are simply by their own hard work and determination to succeed in the middle class life. but they don't understand. is that their parents could have came as an immigrant from a white country and immediately had access to loans and the ability to move into white neighborhoods that black americans whose families had been citizens for
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generations could not. and sell it's not saying that their families didn't work hard but it is saying that their families benefit from a great deal of affirmative action to get where they are getting white americans don't see what it's like to live in these communities. and so because of that they are unable to connect with what it is like to be in these areas that have been deprived of every type of opportunity. now how do these communities get seen. they go for decades in these festering situations. in segregated communities that have been completely abandoned. and suddenly we see them only when they burn something to the leg. condition that. even one admitting.
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to it is. very. bad luck. if we're to do something about the brain the faces no. it shouldn't be that hard to understand why that becomes kind of the ultimate outcry because it's the only way that these community become visible to most americans.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. an entire village in alaska. if another country trying to wipe out an american town . we do everything in our power to protect. wanted a escaping climate change poses the same threat right now alaska has seen some of the fuss just coastal erosion in the world lost about 35 feet. 35 feet of ground in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it
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is fast and it's the river is $35.00 closer than how it was. i don't think we're part of earth for. i don't want to think. we're going to be able going to i think. where is not on it but you say you're getting what are you going to do john are you going to pull out a number i want to get people who want my little maple sort or just a platter a mental image and any want to hear me where they were from john to. you know any people of.
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1956 when i came out here to the farms i was 5 years ago when i came here in 1000 for the night i came from the south bronx my father foresaw the future in that area he says that. and we did he had a very now standing career with the police department they took him out of the. south bronx for the benefit of the community when i 1st became policeman i was in a riot squad and a riot or any type of demonstration it was in the city i went to it. mostly i was cops on the job then and they were nasty in there tell you to move and you move you got to stick i mean there was and you didn't you didn't disobey protest when you want. your right to protest but you see guys. putting holes in hoses can't put out fires and that used to businesses but to people. you have a right to protest but you don't have
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a right to do that. are you sick and tired of looking hop or yes when nothing you have an out of when you out to achieve financial freedom it's pretty easy to do if you chose. it's so easy to make money then stay and then claim to be a medium that by age 25. years and i'm going to do many more like this for millions of dollars. 7 deals in 30 days. to. leave you can do it to me when you waiting for your math one that is going right over here. now's the time to buy a home now is the time to buy. it at your feet. oh.
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good for mom. if you could for more. seriously try to be a little less crazy. he has a. regional plan from the university of minnesota. please give. thank you. thank you. a little bit about our organization strong towns our ization is now evolved into a national movement of people trying to reconfigure their communities to be more financially sound. post world war 2 america the financing mechanisms of it act very much like
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a ponzi scheme you had this immediate sugar high with this. long term liability kind of hanging out there in the future and the last generation the one that's going to pick up the bill. we prayed on our fellow americans just so we could keep the growth and nobody stopped to consider the impact that this was going to have on real people and real families. finding foreclosures. i just saw that. trade in the united states was a real estate so i was determined. it was so much fun and when we were making money company had season tickets to the lakers right behind. leonardo dicaprio literally right in front of us and when he used to date. 15 years
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old right in front of hair is hanging over the back of her seat. that. he starts playing with. anyway. but. there's a new product that started to flood the market 125 percent. and when i 1st started seeing i said this is a recipe for disaster. or with too many bills too many monthly payments. mortgage to 120 percent of the value or less your mortgage they went after the payment. they get a $50000.00. that. wasn't a home improvement it was a signature along if you could do whatever you want i just thought it was an
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exceedingly irresponsible. loan product. i took advantage of me. taking taking someone come on. mikey through. a set of eyes no no. the lenders got greedy and they figured ok we exhausted the $125.00 potential pool. let's go make it super easy to get purchase money now if you were to ask me what the perfect credentials are to qualify for a home loan i honestly couldn't tell you may i help you sir i. need a quick answer on a new home loan. stated income stated employment stated stated stated which means whatever the borrower says is factual is recently as 1997 you had to put 20 percent down and he had to struggle to save that kind of money if asked for 5 years
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and a busboy from a local coffee shop can buy the same house for nothing you have to verify your credit so the credit we don't have in it we can't pay cash we do without. what you say i could read the entire american economy i mean where would this country need to know more than we could pay back. in order for the house of cards to stay standing it has to get bigger so the guy that's in the 3 better one and a half bath house he's got to move up to the 4 bottom 2 bath house. the house a car just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and it's just all on fake valuations. yeah at that point the home did absolutely become a vehicle for excess home prices rising from the case shiller index i look at it
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out there and i say yes this looks good it's much better than expected you look at the number and say. nobody knows where home prices are going to do. people are increasingly speculative when they buy a house a major concern is how much can i sell this to someone else at the other end it can be called the greater fool theory maybe i'm a fool the buys it's a big house but i'm going to. to an even greater fool. there were people who thought 50 or 100 years ago that home prices should decline with. the reason is they wear out. don't expect to gain the expected to lose value that was a common view in the past. we have come as a society to place
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a tremendous amount of value on the home itself. and the bigger the home the better . it's interesting because living in the houses were meant to evolve and change as families evolved and changed over time. the idea was that this home would be liveable all your life you could have one bedroom with 3 bedrooms to pending on what your needs were at the time and this area was an extension of the living room or it could be closed off and become a bed very. close here. as you're going to be enclosed here. you might enter. hall. so i have. hallway you know where all the entrances are to the bed rooms so it could be
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a one bedroom or 3 bedroom right now we create that one bedroom here and there really are one bedroom that could be partitioned with a rolling wall so it will become 2 bedrooms. there was an extension of the dynamic coming out of postwar idea of what the house provided wasn't really about the upscaling or the supersizing of the house and so that relationship between the growth. of the physical house was still somehow in balance subsequently people began to make the scale shift where the houses became just words. i'm in love with this. hope in a fight because. i don't think it is.
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a 5000 square feet one staircase they're going to visit. their kids. and track. this to see if. it's really more suited for grandma she doesn't want to have a deep. think. 12 foot ceilings on a mcmansion they're going the way that. people want to buy what they need and they don't want any extra and this has so much square footage of wasted space please name i get away with one more sale but in the years to come it's going to be tougher and tougher. on.
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there's just tremendous economic dependence on this idea that we can keep. lots and they have to keep marching across the landscape because it's a huge part of the economy depends on being. yes so our property line is just basically the white picket fence all the way around. back up to there. so we're going to. our garden over here and a chicken coop over there gigi's a grand champion. not so much dolce. so this whole. industry of easy quick money for property did not end at the retail borrower. into béla purse were exposed to these funds. so these companies were going in and buying up swaths of land from these farmers at
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ridiculous prices just given them enough money for their great grandchildren to retire and it was just so hard to say no. to anything and that's where you see all of the citrus farms in the inland empire gone. in of course the cities were loving it because the tax basis on real property with a house on it is far higher than firmly. the cities are seeing their tax base quintuple literally overnight. the developments stops.
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is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true was his faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. max
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keiser this is the kaiser report with stacy herbert and special year end guest misfires by the man who i must say is the kind of sensitivity to world events and markets rarely seen anywhere except here on time for a 4 minute welcome back. this is nothing like football. it's not a money spinner but it is expensive. and it's dangerous. and this is on the speedway. and the new brakes to. solve the problem some people will.
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choose the 29th of december in the headlines this morning then care home workers are rushed to hospital after german authorities injected them with massive overdoses of the fall is a vaccine a mistake. as leaders around the world plead with people. to risk yet another new wave of covert by celebrating the new year in public. sees director of cultural diversity is open to race storm by claiming even the white working class more privileges the middle class people from ethnic minority backgrounds.


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